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Trifles attract the passing people, while the pack goes unnoticed. When listened for, it can scarcely be heard; but when put into practice, it is inexhaustible.


Is the type of training and the intensity of it sustainable. Meaning, the intensity and style of training can be done forever. One goal of training should always be longevity.


Because sometimes a sticky reminder is what is needed.


Nothing like a fresh and soft T out the box.


Let me break it down for you. Ten years ago running was a huge part of his life and still has been throughout the years. This was the pace he was putting down and feeling great at with even longer distance. Ten years later things happen , the body takes some wear and tear. One major goal of Scott's was to get back out there, be able to put miles down and feel great while doing so again. A plan was created a few months ago to address all his needs and these are the numbers now from a few days ago. Back in the saddle. Time to dust that jersey off 😉. Congrats Deckert.


Beth crushed her goal of hitting a one hundred twenty pound goblet squat for two. Excellent increase from our starting point of seventy five pounds.


Time to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I'm all out of bubble gum.


Alice with a nice two hundred seventy pound lift with still more in the tank.


These deadlifts are making Deb hungry 🤷‍♂️


Deb has been crushing it. We don't train heavy every week. Today though, she made amazing strides by doing eighty five pound goblet lunges. A seventy five pound dumbbell and ten pound vest on. Nice work Deb..


Sundays are great for reflection on the week. What went good. What went bad. How would it been done different to make better this coming week. A new week of opportunities in training and getting stronger are right around the corner. Celebrate all wins, especially the small one cause those are the ones that add up to the big wins.




The more pizzazz into training the less effective it becomes. Focus on keeping it simple. You will find that you do alot of the same exercises with a few tweaks on them here and there to make them more effective, joint friendly and lower impact that lead to the big returns.


When starting out there is always a tendency to want to do everything all at once and go all out. This approach is not only tough to do but comes with long and short term issues. Alittle patience, guidance and in it for the long haul thinking goes a long ways.


How to be restaurant savvy with menus. Bon Appétit

On average Americans eat out five times a week. Get a better understanding for next time you go out..Generally speaking meals out are higher in calories than we think, even if it seems to be a healthy option. Restaurants are getting very good at making dishes appear healthy while hidden fats and calories are pack in.. With home with cooking we are able to control what goes into our food, the amount of salt, oil, butter and other ingredients.

Avoid fried foods which are often disguised now as breaded or cripsy. Artichoke dip is one that may appear to be a great option bit it can bring in a towering 1,600 calories not including the pita bread or chips that goes along with it .

Soup may sound like a good starter especially on a colder day. Some soups contain more calories then the main course due to heavy cream bases. Go for a vegetable base soup or chilli.

Its easy to think that a salad makes for a healthy dish. It's what goes into and ontop of it where we can get into a tight spot with hidden fats such as meat, cheese, eggs and the creamy sauces. Go for more vegetables , seeds and nuts along with some olive oil, salsa or salt and pepper.

The main course usually come with sides. Mashed potatoes will have a cream and butter base upping the calories again.. sautéed usually implies a heavy use of butter and or oil, so even though it's labeled sautéed go for an option of grilled or steamed vegetables.

Another question asked is about good options for drinking. Bypass the pop. Go for unsweetened tea, water with lemon or sprakling water. When it comes to adult drink stay away from exotic drink which screams high in sugar. Go for a light beer, a glass of wine, vodka soda or a martini.

Start making these adjustments and you are on your way . Cheers .


It's like a hobby.

One piece to help being successful working out is to treat it as a hobby. Characteristics of a hobby.
a. We carve out time for it.
b. Something we want to get better at.
c. Something we don't get paid to do.
d. We want to learn more about it.
e. We do it because it matters.

Treat and view working out as a hobby and something that you want to do, instead of something that has to be done or work.


Training is about movement. Lack of movement might have been a contributor to a specific problem. This could be due to sitting in the car for long periods of time while traveling for work, flight travels, sitting at a desk or hovering over a computer the majority of the day. The last thing someone needs is to be placed right back into that position for training. Yet we find the need to have others sit on a stability ball, cycle through seated machines, and increase the cashew effect being hunched over a speed bike.


Time to chew bubble gum and kick ass and Im all out of bubble gum. Pushing wigs back while PR's have been dropping like hot cakes.


Before following a plan for eating, take the time to explore the reasons and triggers that help explain why it is the way it currently is. This will help diminish that voice that wants to pop up when things are rolling. Lightly indulge once and awhile, enjoy the process, don't be too hard on yourself and keep going.


What qualifies as a good squat? I think this comes down to the coach's eye. Is one wanting to see the top of the thigh parallel. Is one wanting to see the femur parallel. Is one wanting to see just shy of a few inches off the ground. Is one wanting to see where the hip lands. Can someone get to any of the positions with good mechanics, it all depends on the coach's eye.


What dosage of stimulus is the correct amount in training for someone? It depends, ten push ups for someone maybe enough, compared to someone else where fifty is the right amount. It all depends how one adapts to the stimulus provided and where they are currently at. The goal is to stimulate not annihilate.


