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Ma Yoga classes moving to a new time! 4:30pm PDT/7:30pm EDT!

I created Ma Yoga for Busy Moms because I know what it feels like to be pulled in too many directions - and I especially understand struggling to dedicate time to yourself. I’ve learned that a shorter, maybe even messier, practice can be the gateway in to developing the healthy habits, open heart, and receptive mind that brings us into alignment physically and mentally (and making beautiful memories along the way). You can read more in my latest newsletter: - https://mailchi.mp/6d8a965d013d/new-class-times-15671859M
Join me tonight to for a real Happy Hour! A juicy yoga practice to boost energy and clear your mind, followed by restorative postures to unwind the body and nervous system and calm the mind! Cheers to that!
Join me at 12:00pm PDT/3:00pm PDT and press pause! I know moms are often pulled in many directions, juggling many responsibilities, often to their breaking point. I’ve cut this class down to fit into a lunch break (45 min!) and it’s online, so you can pretty much take advantage wherever you are - and you’ll head into the weekend feeling recharged. Because let’s face it - moms don’t have weekends (or evenings , or holidays) off!
Ma Yoga classes are all online. Vinyasa flow classes are in West Hollywood. Link in bio for registration information! Let’s move and breathe together- it’s healing!
I often hear that clients don’t know how to begin a home practice. My advice is to start with Surya Namaskar - and follow where it leads! If you just start, you will find that your breath and you’re body will inspire your flow!
My new website is live! - Visit me at HKyogaLA.com
Next elimination TONIGHT! Warrior Votes count for 2x the votes between now and 6pm Pacific time tonight, and money goes to support a great cause, Veterans Yoga Project!
Wow! Top 5! Next week, it’s down to the top #1 in each group. I’ve been #2 pretty steadily, but 🤞🏻! Link in bio to vote daily!
What do you need to be able to do yoga at home? Maybe just enough space to spread your arms. You definitely don’t need fancy props or a perfectly serene environment!
All moms benefit from yoga! Classes are online and for all levels. If you have questions - please reach out!

Heather Kampf is a Yoga Alliance certified RYT and RPYT and Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor specializ

Operating as usual


Teaching Yoga For Parents on Saturdays has been such a blast. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your child or as a family- or you’ve been wanting a little more mindfulness and grounding in your life - I hope you’ll come check out this class! 🙏🏻🧘‍♀️


Hi, LA friends! I’m subbing an all levels vinyasa flow class tonight . This is NOT Bikram style hot yoga - it’s infrared heat. Infrared heat is radiant heat, a form of energy that heats objects directly without having to heat the surrounding air. Your body feels warm without the feeling of exhaustion that is common in a hot yoga room using a forced air system. Infrared heat is safe and penetrates the body within, thus aids in detoxifying internal organs instead of merely causing the body to sweat.

See you there!



I'm so excited to teach this new class at Center for Yoga! this is yoga for parents - maybe not silent, definitely not longer than an hour - because we know that's a luxury, but we still think yoga is for you! Bring the kids - or don't - this is YOUR class!

If you are someone who parents, you may not have the ability to leave your child at home, but we welcome you to bring them during this all-levels class on Saturdays from 11am-12pm led by The first class, on Saturday Oct 7th, is free!

This all-level class is designed for parents of all kinds with kids of all ages with an aim to make yoga accessible to everyone. If you have older kids who are curious to learn about yoga - bring them! With this class, we offer an opportunity to practice yoga with a huge dose of "real life!" So, it might not be entirely silent and uninterrupted, but we'll practice either staying present despite distraction or we'll practice coming back - because in this class, taking a break for children is as welcome as taking a break in child's pose! This class is an opportunity to release physical tension and mental anxiety through breath and movement while building strength and stamina - without the expectation of 60 uninterrupted minutes! A signed Child's Waiver is required.


Super excited that the time has finally come for the new classes you’ve been hearing so much about

Feeling the seasons shift!! Join me for practice this week to get grounded and connect to your heart! When we turn inward, we gain clarity and are more easily able to align with our values and maybe even identify new goals.

