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Revenge Fantasy Cycles


My Vet is trying to get a home for 2 very healthy 11-year-old cats, Molly and Max. They are every sweet and their owners won’t move with them, so they desperately need a home and have never been separated. If they go to a shelter, they may not make it out. I forgot to ask what kind of cats. I’ll find that out and add to this post.
If you are interested or know anyone who would take really good care of two cats., please ask for Dr. Tracy Reis at Vetted Pet Care,
213 725 2324; 833 228 8122; 855 583 8833 or direct an e-mail to her at [email protected]
18 pedestrian bridges in different countries made to be bike friendly.
Interesting because the Netherlands uses bikes probably more than any other European country.

iNTERSmart bike lock temporarily blocks calls while user is cycling A new smart device has been developed to discourage cyclists from using their mobile device while on the move.

Netherlands26 Jul 2017
Dutch telecommunications company KPN has collaborated with Traffic Safety Netherlands (VVN) to create a smart bicycle lock that block calls when the user is cycling. The lock works by communicating with an app that blocks the mobile network once the bike lock is removed. Once unlocked, the device sends a signal to the KPN network to put data and telephone connectivity on hold, with the exception of the emergency number 112. The app can currently be downloaded to Android phones.

Contact: [email protected]
Swapping your car for a bike saves 2.4 tons of CO2 equivalents a year. And trading in your four wheels for two comes with an added benefit: Cycling reduces your risk of early death by 40 percent and new research finds it may make you a happier, more productive person.

Indie owned & operated, we are open for bicycle sales, service, and repairs.

Operating as usual

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Denali I bakgrunnen. Turen fortsetter. 💌


Nothing better than the neighborhood kids upgrading their bikes. LOVING watching this Soma he got from us grow with him. 🥰 Fixie to geared!

Sip a margarita, watch a drag show: Casita del Campo celebrates 60 years 05/11/2022

Sip a margarita, watch a drag show: Casita del Campo celebrates 60 years

60 Years! 🥰

Sip a margarita, watch a drag show: Casita del Campo celebrates 60 years The Silver Lake restaurant staple, Casita del Campo, has been serving margaritas for 60 years. And the downstairs theater, The Cavern Club, hosts raucous drag shows.


All the way up from Long Beach and looking for trouble. ❤ Who doesn't love a Surly Straggler! #нетвойне  


If you believe in a participatory democracy, you have to understand that it requires every single one of us. Hopefully the news this week radicalizes you. Although this seems like something that happened overnight, this is the culmination of years of ignoring the urgency of passing legislation like the Equal Rights Amendment, and assuming the civil rights movement was over. We are not free until we all are free. We need to lean on our elected officials to abolish the filibuster and expand the court. The numbers don't look good, I know. This is not the time to be cynical. This is the time for contingency plans. There are no shortage of advocacy groups. There is no shortage of energy to ensure we assist however we can. We are lucky to live in the great, SANCTUARY STATE of California. We'll offer bike camping trips if it comes to it. #нетвойне

Pomona Opens Curb-Protected Two-Way Bikeway on Valley Boulevard 04/30/2022

Pomona Opens Curb-Protected Two-Way Bikeway on Valley Boulevard

Pomona Opens Curb-Protected Two-Way Bikeway on Valley Boulevard The new curb-protected two-way bike facility is the first protected bikeway in Pomona, and the longest curb-protected bikeway in L.A. County.

