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Don Howorth
Born November 9, 1935�in Los Angeles, California
Although his competitive resume lacks the accomplishments of some of his Hall of Fame peers, Don Howorth has earned his place among their ranks with his legendary V taper, which encompassed broad shoulders – arguably the widest of the top competitors in the 1960s – and lats sweeping to a narrow waist. That look transcended his contest placings and, in any discussion on shoulder width, he takes on iconic status.
Howorth was the only child of Don and Francis Howorth. His participation in gymnastics at Mark Keppel High School laid a sturdy foundation for young Don, and soon he added weight training to his regimen.
Initially a member of Vic Tanny's gym, Howorth switched to American Health Studios in 1956, where he met Steve Reeves, whose should-to-waist tamper was the benchmark of the 1950s. After AHS folded in 1958, Howorth returned to Tanny's; however, two injured spinal discs resulting from a job-related mishap – he was employed by Western Electric – would slow down his training. It woudl take six months for him to become mobile and five years to fully recover.
Howorth later joined Gene Mozee's Pasadena gym, where he packed on 60 pounds in four years, and met fellow trainee Pat Casey – who became the first man to bench press 600 pounds. Partially due to Casey's influence, when Howorth joined Vince Gironda's gym circa 1962, he insisted on including bench presses in his training, despite Gironda's dismissal of the then-controversial exercise.
Howorth's first bodybuildilng win was the Mr. Fiesta in 1962. He also won the AAU Mr. Los Angeles, Mr. California and Mr. West Coast before moving on to the more prestigious IFBB, entering the 1964 Mr. America and finishing third in the tall class. In 1966, he moved up one spot, taking second in the Mr. America tall class (one place behind the overall champ Chet Yorton), then climbed the final rung of the ladder in '67, winning the tall and overall titles. (That same year, he won the IFBB Jr. Mr. America as well).
In such close proximity to Los Angeles, Howorth felt the pull of Hollywood. In 1968, he appeared in an episode of TV's Wild Wild West, playing a muscular blacksmith. The following year, Howorth stopped training and continued to work in the film industry. It would be 11 years before he hit the weights again; at the age of 43, he appeared as a guest poser weighting 183 pounds at the inaugural 1979 Robby Robinson Classic. That was the last time he would step on a bodybuilding stage.
Howorth married in 1960, and has one daughter, Karen, born in 1964. He has three grandchildren.

10 Benefits of Deadlifts, the Ultimate Multitasking Movement for a Stronger Back, Booty, and Beyond For one thing, they'll give your posture a major lift.

Former NABBA Mr. Universe Bodybuilder Chet Yorton Dies At 81 - BarBend Bodybuilding legend Chet Yorton was the first man to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in competition.

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Sometimes it takes a special moment to get you started. But once you get started make it special for sometime!

Sooner or later in everybody’s life it gets to a point that Fitness should be part of your every day life style.


For all my minor indiscretions, I have never taken artificial steroids or other so-called growth-enhancing drugs, nor have l ever recommended them for any of my
gym members or pupils.
I detest the use of chemicals by any athlete in any sport.
Everything about drugs rubs me the wrong way.
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Vince’s posing routine 1947. The way it should be today, but it’s not!
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[10/17/20]   3x Mr. OLYMPIA Frank Zane had the most perfectly shaped physique in bodybuilding for his period. A body that most people would be able to attain naturally. He was known as
“The Chemist”
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The History of Vince Gironda, Low Carb Pioneer and Bodybuilding Great - BarBend He trained Schwarzenegger, Ferrigno, Zane, and others, and he invented many exercises like the guillotine press and preacher curl.

Now that’s what I’m talking about👍🏼

Low to High Cable Row with Adj. Pulley height and Adj Footplates

Vince Gironda-A Tribute to his Teachings.

