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Hey Lift Society peoples...head’s up, Nike is having an additional 25% off sale items and there are METCONS included! The Metcon 3 and the Metcon Repper DSX are $75 and $60, respectively, with the code EPIC25. Happy holidays to us!!
Sign up for class tomorrow night! 5pm MetCon 6pm Glute Lift 7pm Lift
It's important to bring self awareness to the way we've been programmed. I know one of the first things I do when I get in the car and when I get home on a hot day is to turn on the AC. But do I really need it? Do you? Our bodies are amazing and can adapt to a lot of things, especially climate change. I thought the article below is genius and it really woke me up. Let me know what you think in the comments:) "When a normal office worker encounters unusual heat, his body tries to cool itself by sweating. The body also circulates heated blood out near the skin’s surface, allowing heat to radiate and convect through the skin and evaporating water. That’s why overheated people often appear more reddish in color. The problem is that this leaves less blood in the core of the body where the muscles are working, and it requires a higher heart rate for any given volume of work. In short, you slow down at whatever you are doing, and if you push too hard you start feeling like sh*t and just want to lie down in the shade. But when you’re out in the heat, your body is starting to wise up to the situation. It creates more blood, the endurance of your sweat glands increases, and the ability to sweat efficiently at the first sign of heat increases. You really do become a Badass Heat Survival machine, and research indicates that you’ll see significant results within just one week of spending an hour or so outside in the heat doing light exercise like walking or biking. " Oh 1 more thing!! Keep reading... A cautionary statement: heat CAN be dangerous. Your body does need to keep its core temperature within a certain range, otherwise bad things happen. As physical fitness decreases and age increases, so does the risk of overheating. That’s why when record heat waves strike, you always read about a bunch of elderly people kicking the bucket in their non-air-conditioned apartments. On the other hand, if you carefully and gradually push your comfort boundaries, just as with any form of other exercise or badassity training, you tend to extend those boundaries in a positive way. I try to spend at least an hour a day doing something at least mildly uncomfortable. Just as I once suggested that we should all learn to appreciate mild hunger, it is also nice to appreciate mild discomfort. Without it, you are on the slippery slope to lifetime wimpiness, a place much worse than mild discomfort!

LIFT Society is the only boutique lifting gym in Los Angeles where the focus is aesthetics. At LIFT Society, we teach you how to lift weights in an energetic and dynamic group setting.

Operating as usual

Abs and glutes by LIFT Society. Anyone else having trouble sitting down these days? 😆 Repost @nomnomhead

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Want to improve your triceps?

When it comes to strengthening your triceps, doing actual triceps exercises is only half the battle. In order to keep them strong, you’ll also want to work on strengthening your shoulders. “Triceps are used in all of our pushing movements, like push-ups and bench presses,” says Schenk. “And if you want to get stronger in these movements, you need to strengthen your shoulders along with your triceps, because your shoulders will help support these big lifts which will, in turn, allow you to load up your triceps with more weight.” And of course, using more weight will help you build overall strength, so think of these two muscles as an important duo that should work together during your workouts.

Grab the rest of the article on @iamwellandgood 💪🏽

Use code “holiday30” at check out for $30 off virtual training packages! Link to virtual is in our bio ⬆️

“Hinge at your hips!” It’s one of those ubiquitous cues that trainers throw out in almost every yoga or strength training class you take. The movement pattern seems straightforward at first, but it can be difficult in practice (especially for those of us with tight hammies and not-so-great lower backs). So to clear up how to hinge at the hips for any level of mobility and flexibility, we asked trainer Dave Schenk, CSCS, NASM, founder and co-CEO of LIFT Society, to clear this cue up before your next training session.

“Hingeing exercises, like the deadlift, can be problematic if you go too heavy too soon,” he says. “Here’s why: The deadlift works the whole back of your body—think hamstrings, glutes, and all your back muscles from the bottom to the top.” This band of muscles forms the posterior chain, which is often weak for beginner strength trainers because modern-day life is so intertwined with sedentary behavior. “You should go light when you first start to deadlift because even though it won’t feel extremely challenging for your body, your low back will be working overtime to get the weight off the ground,” adds Schenk. Over time, your back will strengthen—and will no longer need special treatment.


2020 Sucked, Let's Recomp!

Dates: January 4-30th
Cost: $95
*Limited to 25 people

What is Recomping?
Simply put, "recomping" means to lower your body fat percentage and increase your lean muscle mass AKA changing the composition of your body.

Coming Up!
Join us from January 4th-30th to recomp your body! This virtual course is for anyone who wants to either lower their body fat, increase overall muscle mass, or both!

You will track and learn about your macros (protein/carbs/fats) and see how percentages affect your outcome. You will pair your personalized nutrition program with your LIFT Society workouts to get the best results, along with weekly Zoom check-ins for accountability with Emily!

