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I can’t say enough good things about Coach Jason and his training. Is it hard? Yes! But in a good way. Do you get results? YES! In a very good way. I did his 6-week challenge. We worked out 3 days a week in 30 minute intervals. I was completely out of shape when we started. I hadn’t been to the gym all year, but one hard look in the mirror let me know something had to be done. Between the exercise and the meal regiment he suggested to follow, I saw a MAJOR transformation in my body and pounds melting off. There is no turning back! Thanks Jason, YOU’RE THE BEST!
Coach Jason takes the intimidation out of a workout that keeps you focused and fully engaged to a point of getting lost in the stations of performance by giving your all because it is truly an evolving moment of personal wellness! I can't wait for my next visit that assures me I am one day closer to achieving my visible physical goals! Thank you Coach Jason for your eagle eye that keeps the workout charging with a stream of optimal momentum! Priceless!

Creation Performance is a fitness community. We offer Personal Training, Semi Private Training and Group Training sessions. We are excited to announce that we are going to start a kids program for age 7 -12 and 13 -18.

Operating as usual


Results = Motivation


We started back in 2018 and it’s now 2022… My family and I are so excited for you guys. Congratulations from the Braziers💕. Training won’t stop.


Consistency! This word is key to having success with your fitness transformation.

You have to keep showing up!

Put a plan together, get on a program, make sure you have some accountability.

This approach will help you to be consistent.

Where we started and how it is going…

Congratulation @themarkofbeauty7

Let’s keep it going.


Congratulation Helene! I am so proud of what you have done in just 6 weeks.

@thequeenhelene says,

“Since the pandemic started, I had gained extra weight and needed to jump start my nutrition and healthy eating. Jason’s 6 week program did just that, I feel incredible and lost 14 lbs. This is just the beginning- I’m planning to keep up these habits I developed and get ready for the summer!”

If you would like to learn more about my 6 week program. You can send me a Dm to learn more.


19 pounds in 6 weeks.
3 sessions weekly
Three keys 🏆🏆🏆
1. Exercise Program
2. Nutrition
3. Accountability


“Coach Jason is amazing! I lost 15 pounds -and still losing!- during the 6 week bootcamp! But more importantly, I feel amazing and my health has improved significantly. Between the customized workouts and the easy to follow nutrition plan, I have gotten stronger and healthier physically and emotionally. Coach Jason is a pro!”

Send me a DM now… our next 6 week program starts March 1st..

Get your summer body back


Do you still need my help?


This is what showing up looks like. I am so proud of you Marcia Meredith.

I want to highlight one of my client. Marcia Meredith
for writing me this testimonial: I hope this testimonial inspire you in some WAY. Not just in your fitness journey but in life as well.


“Keep. Showing. Up. I have been working with Coach Jason for a couple of years now. My first time working out with a class, I sat in the car after and cried. I was the oldest, the heaviest and the most out of shape in the class. Everyone welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. Jason called me the next morning, and encouraged me to come back. He watched me, adjusted my exercises and said “we got this” and I believed him. So I kept showing up. I haven’t reached my goal- in fact, I have a way to go. But, I can tell you that 2 years later, I can complete 3 rounds of exercises in 30 minutes. - and I keep showing up. I’m working on showing a before and after picture in the “Posts of Champions” It’s coming! But I can tell you I feel soooo much better, my outlook on life and creating a healthy lifestyle is one thousand per cent better. I’m in my mid-sixties, and you could not have convinced me that I could do what I’m doing now with Jason Brazier 5 years ago. My best friend Deborah Campbell told me about Jason, and I just keep showing up. And better health is happening for me because I do. I sincerely thank God for Jason.” M. Meredith~~


Congratulation to my client, who just completed my 6 week transformation program.

I am starting my last 6 week Transformation program on Monday.

This program will end before Christmas .

If you want to drop 10 or more pounds then you should give me a call.

Let’s finish 2021 on some positive energy.


My clients come to me for results.

I offer only programs, not sessions.

You can choose from 6, 8, 12, or 16 week programs.

Stop paying for sessions and learn how you can get results and maintain your success.

We start our next group this coming Monday.