Photos from Heather Kampf Yoga's post 09/30/2023

People think I spring out of bed and cartwheel to my mat first thing in the morning. Not so! I often face resistance to my morning practice. As the name suggests, incorporating restorative postures into your practice is incredibly healing. Not only physically, but mentally because maintaining your commitment to showing up, whatever that looks like, IS the practice.

I sat here (a restorative pose for my body) for almost 10 minutes. As I watched my breath flow, I felt prana (or, energy) building. This was my pose - maybe your pose has pillows or a chair propping you up. Be ok with your truth - we have enough obstacles without getting in our own way.

PS - swipe to see my “pose” when I discovered I could use my watch to operate my phone camera! 😂📸


I'm really excited to be teaching these two new classes at Center For Yoga on Larchmont. Crafted with parents in mind, designed to make yoga - the practice and the community - accessible to parents at every stage! Prenatal yoga turned out to be the most advantageous use of my time when I was pregnant with my daughters - neither birth went according to plan, and in both cases the positive outcomes could be traced to yoga. Read more about the power of prenatal yoga in my latest newsletter: https://lnkd.in/gMZbns3R


No, seriously, my daughters are the most amazing humans! 🥰😂

(I’m actually incredibly blessed and grateful for these two beauties ❤️)


I've got two new classes starting in October at Center For Yoga on Larchmont! Join me Wednesdays at 11am for Prenatal Yoga and Saturdays at 11am for Yoga For Parents (parents-to-be welcome Saturdays, as well). New In Person Prenatal and Family Classes - https://mailchi.mp/ab9e7e4c5cdc/newsletter-hkyogala


So excited to teach my first class this morning! Here are just a few of the 23 powerful people that came together this morning to share a prenatal yoga practice - and, I would say to build community, but it was very clear that this community is already going strong! Honored to have shared in the energy and grateful for the warm welcome I received as a sub for their regular teacher! ❤️🙏🏻


I am beyond excited to share that starting in October, I will be teaching two classes each week at Center for Yoga! Prenatal yoga will be on Wednesdays at 11 AM. On Saturdays at 11 AM, I will be teaching a family friendly yoga class - parents (including pregnant), with or without kids in tow, are welcome!

Photos from Heather Kampf Yoga's post 09/04/2023

Ok … this is a gratitude post. I am incredibly lucky to practice and study yoga in a place where I have access to incredible teachers and mentors (not all of whom I have had occasion for photo ops). I spent my Labor Day weekend diving in deep to my own personal practice and honing my teaching skills with …. In between weekends immersed in the Master Training in the Subtle Body created by … while finishing my 300 hour certification with … all of which would never have happened without the incredible uplifting energy and light graciously bestowed on me by teachers such as Yoga who sincerely rooted for my success and often firmly pulled me by the hand or kicked me in the butt, as needed!! And amazing studios like my current home that facilitate these opportunities ❤️❤️ my sincerest gratitude! 🙏🏻


Finding Serenity - https://mailchi.mp/120a954fb9f7/comingthroughkapha-16910492 What happens when our expectation of what should be is not met? We have an opportunity to create what we couldn't have imagined! Read the (short) story in my latest newsletter! Photo Credit: Tina Schmelzer


To Father - to father is to excel in a supporting role. This Father’s Day, I celebrate my husband, who gives us strength when we need it and isn’t afraid to step aside when we don't. For more on this subject - you can read my latest newsletter (link in bio - https://mailchi.mp/10958409223c/comingthroughkapha-16907164)

Sequencing for The Subtle Body 05/10/2023

Just finished a fantastic 6-day training focused on the art of creating transformative yoga sequences. Creating sequences is one of my favorite parts of my job as a teacher. When the subtle body and yoga philosophy are incorporated, the practice really invites students to go deeper, not just on a physical level, but also a mentally and energetically.

Sequencing for The Subtle Body In this sequencing course we will unpack the koshas and how we can use sequencing a yoga practice to take us deeper into the subtle layers that exist beyond the physical and enhance what is known as our energetic layers.