Sign the Petition 04/21/2022

Sign the Petition


Sign the Petition Make Griffith Park Safer for All Users


The best time of year in LA is whenever half the town empties out. Perfect weather and open roads this weekend and next! Where are you biking?! #нетвойне


Your skivvys are back in stock! These are WONDERFUL if you're wearing a skirt or baggy shorts & only wear head to toe spandex for those special occasions. 😉 #нетвойне  


1st time with her new Soma on the Strand! #нетвойне  

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Danny & Billy bringing ALL the joy today. 🥰 #нетвойне  


Cute bike with some muscle! ✔ 🚲 #нетвойне  


Today we're celebrating International Transgender Day of Visibility, and asking you do what you can to PROTECT TRANS YOUTH. The civil rights movement never ended. Marginalized groups are still being singled out through legislation and other forms of cruelty. We cannot ignore these attacks. It takes courage to live authentically when your very existence is called into question. Trans rights are human rights. 💗 #нетвойне


Sorry for the unexpected closure today. We're taking an overabundance of preventative measures, but we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Hoping it's just allergies & paranoia. Stay safe!


Dream bike! #нетвойне


Coyotes typically give birth between the months of March and May, meaning we're officially entering pup season! If you happen to see a pup, leave it alone - the adult is likely nearby.

These cute little furballs grow up to be some of the most important members of LA's ecosystems. But they've gotten a bad reputation over the years, by no fault of their own. It's up to us humans to learn how to better coexist with these extremely valuable members of our natural habitats.

Learn more about coexisting with urban coyotes here:


The best reward for learning how to ride a bicycle! 💗 Remember the magic of your first bike?! 🚲 💗 We love teaching children to adults how to ride -- free of charge. It's never too late to learn! #нетвойне

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We don't usually go into specs, but we really nerded out when setting up this custom Surly Ogre to make it easier for Ingrid to do her trip. The Surly Moloko handlebar gives ample options for hand positions and mounting bags. Adding a triple chainring in the front means perfect gearing whether it's hitting a head wind or climbing for a few hours. Everything was considered from opting for mechanical disc brakes over hydrologic since she prefers to do her own repairs on the fly if needed. Waterproof Ortleib bags were chosen stow necessities. It's always humbling for someone to travel from another country to begin their trip trusting you've worked out all the details in advance with them & having the bike feel perfect.💗 #нетвойне


Trygge reiser, Ingrid! 🚲 She flew in all the way from Europe to pickup her custom build for an epic trip up the coast to Alaska. 💗 What are your must see parks between here and there? I love Point Lobos State Reserve to see the whales or seals depending on the season! #нетвойне


Happy Sunday! 💗 Road bikes for the win! #нетвойне


That feeling when your cycling levels up and you need something lighter and FASTER! 💗 #нетвойне


New Bike Day. #нетвойне


Indulge those escapist thoughts. Follow where our friend Karen will be picking up where she left off in 2018. New posts dropping daily as of today, and Victoria Falls Zimbabwe to Port Elizabeth SA begins next week. #нетвойне


Training for the AIDS ride. Taking in the beautiful weather. Hard to not think of what's playing out in other parts of the world. Please be kind to everyone. It really feels like everyone is dealing with a lot right now. #нетвойне


New KHS bikes in stock under $800! Feels like SPRING!


You too can look irresistibly 🔥 in our shirts! Happy Valentines Day! 🥰 Nothing says BE MINE like a new bike.




Troy looks fast standing still, but we dialed in the rest today. Triathlon season is in full swing. 88° out today and loving it! Get outside this weekend!


Ready to take this city by storm! 😃


Happy Birthday Mom! 🥳


Prepping to do the @aidslifecycle ride this year?! We got you covered. ❤


REJECT CAR CULTURE! There's nothing better than New Bike Day! Just ask Michael. Sell your car and free your soul!

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Hearing the numbers for turnout yesterday in Hollywood brought tears to my eyes. The protesting is affecting lasting cha...
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PROTECTED LANES SAVE LIVES. Join @lacbc tomorrow at the Mar Vista community meeting at 7pm to voice your support for saf...
EVERYDAY can be bike to work day if you have a little ambition.Our friends at @treepeoplela remind us that a 10 mile rou...
Quinn earned his very 1st bicycle by raising the most money for Donnovan's Run this year! $$$ raised goes to the America...
Sorry for any inconvenience our being closed today caused. It was amazing taking part in something so much bigger than u...





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