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Since 1995 Brentwood Martial Arts and Fitness has been providing Martial Arts, Self-Defense and Fitness instruction to the Brentwood Community.

We offer Private and Group instruction to Men, Women and Children of all ages and athletic levels in the morning, afternoon and evenings.

Operating as usual


🇺🇸Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!🇺🇸


It’s Friday! You know what that means!! 💪💪💪
Fridays KempoFit class is happening tonight at 7! Call or Message if you’d like to reserve a spot!


Another awesome Friday Fit class in the books! Casey’s dad was visiting from Texas and showing us all how it’s done! Now I know why they say don’t mess with Texas!!


Few things are stronger than the bonds formed in the crucible of battle.. another Thursday sparring class in the books- great to see everyone out and training again.. 💪🥋🤜💥😊


Friday KempoFit class killin’ it in person and online. Come join us at 7 on Fridays for a killer workout!


All the cool people are working out at 7pm Friday night at Brentwood Martial Arts. You comin’?


It Friday Fitness day again! Who’s ready to find out what they’re made of at 7pm tonight? Message me to reserve a spot!


This just in..local ninja clan trains in local parking garage! Sources say they engage in intensive weekly conditioning at 7pm on Fridays to enhance strength and endurance. Authorities urge you to stay clear unless you want to leave tired and sweaty with the satisfaction that comes after a hard workout. Whatever you do, don’t call or message them about reserving a spot unless you want to be indoctrinated into their clan. 🥷


We almost look like a Brentwood street gang that’s about to attack- and we’d be dangerous cuz of our new Muscles! Come be Dangerous with us on Fridays at 7!


Another Friday KempoFit class in the books- and made much harder with the floor slanted so much! 😆 Come join us at 7pm - we’re gettin’ it done outdoors for maximum well-ventilated safety- not to mention adding in quick sprints and stair-climbing fun! 💪💪💪


Still a little sore after a Great Friday KempoFit workout. Did all our damage outdoors and added in sprints and stairs to our usual 60-minutes of delightful suffering 💪
Come join us for our Friday workout class at 7!


Hey troops! I’m sure you’ve all heard, but I’ll pass this along anyway. As of Saturday we are directed to train with masks on if we are indoors, so please bring your masks with you to train. Can’t wait to see you all this week!


Weeee’re Baaaaack! We are open for in-person training again. Contact us to get your training back on track again. Hope to see you soon!!


Quick hits #35- borrowing from an earlier concept, we swing and make contact with their blocking arm, pivoting our striking hand at the point of contact and passing their guard to strike the eye, nose or throat- depending on what is open. The pen is used to clear their arm out of the way while controlling their head with your other hand, then following up.


Quick hits #34- attacking their hands. A sometimes unexpected tactic is to attack the hands of your opponent. If someone is reaching at you or has their hands up on guard, a quick snapping attack to knuckles or the back of the hand can cause significant pain or even damage their hand. In the further examples I strike their hand and follow up with another strike to their face or neck as their hand recoils- with a hinging motion attached to deal with a counterattack. Alternatively, after striking high at their hand, it sets up a nice diversion for kicking at their knees or legs.


Quick Hits #33- we can push on the end of the pen to give us more striking options on the other side of our hand. We move their front arm, but while we are swinging, they block with their other arm. We use our pen hand to hook their arm in, press so the end of the pen comes out the other side, and the rest would just be some flowing follow-ups


Quick hits #32- slight modification from #31. If my opponent puts up a block to my attack with a pen to his temple, I maintain contact on his arm while circling my hand around his guard. The contact gives him the temporary illusion his block has worked and makes it easier to get my hand past his arm. The rest of the technique finishes the same way. Alternatively, if I know my opponent is fast and will likely block, I can use that against him and employ this technique to take his blocking arm out of the play.


QUICK HITS #31- The pen is mightier than the sword
Pens are very useful improvised weapons. In this scenario, we are lifting his lead arm to turn him and spoil counterattack, whilst diving in and swinging the hardened end of the pen into their temple, eye or throat. We then throw a left elbow to the temple or jaw, which helps clear their guard out of the way, and grab the back of their head at the neck- dropping some body weight on their neck and bringing them down to an upward stab toward their windpipe or eye. KEEP IN MIND THAT RESPONSES LIKE THIS ARE FOR EXTREME SITUATIONS ONLY. Stay tuned for more pen techniques..


There have been increased safety protocols placed on the city of Los Angeles. This does not affect us here at the studio as we are classified as a fitness center and we always have less than 50% capacity in all of our interactions here- so we fall within their guideline. We will continue to implement proper social distancing and require masks of all those who can wear them, as well as continue to offer virtual training to those who choose to train in that format.
In addition, I get periodic Covid tests to monitor my own health as an additional measure to keep everyone safe in their training. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’re always wanting to hear from you. Thank you for your continued support Brentwood Family- we wouldn’t be here without you ❤️🥋


An oldie! So old they weren’t even able to film it in color! 😆🥋


QUICK HITS #30- In this series, I add a one movement to the previous video. As you may notice, I re-use a number of similar across multiple techniques- a simplified toolbox allows you to be more familiar, aggressive and decisive with your tools. In this example, dropping a hammer strike on their neck propels their head downward into my rising shin kick. Warning- this won’t feel great on the shin, but it’s much worse for them. You can kick with the ball of your foot if space allows.


QUICK HITS #29- at the end of #28 we hit them with a knee to the ribs or solar plexus, which causes our body to rise up for more power. In this clip, we use our Settling weight to add power to a hammer strike to the neck or base of the skull.


QUICK HITS #28- over correction- in this example our opponent throws a straight punch with their left hand. Instead of a simple parry, we’re going to step in close to them and double hand block them, turning them and compromising their punch recovery time. Our position, combined with their slow recovery, will often cause them to over-correct with their second punch. In a panic they heavily commit to what will likely be a circular strike with their other hand- which we stifle with our shielding block, stepping inside the arc of their punch. A useful counter to have on hand is what I call a chicken wing strike to the chin to stun them, then hook their neck and knee them.

Photos from Brentwood Martial Arts & Fitness's post 07/19/2020

Achieving the rank of Black Belt is a mountain that few people have the strength, dedication, and discipline to summit.
I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve been blessed to teach over my 25-year career, and out of those Hundreds of people, fewer than forty of them have achieved the rank of Black Belt under my tutelage.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking part in a rank test that saw Charlotte and Chris enter into an elite group of individuals that have achieved the rank of Shodan- 1st degree Black Belt. Thank you for including me on your journey Thus far- I look forward to the next chapter in your training.
Congratulations Charlotte and Chris!!
And congratulations to
Ethan -2nd Degree Brown
Nate - 3rd Degree Brown

Newsom orders closure of indoor activities across California as coronavirus cases increase 07/13/2020

Unfortunately, dojo family, it looks as if we’ll have to go virtual with training again. Looking forward to continuing our training online, and thank you so much for your continued support- we couldn’t survive as a dojo right now without you.

Newsom orders closure of indoor activities across California as coronavirus cases increase California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered the closure of indoor activities of certain businesses statewide as cases of coronavirus surge in the country’s most populous state.

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