Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP

Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP


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Is May 27 the day of Kaicho's visit? Getting excited! Osu!

Seido Hollywood Dojo is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing community service through instruction in traditional martial arts practice

Seido Karate has been practiced in the Los Angeles Area for more than twenty-five years under the direction of Jun Shihan John Greene with the guidance of Kaicho Nakamura in New York City. Seido Karate Hollywood Dojo is dedicated to the continued practice and instruction of this traditional Japanese style of karate as part of the Worldwide Seido Karate Organization. The primary focus of the Seido Karate Hollywood Dojo is not on competition with others. Rather, we seek to maximize the individual's potential in a supportive environment. Community service is an important way for us to improve the lives of those students we are privileged to teach, while also contributing to the larger community we live in. We offer programs that strengthen body, mind and spirit to all students including disabled and disadvantaged groups who have most to gain but often have the least access to traditional martial arts practice.

Operating as usual

Johshin Honzan

With kyu belts and advanced kyu stripes on the way to our May 2nd promotion candidates, we wanted to share a few photos from that very successful day of testing (ending with the last step of packaging everything - yes, that’s Kaicho wrapping each belt).

Congratulations to all students who tested and took part in Honbu/Honzan’s first EVER Adult/Children’s Kyu Belt Promotion via Zoom!
We are so proud of the students’ dedication and drive to continue their training during this challenging time. A BIG Thank You to each student who worked hard to test, their parents/guardians for their support, and all instructors who helped with the testing process. We are so grateful.


World Seido Karate Headquarters - Honbu

Osu! Nidaime A. Nakamura's Seido Vs COVID-19 Video 😂 For smiles

COVID-19 is no joke and we hope this lighthearted clip encourages all of our friends to stay safe and practice good hygiene.
For more information about COVID-19, visit:

Johshin Honzan

Kaicho holding a Flash Back photo of his Elmers Glue commercial from July 7, 1977.

Photos from Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP's post

August 25, 2019 Point Dume, Malibu

Photos from Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP's post

August 25, 2019 Point Dume, Malibu

Beach Training
Seido Karate
Hollywood Dojo
Van Nuys Dojo

Great Kumite with Sei Shihan Paul Williams and Senpai Nicky

Special Guests Sei Shihan Paul Williams and Jun Shihan Debbie at the Hollywood Dojo.

Sei Shihan Judy’s son, Roy, from NYC visiting the Hollywood Dojo. Osu!

Johshin Honzan

A few photos from Kaicho’s birthday party. Thank you to all who joined us for this special event. A BIG thank you to Stone Manor 101 for providing us with a great venue and delicious food. And last but not least, a very special thank you to Aimee for leading the organization of this party.

Johshin Honzan

It was wonderful to see so many students at our Honbu dojo’s Kagami Biraki on Sunday. For those who couldn’t attend, Kaicho’s 2019 message focused on the phrase: “Keizoku Wa Chikara Nari, Katsu.”

Keizoku (継続) means continuation, Chikara (力) means strength, and Katsu (喝) is the exclamation used to “wake up” Zen practitioners. Together this means the following: Continue keeping a non-quitting spirit and you will further develop your inner strength. Remind yourself to “wake up” from time to time so that you stay positive and continue to pursue your goals.

Let’s all keep this in mind through 2019 and beyond.
OSU. #kagamibiraki #seidostrong

Seido Hollywood Dojo Kagami Biraki

Kagami Biraki
Seido Karate Hollywood Dojo

Holiday Party 2018

Seido Hollywood Dojo Holiday Party 2018

Seido Hollywood Dojo Anniversary Event. Demonstrations, contests and food! 

Photos from Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP's post

Seido Hollywood Dojo Anniversary Event. Demonstrations, contests and food! 

Seido Hollywood Dojo Anniversary Event. Demonstrations, contests and food!

Kids Karate Halloween Party 

Hollywood Dojo
Kids Karate Class Halloween Party

Annual Black Belt Dinner 
Smoke House Restaurant 
November 14, 2018

Hollywood Dojo
Annual Black Belt Dinner

Osu! Come out and support Kyoshi Rob Elk's show!

