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Movement Academy


Hey everybody! Pump and Cut! A workout for anyone looking to get toned, lean and fit. It’s a great total body workout! Working all the major muscle groups by utilizing light to intermediate weights with high reps to energize both the fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles for a total body PUMP!

The good moves, proper technique, coaching, encouragement, and great music push you accomplish more than you started with, while building the body you want. You’ll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, and hungry for more.
Had a great Zumba class tonight with Veronica! Fresh, energetic and just what’s needed on a cold Tuesday night!
Photography brought to you by Heather. Hilarious jokes brought to you by Brian. What a team! Rob, owner of Movement Academy, was a blast to capture in the studio.
Heyyy!! You have TWO chances to workout with me tomorrow (Tuesday)! 7:30 and 12:30, I promise you'll feel the 🔥!
Let's Gooooo!💪
speaking of MOVEMENT 👀

One of the things I’ve been up to is working with Movement Academy in the Haymarket!

Not only do I get quality content, but friendships and a workout as well 🥵

Not even kidding someone asked me recently if I was a body builder…nope…just get my ass kicked over at Movement Academy.

Come take a class with me this month!! Members can bring a friend for free all July. 💪🏻

You’ll also be seeing a lot of different things from this place soon 😉

There's a new, fully equipped gym in the Haymarket! Movement Academy is locally owned, conveniently located, and offers state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of group fitness options.

...and check out those floor-to-ceiling windows 😍

Read the full story on our website:
👋 Help us welcome Movement Academy as LIBA's newest Platinum Member!

🏋️ No matter if you’re in the Haymarket area or clear on the other side of town, Movement Academy has what you need! Located on Canopy Street in the Haymarket, they offer group classes, cardio, personal training, weights, and more. Their flexible hours make it convenient to stop by any time before work, after work, or just before enjoying the Saturday morning farmer’s market.

😍 What are you waiting for? Get moving, and check out Movement Academy!
Canopy Saturday Spotlight:
Movement Academy Lincoln

We wanted to use Spotlight today to extend a shoutout and welcome to one of our newest neighbors down here in the Haymarket. Movement Academy!

Thanks to Rob Kuhlman and his team we now have a full service gym in our awesome Haymarket neighborhood. Please join us in welcoming them to the neighborhood.

Check out the Movement Academy team here:
115 Canopy Street (Haymarket)
Ph: 531-249-1758
Email: [email protected]
fb: Movement Academy
Welcome Movement Academy!
Take a peek at downtown Lincoln’s newest gym - Movement Academy! Now open at 115 Canopy St! Come get your sweat on!

Congrats Rob! We enjoyed working with you and watching how you transformed the space.

Lincoln's Haymarket Gym
- Personal Training
- Group Fitness
- World Leading Gym Equipment

Operating as usual


Introducing EMERGE!

Emerge is our brand-new Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting package! With this, you receive a personal trainer AND dietitian from that will collaboratively create a program designed with you and your needs in mind.

Achieving optimal health includes how you move and how you fuel your body. With two weekly training sessions, an in-depth nutrition consultation, and four nutrition check-ins, you'll have all the accountability you need to achieve your goals!

Let us guide you to success in these areas by creating a comprehensive program that addresses your individualized needs and goals!

Message us for more details or stop on in to discuss with one of our personal trainers!


Let’s have a great week! Open. 8 AM - 10 PM today!

New Years Eve: 6 AM - 4 PM
New Years day: 8 AM - 8 PM


Small business Saturday. Be sure to support all your local small businesses today - and hey, that includes us!

As a thank you for your support over the last 3 years, Movement Academy is offering the first month of membership for $1 for the rest of the weekend (new clients only) and giving you a 15% off on all personal training packages.

Our philosophy is that movement is medicine for the body and the mind. We are here to help you take the next step in your fitness journey by improving your wellbeing. DM us today and our team will help you get signed up!


Tell your friends!!


Only if you look at the fact that I sweat through my sweatshirt can you tell that we just crushed a little 30 min stair stepping sweat sesh together 🔥

God it felt good, especially to do it with him.

Look out world, the Kovash’s going to the next level 😉💪🏼✨


Check out this weeks schedule! We’ve got Carla as a sub for Monday night yoga one more time!


Special “Pink Out” class this Friday! Wear Pink White or Black in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 💕💞


Try something new this week! 😛


Have a great weekend!


I want to be the last one standing.

My “why” for the gym is because it’s where I build my grit for life and learn lessons that carry over into all other areas of my life.

The gym has taught me that progress can be slow, painful, and frustrating. Whether that’s the process of working on my bench press or building a business.

That a hard-earned reward is always better than a get-there-quick kind of scheme. No matter if the goal is an unassisted pull-up or building my future, if I keep at it, I’ll get there.

I’ve also learned the value of rest and moving slower than I want. Slowing down is often the best way to speed up progress.

The gym builds my confidence and mental toughness beyond the squat rack and into the gritty areas of life.

I might be training for different , , and events, but the real reason is for life. To be able to find it in me, to keep fighting for what I want regardless of how long and tiresome the process can be.

