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Hello fellow yogis and yoginis,

This upcoming Tuesday, November 15 is our last roots of yoga class! We will again be immersing ourselves in Tantra Yoga. Last week we discussed the importance of Shiva and Shakti in class. This week we will expand on that and go over Kundalini. We will take a journey up our chakras and have Kundalini (or the human being’s Shakti energy) unite with Shiva, unmanifest consciousness.

Feri will lead a 70 minute asana (posture) and pranayama (breath control) practice and Allie will lead a 25 minute Yoga Nidra practice.

We are eager to share this practice of kundalini awakening or bringing the human self to pure consciousness!

Sat Nam,
Feri & Allie

Hello fellow yogis and yoginis,

It’s hard to believe we are already into the third week of our Roots of Yoga series! This Tuesday, November 8 (5:15-6:50 PM at Liberation Yoga), we will be immersing ourselves in Tantra Yoga. In class we will indulge in our senses with asana (postures), mantra, mudra, smell and touch. Class will start, as usual, with Feri leading an asana practice involving pranayama (breath control) and Allie guiding a 25 minute yoga nidra with essential oils and light massage. The yoga nidra practice will be focused on learning about the union of Shiva and Shakti and their divine cosmic play, Lila लीला.

We are so eager to share this wondrous practice of love and unity with you and hope to see you in class! Below is a more in-depth explanation of Tantra yoga for those of you interested in deepening your knowledge of this field.

** A special thanks to Sheryl Benjy for these amazing pictures!

Tantra yoga is the most misunderstood system of yoga. When yoga was first introduced to the United States in 1893 by Swami Vivekananda, tantra was already the lesser practiced and lesser talked about yoga in India. Yoga in medieval India was oftentimes wild and ecstatic, it was a means to bodily immortality, and it was very much tantric - anyone was able to practice (men, women, rich, poor). Then the Brahmins (of the priesthood caste) wanted to clean it up so tantric yoga became taboo and inappropriate. Today we connect Tantra to things like the Kama Sutra and sex but Tantra is in no way connected to the Kama Sutra and it is so much more than sex. It is a practice of indulging in the senses, of taking whatever means possible to reach either bodily immortality (the belief in the 10th century and earlier) or to reach enlightenment. Most yoga practiced today is actually tantric such as: hatha yoga, kundalini, yoga nidra, along with many others.

There are many systems of Tantra, which we will not go over extensively or this series would turn into a yearlong one, but all Tantrikas (Tantric practitioners) worship Shiva and/or Shakti (usually both of them, their unity). Tantrikas are nomads, explorers that examine the relationship of human beings with the internal and external world. Tantrikas are nondualistic yoga practitioners and seek liberation IN this world, not from this world. It’s a practice of deepening sensitivity. It’s a practice of living life from firsthand experience rather than secondhand knowledge. Tantrikas believe that the world is the manifestation of the Divine, that bliss isn’t just good—bliss is God.

Feri & Allie

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis,

After tonight's yoga flow, we will join Reiki Master, Meditation Guide and Intuitive Reader Jamie Wozny as she guides us into a deep, relaxing meditation. We will follow her on a guided meditation to deeply clear out and restore the energy in each chakra (energy center) in our body. Unknowingly and innocently we hold onto old energy from suppressed emotions and can even carry around other people's energy that does not even belong to us. A good energy detox clears all of this and helps bring us back to center so that we can really feel the voice of our own beautiful energy field.

We hope you can join us at Liberation Yoga tonight from 5:15-6:55!

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis,

After our yoga practice Tuesday, we will join Jamie Wozny, Reiki Master, Intuitive Reader and Meditation Guide as she takes us on a healing journey to connect back to our inner child. She will guide us into a deeply relaxed state and then help us connect to our child self. When we can connect to this part of us and send it love, miracles can happen. Sometimes the kid in us just needs to be acknowledged, unleashed and set free. They want to speak and this week we will show up to listen.

We hope you can make it!

After our yoga practice on Tuesday, we will join Reiki Master and Meditation Leader, Jamie Wozny as she takes us on a Sacred Shamanic Journey through a deep guided meditation. She will help you deeply relax in order to move past your logical brain and into the parts of you that are connected to your divine, spiritual nature. You will have the opportunity to ask important questions to your heart, your higher self, your spirt guides or angels or any higher wisdom there to guide you in this life to make your ride a bit easier. We are so lucky to have divine assistance. This is your opportunity to tap into that realm and remember there is more to life that just our bodies, our jobs and our routines. We are going to open up and explore the world of deeper wisdom in its many forms.

Namaste fellow yogis and yoginis,

This Tuesday we will be continuing our chakra series at Liberation Yoga with the Anahata Chakra, the heart chakra, otherwise known as the center of love.

Here is a short introduction to the fourth chakra -
Location: Heart
Element: Air
Function: Love and Compassion
Color: Green
Mantra: Yam

Join us as we honor and express our gratitude to the heart, the center of the True Self.

We are eager to share this bhakti practice filled with love and compassion this Tuesday evening.

With love,
Feri and Allie

(PS: Class will be slightly lengthened, from 5:15-6:55 PM)

I'm really excited to introduce Atma Yoga Garden Studio
...a beautiful garden yoga space nestled in the heart Westwood. Classes at Atma Yoga are dedicated to helping students strengthen & heal their bodies, calm their mind and connect to their spirit through the use of yoga postures, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

Currently Atma Yoga is offering a "Vinyasa Flow and Meditation class" on Wed 9:30-11am. More classes to come Fall 2015.

Please message me for address.

Hope to see you in class soon..:)


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[11/27/14]   On this day of Thanksgiving, I'm so grateful for having embarked on this beautiful journey of teaching yoga. Thank you Sam Hannani for helping me to put this page together. Please like my page so we can keep in touch. 😃

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