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Tomonori Ueno new Dojo with Kaicho’s Calligraphy and Junshihan John. Big Osu!!

Seido Karate Nelson

Almost 250 competitors from Seido dojo throughout New Zealand converged on Pioneer Stadium in Christchurch this past weekend for a day of sharing, demonstrating and celebrating the beautiful art of Seido Karate.
Our thanks and a big OSU goes to Hanshi Renzie and Jun Shihan Bu and their team for the fantastic organisational effort to produce a seamless, smooth day.
Students of all ages, grades and levels of experience lifted themselves to new levels of skill and competence while dealing with the pressure of competiting. Performing under pressure is such an important part of our practise.
Winners and place-getters were evenly spread from all Dojo in New Zealand that entered and competed, which demonstrated the national level is constant and equal. This is a credit to the hard-working teachers and instructors.
To all participants – please remember you have reached a new level of understanding in your training - it’s important to try to maintain your new standard and use it as a step forward.
International Champion Shuseki Shihan William Oliver used to say: ‘ or lose, I train Mondays....’

This weekend demonstrated Seido Karate is alive and well in New Zealand and each Dojo in every town deserves to feel justifiably proud of this practise, how it is bringing out the best in people and how it is contributing to their respective communities.

Hanshi Andy

p.s: let's now focus on the next international tournament. Consider taking part in the 2019 Seido Karate Australia International Benefit Tournament, to be held in Sydney from April 11 to 14. See Seido Juku Karate Australia on Facebook for more details.

Photographs by Victoria Clark, Nelson Dojo.

Seido Karate Nelson

The Seido honeymoon: remember - when it feels as though it's over, it doesn't have to be over! Osu!

Hanshi Andy Barber and many senior karateka have so often over-heard newer students of Seido karate effusively declaring "Seido has changed my life!"
We've probably all said (or thought) something along the lines of: "I love Seido, I love karate!" We talk of the fitness and calmness we've gained - and the weight and the shyness we've lost. We rejoice in our new friendships, the support karateka give to one another, and how happy we feel, less-stressed, through training within this special new community we've discovered.
Yet, over the decades, Hanshi says many of the students who use the biggest superlatives are the ones who are no longer training in Seido karate.
"It’s a human condition. Often when we are exposed to something or somebody new, we feel it’s exciting and rewarding and that it’s going to change our lives. We want something to rescue us and thrust us quickly into a different life," he says. "Initially the progress when training in Seido karate seems amazing and fast. Led on by the enthusiasm and encouragement of the excellent instructors and more senior students, the new student quickly learns to punch and block, block and punch, and kiai (shout). Something starts shifting within them, within their psyche."
Students soon realise, quite rightly, says Hanshi, that they feel they would now have a good chance at defending themselves.
"This is not arrogance, but a quiet building of their confidence. That's immediately empowering and a great boost to self-esteem and confidence in everyday life and in interacting with others."
However, that rapid spike in confidence and enthusiasm can diminish and fade with time, particularly when a student comes to realise the present class he or she is doing is very similar to the last time they trained. There is repetition - and more repetition.
"Understanding that it’s an ongoing practise with the basic technique being an application and a way to polish and better understand yourself and life, is the key," says Hanshi. "There are no special tricks or props. Just train and follow the path (Karate Do). The process is the goal; the goal is the process.
"The real development happens when one is training for training's sake with no purpose or goal in mind.
"We say 'Osu Shinobu' (patience) the destination is reached without aiming for it."
There are many excuses given, Hanshi says wryly - "we all known them!" Students leaning towards giving up their training grumble about the hot weather, the cold weather, their injuries, their disappointment in not feeling the excitement and enthusiasm they once felt - and they speak of "trying something different and new."

