Capital Aikido - Lincoln

Capital Aikido - Lincoln


Our seminar with Clyde Takeguchi Shihan has been rescheduled for October 18, 2020.
Here is the second virtual seminar this weekend. Free will donation.
Congratulations, Jaime Sensei on your promotion at Hombu Dojo!
Shihan passed away this weekend. More details at the Sho Rei Shobu Kan page (now Lincoln Martial Arts Center). If I hear of any local service/memorial practice, I'll keep you updated as best I can.
If you tense up because of something said, don’t let someone else control you; you control you. Breathe and release that tension. Let the words roll off your shoulders like water on stone. This is aikido; this is what we are learning and why it is so important.
Congratulations to Chris DeRienzo and Todd Kelly on passing their 1st kyu tests!!
Ha I thought that picture was a baseball.
Aikido Music-Video @ Japan.Garden K-town D-land :-)
This is the most welcoming dojo i have ever entered!!!
Congratulations to Brad Hayes on his promotion to 2nd kyu! And congratulations to Mike Shea on his promotion to 3rd kyu!
We are pleased to announce the Capital Aikido Federation has been officially recognized by Hombu dojo and the Aikido World Headquarters!
Capital Aikido Federation annual dues are $30. Lincoln members (5th kyu or higher) are encouraged to join/renew membership. Please drop by the dojo or coordinate with Jaime Sensei (or Carrie).

Aikido, 合氣道, also known as the "art of peace", is a non-competitive martial art. http://capit

Please join us for coffee, baked goods, and conversation after Saturday morning practice.

Operating as usual

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post 06/16/2022

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post


Loved being able to see people and practice together this weekend! Congratulations to all the new yudansha! It's good to be on the mat again.


Looking forward to practicing with all who can make it this weekend!! For those making plans, the current seminar schedule will have class Friday night 7-9pm [dinner out as a group after], Saturday class 10-12 and 2-4 [potluck at the dojo], and class Sunday 10-12 with a Q&A session Sunday afternoon [small group dinner Sunday evening?] There are also some CAF yudansha tests to work in at instructor discretion for time.

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post 06/01/2022

Can you believe it's already June?!? Clyde Takeguchi Sensei, Bill Plank Sensei, and Bob Poresky Sensei will be arriving soon to teach and practice with us and our friends. (Next week. That soon. 😉) Hope you can join us!


Save the date! Capital Aikido - Lincoln is planning a seminar June 10-12, 2022.

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post 08/23/2020

We are saddened by the loss of Kevin Hopper.
Our sympathies are with his family at this time.


There are two virtual friendship seminars this weekend for those interested in discussing and participating. This one is $6-$15 for the dojo (up to 10-12), and has some good topics, instructors, and fellowship. It even has a "playground" for kids to meet other kids who do aikido. If you intend to participate, please post so other members can join you and share what you've learned afterward.

Looking forward to the weekend! Check out the updated list of presenters and topics. Can't wait to see everyone. :-)


In light of our current environment, Capital Aikido - Lincoln is temporarily closed. Please stay safe and healthy. We will update regarding the seminar (and future classes) mid-April. *If members have questions, they may call Sensei Jaime.


Effective Self Defense

Bernardo Faria from is graciously offering up to $77 off (many free) instructional videos, including Aikido Extensions ($2 net cost). Look around and see if there is something you can use while you are home. The coupon code is: FARIAFREE.

Effective Self Defense Effective Self Defense

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post 02/02/2020

Happy New Year!!! Thank you to everyone who could attend our Kagami Biraki practice and potluck! We are thankful today could be spent with our local dojo family and friends from Lincoln and Omaha. It's a beautiful beginning and we're looking forward to the rest of the year!🥳💗


Jaime Obrecht Sensei will be teaching class Monday at the regular time 5-6:30pm!


