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Los Angeles Bellydance Academy



Here is the new link to the Tahitian Workshop with Leolani 🙂
Could you guy post the day before when you plan to have a class. I keep missing them all for the last week.
I even upgraded this group to my top 10 faves so i see your posts first and even asked to be informed when you go live and FB is not doing its job.
I never seem to log into FB at the right time to get the necessary info.
Thank you so much❤️💋
Straight into your home. Stay safe and healthy.
Here’s the new link to Beginners Bellydance with Stefanya! Come dance with us online!

https://youtu.be/Ytgby8EpApc I would call this the cutest song of the 80’s. It’s a fun little jig.
Of course, there are not that many pictures of tap dancing, so I included other, what I call “traditional” dancing pics like ballet, belly dancing, and dancers from other countries. What I didn’t want were loud nightclubbers who danced to modern music.
It seems some singles from the album were released in ’85, so I used pictures from both years. Please note that search engines can be inaccurate and images can be mistagged with the wrong year. Images used were in the order of the search results. I don’t like to discriminate; I prefer this “mixed bag” approach.
🔥 Check out monthly Lambada and Zouk workshops at La Bellydance Academy!
🍎 Beginners welcome!
🤩If you’re new to Zouk, your first 9:30pm Lambazouk Class is FREE!
💃 See you this Wednesday.
Hi dancers, I thought I’d share here an event quite special, it is not in this studio but it involves belly dancing and the awakening of our sensuality.
It shall be magical! This Saturday.

Hi dancers, this is the full choreography for the Baba Karam dance in the Intro To Persian Dance Class. This session will be wrapping up this Sunday, but you can still come to learn the full choreography if you haven’t been to my class before. We will use this dance for future group performances. Come learn this dance just in time for Nowruz (Persian New year) this month!
Hey everybody! We recently added a lambada class at the studio Wednesday nights 9:30-10:30pm with a practice session after! It’s a great place to connect with people and let off some steam- no partner needed! JOIN US TONIGHT
Here's an awesome event that will be hosted at the studio in February! Reserve your spot today....https://www.facebook.com/events/1097645660417213/?notif_t=plan_user_joined¬if_id=1547155374438606
Hey lovelies- does anyone have the address for tomorrow?
Next 10th!

Devoted to world arts and culture the L.A. Bellydance Academy is a premier dance studio located in the heart of Los Angeles providing premium dance education for all ages and willing bodies.

The Los Angeles Bellydance Academy offers dance and music education for all ages and all skill levels. Focused on providing students with an environment that creates wellness, self expression, and an enthusiasm for life, the LABA utilizes a variety of cultural influences expressed in dance and music as a core foundation to the curriculum provided. Weekly instruction, workshops, and special events

Operating as usual

Photos from Los Angeles Bellydance Academy's post 04/03/2022

Happy Birthday to Jennifer. We love, love dancing with you and cherish all of the time that we have had together. Your awesome energy and spirit is what makes our studio shine bright. Lots of love and happiness to you on your special days and all days to come. Jennifer Kaufman-Watton


Noruz celebration. Let’s us all welcome the spring and say hello to the Persian New Year. #persiandance #persiandancecompany #persiandancers #beverlyhills #thungstodoinla #noruz #labellydanceacademy #labellydance


Issam Houshan is visiting the studio on the last Sunday of the month. Join in our Music and Rhythm Master Class with international superstar @tablabyissam. All levels are welcome. #drummer #issamhoushan #drumsolo #bellydance #bellydancedrumsolo


Music and Rhythm Master Class with Issam Houshan @tablabyissam. Our next event is happening on the last Sunday of the month starting at 3:30. You can join in to learn and progress your skills under the direction of a master percussionist.


