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Welcome to the Wuwer!We care for our Beginner Skaters and offer a wide selection of colors and sizes.Feeling great with friends and getting in shape by splashing fashion in the streets on a wheely beautiful day!

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I like this white, it makes me look elegant!


Grab your roller skates and let's go rollerblading! Let me know what colour skates you like below!


Roller skates lessons for beginner!
17.Roller skating two-wheel rotation teaching
Leisure roller skating is commonly known as street skating. It is a form of roller skating that wears roller skates to stroll outdoors and feel the relaxation, happiness and ease brought by roller skating. It is mainly for leisure and fitness, to relax oneself and relax the mood.The following is to share the teaching of roller skating double wheel rotation, welcome to learn.
1. Strength exercise   
Use single wheels (toe heels, double heels, double toes) to do the exercises of the wrong foot in place (to put it bluntly, stand on the two legs with a single wheel, and then separate the front and back - close - separate - close --- ) It is recommended to have nearly 20 minutes of practice every day. It is very tiring and hard, but if you practice, you will not only be able to turn around, but you will also have unexpected surprises in the single-wheel series.  
2. Rotating feet exercises   
Both feet step on the inner edge to do the circle of the inner crab step, in the process of turning', the feet will be collected inward, the large circle into a small circle, the above exercises should be continuous.  
3. The balance of the upper body  
According to 1, the method of practice, but the difference is that this time to use a single wheel to do the wrong step while walking forward or slowly turn in place.The focus of the exercise is on balancing the upper body.  
4, Hand action-chase hand
The first practice is to chase the hand, that is, when you turn up, use your hand to turn your body. The right hand must grasp the left hand, but the right hand flees desperately, just like a two-plus fighter jet in front of you.  
5. Hand action-close hand    
When you can chase your hands smoothly, you can practice to close your hands, that is, on the basis of chasing hands, withdraw your hands to your chest.  
1. The center of gravity is maintained in the middle;   
2. If you turn to the left, keep your right foot in front of your left foot and hook your toes to the left [drive rotation];   
3. Not only the feet are used, but the upper body and arms need to be used to control the balance;   
4. Keep your head and eyes straight ahead, don’t shake your head arbitrarily or float your eyes upwards;   
5. Start with feet shoulder-width apart, the feet will be pulled back and forth, the back wheel of the front foot should not exceed the front wheel of the back foot too much, hands to maintain the level and open 90 degrees, the left hand in front, the right hand on the right, remember the wrist and hand axis can not be bent, the whole arm for a straight line.
6. Use the strength of the arms to drive the body, and then drive the feet, and then try to keep the body not tilted, because a tilt of the center of gravity will follow the run off.  
1. Don't be too anxious, you must practice your feet very well before you can continue training,my friend he practiced single wheel alone for 2 months.  
2. There are several stages in a complete circle: the first stage is to use the foot strength and the swinging force of the hand to drive; then to use the chasing hand to obtain power; and then to use the close hand to obtain the power.  
3. When practicing a single wheel, the focus is on the toes, because the toes are the weakest link in rotation.
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Hello everyone,a new lesson for roller skates beginner.Hope it can help you.
16. Advanced turning: step turn
Illustrate by turning to the right:
(1) Keep the posture of turning to the right unchanged. When the inner wheel of the foot (your left foot) kicks to the left, the center of gravity of the body should fall on the right leg and support the sliding.
(2) Lean forward and fall to the right. After the left foot kicks on the ground, quickly lift the left foot to the front and right side of the right foot and support the center of gravity of the whole body. Use the outer blade to cross and push the right foot under the left leg, and then quickly move the right foot to the front and inside of the left foot to become a supporting leg, so that one left and one right is a cross pressing step. According to the size of the curve, the speed should be repeated many times.
(3) When stepping on a curve, keep your body leaning to the right. The two arms cooperate with the kicking action, the right arm swings back and forth slightly, the left arm swings back, and the elbow bends forward.
(4) The lean of the body should be moderate. It is directly proportional to the speed of the curve, the faster the speed, the greater the inclination of the body.
When the body leans to the right and the right foot supports sliding in, the left foot quickly moves to the front of the right foot to drop the ice, and the right foot is outside the edge of the ice. At this time, the body is still leaning to the right. The left foot supports the weight and slides with the inner blade; both knees are bent and the center of gravity drops.