Demonstration by Morihei Ueshiba O' Sensei, Founder of Aikido


We will be hosting a Safe Falling presentation on Thursday, May 30 from 7-8pm at our dojo 2540 West O Street. All are welcome to attend and listen to statistics on falling and watch a demonstration on how to fall safely (at no charge)

Capitol Aikido seminar - Google Drive 04/29/2019

Capitol Aikido seminar - Google Drive

Practicing with friends from all over the country is exhilarating and humbling. We had an amazing time learning to connect with one another. Thank you Takeguchi Sensei for teaching and for everyone who could attend!! Pictures are available on this Google drive, courtesy of Sondra Zinke. Thanks and enjoy!

Capitol Aikido seminar - Google Drive

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post 04/27/2019

Sankyo to all those who could attend tonight! More fun starts tomorrow at 10am!!


It's today!! Practice starts at 7pm tonight!


UESHIBA Morihei - Démonstration 1930

Video of O-Sensei (founder of aikido). Our teacher, Clyde Takeguchi Sensei, will be teaching at our dojo this weekend starting Friday night!


Techniques are the concrete examples we use attempting to understand the aikido concepts we are really trying to learn.

"Everyone may think, 'how should that technique be done?' But the thing to remember is, although there are many techniques, you must grasp the principles that underlie them...
It comes down to shifting your balance quickly, moving your hands, feet, and hips as one..."

-Gozo Shioda

Seek to understand the underlying principles. Patterns will show themselves to you as we discover not just the 'how' of a technique but the 'why'. When we understand the 'how' and 'why' we not only empower ourselves but now possess the ability to pass on the knowledge and empower others as well.

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post 04/12/2019

Two weeks left to get swept off our feet by Takeguchi Shihan like this guy!! (the blurry person Sensei is throwing; look close) Before the seminar, you can practice your ukemi skills with Jaime Obrecht Sensei MW 5-6:30pm and Sat. 9-11am and with Robin McConnell Sensei TR 7-8:30pm and Sun. 10-11:30am. :-D


Clyde Takeguchi Sensei, 7th dan, will be teaching a seminar April 26-28 in Lincoln!! All aikido friends and family are welcome, regardless of affiliation.

Photos from Capital Aikido - Lincoln's post 03/07/2019

Happy birthday,
Robin McConnell Sensei!


Two months until the seminar with Clyde Takeguchi Sensei!!!!!


Great instruction Sat. from Sensei Jaime, Sensei Robin, Sensei Dan, and Sensei Bill!🥋


Congratulations to Jaime Obrecht Sensei on his promotion to 5th dan!


Pre-aikido class starts on Tuesdays 4:45-5:15pm for ages 2 and up!


Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Holiday Schedule:
* Today is the last 4:45pm Pre-aikido session of the year!
* No classes Monday, Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve), Tuesday, Dec. 25 (Christmas Day) nor Tuesday, Jan. 1 (New Years Day).

*Special Class Monday, December 31 at 10:30am! (but no class later that evening)


Way to go, Jenny Richardson and Matt Richardson! Thank you for representing Capital Aikido - Lincoln in NY (and sharing all you learned with us in NE...). 😀

From Sensei Takeguchi's recent trip to Capital Aikikai Syracuse.


Mark your calendars!! Takeguchi Sensei April 26-28, 2019!

Takeguchi & Friedl Shihan 10/11/2018

Takeguchi & Friedl Shihan

We had a great time in DC with Takeguchi Sensei and Friedl Sensei and our CAF family and friends!

Takeguchi & Friedl Shihan Clyde Takeguchi Shihan and Michael Friedl Shihan at the Capital Aikikai 45th anniversary seminar.


Fun times at the dojo! Thanks to everyone that could coordinate for a group photo! (Sorry if we missed you. Music video coming soon)


So, the votes are in and it looks like Thursday, September 20 (yes, tomorrow) at 7:30pm at the dojo is the winner!!!!

Please plan to be there. You are encouraged to bring your favorite instrument and perhaps a beverage of choice. We'll meet in the social room.

All members past and present are welcome! So, spread the word.


Photo shoot (Video) Time and Place! ...begin conversation...


An introduction to Koichi Tohei


So... who wants to do a 30 second video to say "Congratulations" to Takeguchi Sensei?


Class tonight 5-6:30pm focusing on katatori (grabbing lapel with one hand). 😉



Waka Sensei

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