New Practice vídeo are now available for member. You can view from our app or thru the website. #bellydance #labellydanceacademy #bellydancechoreography #bellydanceclasses #thingstodoinla #stefanya

Photos from Los Angeles Bellydance Academy's post 01/23/2022

A very happy birthday to our very special crimson rose 🌹 dancer @makimikamaki Thank you for being at the studio and sharing your artistry with us. #bellydance #birthday #happybirthday #dancer #labellydanceacademy

Photos from Los Angeles Bellydance Academy's post 01/08/2022

Our Dance Dreams were realized as we relaxed and refreshed in paradise. More to come and you can join in the fun. #bellydance #labellydanceacacdemy #dancedreams #danceretreat #mexico #paradise #danceinparadise #thingstodoinla


Shine with us in the new year. New classes, new sessions and new friends to share amazing experiences with. Labellydanceacademy.com @labellydance @jasmine_agra #bellydancers #showtime #dancefriends #newyear #learntobellydance #thingstodola


Join @katrinajicultureshakti in the studio for her up coming session. Call the studio at 310-854-3500 or search L. A. Bellydance Academy on your App Store for more information. The dances of Rajasthan are joyful, lively, folkloric, sometimes improvisational, and non-technical. Characterized by rhythmic stomps, hip movements, hops, graceful hand movements, and spinning; these dances are usually performed with partners or in groups, for fun and celebration. This class will focus on the most common footwork and hand movements used in Rajasthani folk dance. Rajasthan is located in Northern India, the colorful land of Desert Camel Safaris, Palaces, and Forts. Session begins Jan. 6, 2022. #kalbeliya #rajasthanidance #thingstodoinla #learnkalbelia


Join in the fun. We have new sessions starting in the new year. You can drop-in to our classes or you can view online. Reach out for more information. #bellydance #learnbellydance #labellydanceacademy #thingstodoinla #beverlyhills


We are having dance classes throughout the month of December. You can see the end of the year schedule from our app. 📲 search L A Bellydance Academy on your App Store to download and stay up to date. Then join us to dance and feel good. #bellydance #labellydance #labellydanceacademy #thingstodola #losangeles #beverlyhills


Ready to transform. A consistent and dedicated dance practice can take you to the next level. Find out how to get started by visiting labellydanceacademy.com #bellydance #labellydanceacademy #labellydance #beverlyhills #losangeles #thingstodoinla #bellydancers #learntobellydance #transformation


Have fun friends. Happy Halloween 🎃 #halloween #friends #labellydanceacademy #bellydancehalloween


Sub Alert 🚨 @saeeda.albint will be in the studio Monday Oct 4 to lead our Beg. Bellydance and Shimmy Clinic. Get to know someone and something new when you dance with our qualified substitute instructors. Her unique perspective will help you grow and have a fun and fabulous class. #bellydance #labellydanceacademy #learnbellydance


We had fun at our Open House celebration this past weekend. Thanks to all the dancer who joined us in the studio and on our live stream. Here is a pic of one of our beautiful performers @dancewithsoul Ashley who is modeling a designer costume from our boutique. Interested…? DM and we can give you more details. Size is small. Model height is 5feet. #bellydancer #bellydanceboutique #labellydanceacademy #bellydance

Open House Live Show and Free Dance Day 08/28/2021

Open House Live Show and Free Dance Day

We are live until about 10 pm tonight. Join in our Open House Clebabration. Check out the stream below.

Open House Live Show and Free Dance Day Step into our Bellydance world and enjoy the show!


TODAY **FREE EVENT**OPEN HOUSE** in-person or view our live stream from labellydanceacademy.com

Step into our world! You are invited to come in to dance and celebrate with us as our studio transforms once again.

Meet our new teachers, take free dance classes and enjoy the show!

There will be Live Music, Fashion Boutique, Open Dance Floor, and more. Did we mention it is FREE?!

3:30 pm Doors Open
4:00 pm Mini-Workshop - Tribal Fusion with Ya'el
5:00 pm Open Dance Floor
6:00 pm Mini-Workshop -Bellydance with Sarah Alma
7:00 pm Mini-Workshop - Bollywood, Bhangra, Kalbeliya with Katrina Ji
7:30 pm Open Dance Floor
8:30 pm Dance Showcase

Performance Showcase 8:30
1644 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90035


Tonight (Tuesday) 7-15-8:15pm with @katrinajicultureshakti
Start earning course credit hours towards Rajasthani Folk Dance Certification

Los Angeles Bellydance Academy
Register on our app for in person classes.