Going live today with Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond

‎The Fertility Chick on Apple Podcasts 04/19/2023

Came across a wonderful new podcast - If you're interested in fertility or maybe on your own journey starting a family, The Fertility Chick offers insight along with compassion and humor. Listen wherever you podcast.

‎The Fertility Chick on Apple Podcasts ‎Health & Fitness · 2023


Jumping into this week with both feet - thanks to .mbs !!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ ! (Repost with brightness because too many people couldn’t tell I was wearing green!)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ !


Sometimes you gotta just pick yourself up! What are you practicing?

📸 🙏🏻 ❤️



Happy Women’s Day not only to my fellow females out there, but to EVERYONE! May we celebrate each other everyday. May we rejoice in each other’s happiness, delight in each other’s success, and may we SEE each other and thereby see ourselves. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May ALL beings be peaceful, happy, and free, and may my words, thoughts, and deeds in some way CONTRIBUTE! ❤️🙏🏻


Looking forward to Thursday’s event! If you’re in L.A., these are local professionals. If not, some online services are available, including yoga - or learn about the broad range of support available and then know what to look for near you. If you’re new to Ma Yoga you can take this class FREE. Or, Members get 40% off (free trial membership available).

Just us for a Special Practitioner Panel + Ma Yoga Class

This special Ma Yoga Flow class will introduce professionals whose work supports women and couples throughout the stages of parenthood. Following the panel discussion will be an abbreviated Ma Yoga Flow class designed to connect us to our breath and our divine feminine power.

Join Heather Kampf to get tips from an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a mental health professional and more.

First class is FREE; after that members get 40% off. mayoga.com/book-me


The air quotes!! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Calling all moms of all kinds! Join me Tues @ 2pm PT and Thurs @ 4pm PT on Zoom for pearls of wisdom like this and some feel good yoga, too.


Very excited about this event on Thurs, Mar 9 PT. When I got pregnant with my first child, we’d just moved to LA. I didn’t have mom friends (or any friends, really) or family nearby, and I had no idea that most women seek support from professionals beyond their OB-GYN. Come see what’s out there! If you’re new to Ma Yoga - you can sign up for free (link in bio)! Thank you to .acu for participating! ❤️


If you're pregnant - here's an important quick tip and my #1 recommendation! My #2 recommendation is prenatal yoga - I teach online today at 2pm Pacific Time and your first class is free at www.mayoga.com/book-me!


Whatever happens, just show up. Be present so you don’t miss it - instead, learn. This was a difficult week. I had to let go of expectations and embrace limitations. Not something I like to acknowledge. I’m usually stubborn and I “push through. I don’t like to ask for help. This week, instead of taking pride in not needing help, I’m giving thanks because the truth is … there are those who lift me up.

Through the practice of uplifting others, we uplift ourselves.

Join me to practice this on the mat (link in bio). In class, with a friend or loved one, or just the two of us. You decide how, but … show up to see what’s possible.


Are you on your side??? Love this!

Self care Saturdays are just our thing. 🙏 via


Hi, friends- I’ve got a couple feel good flow offerings this week! Join me to move, breath, and get quiet. Works wonders for the body and mind - white dress totally optional!😜

Photos from Heather Kampf Yoga's post 01/22/2023

Soaking up the magic in India! and ready bring it all back. I’ll be back teaching in LA in February. ❤️


Things I’m learning in India: LA does not have the scariest traffic, things happen all in good time, and it is always a good day!

Photos from Heather Kampf Yoga's post 01/14/2023

After about 27 hours of travel … welcome to Nalanda Retreat in Goa, India! 🙏🏻❤️🇮🇳


Saying goodbye to LA for awhile… heading to Goa, India to soak up all things yoga!🧘‍♀️ 🙏🏻

Proudly Part Time 11/01/2022

While a daily yoga practice might sound impossible, consider a part time commitment. If you would like to incorporate the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice into your life, it need not be all or nothing.

Proudly Part Time Heather practicing side plank pose on a blanket on a grassy area in front of green bushes

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I often hear that clients don’t know how to begin a home practice. My advice is to start with Surya Namaskar - and follo...







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