In Zazen (meditation), too, students can sometimes hold the the romantic notion of training like a monk, calming the mind, smelling the incense and hearing the gong. But then the instruction comes: "Just sit and don't move."
"The student is essentially left on their own to face themselves - and that can be scary!" Hanshi says. "Again, it's about trusting the process (Karate Do).
"From our childhood, we are taught to be goal-orientated. We hear in our minds: "if we do this, we can expect that ..." The advertising on television and the internet is aimed at conditioning us to feel just a bit dissatisfied, so we're left with thoughts of needing more, needing change, needing things to happen more quickly."

The Martial Arts way is to choose a path/way (Do) and stay on it, Hanshi says.
"As in life, sometimes it's easy going; other times the path is a bit steeper - but there is no doubt it will enhance your life.
"There is a memorable saying: 'The greatest battle one must face is the one within one’s self'"


Click here to support Help JJ Beat Back Cancer! organized by Dee Kulacz

A Message from Senpai Dee:

I am sorry I am so late with this update—it is the one I’d hoped I would never have to write. JJ finished battling cancer on Saturday, January 13th, 2018. I will not say she lost the fight because she fought with every ounce of courage and determination that a true warrior had to give. Starting a fifth chemo regiment, she went into battle against a ferocious enemy and, while it may have damaged her body, it couldn't break her spirit, as JJ reminded me that “The only way to go is forward.” I have never known a stronger person.
JJ had a smile that could melt steel, an easygoing personality that made everyone who met her feel at ease, and a generosity of spirit which she shared often.
I was out of karate for several years when JJ surprised me with a gift certificate to the Seido Hollywood Dojo. I took her with me, and she took to karate with a fervor I wish everyone could muster, myself included. Getting her black belt filled her with a sense of awe and accomplishment that I believe could not be matched by anything else; not for the status that the outside world attaches to it, but for the true meaning of humility, honor and integrity it symbolizes. One can have a black belt, or one can be a black belt. JJ was the latter.
Reconnecting with her cousin Margie was a true high point in her life. JJ loved Margie (and her sweetie Norm) deeply and unconditionally. The times spent just having dinner, playing cards and laughing until our sides hurt made the hard times less difficult. She also had an amazing group of friends that kept her spirits up from the beginning of her fight. Her amazing Hub Television family stayed connected long after the channel closed. Dinners with Audrey and Marcia or Michelle and Brian, game nights at Roseanne and Kathy’s or playing Kubb at Sharyn and Andy’s, and so many others that stayed with us through the last three years…I can't thank you enough.
JJ was a complex soul—a jazz aficionado as well as disco and Barry Manilow fan- or as she like to say, a ‘Fanilow.’ A dedicated karateka, avid cyclist, incredible musician, talented television executive, retired deacon, MMA fan, Mario Kart expert, dancing fiend and fierce, loyal, loving friend and spouse. I could not have asked for a better person to share my life. I am truly at a loss right now. JJ was, and still is, my everything. January 29th would be our 14th anniversary together.
JJ's friends and I will be putting together a celebration of JJ's life in the coming weeks and I will let everyone know when that will be. For now, I am sorting the more immediate goals of completing JJs last wishes. She didn't want a funeral. Instead, she wanted her remains to be donated for research, to see if perhaps some good will come of it, so others will not have the same challenges in the future. Still thinking of others.
If it is all right, I will be leaving this GoFundMe page up a while longer as I have many final expenses to cover besides the basics of rent and bills. I was not able to work much these last few months while caring for JJ, and it will take me a while to get back on my feet to be able to cover all the incoming hospital bills and still keep my apartment.
The dojo put together a video for JJ, which she was not able to see. I'm adding the above link so that you may see a bit of what others saw in such an amazing woman. Thank you so much for all your love and care. JJ never believed so many people loved her before all this, and I know it touched her deeply—as it did me. I'm Dee, JJ's lucky spouse and partner of thirteen years. I'm making this GoFundMe page because JJ's cancer has come back and it's going to be an expensive road to knock it back into remission. I'm hoping that we can raise enough to lessen the financial burden of necessary bills and medical care...

