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Walking into the holiday season in because I’m the present 🎁
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What bikini are you wearing this summer? 👙
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Get the perfect red bikini for your collection 👙“Emotionally Unavailable” in for your 4th of July fun! 🎆🎇
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We had a fun event with talking about skin care & bikinis!
So much fun! Thank you for coming .marie.pacelli - can’t wait to see your bikini photos 😉👙
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Looking for your new favorite bikini this summer? You found it!
- “Rockstar” worn by the gorgeous and beautifully tatted
When was the last time you wore a cow print bikini?
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wearing Mr Nice Guy… but she’s looking a bit naughty to me! 😍🔥😍🔥
So glad you like your new bikini gorgeous girl!! 👙👙
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Call the weather channel because is starting a heatwave throughout Southern California today 🔥🔥
Wearing “The Rockstar” from collection makes you wanna start a band 🎸 (Pretty sure she’s into country & southern rock 😉)
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Bali is a magical place… which is why are produced there! They’re ethically made & the material is amazing. And remember - a portion of all sales goes to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 🙏👙


Holy Smokes 🔥 somebody needs to call the fire department cuz looks 🔥🔥🔥
Wearing in our Daddy Issues collection👙💛
Also, check out her work cuz she can make you look hot enough for your crush to notice you❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 (from personal experience 😉)


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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The First Love, the one you meet after High School when you think you're an adult and have it all figured out. It feels like forever, only to find out fairly early on that you don't really have similar goals and dreams, probably because you're both so young and don't even know what you want anyway. But then you end up staying together way too long because even though he's probably not the one for you, he's still an awesome dude. Sometimes you can grow with each other and make it work out, sometimes you grow to resent each other because you stay together too long, but if you're lucky you simply grow out of each other and are able to remain great friends throughout your life. You can celebrate each other's wins and be there for each other when needed because being together in your 20s, you know each other better than anyone else.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The Love Bomb tells you everything you want to hear. They give you excessive attention, admiration, gifts, and loads of affection until you feel like you just can't go another day without them... and that's when they pull back. It's a high stakes game of cat and mouse, and it's unlikely you'll win. The best way to deal with a Love Bomb is to slow things down, because real love takes time. If he's just a great guy that really does adore you and not a narcissistic Love Bomber, he'll respect your boundaries. If not, it's better to know sooner than later!

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The F*ck Boy teaches us what we don't want, so he's important in the grand scheme of things. He's sexy, fun, exciting, loves to party, is definitely entertaining other girls, and tells you everything you want to hear. He doesn't introduce you to his friends, he doesn't pay (for anything), and he eventually only texts you at 2am when he has nothing better to do. He's the guy that you take on vacation because he's hot and you want beach photos with him, but you're the only one pulling your credit card out at the end of every day. Soon enough you'll realize you deserve and can find so much better, but the good thing is that when you've dealt with one, you usually don't fall for their games again. F*ck Boys eventually see themselves out of your life, and they'll always try to re-enter eventually - but stay strong!

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The Hubby In Law has been locked down by your best friend, sister, cousin, or someone else close to you... and he's awesome. He's the guy that you wish you could meet, but in your type of course. Your girl is madly in love with him and constantly gushes about all the amazing things he does for her. Although you'd normally be jealous and tune her out, you find yourself listening intently and fantasizing about finding your permanent partner. If she can do it, so can you! This guy you all the hope you need to continue looking for "The One".

