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Operating as usual


Hay barn renovation almost complete. Sliding doors should be done by the end of the month. No more tarps!



This woman has borderline personality disorder, and just being alive was a struggle before she adopted a neglected horse named Shay. Today on Soulmates, watch how Shay learned to trust with the help of her devoted mom — and gave her a reason to love every day they spend together 😍

telegraph.co.uk 01/31/2018

Horse helps revive stablemate that was about to be put down

What a heartwarming story!

telegraph.co.uk A horse managed to revive its stablemate that was about to be put down after her owners tried unsuccessfully to get the animal to its feet in a six-hour operation.


Renovations continue and the ranch is looking so much better! Six stall barn completely remodeled and painted and is now the new home of Starwood Riding Club.


A completely different evening than we've had for several days. I love my ranch, horses and boarders!

[12/09/17]   I wish I had a picture to post. I was hoping to have a photo of the horses loaded on the trailer, ready to come home. The past few days are a bit of a blur. I feel blessed Rancho Tujunga is still standing, that all my horses are safe, my boarders relieved to be back home.

I'm saddened by the loss of horses. By other facilities that lost structures.

I'm lucky to have so many people surrounding John and I. People that love their horses more than pretty much anything. People that didn't hesitate to evacuate when asked. People that spent tireless hours helping get the horses to safety and then home again.

We have stalls open for horses that need a home, temporary or permanent. Anything we can do to help our incredible community.


Winds have died down a little but there's fresh darker smoke over the ridge and a helicopter above, I assume news crew.

sfgate.com 12/06/2017

Hundreds of horses evacuating out-of-control So. Calif. wildfires

Short blurb about Creek Fire and Rancho Tujunga...


sfgate.com A wildfire blazed through a Southern California region peppered with horse ranches and stables on Tuesday, spurring last-minute evacuations to stables located safely outside the path of the fires.


Uh oh, here we go again. Wind is really picking up... directly in front of ranch house. They're still dropping water on it though...

gofundme.com 12/06/2017

Click here to support Gibson Ranch Tack/Supply Loss Fund organized by Amber Koven

I'm forwarding this website for anyone wanting to help the folks at Gibson Ranch that suffered a terrible loss yesterday (as well as Middle Ranch (https://www.facebook.com/katie.kramer.5473/posts/10214780816344618)


gofundme.com The Creek fire destroyed a beautiful ranch that many equestrians enjoyed. It was home to more than 80 horses. In each stall was our tack rooms. The fire burned everything. From saddles, pads, sport boots, blankets, bridles to grooming supplies and supplements. Just Everything. All of those things...


Fire getting too close for comfort. Taking kids to their dad's and then heading back to ranch to keep an eye on the 3 horses that are still there along with John and the dogs. Fire about to crest ridge and the whole canyon (just before the ranch) is on fire (near Little Oro Vista). Thankfully the fire department has many trucks at the location and are on top of it. Two local boarding facilities have burned with several horses perishing. Thankfully we started evacuating early, calmly and all horses found safe places to go to. Thank you to everyone who have reached out with their concerns and prayers, I think we're gonna need it. Also a huge thank you to the LAFD who have unfortunately had a busy year and do their best to save lives and homes.


Fire getting closer. Taking kids to their dad's and then heading back to watch my ranch. Cross your fingers it doesn't get worse. Two local boarding facilities burned with several horses perishing. So happy we started evacuating early...


All horses out thanks to all the people that brought trailers to evacuate. View looking southwest from arena, less than a mile away.

laequinetherapy.org 11/01/2017

Let's Ride Equestrian Therapy Program

Please join us at Rancho Tujunga this Sunday, November 5 from 9:00am to 4pm for the Let's Ride Therapeutic Equestrian Program and Starwood Riding Club's 1st Annual Horse Show with Halloween Games.

Join us for a fun-filled day of equestrian competition and holiday games on and off horses as well as food and drinks.

Check out www.laequinetherapy.org for more information.

laequinetherapy.org Heart and Horses Combined - Los Angeles


What a beautiful evening at Rancho Tujunga...


Skies clear! Thank you to everyone who was thinking of John and I during the fires near our new home Rancho Tujunga. We worried we would have to evacuate the 50+ horses we have here but we ended up taking in 17 horses that evacuated from another boarding facility in Shadow Hills. I also want to thank all the people that volunteered to haul the horses here as well as unload, help settle the horses, water, feed and muck stalls. We have such a strong community!


Rancho Tujunga's cover photo


Rancho Tujunga


Rancho Tujunga

3 stalls available now ..going fast . 12x24


We have 3 stalls available now . Set up your appointment for a tour about our beautiful Rancho Tujunga .


Good morning ,☕️🍵🍩🍪🐎🐎from beautiful Rancho Tujunga


Rancho Tujunga

3 stalls available now ..going fast . 12x24

[05/26/16]   3 stalls available . 12x24 , book now going fast .


What a fun paint night . 🍷🍸🍾🍻


3 stalls available now ..going fast . 12x24

[04/28/16]   We have a few stalls available now , book now going fast 🐴🙈


Welcome to Rancho Tujunga Henry!!!


Good afternoon from beautiful ranch Tujnga

[10/23/13]   Affordable horse retirement in Los Angeles

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Uh oh, here we go again. Wind is really picking up... directly in front of ranch house. They're still dropping water on ...




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