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Our holistic philosophy of training connects body & mind through movement. From our thoughtful personalized workouts to our comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification, we are dedicated to you and the health and wellness of our community.

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We’ve added a NEW Sunday 🌞Pilates Beginners class with @beckwithconran 🙌beginning next Sunday at 11:30am. 🤸‍♀️Sign up via link in profile.

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Clear and sunny skies in LA after the rain.. a perfect day for Pilates! Join us .. spaces filling up in 9:30am Whole Body Jump class with Mimi and 4:30pm Reformer + class with Rin!

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Join the always, energetic Mimi for classes on Monday , Wednesday & Friday at 9:30am.

Photos from Whole Body Method's post 04/21/2022

Join the always, energetic Mimi for classes on Monday , Wednesday & Friday at 9:30am.


Sometimes a good twist is all you need.


When you wake up, take a full diaphragmatic breath by firstly breathing into the side, then the back and finally the front of your ribcage. Let the upper chest elevate as you lengthen the back of your neck into pillow. Hold for a moment , then empty your lungs completely. Pilates completed! 🛌


“The whole country, the whole world should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”- Joseph Pilates


Saturday mornings are for Pilates! A few openings ( as on 1 or 2) left in our 9:30am with Nicole, 10.30am with Michelle @brasilbrasil777 and 11:30am with Jordan. Sign up in bio ⬆️


“Never slouch, as doing so compresses the lungs, overcrowds other vital organs, rounds the back, and throws you off balance.” — Joseph Pilates


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I just had an incredible Pilates session with Nigel Sampson @wholebodymethod. My body feels charged and I feel inspired and uplifted and I am thankful for this humble instructor!


If you’re showing up early to you’re whole body session, feel free to enjoy our relaxing patio.


Pilates named this piece “ the Cadillac” as its long and sleek like a Cadillacs of 50’s & 60’s. If you’d like a ride on one of our Cadillacs, just click link in profile ⬆️ or DM us to book your private session .


The Hug- Adduct the arm and keep the shoulder blade stable. Not so easy when you do each Pilates motion correct but @brasilbrasil777 will guide you through it with grace and warmth.


You’re well-being is what motivates us to create workouts that help you become whole.


“Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism is under perfect control.”- Joseph Pilates

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To stretch the thighs, open the chest, create flexibility in the spine and balance the hips... do semi-circle. Taught in our classes @wholebodymethod as we captured @caropzo performing it beautifully.


Our Saturday clients get a nourishing reward of @groovygreengoat superfood after class. Made with 💜 by Anais


It takes a lifetime of practice to learn and teach Pilates correctly .. If you’re thinking about getting started, we’ll take you from a classical Pilates novice to a Pilates superstar. It’s not easy, but it’s completely life-changing . Next Pilates Certification program begins June 11th 2022. We only accept a limited number of students so we encourage you to apply ASAP. Click link in profile ⬆️.


The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”- Joseph Pilates


When you connect to your center, everything feels right... but it may take work . - Nigel


Teaser Tuesday ! ... the classic V position for organ detoxification, psoas/ abdominal tone, center balance and to feel empowered.

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Come for the Classical Pilates. Stay for the Groovy Green Goat Superfood. Learn more @groovygreengoat . Sold in-studio and online.


With gas prices rising it’s no surprise our clients are going with smaller electric vehicles.


Join Rin for our new Pilates Jump-board class on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. It’s cardio, posture work, lymphatic activation and while body strengthening. Click link in profile to sign up ⬆️.


Our color coordinated and exceptional instructors.. Mimi @mimiumi and Nicole. Click link in profile under “ Our Team” to learn more about them . 🌼


“ Your body is woven from the light of heaven “- Rumi


Click our link in profile for latest NEWS & UPDATES including: ⁣⁣
- Unmasking policies⁣⁣
- Pilates certification starts March 11th⁣⁣
- Whats in Groovy Green Goat Superfood?⁣⁣
Are we the most unique place in LA for a holistic, connected and authentic Pilates experience? Let us know ⬇️... Join us today ! ⁣⁣


Click our link in profile for latest NEWS & UPDATES including: ⁣

- Unmasking policies⁣

- Pilates certification starts March 11th⁣

- Whats in Groovy Green Goat Superfood?⁣

Is WBM one of the most unique places in LA for a holistic, connected and authentic Pilates experience? Let us know your thoughts ⬇️ 💕


Are you enjoying your new studio? We 💕 sharing the art of classical Pilates to transform your Whole Body!


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Yes. Cynthia @beckwithconran and I are on the Level 4 pilates certification program. ❤️‍🔥🔥🙆🏻‍♀️
Thank you for providing us the awesome pilates instructor program🙏
@thebridgembm @wholebodymethod

Today’s program was by @brasilbrasil777 🔥🔥🔥

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Our Pilates Level 4 - Advanced Practicum I Manual is hot off the press., with advanced workout design .. scroll to see. Our detailed manuals are only available to Certification students and ate based on ALL Classical exercises.


Teaching, inspiring and collaborating with our students is what makes certification a beautiful experience for all..

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Whole Body Method offer One-On-One Training, Group Classes and Workshops in the world of Pilates, Fitness and Wellness.

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