Bonus points for anyone that read this far - I’m Movements social media manager if you weren’t aware. 🤗🫡



Who’s ready for the next challenge 😈

STARTS TOMORROW! Details on the board and this time…the prize is in $$$ 👀

Photos from Movement Academy's post 06/15/2022

You gotta be prepared for the unexpected sometimes! Lizz’s reason why is the most unique yet, and as dog lovers it’s a favorite as well.

Here’s what Lizz had to say when we asked why she works out:
“Why do I work out?

I workout because of my love for big dogs. I love rescuing animals, specifically large dogs who may have some… “issues” when they get out of the shelter. To make sure I can handle them, train them properly, and even give them some love spanks, I need to be physically strong. This notion hit home even more one day when my largest personal dog H***h (105lbs) dropped to the ground with a seizure in my 3rd floor apartment. I panicked and felt incredibly helpless as I watched him struggle. I was fortunate that he cameout of it quickly and was able to stand on his own again. I realized, in that moment, that my lifting goals would revolve around being able to deadlift him, so that if anything ever happened again, I’d be able to carry him to the car and into the vet on a dime. I lift out of my love for big dogs. “ -

Thank you Lizz! Now can we see you deadlift a Great Dane or nah?

Photos from Movement Academy's post 06/02/2022

If you need a reason to work out today and keep moving, check out Dexter’s why:

“Why do I workout. I work out to stay healthy and feel physically good. Before coming to movement I was achey and had a decent amount of joint pain. Since going for a year my aches have vanished. My back feels 10x better than before. The machines and trainers at movement have helped me tremendously feel better while keeping my strength and size from before.”

Thanks Dex! It's always a pleasure to see ya! If we had an award for mirror might win.


No classes tomorrow, but we are open 7 AM - 4 PM 💪🏽

Photos from Movement Academy's post 05/26/2022

Bonita…a true powerhouse! If you’ve seen her around the gym you totally know it!

Her’s her why…and it’s a dang good one. 💕

“It took me 40 years to realize what respecting myself truly meant. I got caught up with doing everything for everyone else and completely neglected what I needed to do for myself first. I was completely burnt out. I have only myself to blame for this. During this time, I realized I needed to change something in my life. As moms, we are expected and rewarded even for being a martyr (putting ourselves last) and this needs to change. Self care is not easy and requires deliberate effort (everyday) and setting boundaries for yourself. Once you love yourself enough to put in the work just for you, you will have achieved true self respect. Your kids will see this too.

So this is my why.

I workout because I have learned to love myself enough to take care of myself for me (not him, not them) - just me. If there’s one thing you can do to improve your life today, that’s getting moving. Start small, be consistent and have fun. We have one body and one life to live. You are the only one who has to be with you 24 hours a day, all day everyday. Make yourself happy first. Movement brings me happiness. Everything else will follow. Peace.”

Thanks for sharing you are a true inspiration to us all!


Check out this weeks schedule! Yoga is back Wednesday night and Saturday morning 😍


This week's schedule!! There are a few switch-ups!
Wednesday NIGHT: TRX AT 6:30
Friday at noon we have BOOTCAMP with Johnny 💪🏻
Saturday we’ve got your mobility covered TRX style!!


A student said to me recently "I wish I was as confident as you." 😳
It is 100% NOT that I think I'm better then anyone. It's that I'm willing to mess up and potentially be the weakest. I don't care what your opinion is of me. Your opinion is up to you...that's why it's personal.
My fears and insecurities will never conquer anything. Confidence wouldn't exist with out fear. Courage and confidence is more about continuing to move forward in spite of your fears. I have the same voices in my head telling me..oh my god what if I fail, what if I can't even finish, what if people think I'm stupid, what if I mess everything up and everyone hates me for it? What if what if what if.....All those negative voices yell at me too. I just choose to listen to the positive voices. Lean into the light. These voices also tell me what if I kick some major ass? What if I have fun? What if I can teach people to focus on all the good they can do? Can I teach them not pay attention to all their mistakes?
I am in control of MY actions, feelings, and thoughts. I am not in control of other people's opinions of me.
Think less about how others see you or if they like you. I like you, I believe in you ⭐️ you should too. 💋 We can learn to build strength, flexibility, and confidence.
Practice with me every Wednesday from 6:30-7:20


New class starting this Saturday!! 9:30 AM 🔥

Hey everybody! Pump and Cut! A workout for anyone looking to get toned, lean and fit. It’s a great total body workout! Working all the major muscle groups by utilizing light to intermediate weights with high reps to energize both the fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles for a total body PUMP!

The good moves, proper technique, coaching, encouragement, and great music push you accomplish more than you started with, while building the body you want. You’ll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, and hungry for more.


Who’s running the Lincoln Marathon !? How about the half? Let us know who to add to our cheerleaders list 😉


Have a great week!!


Enjoy the holiday this weekend! 😌


Weekly schedule!!
Note: there are no 4:30 PM LIFT sessions this week


Try out Yoga with Justina this Wednesday!!