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Today, I will share how to do the action of "forward slide to reverse slide" .
15. Front slide to reverse slide
(1)Step turn.  
In the normal case of slide, slide both feet parallel to each other, shift the weight to the right foot and lift the left foot. In the air, the body rotates 90 counterclockwise, the left foot turns out 180. the weight shifts back and drops the left foot into a step. At this point the weight shifts to the left foot. Lift the right foot, rotate the body counterclockwise by 90, put down the right foot, parallel to the left foot or one in front of the other, and finish the slide into a reverse slide. Clockwise rotation and vice versa. Small jump 180 degrees: that is, a direct jump 180 turn, counterclockwise for example. In the case of positive slide, both feet slide parallel to each other. Slightly bend the knee, use the power of the calf to gently stomp the ground, while tensing the knee straight. Make the body pop up and off the ground. Turn 180 degrees in the air, landing before the two feet slightly separated into a front and a back, the center of gravity forward. Landing slightly bent knees to achieve the purpose of shock absorption and stabilization of the center of gravity. Complete the action. Note: The height of the jump does not benefit too high. Just need to leave the ground can. Note: In the above two actions to talk about the starting position, that is, two feet parallel gliding and so on, according to their own habits at will. Here is only to illustrate, not necessarily two feet parallel.  
(2)Directly turn the body: 
To counterclockwise rotation for example. In the case of normal slide, two feet a front and a back. The right foot in front, the left foot in the back. Slightly lift the heel, again, only need to leave the ground. At this time, both feet are only the front of a wheel in contact with the ground. Twist the upper body counterclockwise, driving the feet counterclockwise to the front of a wheel as the center of the circle 180. Slightly squat, stabilize the center of gravity. Complete the action. Clockwise rotation of the body and vice versa. Clockwise should be the left foot in front, the right foot in the back. You can also turn 90 degrees in advance and then lift your heel and turn 180 to drop your toes. This can omit the body turn 180 action. Make the action to be simpler.

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By practicing the T-brake, you have almost mastered most of the basic movements of skating, but if you want to hit better or run faster, you still need more practice. This time we focuses on the basic maneuvers of fakie.
14. Reverse skating, reverse skating brake stop
Reverse skating is also known as fakie. Before you start, hold on to the wall, put your weight between your legs, experience the feeling of fakie, and practice repeatedly until you can master it.
(1) How to turn around.
Take the roller skates as the axis for turning: in the case of normal skating, slide both feet parallel to each other, shift your weight to your right foot first, then lift your left foot, rotate your body 90° counterclockwise in the air, turn your left foot out 108°, shift your body weight back, and lower your left foot into a single step. At this point, the center of gravity shifts to the left foot, lift the right foot, rotate the body 90° counterclockwise, put down the right foot parallel to the left foot or one in front of the other, and complete the action of power generation.
(2) Direct rotation.
To counterclockwise rotation, for example, in the case of normal slip, two feet one in front of the other, the right foot in front, the left foot in the back, slightly lifting the heel, the same as above just off the ground, at this time only the two feet the most front of a wheel in contact with the ground. The upper body twists counterclockwise, driving the feet counterclockwise to the front of the round as the center of rotation 180 °, after turning 108 °, put down the toes, the center of gravity slightly forward, slightly squat, stabilize the center of gravity, you can complete this action.
(3) Reverse glide turn.
Before entering the turn, separate your feet, with your left foot behind and your right foot in front of you. Transfer the weight of the body to the right foot, lift the left foot to the left rear, and the weight of the body begins to move to the right. As the weight is transferred to the left foot, the left foot lands on the inside edge and presses hard on the inside edge. At this point, the right foot has two options, either continue to do a straight backward sliding S-movement or lift the left foot to the left front. When the right foot moves to the left front of the left foot, that is, after crossing over the left foot, lift the left foot and book out to the left. Repeat the above movements. Choose the second one and lift the right foot to the front of the left foot when the left foot is pressed on the step. Put your weight on your right foot, lift your left foot and place it behind the left side of your right foot, that is, step out to the left. Repeat the above movements.
(4) When you start to do a press step turn, first you need to know how big of a circle you want to slide in the turn.
Each time you press step with your foot, the wheel should step on the arc of the circle, or on the tangent of the circle at the landing point. The purpose of this is to ensure that after the press step, the press foot resumes the crossing of the skating foot at the correct angle. (When gliding to the left, the press step is the left foot and the slide foot is the right foot. When turning to the right with a press step, the press foot is the right foot and the slide foot is the left foot.) The confusion between the difficult and easy points is all in this area. Many people who learn to turn with a press-step fail to recover from the press-step and stagnate in their movements because of the incorrect angle of the foot during the press-step. As a result, their weight is unstable and they don't even fall.

