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Sign up for class tomorrow night!
5pm MetCon
6pm Glute Lift
7pm Lift
Hey Guys!

I had an amazing trip to Los Angeles and I had an excellent time using ClassPass for my first very time!

I want to produce more content for you guys, so let me know what you think :)

Check out at ClassPass...

LIFT Society
Sweat Garage
Barry's Bootcamp
The Phoenix Effect
Training Mate
Cycle House
Happy Mother's Day, Dylan! I just dead-lifted 154 for you!!!
Check out this video created by Takano Weightlifting affiliate gym LIFT Society about our Coach Bob Takano! He is the best! If you live on the Westside go check out LIFT Society!
Quite simply, I love this place more than I love life.

I got introduced to Lift Society like all the other Class Pass summer go-ers bopping around town looking for their next best fitness fix (yes, totally that girl starring at the sign up page waiting for 12:00 PM to hit so I could steal a class spot!)

I moved to the Los Angeles almost two years ago from NYC- I was looking for a boutique gym that fit my work out needs and style while also allowing me the opportunity for one on one training. When I walked into the facility I knew right away I was in the right place. From squats to deadlifts to everyone's absolute favorite, burpees, this gym gives you the ability to tone up your body through heavy lifting and HIIT- pretty much the unicorn of all gyms!

Ive worked out for years with trainers in Seattle, Kentucky and NYC-- finding a location in the city that mimicked that was like reuniting with a long lost friend! (Or, let's be real, more like bumping into your high school crush or ex-boyfriend and looking very meow! Same situation, right?! ) either way, heaven!

Their classes are challenging but not intimidating where you're bashful to come back- in actuality it's the complete opposite! I love their music and find myself singing along half the time (when I can actually breath that is) I genuinely look forward to class and seeing the motivating trainers that make this place such a gem- something very telling of a good gym and most importantly, great staff.

If you haven't tried them out - I really suggest you do! Excited to watch this place expand and blow up!

LIFT Society is the only boutique lifting gym in Los Angeles where the focus is aesthetics. At LIFT Society, we teach you how to lift weights in an energetic and dynamic group setting.

Operating as usual


Strength training FTW 🙌🏽




It’s the muscles you don’t see 😉


I get by with a little help from my bands.


Things you don’t have to worry about at LIFT Society:

▫️Waiting around for equipment
▫️Searching online for training programs
▫️Hiring a personal trainer
▫️👀 while you’re working out


We’ve got low reps coming up this week! Get ready to find your limit 💪🏽


How we really feel about our LIFT Society workouts 🤩


Lifting weights is all about the programming 💪🏽


Abs are always in style 😉


An hour of upper body? Yes please. 😅

Join us on Sundays in our Partnered Flex class for an hour of arms, chest, shoulders and back 💪🏽


We’re all about that LIFT Society life 💪🏽


Friday pump 💪🏽


Are chin-ups good for strength, aesthetics, or both?

(both 🤫)


✨mornings just got brighter ✨

You can catch Khalia on Thursday mornings in Hollywood and Friday afternoons in Studio City.

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There’s no place like
LIFT Society 📍


Developing ourselves 💪🏽

Photos from LIFT Society's post 01/31/2022

Following a program > doing random exercises 😉


Level up 💪🏽


How to build muscle:
➖lift heavy, challenge yourself
➖eat your body weight in grams of protein
➖honor your rest days
➖have patience

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Come for the lifts, stay for the perks. Here's what we have lined up for our members:

Group Sweat:
Join us for a community event at Sweat Cycle in Toluca Lake!
Heated Indoor Cycling Class with @swtcycle
Saturday, February 5th at 1pm
*Space is limited, RSVP via email

Recovery Classes:
Mobility by Myodetox, a 60 minute stretching/mobility class taught monthly by a physical therapist from Myodetox at LIFT Society (reserve via Mind Body App)

Nutrition Courses:
Lead by @ericasedge Registered Dietician and Sports Performance Specialist, starts January 9th!

Recovery Perks:
Discounts at @livweho and @myodetox (we 🤍 our recovery)


We can’t believe it’s 2022! What are your wellness goals this year?


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Do you know about *progressive overload*? If you're lifting the same weights week after week, you aren't getting the gains you deserve. The way we build muscle, burn fat, and increase our resting metabolic rate is by tracking the amount of weight we lift, and improving our performance on a monthly and yearly basis.


LIFT… but make it fun 😉


Time to put those carbs to work 🦃


Have you booked your classes in Hollywood & Studio City?

Traveling? We’re hosting live Zoom workouts Wednesday through Saturday. Register on our website and grab your dumbbells!


How’s your Wednesday?



“Lifting makes us feel confident and strong. We took a bikini wearing trip in 2020 and did not feel the way we feel now. Lift society has elevated the way we look… and even better.. the way we feel! We love our work out sessions and all of the awesome trainers at Lift!” -Pauletta and Alison


Eight weeks until 2022.
Make them count.



Lift heavy, live happy 😊


We ❤️ a group photo.

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Are you ready for this ?

Every day I start off under the barbell is a great day. It’s very empowering to hold a barbell up over your head and think “I got this”.
Lift Society gives me an hour to clear my head, focus on myself, and be challenged.

Most people don’t know what I do in my job… because it’s hard to explain. Think surgeon, baby catcher, detective, and sometimes therapist that runs around nonstop between the hospital and office at all hours of the day where a life threatening emergency can pop up within minutes. On top of that, I’m constantly fighting societal expectations of what a “doctor” or “surgeon” looks like (hint: they don’t usually imagine someone like me). It’s hard out here for a girl boss. The strength I build at the gym helps me fight that imposter syndrome. And no sir, I don’t need help with that, I’ll deadlift it myself, thank you.

Photos from LIFT Society's post 10/06/2021

Life is more fun when you feel strong and healthy - I smile bigger, sleep better, stand up straighter, & love my lovies even deeper (if that’s even possible)!!!

Photos from LIFT Society's post 10/05/2021

Like most girls growing up in the 21st century, I spent my adolescence staring at pop stars & icons and wishing my body looked like theirs. I longed to be skinnier, obsessing over the number that stared back at me from the scale, & doing all sorts of crazy diets -- including a ridiculous Special K challenge that included having one bowl of Special K for every meal except dinner (?!).

It wasn't until I got under a barbell and started developing strength that this narrative shifted. Suddenly I cared more about the weight on the bar than my own. Suddenly I was looking in the mirror to admire my muscles, not to pinch my fat. Strength training has drastically changed my relationship to my body (and my life!). Now I give thanks everyday to this strong, healthy body of mine & it's my mission in life to help other women feel the same way.

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7300 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 9pm
Tuesday 6am - 9pm
Wednesday 6am - 9pm
Thursday 6am - 9pm
Friday 6am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm
Sunday 9am - 2pm

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