Congratulations @carolyncaicai for completing my virtual 6 week Challenge

Looking forward to setting new goals with you as you continue on your fitness journey.

If you are struggling and looking for routine that you can follow and allow you to eat normal food.

Then this 6 week program is what you need.

Personalized Training

Program Includes:
6 week
18 sessions
3 sessions weekly
Meal Plan
Grocery List
Recipe Book

Next program starts this coming Monday.


Congratulations Teresa for completing my 6 week Personal Training Program.

You see her transformation but her blood pressure is much better.

Forget about the scale, better health is so important.

Next challenge start this coming Monday.


I think it is only right that I share with you what my client wrote:

Jason Brazier is truly a fitness Jedi! These pictures are only 3 months apart. I have lost 25 lb and lots of inches! I'm finally out of the 200 club which hasn't been true for 15 years, since I had my first baby. The real testimony here is that I have been on EVERY diet you can name and lost some weight before. This program has changed my life, my skin, my energy level, my will power, my desire to do workouts without the trainer which I used to NEVER do! It's so easy it's truly a lifestyle plan. My family loves our meals and activity levels. I'm so thankful to Jason and his mastery! My body, mind and spirit are totally transformed! 💪🏾🙌🏾


Congratulations to client for this amazing transformation in just 6 weeks of my virtual training.

Are you going to the gym everyday?


Let me show you how effective 3 sessions weekly can be

What’s included:

3 sessions weekly Virtually
Nutrition coaching
Accountability coaching

You can not have success with out these 3 keys.

Send me a DM so I can help you.


Congratulation @strength_of_a_woman8778 for joining our 6 weeks Challenge.

Here are the things we don’t do:

💫No special coffee in the mornin
💫No celery drinking🤭
💫No meal replacement drinking
💫No starvation diet

This is what our clients are doing:

✨Eating Breakfast Lunch Dinner
✨Working out 3 times weekly
✨Show pictures of meals
✨Weigh every Sunday (7 days)

If you want to have the same success join our 6 weeks Challenge.

Next challenge starting this coming Monday.


Are you interested in a plant base program? Do you want to drop 6-10 pounds in just 4 weeks? Comment below and get the early bird special....


Congratulations to Yindra Cotman-Dixon for completing my 42 Day transformation challenge. I am so proud of her commitment. Sending pictures of her meals every day, following the meal plan, sending pictures every Sunday so we know where her numbers were. Dropping 3 pounds weekly for six weeks.
Yindra is now committed and will continue long term as a client. 🙌🏾💪🏾🙌🏾

If you are interested in working with me. Give me six weeks to show you that my program works.

I did all the hard work for you, now you just have to show up and follow the script...

Your Journey is a marathon not just 6 weeks...

Next challenge starting soon... Leave message me if you are interested.


Do you still need my help?


Enough is Enough!
I'm launching a 21-Day Spring into Fitness Belly Blast Challenge.
LMK if interested below.


Do you see a difference?

Look at her posture. I love to see my clients happy.

If you need my help just send me a DM

Please use my hashtag below!


@kaluask8 reached out to me 4 weeks ago because she wanted to drop a few pounds.

Since she was a past client now living in Florida, it was easy to get her back on track.

I signed her up for my 28 Day Challenge.

3 zoom sessions weekly
Meal Plan
Nutrition Coaching

Congratulation on showing up to every session and giving your best effort. Your hard work, discipline and perseverance got you the results you wanted.

If you are struggling and feeling depleted, enough is enough. Make a change.


“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.” - Muhammad Ali
Everyone want results like the other person, but do you have the will like that person to make it happen...


Congratulation @itsbcubed for transforming her body during the pandemic. Training 3 times weekly, with nutrition and accountability coaching are your keys to having success.

Our virtual class are on Monday Wednesday Friday.

Visit our website and sign up for a free pass to our group class.

Photos from Creation Performance Fitness's post 02/06/2021

Congratulation @thefetlemariam for transforming her body during this pandemic. Training 3 times weekly with @thejasonbrazier and doing other activities like bike riding, tennis, and hiking, this was her end result. We are proud of your hard work and dedication and we hope more people will consider online training or just move more.

If you are inspired or would like to try our 7 day program. Please send us a DM now!

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