Happy Monday my friends! Let’s begin our week with some news:))
I’m so excited to announce I’ll be teaching yoga EVERY Wednesday evening at 6:30pm Movement Academy
It’s been YEARS since I taught a public weekly class in a studio. Movement is such a BEAUTIFUL space(outdoor rooftop yoga!!😆) but most importantly all the extremely kind, talented, educated and personable fitness instructors they have! 💖 They have monthly memberships and individual class passes! Download the MINDBODY app. It couldn’t be easier to sign up.

Through all these crazy few years so many people have turned to online yoga and fitness classes…bravo for staying active BUT…we really all need proper human interaction. Especially with our fitness instructors! Your computer can’t tell you safe form corrections, sometimes the online cues they give are just flat out wrong ➡️ duh they can’t see what the heck you’re doing. Or my least favorite, they sound like they’re reading from a script they didn’t even write. Zero genuine human interaction. Lame.

Yoga is soooo personal, each body moves differently. It’s not something you should always teach yourself alone. The problem is we sometimes learn something the wrong way (improper form) our body remembers that and builds on continuously from a foundation that’s flawed. Potentially setting you up for injuries.

My classes are always based on proper joint movement, strengthening, and flexibility.
Love to you all. So excited for the future.
As always DM me with questions anytime or email me at [email protected]


A few changes!!
We have another new Yoga instructor! Check out Stormy on Tuesday, Justina on Wednesday or Aleisha on Friday and Saturday!

NEW CLASS 🚨 - METCON MONDAY…on Monday at 12:30 PM

PLUS a bonus class weekend!! 🥳🥳


This weeks schedule!! Next week on the 6th we’ll introduce you to another new Yoga instructor so stay tuned!!



MARCH CHALLENGE - starts tomorrow!!

For the March challenge we are giving away some gift certificates to !!!

Wall sits - as long as you can handle
Men - 90lbs
Women - 45lbs

You have until 3 PM on the 31st! Prizes given that evening!

Photos from Movement Academy's post 03/22/2022

Houston, we have LIFT off! 🚀

LIFT class is proving to be a perfect mix of challenge and fun. Join us any of the following times:

LIFT 1 -
Monday 9:00 AM
Tuesday 5:15 AM 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM

LIFT 2 -
Thursday 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM
Friday 9:00 AM


Meet ALEISHA ! One of our new Yoga instructors! Not only does she have 3 years of teaching experience, but is working on advanced certification as well!

Join her on Friday at 6:15 AM or Saturday at 8:00 AM 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏽🧘🏿‍♂️


Let’s make this week a STRONG one 💪🏻


Join us in wishing Alexis the best of luck in her new adventure! While she might be gone, yoga isn’t! Keep your eyes opened for some schedule changes and new instructors!


Not sure about Madness, but we definitely have some Movement Mayhem 👀 keep your eyes on our stories to vote over the next couple of weeks!!

(You’ll be able to read the movements in the stories, I promise 😌)


Gimme gimme MORE 🎤 join us Saturday! Members are welcome to bring a guest with them, and we can really get this club, I mean gym, poppin! 💁🏻‍♀️


OOPS we did it again 💁🏻‍♀️ Hitting You ONE more time, with a weekly schedule to make you Stronger 😉

BRITNEY (Spears) & Barbells this Saturday! Don’t miss this fun 🤩
Members feel free to bring a guest with you!



Join us Friday afternoon to turn up (and around) the fun! TRX INVERSION 1:00! Nicole Orr


This weeks a BIG one! LIFT started yesterday, with 2 more chances to get workout 1 in today at 7:30 AM or 4:30 PM 💪🏻
PLUS TRX specials! Inversion Friday 1:00 PM and Saturday bonus class 10:00 AM


GAIN program successfully finished today with some major accomplishments!!
On average we saw:
20lb increase with benchpress💪🏻
30lb increases with shoulder to overhead lifts 🙌🏻
40lb on squats and deadlift. 🤯

If 1 Rep Maxes aren’t your thing but you are looking to gain strength AND confidence, then LIFT is for YOU! This new programming is a mixture of strength and endurance, and IS FREE FOR MEMBERS!



Accountability and consistency? We’re making it a little easier 😎

2 programmed classes a week, 4 chances to catch them.

Workout 1
Monday 9:00, Tuesday 5:15, Tuesday 7:30, & Tuesday 4:30

Workout 2
Thursday 5:15, Thursday 7:30, Thursday 4:30, & Friday 9:00

With this many options, you can’t miss it! 💪🏻

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Weekly Schedule 2/18-3/5
⚠️ NEW CLASS ALERT ‼️We’re bringing you another compound lifting class! Two programmed workouts each weekFour chances to...
🚨 JOIN US ! Bring a NON member friend and get a goodie to go!   #lincolnne #lincolnnebraska #HaymarketLNK #downtownlnk




115 Canopy Street
Lincoln, NE

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 10pm
Tuesday 5am - 10pm
Wednesday 5am - 10pm
Thursday 5am - 10pm
Friday 5am - 9pm
Saturday 6am - 9pm
Sunday 6am - 9pm

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