Open House on Aug. 28th Stop by for free mini dance workshops, live performances and more. Free Dance Day is back #bellydance #thingstodoinla #labellydanceacademy


We will be dancing tonight starting at 6:00 pm with Intro to Bellydance. Join in the fun in-person or from our members-only live stream. 💋 labellydanceacademy.com #labellydanceacademy #thingstodoinla #danceclass #bellydanceclass


Did you know it? ❓At our upcoming Dance Dream Retreat 2021 In Punta Mita Mexico @yokomorimotophotography will be joining us. We have 4 spots remaining for our Luxury Package. DM to receive additional details #bellydance #labellydance #labellydanceacademy #dancedreams #danceretreat #bellydancephotography


Join @katrinajicultureshakti TONIGHT 7:15 pm and every Tuesday for Intro to Rajasthani Folk Dance of India. 📍LABA Annex : 8503 Pickford St. Los Angeles Ca 90035 📲 download our app to register.



Intro to Rajasthani Folk Dance of India
Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, Chari, Terah Taal

Tuesdays 7:15-8:15pm
Los Angeles Bellydance Academy

🐍Snake like movements of KALBELIYA
🔥 Balance a CHARI pot on your head
🔔 Play manjeras (finger cymbals)
👌🏻 Elegant hand gestures & spins in

Description of class:
This joyful class is structured like a fitness class. The heart of the class is divided in 4 sections to include Kalbeliya, Chari, Ghoomar and Terah Taal. We start with a warm up, learn the break down of each step and repeat with drills. Class ends with a cool down stretch.

What is Rajasthani Folk Dance?
The dances of Rajasthan are joyful, lively, folkloric, sometimes improvisational, and non-technical. Characterized by rhythmic stomps, hip movements, hops, graceful hand movements, and spinning; these dances are usually performed with partners or in groups, for fun and celebration. This class will focus on the most common foot work and hand movements used in Rajasthani folk dance. Rajasthan is located in Northern India, the colorful land of Desert Camel Safaris, Palaces and Forts.

Who can take this class?
It’s a Beginner class for everyone!


Yes, we are open for in person classes. Join us live in studio or at home from our studios live stream. 🦚
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Dance and give! ♻️

This Saturday! Please attend. All proceeds support Kalbeliya Dance Class Senusapera village. She does not have any other support. 🙏🏻

She is not supported by any other organization. Her village really needs our help.


“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Everyone is welcome to bask in the rewards of good work and persistence. Learning to dance may not be as easy as you would like but we promise to make it fun. .
#bellydancer #bellydance #bellydancers #bellydancing #dance #bellydanceshow #bellydanceworld #bellydancelife #oriental #orientaldance #danzadelvientre #arabicdance #danzaoriental #bellydancelosangeles #bellydancecostume #danzaarabe #bellydancesuperstars #bellydancelove #dancing #bellydancestars #bellydancefestival #danzaorientale #bellydancersofinstagram #rakssharki #labellydanceacademy #labellydance #thingstodoinla #losangeles #beverlyhills #hollywood


Our goals are to get you to the stage. Join now! Our choreography classes are in-person and on our studio’s live stream. #bellydance #thingstodoinla #labellydanceacademy #sworddance #bellydancers


Dancing together at the L. A. Bellydance Academy. Folk dance and more... labellydanceaxademy.com #bellydance #debka #thingstodoinla #stefanya #labellydanceacademy #labellydance


Dance...and enjoy each step along the way at the labellydanceacademy.com #labellydanceacademy #learntodance #bellydanceonline #bellydanceclasses


Nothing is impossible
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Dance friends are forever friends. Dance classes and more at the L. A. Bellydance Academy. 🤍 💻 🤍labellydanceacademy.com #bellydance #labellydanceacademy #bellydancer #friends #thingstodoinla #red


Get into your zone and join us online at labellydanceacademy.com 💻📱🖥👁 Over 💯 hours of dance instruction ➕ live group classes ➕ specialty workshops ❕only 💲19 a month New dancers always welcome, email: [email protected]
#labellydanceacademy #love_dance #bellydancing #love_bellydance #bellydancers #bellydanceworld #bellydancelife #bellydanceonline

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Devoted to world arts and culture, the L.A. Bellydance Academy is a premier dance studio located in the heart of Los Angeles. We are proud to provide quality dance education for all ages and willing bodies. Join us online or in our Los Angeles studios today to start dancing with our professional teaching staff's assistance.

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