We would like to thank everyone who participated in and supported the Self-Defense fundraiser for Artsakh.

Participants honored the memory of our martyred heroes with a moment of silence and channeled their heavy emotions to learn about self-defense.

Following the scouting motto, "Be Prepared", and the Homenetmen concept of a strong spirit in a strong body, self-defense was a timely seminar to offer our community. All of the proceeds will be donated to support Homenetmen HASK's initiative to aid the displaced families from the war in Artsakh.

102 years after its establishment, Homenetmen has remained true to its mission - in 1918 helping orphaned children after the Genocide, and now in 2020 helping families orphaned from Artsakh.

The collective work of our communities continues for the shared vision of an independent and peaceful Nation.

We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Shihan Mihran Aghvinian and HYE KATCH DO Mixed Martial Arts Academy for voluntarily leading this important and timely seminar. United we stand for the peace and prosperity of Armenia and Artsakh.


Hye Katch Do offers classes for All Ages: Martial Arts, Self Defense, Kickboxing, MMA ,Karate,Krav Maga , Judo, Jiu-Jitsu,Body Conditioning,

Hye Katch Do is a self-defense concept, created by Shihan Mihran Aghvinian, driven from his practical experiences, with an inspiration from legendary Armenian fighters. The words "Hye Katch Do" translate to “The Way of the Armenian Hero”: one who has a vigorous physique, confidence, compassion and generous spirit. Shihan Mihran Aghvinian has been a martial artist for over 40 years. Born in Germ

Operating as usual

HYE KATCH DO is now on WhatsApp. 02/01/2022

HYE KATCH DO is now on WhatsApp.

HYE KATCH DO is now on WhatsApp.

HYE KATCH DO is now on WhatsApp. 02/01/2022

HYE KATCH DO is now on WhatsApp.

HYE KATCH DO is now on WhatsApp.


Working on the new generation is the most fulfilling Joy in my life . Investing in the youth is investing in the future.


Any questions 😡 ?👊🏼?✊🏼? 😉


At a trainings session with Pat Miletich (ex UFC Champion),
I learned this 5 technique combination which he created for the police force .It was meant to be as in repetition training to create muscle memory, because I believed in it I took it over into my system.
My respect to Pet Miletich ✊🏼


I prefer intercepting or deflecting instead of blocking attacks


It has to be simple and effective... that’s it 🤷🏻‍♂️


Wrong person , wrong time , you touch me you die 😂 just kidding 😉
?Self-defense 🆘 self-destruction?


My students demonstrating the second 5 from 10 elbow techniques.


Demonstrating 5 of the 10 Elbow techniques in 👊🏼 HKD-MMA ✊🏼


AK 47 Rifle Disarming

The principles of weapon disarmingare the same for guns and for rifles.
1. Deflect. 2. Control.
3. Disarm.  4. Destroy


🆘 S.O.S 🆘 Self-defense Or Self-destruction


A slap a day keeps the bad guy away , they say 😉 .

( noo sorry not you Avo ,you are a good guy 🙏🏼 )


The haymaker punch is the most used attack in street fighting , dangerous ,but not that hard to block ... when you know how 😉


A Nother
Self defense situation where my HKD girls know an answers to ,
Megri Ashekian my hero 🦸🏻‍♀️ of the day 😉👊🏼


Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can push me around 😉 ....


Her name is Alique ,it means wave 🌊 and she knows how to twirl you around 😉.
She is very sweet until ..... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Like father like daughter 💕


I told him, mom said we are not supposed to play with knives 🔪😉 (thx Vicken )


Little clips from belt test , fighting you learn through fighting . Little memories from last year when the world was still round 🌎 


Not everybody likes to get hugged by a bear 🐻😉
Thx Sempai Shahan🙏🏼


👊🏼 Another day at the battlefield 👊🏼. Thank you to my students, Mikael,Hratch,Vicken and Shahan  for letting me beat you up.😂🤦🏻‍♂️😋


Another training at the park .


Found some clips from my last Germany visit,seminars at 3 Lemmens academy’s and my part at the Krav Maga survival camp , great memories with incredible instructors and students.

Photos from HYE KATCH DO's post 07/02/2020

Training at the park with the kids in Glendale .
So much fun and so necessary , because the kids turned into couch potatoes in the last months. You can really feel how big the impact of the last few months has had on their coordination, physical abilities, and concentration. Please dear parents- keep the time with tv and Computer games limited, let them be in motion. They need the outdoor activities in order to be challenged. This situation can and will effect their health- who knows how long it will take to open up the schools.


Happy new year to all of you,to my family,chosen family,my friends,my Teachers , students,to all the nice people ,regardless if in the USA , GERMANY,EUROPE, CANADA ,BEIRUT,ARMENIA and the rest of this beautiful world. 2020 sounds like a great year, let it be a healthy,happy and why not a successful year .
Love and respect to all of you....Osu 🍀🙏🏼🙇🏻‍♂️🙏🏼🍀


👊🏼👊🏼Hye Katch Do👊🏼👊🏼
in all its facets
The traditional arts as foundation
The streets as the reminder of truth
The mixed of the arts as further evolution


👊🏼 just a few benefits 👊🏼

Photos from HYE KATCH DO's post 08/24/2019

👊🏻— Last week —👍🏻
Sadly we live in a time of terror and aggression and thinking that all this what we see on TV can’t happened to us is very naïve, we Armenians have the tendency to create our own little Armenia in any country we live outside our homeland to keep our identity and culture , the problem is that we sometimes think that what’s happening around us doesn’t apply to us ,lucky our Princeple from The Armenian L. & H. Tavlian Preschool and Kindergarten Garin joukadarian priorities the safety of her students and staff ,she invited HKD to perform a Anti-Terror seminar against active shooters , it was a very productive seminar and the staff was very interested to learn , not only the known how, even the physical part was performed with great enthusiasm , our Krav Maga anti-terror training is designed for handling this kind of situations .I like to say thank you to Garin joukadarian and the entire staff for trusting us and taking this issue so serious ,may you never get into a situation to use what you learned 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Special thx to Sensei Vic for his support.
. Shihan Mihran

Photos from HYE KATCH DO's post 08/05/2019

OK friends let’s move on to our next activity ,the highlight of the year ,our 👊🏻 HKD - Lion warriors camp 👊🏻
For more information contact me personally

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Any questions 😡 ?👊🏼?✊🏼? 😉
AK 47 Rifle Disarming
🆘 S.O.S 🆘 Self-defense Or Self-destruction




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