Keep Calm and let the pilates instructor handle it ;)

Erica, you are amazing! I can feel my tummy and derrière again. Hahaha. Thank you!
♥ Do you sell apparel at your location? I have a new women's line I would love for you to look at: :) Please let me know if you are interested in wholesale pricing! Thanks & have a great day :)
I love this place! The best place to do pilates in L.A. and the people are my favorite
I love doing my personals at this studio! Clients love the atmosphere and I love the people!
I miss this place SO MUCH. Open a NY branch please! I will be your biggest client! (Literally these days ha). xx
A truly beautiful, spacious, and well-eqipped facility with a group of professional, friendly, and motivating trainers. I've been going there for four years, and it's been a wonderful experience.
Looking forward to coming in on Tuesday!
Love what it does for me!
I am seeing you in 5 minutes and I CAN'T WAIT!! x

Located between The Grove and The Beverly enter, My Pilates Body is a gorgeous full-equipped Pilates studio. My Pilates Body is deeply anchored in Pilates history and method.

Our mission is to empower people to be in control of their own health and well-being through the Pilates method. We welcome you to our studio to meet our friendly and professional staff. See and experience why SHAPE MAGAZINE cited it as the only place to "do" Pilates in L.A. My Pilates Body skilled certified instructors have had intensive training and are representatives of the most experienced tr

Operating as usual


Don’t know how to share via post so this is just a screenshot. You can go to @chooselove to donate. My family is from the Ukraine and my heart is with everyone there ♥️💔♥️


Happy Thanksgiving 🍁


Huge shoutout to @negativeunderwear for NOT editing out her stretch marks. Love it. That’s all. Seriously going to buy one just for that! ♥️♥️♥️


I straight up forgot how to post for a second 😂


Happy New Year!!! And...I’ll take my chances.

Public Work | #EFF2020: A Holiday Campaign (Uncensored) 12/31/2020

Public Work | #EFF2020: A Holiday Campaign (Uncensored)

That’s pretty much...yeah. Happy New Year to everyone!

Public Work | #EFF2020: A Holiday Campaign (Uncensored) Everyone agrees: the year 2020 could not have been worse. So, we decided to give it the send-off it deserves. Instead of giving corporate gifts this year, we...


Hope you do whatever you want to do for Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for all the amazing people in my life.


Love everyone!




Haven’t posted in a while. Thought I’d share. @red_kls

Timeline photos 07/30/2020

Challenge accepted. Thank you to my dear friend @hpower7 - I love YOU and ALL the amazing women I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

This is Pinar Gültekin. She was reported missing on July 16th. Her body was found brutally murdered 5 days later. She was only 27 years old. Turkey has one of the highest Femicide rates in the world. People often see black & white images of women who have been violently murdered. The black & white image is to draw attention to these atrocities and violence against women around the world. Thank you @heyshamama for showing me what this was really about.

Timeline photos 07/06/2020

Pretty much.

Timeline photos 04/14/2020

Dear 2020,
- The World

📷: @emotionalclub

Timeline photos 03/26/2020

Food? I got all my quarantine essentials right here. Thank you @tobinjamescellars.

Timeline photos 03/19/2020

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 03/03/2020

Happy voting!

Timeline photos 01/31/2020

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with @stevef** was a beautiful night indeed.

Timeline photos 12/20/2019

Not the white Christmas I was hoping for...but I’ll take it?!

Timeline photos 10/29/2019

You know who you are. Thank you!!!♥️

Timeline photos 09/30/2019

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 09/02/2019

Have a Happy Labor Day everyone. Pilates exercises start up again tomorrow though. 💪🏻🍑♥️

Photos from MY PILATES BODY's post 08/27/2019

My dogs are my life. Straight up. I’m the luckiest person to spend every day with them❣️ ♥️♥️♥️

Timeline photos 08/21/2019

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 07/04/2019

Be safe. Make good choices. Happy 4th! Pic:@jameelajamilofficial

Timeline photos 06/26/2019

Taking time for yourself is not easy. Life WILL keep you busy ALL the time if you let it. Especially in this country where being busy is actually glorified. Take myself for instance, staying in bed all weekend and watching Lifetime movies was NOT easy! But I forced myself and you know what...I succeeded. TBC...
{Pilates should be on the top of that self care list, btw.}

Timeline photos 05/12/2019

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and anyone that nurtures anything. House plants count as some even more. ♥️

Timeline photos 05/09/2019

Taught by the amazing Heather! A little chair, mat, combo class! Best thing you can do on your lunch break!

Timeline photos 05/01/2019

But let’s be still have to do your Pilates.

Timeline photos 03/09/2019

Life literally wouldn’t exist without us ladies...I’m proud to be a woman. I love all the strong fierce women in my life. Nothin’ but love for ya ♥️🙏🏻

Timeline photos 02/27/2019

The only one I believe in ☕️♥️


Preach Koko. ♥️

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Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 7am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 7am - 8:30pm
Thursday 7am - 8:30pm
Friday 7am - 8:30pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

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