This four week course is meant to take your body to the next level by combining an effective nutrition program with your goals and training! If your nutrition needs structure, guidance and accountability, this is for you :) Let's shred some inches!

DM to get signed up 💪🏽

🎁 As an out-of-the-box gift idea for guys looking to get or stay fit during the indulgent holiday season and beyond, LIFT Society’s virtual fitness experience presents the nation's first luxury virtual fitness membership exclusively focused on aesthetic fitness -- all at the touch of a button from wherever you are (between zoom calls, with family or on the go!). Endeavoring to bring LIFT Society’s brick-and-mortar gym concept to homes without sacrificing the coveted results and attentive personal-trainer care, each virtual class is designed to target and sculpt specific muscle groups across both upper and lower body for the ultimate in bodybuilding, strength and aesthetics. While offering members at-home live training with personalization, form correction and the ability to build strength from anywhere in the world, LIFT Society Virtual focuses on building glutes, toning members’ arms and abs, and lowering body fat percentage all with merely a set of dumbbells. Featuring professional trainers at the helm of each class, LIFT Society Virtual is moderately priced in an à-la-carte fashion for ease and accessibility. For those looking to get or stay fit from home, one-time classes are available for $12 per session in a pay-as-you-lift format, or a monthly membership with unlimited access to classes is available for $99/month.

LIFT Society’s virtual classes are listed as a top gift for this holiday season! Gift yourself and your bestie at 💪🏽

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What sets LIFT Society apart?

It’s not so much what we do, but what we don’t do. Since the very beginning we have refused to get sucked into all the latest trends that come and go within the fitness industry. These trends are rarely backed by science, often get people injured and don’t help people to accomplish their goals.

**click the link in my bio to read the rest of the article including how we got started, how we stay successful and our recommendations for the hottest spots to visit in LA!

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The only virtual lifting classes for toning your 🍑 & 💪🏽.
Grab your dumbbells and let’s LIFT!

Congrats to our client and all around bad*ss @abenton! 🤩

Very honored to be on @incmagazine Female Founders 100 list this year! There are some incredible women listed and I'm humbled to be apart of this amazing group of women. You can checkout the full list at the link on @incmagazine page. #femalefounders #liftsociety #incmagazine

We’re excited to bring Hannah on as our newest trainer! Hannah started lifting at LIFT Society over three years ago, and has experienced her own transformation as a result of lifting weights 💪🏽
Hannah is a nationally certified trainer as well as a Pilates instructor, and most recently she’s completed the LIFT Society Trainer Program. You can catch Hannah this Monday for GLUTE at noon on our Virtual platform!

➡️Use the code “firstclassfree” and get your 🍑 ready!

Glute days are the best days ✨

Health is wealth 💰😅

Grab your dumbbells and LIFT 🍑
The fastest way to change your body composition is by lifting weights at varied reps. #teamnoburpees
Join us virtually using the code “firstclassfree” on our website. Let’s LIFT!

All of the virtual classes paid off!


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How do we LIFT from home? Here’s a small sample of what LIFT Society virtual training is like: strength training, muscle building and fat burning. All you need is a set of dumbbells 💪🏽 IYKYK.

LIFT virtually with just a set of dumbbells! $12 per class or $99 monthly unlimited. UpLIFT your life 🙌🏽

What equipment do you need to train virtually?
🔻Light to medium dumbbell set

Home workouts are high-rep and focused on the areas you love to target: glutes, core and arms. LIFT with us 💪🏽

Virtual sessions are available at 8am, 12pm and 6pm as well as weekends. If you’re considering LIFT Society in the future, start building yourself now and join us for online strength workouts using bands and dumbbells. #lift #liftsociety #virtual #virtualworkout

Strength is our thing.

It’s time to be the strongest you have ever been. #liftsociety

Yes to all of these... our specific safety protocol is listed on our website. #safety #covid19 #gym #hollywood #studiocity @ Hollywood Hills

At LIFT Society you have your own rack spaced 10 feet apart. Equipment is never shared and the workout is always 👌🏼

We’re open! You can LIFT with us 💪🏽


We’re excited to reopen soon! All of our info and pricing structure is updated on our website and the class schedule will be posted later this week. 🥳
Can’t wait to LIFT with all of you!


Lifting classes, private training, and park workouts. Doing it all at LIFT Society📍

Live classes, private training, and quarantine gains with a structured lifting program... all tailored to the equipment you have at home.

LIFT Society



Every day we make choices that affect our future. You have a choice to be healthy, to move your body, and to come out better on the other side of this. #makeachoice #liftsociety #lift #life #lifestyle #homeworkout #stayhome

Join The Society. There has never been a more important time to have a strong body.

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Monday 06:00 - 21:00
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