October 18, 1997 was The Iron Guru's last day on this Earth. Let's all honor him and respect him for what he contributed to the world of bodybuilding. Here is my Tribute to my Trainer, Mentor, and very Dear Friend till the end: Hope you appreciate it.


Vince Gironda was not your typical trainer or for that matter your typical man. He did not conform or follow conventional training methods or ideas. He devised his own training philosophies and concepts, constructed his own equipment to go with his exercises that he invented, and even had a different way of Nutrition that separated him from all the other trainers back then and now.

When Vince came on the scene of bodybuilding, he turned the bodybuilding community upside down. People quickly started calling him a NUT and that he was too extreme in his training. I beg to differ because he trained more champs than any other so called trainer out there. He truly was "THE TRAINER OF CHAMPIONS". It was not Weider, not the money man, not Jones who took Vince's High Intensity Training concept and made it his own to push his Nautilus machines, and not Hoffman, who had the worst supplements on the market with his useless Soy Protein and the use of Steroids in his trainees.

Vince's different exercises, his way of performing them, were all different and unique to him. For example, his idea of crossing his legs when doing Incline dumbbell curls, dragging a barbell across his chest when doing barbell curls, leading with the elbows when doing certain shoulder exercises, and so on. To add to this, he developed unconventional ways of Eating and Nutrition; you can see why Vince was the TRUE TRAINER OF CHAMPIONS.

When other trainers were advising to eat High Carbohydrates, Vince was doing the opposite. He believed
that Protein was the first choice to feed the muscles in order to increase its size. They called him crazy, but we know that he was right all the time.

What will Vince Gironda be known as today, He is known as being THE BEST TRAINER THAT EVER LIVED: AHEAD OF HIS TIME AND THE TRUE TRAINER OF CHAMPIONS.

To me, he is the most INFLUENTIAL TRAINER that ever lived because he left a Legacy that no one can equal today. Physically, Vince is no longer a part of the bodybuilding community, but his Concepts, Methods, Achievements, and Honesty have become Immortal, spreading from generation to generation for the younger generation of up and coming bodybuilders to see.




That is his Legacy when he left this world in 1997 and the many hearts he touched in his world of bodybuilding.

Submitted with respect to my Trainer, friend and role model who kept me from using Steroids and influenced me to stay Natural.

Robert Torres

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Female Physique competitor Mariola Sabanovic-Suarez dies Mariola Sabanovic-Suarez dies. Another death has shocked the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Mariola died two days afrer competing at the 2019 Tampa Pro.

And for all you Vince Gironda fans, Love to see his shirts unexpectedly.

Predator Strength

Sneak peek on our R&D team work. Just functional prototype (patented) which shows some advanced weight stack features... Adapting system for full commercial use. What do you think?
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Former Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu Dead at 78

Rest In Peace Franco Former Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu dead at 78.

A Day in the Life of Katia Vaz - RioHot Fitness 2017 feat. Ivy Huang

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Sono una persona semplice. Trovo un video figo di Arnold Schwarzenegger? Ve lo pubblico.

Squat University

In order to lift big weight over head you need to be able to stack your body appropriately from your low back to your hands. Any deficits along this chain can can cause performance issues and lead to injury. A mobile wrist for example is essential for creating a stable platform for the barbell – in the same way as a gymnast performing a quality handstand🏋🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️
To screen your wrist mobility, pull your hands together and down as shown and see how far you can bring your wrists back. Ideally we want to see your wrist move to a 90 deg “L” position.📝 If you come up short it may be due to stiff muscles in your forearm. Find a small ball and spend 1 minute or so rolling the ball up and down the length of your forearm searching for spots that may feel a bit stiff. Then recheck your mobility after to see if you made any significant change.👍🏼
Just as with a handstand it’s common to see compensations at the wrist shoulder and low back when we lift. Ideally we want to see more control coming from the wrist to align the body in a more stacked and extended position.✅
Another way to improve wrist mobility is a wrist joint mobilization. This will help improve the way the bones are gliding over each other. Place your wrist in an extended position, pushing down on the backside of your hand with your other hand. Next, pull upwards as you then rotate over and back into more wrist extension.✅
Another great exercise to warm the wrist and finger muscles up in an extended weight bearing position are some slow bear crawls.🐻
Shout out to @shift_movementscience for the collaboration in making this post along with @olychad, @davedurante, @klokovd, @r3bandit & @toshikis170j210 for their videos featured today. Also shout out to @3d4medical with the Complete Anatomy app for the visual of the body🙏🏼