Morning workouts may not be your cup of tea. If you find its the only time to make it work then a plan needs to be created to prevent over sleeping. Here are some tips to get you up and going.

1. Think of the end result from training. How good you will feel. How much better you're day will start instead of rushing out the door. Remind yourself why you are doing it.. Think of the end result instead of the process of getting there such as; wake up early, get in the car, deal with traffic.

2. Set your training shoes next to the bed. Hop up when the alarm sounds and put them on right away.

3. Avoid multiple alarms and snooze buttons.

4. Set the alarm ten minutes earlier. After a couple weeks add on five minutes eariler. This will help prevent the day from starting out rushed which leads to an entire day of feeling rushed


A maps purpose is to give you direction to where you want to go. If your destination and goal is not clear the map serves no purpose. We end up going with the flow and doing what the rest of the group does.


Breathing heavy, breathing quickly and deeply... hold up.. Big heavy breaths deplete our bodies of carbon dioxide. Learn to sip air. For every ten pounds of fat loss in our bodies, eight and a half pounds of it comes out as carbon dioxide mixed with water v***r. Its not all about feel the burn or go sweat it out. A healthy body will always have enough oxygen.


It's like Milo of Croton. Milo of Croton was a 6th century BC wrestler. He was known for his great strength but how he got his strength is even more interesting. When Milo was younger he had a calf. Everyday he would go to the calf pick it up and set it down. Day after day he would pick the calf up and set it down. As time went on the calf got bigger and Milo got stronger. Milo keep picking up what was once a calf and now a huge bull onto his shoulders.

What can we learn from this story about Milo? It doesn't matter where you start but it needs to start somewhere. Milo slowly built his strength so he could lift the bull instead of trying to pick the weight of the bull up all at once.


Often times the site of discomfort is not the cause of it. A cranky elbow, a knee, tingling down the front or backside of the leg, numbness in a toe. The best place to start in helping reducing the pain is a simple rule of, If it hurts don't do it.


Start out with a victory. When starting back into a training regimen, keep the first goal small. I say back ,because most all have attempted working out or starting back up a minimum of two times in their lifetime and not succeeded the way they wanted to. Make the goal so small it is easily attainable, I mean easy. Momentum and confidence must be established as another attempt is given to get going again. Then, as time goes on the goal can become bigger.


What one needs and what one wants in a training program will produce 2 separate outcomes. Dont skip the finer details and keep it simple.


A lift with good mechanics and a lighter weight is often more challenging, than a lift with bad mechanics and alot more weight. Small adjustments add up to big results. Perfect first than add on more weight. If the lift is sloppy with lighter weight its only going to get worse as you increase it.


How much work does it take? This short story wraps it up nicely.

The young fella asked the Master. How long will it take me to transcend if I meditate 2 hours a day? The Master replied, in 10 years. The young fella thought and asked. How long will it take for me to transcend if I meditate 8 hours a day? The Master replied, perhaps you will transcend in 20 years? What!? How can it take me longer if I'm putting in 3xs the work per day? The Master replied, If you can do your best in 2 hours but spend eight hours instead, you will only grow tired, and miss the point

Put the work in when present, work hard for that amount of time, and stay consistent. Enjoy the progress.


Here is a good upper back stretch that can help with tightness from prolonged periods of sitting over a computer and doing overhead work throughout the day


Its like Bamboo.Everyday for 5 years the bamboo seed is watered and fertilized in the ground where it has been planted. There is no visible sign immediately that the daily task of watering and fertilizing is doing any good. There is hope and belief though by continuing to take care of it and putting in the work that it will pay off. After 5 years of consistently watering the bamboo it shoots up to an amazing 90 feet in weeks.

When it comes to training the same approach is key. Keep going even on days you don't feel like it and can't seem to see the progress. Stay consistent with the plan, give it time, keep working it and be patient with yourself.


The Bird-Dog. This has been a go to for years for me in working to help others build stability. A few key points in performing this
1. Don't rush this exercises- reach one leg backwards and the opposite arm out infront.
2. Avoid your hips from shifting or leaning to one side. Find the sweet spot of being level.
3. Avoid bringing your leg up so far it causes back pain.
4. Hold the position for a few seconds, holding is key.
5. Switch sides. Go for about 10 reps.

If this is too challenging start by just raising one arm, alternate . Once this is okay start with one leg, alternate minus the arm. If getting on the floor is a challenge use a chair and perform standing.


One overlooked concept that can help increase performance is how we breathe. The benefits of nose breathing are undeniable. Nose breathing releases a huge boost of nitric oxide, this plays an essential role in increasing circulation, and delivery oxygen into cells. Immune function, weight, circulation, and mood.

Nasal breathing can boost nitric oxide sixfold, which is one reason we can absorb more oxygen than by just mouth breathing. A good place to start in practicing nose breathing is a 5.5 second inhale with a 5.5 second exhale. Nose breathing also helps filter the air that we take in unlike mouth breathing.

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Alice with a nice two hundred seventy pound lift with still more in the tank.
Deb has been crushing it. We don't train heavy every week. Today though, she made amazing strides by doing eighty five p...
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