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Awesome!!!What a nice roller skates!!!


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6. Primary turn: A-turn
You can't only know that go forward can not ah, but also need to learn how to turn around, or it's terrible to hit a child out of nowhere.
7. Primary braking: brake stop
Many people think they are in their twenties, what brakes? That is something that only children use. However, not, from a professional point of view, many shoes for adult are equipped with brakes as standard, and make good use of brakes, for saving wheels is very helpful, T brake is really too consuming wheels.
8. Intermediate skating: pushing step two
Well, after you have mastered these movements of step one to A-turn, you can take a bigger step.
9. Balance squat glide
Chest and stomach, bending knees, only do it then you can slide fast, professional speed skaters put their bodies very low, after master push step two you can try to lower your own center of gravity to practice.
10. hoist step skating
Congratulations, practice up to here to begin to contact the edge of the control.
11. Intermediate turn: lunge turn
All people must learn this action !!!! Brush street common turning action.
12. One foot slide
Want to learn T-brake, first learn to slide on one foot, one foot slide is the basis of many advanced movements!
13. Intermediate braking: T-brake
The most common method of street braking, how many unknown newcomers come to learn T-brake, but you do not have a good foundation, T-brake how to learn it well? Don't think you can brake a few meters and say you've mastered T-brake, to verify your T-brake is mastered, please go find a ramp, if all the way T-brake down T-brake action without interruption, that means it has been mastered, a friendly reminder, when you first go to the ramp T-brake remember to bring protective gear.
Practice to T brake, basically almost master most of the basic movements of roller skating, you can feel free to brush the street, but also want to play more handsome run faster, or need to practice the following actions.

If you want to get more information or videos about those steps,please contact us. We'd like to help you on roller skates. Let's start together!


First of all, we must warm up before every skate! Very important because it reduces unnecessary strains, especially in the fall and winter months. Let's start together!
1. Roller skating safety
Roller skating must pay attention to safety, without good safety measures, any teach you to go to heaven or to teach you to fly is a hooligan.
2. Standing and falling
The first time a beginner wears roller skates, just like a baby learning to walk, do not start thinking how to slide fast, how to stand unstable how to seek to slide fast it? In addition to know how to fall to avoid injury during practice.
3. In-situ pace
Do you think you can slide when you stand firm? No, you have not yet mastered the feeling of weight transfer, first in place practice it.
4. Primary skating: push step one
Well, when you can properly control their own center of gravity, you can try to slide a little, but the step is not too big.
5. Balance front slide
This action can be practiced together with the above push step, practice when you feel the feeling of your body, if the body posture deformed attention to adjust.
These are the first steps of beginners to learn roller skating.

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