Los Angeles Brakeless

Los Angeles Brakeless

We are a woman owned, woman operated boutique bike shop in Mar Vista, CA. We specialize in custom builds and vintage restoration for any budget.

We also have unique, ready-to-go models on the floor for sale. Whatever you're looking for, we can make happen

Operating as usual


for @mikechacon with @destroybikes frames et @profile_racing @velocityusa and of course the @holdfastordie chacon galaxy straps


@encorewheels @velocityusa

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 04/08/2022

came out stunning. We scrubbed, polished and rebuilt the wheels with new spokes. Overhauled the entire bike and added more from on the saddle and handlebars.


Is it really worth 6 bucks a gallon to be stuck in traffic when you could be getting fit and happy riding in the 72 degree sunshine? and

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 10/19/2021

I tried so hard to take good photos of this but these don’t do it justice at all. @marckymarc18 had found this gem in a friends garage and we polished it up and added this absolutely NOS and vintage tape and of course the best @challengetires in the matching yellow. Finding perfect parts for vintage bikes is and a huge thanks to Anthony at EuroAsia Imports for hooking us up with the secret stash of vintage parts. Even bigger to @marckymarc18 for trusting me with this project and giving me creative freedom to build this beautiful .

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 06/29/2021

Almost missed but got this built just in time! It’s almost too beautiful to . by with handbuilt @velocityusa rims and @holdfastordie straps

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 06/15/2021

Truly grateful to @madminga for letting me build this absolute f**king stunner of a bicycle for him. Initially, We set out to use all but in the end, we had to use the @chriskingbuzz and the @velocityusa with the @brooksengland saddle. We used a @toyoframe with a and @nitto_handlebar_works @mkspedal and and and of course the and @izumichain


This is your sign to build a new bike.


Selling this OG . Any takers? dm if interested


Getting ready to start this build for a client and I am SO STOKED. Each and every time a client comes to me for a build, I am incredibly grateful...not only because they are keeping my business afloat but because they are trusting me to create art that they trust to keep them safe. This shop, and every single bike I build is truly a labor of love and I am incredibly grateful to every customer who invests in both their bike and LA Brakeless. Whether you are the person that can afford to buy a truckload of the highest end sh*t or the person that saves up and builds their once-in-a-lifetime dream bike that they will have forever, I appreciate you.


When will I ever learn to take “before” photos of projects? This classic was looking super sad and we brought it back with some @hplusson laced to hubs and a crank with polished silver @nitto_handlebar_works drops


@pakebikes frameset @encorewheels @origin8cycling @holdfastordie @ourygrip


Recent @22bikes for @wpowers814
Easily one of my all time favorite builds.


@tewsr painted this @leader_bikes_usa frame for a show we did before the world ended. Really missing the good old days! Let us know if you’re interested in purchasing this
It’s got a vintage

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 12/23/2020

We’ve got bikes left if you’re looking for last minute holiday gifts. Fixies starting at 299, hybrids and cruisers!

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 12/22/2020

Decent looking bike.... @yrhighns

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 11/17/2020

This was a hard one to let go of! Super stoked for our longtime customer, Carlos. Dude, you did a great job designing this bike. Thanks for trusting us to build it! #
@cinelliusa @encorewheels

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 09/30/2020

for @satchelroebuck who traded in his OG for this build.
Such a pleasure to build another bike for you after all these years! So stoked on how stoked you were on it!



Miss you around here @beavsspot
Where da gang at? @yrhighns @charliemurphy75 @johnnyovall @cadence_43 @xaddy_lo
Tag all the folks I forgot....


Anyone know where I can find this gentleman? I have a pile of his belongings that I’d like to kindly return. *tbird

Timeline photos 08/26/2020

for @andrewyelir
Thanks for being a long-time customer, dude. You were a pleasure to work with and your bike turned out .

Timeline photos 08/14/2020

for @lof2y who got himself a @statebicycleco to replace the bike that he customized in Japan that was stolen.
Bike theft is bigger than ever right now. Make sure to always lock up with a trusted lock like @kryptonitelock - their locks come with a built-in insurance policy!
The #1 way that our clients report their bikes being stolen is while locked up in their housing complex bike storage or from their own garage. Always lock your frame and wheels (and even your saddle) no matter where or when!

Timeline photos 08/09/2020

for @chef.tank
Got himself a new @statebicycleco

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 08/07/2020

@holdfastordie They’ve been the best since they hit the scene and still the

@ Los Angeles, California

Timeline photos 08/04/2020

For Sale! Bianchi Pista 51cm Fixed Gear. Gilles Berthoud saddle w/ matching straps and grip tape. New Panaracer tires. Fully tuned up and ready for you for $1100. Call, text or DM if interested.

Timeline photos 08/04/2020

Justin @clarkesk9 picked up a few @goldenbicycles today and customized them with @odysseybmx pedals @wildernesstrailbikes and @ourygrip @kmcchain @rideunionsport saddle
Thanks for the love and support!

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 08/02/2020

A longtime customer brought in what was left of his bike after some mofos took his wheels and anything else they could get from his @missionbicycle build. (Last photo is original build)
He wanted a few gears and a classic look. We put a @sturmeyarcherargentina 5speed internal hub on it with @somafab components @challengetires, @brooksengland @mkspedal @bikethomson parts as well.
Stoked on how it turned out. Total transformation.
If you aren’t happy with your current set-up, there are so many tweaks you can make to make it fit your needs and aesthetic...and now is the best time to work with what you’ve got and repurpose things.
Thanks to @fpuppio for trusting again with your whip!

@ Los Angeles Brakeless

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 08/02/2020

New Bike Day!!! @the_vegan_architect

@ Los Angeles Brakeless

Timeline photos 08/01/2020

You know what they say LAB love the kids ♥️

Photos from Los Angeles Brakeless's post 06/22/2020

Emptying out the store was a major pain in the ass but thanks to @vyalone @erinyoshi @maidenrock27 we have a new space to come home to. 🙏🏼Hopefully the world stops ending soon and one day people will actually be able to come into the store and 👀

@ Los Angeles Brakeless

Timeline photos 06/02/2020

I bet there’s some really amazing young people out there working to effect positive change in their communities who could really use and would appreciate a new bike. Nominate someone in the comments or DM us and tell us why this person deserves a new bike!
Our communities are experiencing a lot of pain right now and it seems to be all we are hearing about. We want to hear about the amazing, positive, creative ways young people are helping their communities.
We will pick the winner on June 15!

Timeline photos 06/02/2020

We stand in solidarity with peaceful protestors. The violence (on both sides) and looting is not ok. We are all trying to make it out here and destroying our city and each other’s property and livelihoods isn’t ok. There’s got to be another way to fix our fuct up society and system. Hate and violence isn’t the answer. It isn’t. Helping each other and showing each other who we are and that we are here for one another is the answer.
Eternally grateful for the generous and just amazing help that @performancefilmworks showed us today. They helped us empty the store and keep everything safe. Forever grateful to them for helping us in a serious time of need. We hope to reopen soon. And we promise to pay it forward.

Timeline photos 05/01/2020

Sort of....more like Don’t Come In, We’re Taking Appointments! Click the BOOK NOW button on our profile!

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