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I’m honored to have been recently featured in ShoutOut La magazine where they interviewed me about my teaching career, how I define success and what I feel has been pivotal in my business.

They also gave me an opportunity to plug another LA movement biz that I felt deserved recognition. Naturally, I mentioned Kaira Studios, which has given local teachers a space to work with their clients and thrive.

Click here to read the full article and learn about my journey and Kaira:

Here’s what my clients and I played with today in their sessions at Kaira Studios: down dog, plank, up dog, lunges, extended side angle pose and more...

Embodied learning to the max with resistance from the springs for pushing and pulling.

We also compared and contrasted how many of these movements felt both:

1. With and without the reformer spring
2. Using a 6 foot dowel on the mat for leverage and feedback

If you experiment with this flow lmk how it goes!

Video speed 3x

Inspired by James D'silva

Kaira Studios Pilates is a women-owned and operated online Pilates studio offering virtual classes, courses, and certifications so you can workout from home.

At Kaira, we believe Pilates is for every body and teach mindful movement for modern life.

Operating as usual

Photos from Kaira Studios Pilates's post 03/22/2022

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Pilates Instructor 🌿

Interested in teaching Pilates? We created an online, self-paced Pilates mat certification so that busy people like us can start their own Pilates business (or side gig!) whenever and however they'd like.

Whether you can spend 10 hours a week on the program or 2, you can become a Pilates teacher from the comfort of home! 🏡

Plus, we'll be with you every step of the way. Have any more questions? Drop them in the comments or send us a DM! 💌



Benefits of Pilates for Men

One of the biggest misconceptions about Pilates is that it was created for women, when really, it was created for everybody - by a MAN! The method is actually particularly great for men for a few reasons:

1) It balances out both strength and flexibility - men may often be used to focusing on strength training, but in Pilates classes and exercises, you will gain strength without sacrificing mobility and flexibility

2) It's a total body workout - you'll work muscles you never even knew you had, while drawing attention to any imbalances you have in different sides of the body and helping you strengthen them

3) It focuses on core strength - many people use Pilates as a crosstraining method because it focuses on core strength, making both every day movements and other forms of exercises easier and safer

4) Reduces stress - a big component of Pilates is breathing and centering, which will help you to reduce stress and find better mental clarity

These are just a few reasons Pilates can be great for men - but it really is for everybody!
Send this to a guy in your life who could use Pilates and don't forget to let them know about our 7 day free trial of online Pilates classes at kairastudios.com 💪


It's ok to rest 🌿 In fact, your body needs recovery time so you don't get injured!

Be sure to schedule in 'rest days' each week - although that doesn't mean you have to stop moving. Try going for a walk or doing gentle movement like our 10 min Restore Your Core class.

Link to the free class: https://youtu.be/m_-sMgd9Iuk



Pilates is a lifestyle!

Pilates is a lifestyle! 💪 It’s not:

- a one-time fix-all
- only for rehab
- just for dancers or athletes!

The best results to any exercise routine come from consistency, and like any strength training, Pilates done regularly will help you feel stronger and move freer. Plus, you can start Pilates at any age or ability! Pilates is for every. body. 🌿

So yea, we’ll be doing Pilates for a long time 😉

Try our online Pilates classes free for 7 days at live.kairastudios.com

Photos from Kaira Studios Pilates's post 03/08/2022

Happy ! We are proud to be women-owned and operated, and to have an amazing group of women teaching for our online Pilates studio. Swipe to read more about our teachers! 🌿


Pilates for Strength Training at home!

Drop a 💪 emoji if Pilates has ever made you stronger!

Pilates has a reputation for helping with flexibility and mobility (all true!) but as you can see from @nicolewatkinspilates in this video, it’s also a method of full body strength training.

And the great thing is, you don’t even need to get on the Pilates equipment to see a change in your strength. The Pilates mat repertoire utilizes bodyweight to improve your strength, and we love involving props into our online Pilates mat classes to add even more resistance like what you’d get on the equipment.

⚡️ Ready to try Pilates to help build strength? Head to the link below for our FREE Beginner Pilates series to ease you in:



If you take Pilates classes in our online studio, you know one of the best things about them is our variety of teachers! 🧑‍🏫

Pilates teachers are not all created the same, and we think that's a good thing 🙌

From Michelle's yoga training and recovery expertise, to Felicia and Nicole's dance backgrounds, to Amy's classical training, you'll notice our teachers bring their diversity of movement experiences to classes.

Have you ever wondered what type of Pilates teacher YOU would be?

We've got a free and fun quiz for you to find out!

➡️ Would you be better at teaching athletes or older adults?
➡️ Groups or online?
➡️ Classical or contemporary?

Find out and share your results with us here!

Take the quiz here! https://ivlv.me/Muim9 💻


We’d bet money that when you see this video, your upper body is curled over your phone…😉

…and that’s ok! We can’t possibly have great posture all the time, but in this modern, tech-filled world we do spend so much time in this position that our chest gets tight, and our upper back muscles get weaker. Over time this can lead to back, shoulder, or chest pain 😣

So try this simple cactus stretch on your foam roller (we like a 36” one to support the whole spine and head) either at lunch to break up your time at your computer or desk, or at the start or end of a long day.