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The Mystery Man is that guy who you have endless deep conversations with, yet you know nothing about him. He's a great listener, he's kind, sweet, and your dog loves him... but do you know anything about who he really is? You've googled him but he's not on social media, you don't really know how he spends his free time, you've never met his friends or family (although he's met yours), you're not entirely sure where he lives (because he only comes to your house), and when you asked what his middle name was - you got the runaround. But if you can break down his walls before he randomly disappears one day, you might have a chance at the elusive everlasting love of your life.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The Class Clown knows exactly what to do or say to make you laugh or brighten up a bad mood. Maybe he's always got a magic trick up his sleeve, or the right joke to make you laugh - either way, he knows how to put a smile on your face. He's the guy you wonder if you should date, or you dated him but it didn't work out and you remained great friends... and still sometimes wonder if you should date him. He likes attention but is still able to listen when you need him and help you through your bad days - which is what makes him a great guy friend to keep around. He knows everything about you but doesn't judge because he's too busy making you laugh or pulling a rabbit out of a hat... to also make you laugh.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The Rockstar is a bonafide rock & roll musician that you tell your girlfriends about because you did a little more than just meet him in the VIP section of a club. The relationship thrives in your head as you imagine you're the muse he's writing those undying love songs about, but in reality you're not the only name on the list waiting to get into the show. He loves himself as much as you do, he's a little resentful and bitter, and pretends to hate the fame but actually would wither away if people forgot who he was. The excitement of being with him wins you over for a while and you look past the fact that it'll never work out. In the end, you realize that the music was what you loved and he was only trending for a moment.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
Daddy Issues is a cute name, but I have to preface this by saying I have the best dad in the world. First of all, my dad is really supportive of all my crazy ideas, he even offered to help me start The Boyfriend Bikini. He's the type of dad that prints out every online write up about me, has photos of me on his phone, and is proud of me for everything I try - even when I fail. Best of all, my dad loves my mom more than anything and has always shown my siblings and I what a great relationship should look like. My parents have been together since they were in high school and are still madly in love, so I know how lucky I am. In fact, they still hold hands when they go on their daily walks.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
Little Brothers are annoying - especially mine. But, he's also sweet, funny, smart, works hard, and turned out to be an awesome father and husband. A little brother has your back more than any other guy in the world. He's ready to hate anyone that breaks your heart, or pretend to like a guy just because that's the one you're dating in the moment. He might be younger, but you start to look up to him when you realize that one day he grew up and got his s**t together. He still makes fun of you, but also supports you like only a little brother can.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
Puppy Love is the undeniable love from a dog. Dogs are loyal, always happy to see you, live for your attention, and will never love anyone as much as they love you. A dog's love is pure love, a love that will live in your heart long after he's gone... because dogs never live long enough. If you're lucky enough to have a soul dog, then you know the type of love they bring with them. They help you heal every time someone breaks your heart, they listen intently to your good days & the bad ones too, they're available to snuggle 24/7, and they'll never judge you. You'll never forget the feeling of being loved by a dog, even long after they're gone.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
Mr Nice Guy is exactly that - nice. He's the guy that you're not going to date, but you're more than willing to set him up with your friends because you know he'd treat them like gold. He texts back right away, calls when he says he will, shows up on time, and will help you with anything you need. But... he's only going to be a friend. You have a lot in common, but you friend-zoned him on day one. He'd make a great business partner, he can date your friends, and you can trust him to babysit your dog when you go out of town. He's the guy you can always count on to come through for you even though you've never dated. Mr. Nice Guy is trustworthy, loyal, and one day he'll make someone a great husband.

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Meet The Boyfriend Bikini Players!
The Emotionally Unavailable guy is that Emo boy that you fall for instantly. He's dark, brooding, mysterious, and undeniably good looking. He's everything you want... but you just can't get inside his head. He's kind and sweet, but never quite gives you enough attention because he's too focused on his own broken heart to realize how perfect it could be if he just opened up to you. The girl before you broke his heart into a million pieces, and no matter how hard you try to make him happy, it's never enough. Instead, he spends his time writing anguished lyrics, listening to sad music on vinyl, and reading self help books. He slowly gives you bits and pieces of himself over time, and that keeps you wanting more, but until his heart is mended you'll never truly be the first one he thinks about when he needs someone to talk to. There's a one in a million chance it'll work out with this guy, but if it does, it'll be a fairy tale love story til the end of time.

Photos from The Boyfriend Bikini's post 02/24/2023

What size should you get? "Small" is a little less coverage & "Medium" is a little more coverage - but both are designed to fit most body types... just depends on how you want your tan lines & your comfort level!

The Boyfriend Bikini 02/24/2023

Welcome to The Boyfriend Bikini page!
The Boyfriend Bikini company is about personal growth, finding your inner peace, claiming your true happiness, and being boss AF! It's about being your true self & not giving a s**t what other people think - so ask that guy out, apply for that job, take extra vacation days, travel solo around the world, and don't be afraid to wear that tiny bikini!
Also, just like boyfriends, you can have more than one...
All the colors/styles are named after types of men I know & include a little story about each one! No identifying factors of course... IYKYK
And most importantly, because I'm a strong advocate against domestic violence and it's something I've dealt with personally, a portion of all sales will go to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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