Seido Karate Hollywood Dojo Holiday Party 2017

Welcoming new black belts at our annual Black Belt Dinner

Annual Black Belt Dinner 2017, Seido Hollywood Dojo

Hollywood Dojo Childrens Halloween Party

Hollywood Dojo Childrens Halloween Party 2017

Note from Nidaime A. Nakamura

"I hope you're all getting ready for the upcoming tournament on October 14th! Please share this poster and invite your friends and family to attend! Applications and tickets will be available very soon! OSU!!!"

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion Banquet Dinner: Gift presentation to Kaicho. Tomonori Ueno Steven Mark BermanRob Elk 9/2/17

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion Banquet Dinner with Kaicho

Photos from Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP's post

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion with Kaicho. 9/2/17.
West Coast Seido Karate Dojos:
Hollywood Dojo, Van Nuys Dojo, Culver City Dojo, Orange County Dojo, Berkley Dojo, Seattle Dojo, Las Vegas Dojo

Photos from Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP's post

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion with Kaicho. 9/2/17.
West Coast Seido Karate Dojos:
Hollywood Dojo, Van Nuys Dojo, Culver City Dojo, Orange County Dojo, Berkley Dojo, Seattle Dojo, Las Vegas Dojo

Photos from Seido Karate Los Angeles NFP's post

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion with Kaicho. 9/2/17.
West Coast Seido Karate Dojos:
Hollywood Dojo, Van Nuys Dojo, Culver City Dojo, Orange County Dojo, Berkley Dojo, Seattle Dojo, Las Vegas Dojo

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion with Kaicho. 7/2/17.
Seido Karate Dojo's :
Hollywood Dojo, Van Nuys Dojo, Culver City Dojo, Berkeley Dojo, Seattle Dojo, Las Vegas Dojo

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion Banquet Dinner with Kaicho

Hollywood Dojo Black Belt Promotion Banquet Dinner with Kaicho. 7/2/17
Seido Karate:
Hollywood Dojo, Culver City Dojo, Van Nuys Dojo, Orange County Dojo, Berkeley Dojo, Seattle Dojo

[08/14/17]   Osu!
Please read the update on our Seido member, JJ Asher written by her spouse, Dee.
Please show your support and give if you can. Osu!
Well, this is the crappy, serious update- and a tiny bit of good news-

JJ had a long, serious talk with the oncologist last week concerning where she is with treatment options, and what plans and outcomes she sees. While all is not lost, it's pretty hard news. She said that if the chemo doesn't get the tumor in JJ's lung under control, JJ is looking at having weeks left, not months or years. Carboplatin and Gemzar are the big guns for triple negative cancer, so while there are other chemo treatments, they may not be as effective. We really need this to work.

JJ has been dealing with low oxygen levels and a pulse of 125 and 150 for the past month due to the lung tumor pressing on her aorta. Unfortunately, chemo takes time and JJ is just starting her second cycle of chemo tomorrow. The oncologist says we won't know if it's working until the end of cycle two or three (another three to six weeks). In the meantime, she is on O2 full time, and pain killers and breathing treatments continue. It's pretty nerve-wracking for both JJ and myself.

We do have a bit of good news to hold onto, however. In the last two days, JJ’s pulse has stayed under 100, and (while still on 2 liters of oxygen) her pulse oxygen is staying around 94-96%. This is a big improvement from 83-88% and 4 liters of O2. Hopefully, this means the chemo might be kicking in early.

The oncologist has also put in a request for “compassionate use” for another immunotherapy drug. She says it's a “Hail Mary” but if the company agrees, JJ could skip all the hurdles of a trial and just start the treatment without all the wait. Think good thoughts for this!

Since JJ is unable to work, and I am working multiple part-time gigs, it would really help if you could continue to share this page. I wouldn't have been able to keep up with rent, medical bills, or our $1500/month health insurance without everyone's generosity and kindness…you are all literally making JJ’s healing a reality. And all the good thoughts, messages and prayers have been so important to our peace of mind… THANK YOU!

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