➡️ Then don’t forget to add upper back exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your spine - we have an online Pilates class or two that can help 😉

💻 7 day free trial to our online Pilates studio: live.kairastudios.com


Show yourself some love this Valentine's Day with a brand new Pilates class from @embracebymichelle available in our online studio now! All you need is a yoga block, your mat, and 30 minutes for this full body, intermediate class 💕

This class is free for our monthly members! Get your 7 day free trial now at live.kairastudios.com 💻



How to Choose a Pilates Teacher Training Program

Choosing the right Pilates certification for you has many factors, and a big one is considering what style of Pilates you’re interested in teaching!

➡️Do you love the traditional Pilates rep and order?
➡️Or are you in it for more functional movement?
➡️Maybe a combo of both?

Our online mat Pilates teacher training program is for those people who want the best of both worlds ✨

You can start the self-paced online training at any time from the comfort of your home! 🏠 Then choose to test out for certification or simply use the course to learn even more about the Pilates method and your body.

⭐️ More info: www.kairastudios.com/teacher-training


Tech neck relief - how to get rid of neck pain!

Try these exercises for neck pain relief! If tech neck has you hurting, these muscle releases and neck stretches using a yoga block and balls (we like Yoga Tune Up!) can help you find some pain relief.

Learn more about your body so you can move and feel better in our virtual Pilates studio - free for 7 days at the link in our bio or live.kairastudios.com🌿


8 essential at home Pilates props

Do you have all the props you need to do your Pilates workout at home? 💻🏠

You don’t always need to use props, but they can help you stretch, strengthen, assist you in an exercise, or level it up! Here are some of our top props to make your at home Pilates practice even more fun and creative! ✨

More tips:
➡️ You can filter our online classes by props in our virtual studio at live.kairastudios.com
➡️ Get all our faves off Amazon: https://amzn.to/3pUUArZ 🛍


Posture check! ☑ If you've been curled over your work all week, it's time to unwind your spine with this strengthening Pilates exercise from our online studio instructor @embracebymichelle 🌿

Some tips to get those postural muscles working:
🌿 squeeze gently into the foam roller
🌿 reach the top of your head long towards the front of the mat
🌿 imagine there is a grape under your belly button and you're trying to keep from squishing the grape - even as you lift your chest!

Want to do more Pilates at home? We have 30 minute online Pilates classes designed to help you get stronger and feel better in our online studio!

🆓 7 day trial at live.kairastudios.com!



Common mistakes to avoid in the clamshell exercise

You want to feel the burn in a Pilates clamshell exercise? Stop these common mistakes! ❌

Instead, be sure to:
☑️ Keep a stable trunk as you move your legs
☑️ Imagine lengthening out the space between your top side ribs and hip

The instructors in our online Pilates classes always include amazing cues to get you into the best position for your body in any exercise.

Join us in an online class and feel the difference! 🌿

Link in bio for a 7 day free trial 💻


Did you know? 💡 Our online mat Pilates teacher training course is now available to start at any time!!

Take a sneak peek into the course with this clip from Module 1: Anatomy and Pre-Pilates Exercises - Sidelying, where master instructor Nicole Watkins demonstrates our anatomy and biomechanics-based approach to Pilates mat exercises.

Whether you’re ready to become a Pilates teacher or you’re a Pilates enthusiast who wants to go even deeper into your practice, this online program lets you learn at your own pace and on your own time 🧑‍💻

Choose to test out to be a certified instructor at the end of the course or just use it as a chance to learn even more about Pilates - the choice is yours! 🌿

In 4 modules, you'll learn:
❃ Anatomy & Biomechanics
❃ Pilates preparatory movements
❃ Pilates Mat Repertoire Exercises
❃ How to teach any and all bodies
❃ Tools to build your business
❃ How to set yourself up for success in the industry

DM us for more info or head to https://www.kairastudios.com/pilates-teacher-training to learn more!


🔔 You can always start again 🔔

If you planned on starting January with a 'New Year, New You' fitness routine, but have slowly dropped off as life got in the way - we feel you.

Sometimes those January challenges and resolutions just don't work out with your schedule: a family member gets sick, work deadlines ask more of you, seasonal depression hits. You're not alone if you feel guilty for not sticking to your movement goals this month.

So today, a gentle reminder for anyone who needs it: You can always start again. Whether it's today, or next week.

Be gentle with yourself as you navigate a new year and another month of this pandemic.

We'll be here for you when you're ready to get on the mat 🌿

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Benefits of Pilates for Men
Pilates is a lifestyle!
Pilates for Strength Training at home!
How to Choose a Pilates Teacher Training Program
8 essential at home Pilates props
Common mistakes to avoid in the clamshell exercise
Free Intro to Pilates Series!
Tech neck relief - how to get rid of neck pain!





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