Predator Strength

Bandbell E-Maxx Bar (the SuperQuake) Review Full review for the Bandbell E-Maxx (aka "SuperQuake") Bamboo Bar. How and why it works, uses and explanations, comparisons to other bars, and much more.

Historic Photographs

The first modern bodybuilders, 1900s

Vince’s Gym in 2014 David Gironda, Sr reports that ALL of Vince Gironda's equipment, intact and oiled, two dozen or more of his pictures, his belts, front awning and other original items from the gym have been preserved by a confidential friend of Vince.

10 Of The World's Most Brutally Hardcore Gyms No Cardio Allowed!

Natural Physique & Athletics Association (NPAA)

Biggest baddest natural shows of the season 2019 🔥🔥🔥
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NPAA BC classic 7 weeks
We are ready for you 💪🏼💪🏼 It’s going to be a huge season, first ever Pro show in BC and road to our first ever IPE men’s physique show in November.
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A lot of people have difficulty with this exercise, so we will demonstrate it right here just for you.

Sometimes old school methods work the best.
The Iron Guru "Vince Gironda" Training Method

When it comes to training most bodybuilding bros have their own routines that they like to adhere to. For the most part, lifters tend to utilize the split training that is popularized by most of the professional bodybuilders out there. There’s a reason why split training has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. It’s damn effective and will allow you to put all of your efforts into training specific body parts. This will allow for great muscle growth in the long run. But though many people may adhere to a split training program, there is still a tremendous amount of merit in full body training.

Many will tell you full body training is a waste of time, but in reality, it can be extremely beneficial to creating a tremendously well-built physique. Arnold Schwarzenegger was an advocate for full body training, especially for those lifters who just beginning their journey of building muscle. But though it may be beneficial to beginners it doesn’t mean veterans can’t utilize the same principals to make quality gains in both muscle size and conditioning.

Enter Vince Gironda.

Often hailed as a bodybuilding guru in his day, Vince Gironda was an advocate for full body training. What made his method different than all the others? He had a program that focused on an 8 set, 8 rep scheme. While it may not seem all that impressive, the real secret behind the success of this full body program was what Gironda did in between sets. What Vince Gironda advocated was taking less rest in between sets. By taking less rest it promoted hypertrophy as well as conditioning all in one.

So how exactly does this method work? Easy. You start off by performing 8 reps of your 60% max in a particular lift, usually the body part that is lacking the most, and then start with a 45-60 second rest. For every subsequent set, you decrease the rest time by 5 seconds going no lower than 15 seconds. Sounds easy, but by the end, you’ll feel like your muscles have been murderized. Here’s a sample workout to get you started. Keep in mind that each of these exercises should be done with 60 % of your 1 rep max, for 8 sets with 8 reps, 45-60 second rest periods subtracting 5 seconds for every subsequent rest period.

Try it and see if it works for you.

Dips: 8 sets x 8 reps

Squats: 8 sets x 8 reps

Pull Ups: 8 sets x 8 reps

Preacher Curl: 8 sets x 8 reps

Triceps Extensions: 8 sets x 8 reps

Calf Raises: 8 sets x 20 reps

Very sad news for the bodybuilding community.
Ed Corney passed away at 86 years old, he was known for his role in Pumping Iron and for being the best poser in the history of bodybuilding RIP We will always remember you, Ed.

Supersets anybody....

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2017 L.A. Championships





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