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Open Casting Call: Seeking amateur Bodybuilders and Fitness Professionals for a life changing reality competition show starring Lou Ferrigno and Mike Torchia. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from industry experts on how to define your brand in the world of fitness. One lucky candidate will be awarded a six-figure, one year, brand ambassadorship. Casting Call is open to everyone: male and female, all ages. Monday April 9th @11am. Line forms at 9:30am. Wear your best workout clothes. Retrofit Gym 7624 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046
Calling all Burger Lovers for a National Burger Commercial! (non-actors only) 🍔

Train Hard. Train Smart. At CrossFit Intellect, we believe in training with a purpose. We pride ourselves with thoughtful programming and strive to help our members achieve their individual goals.

Operating as usual

The city of Los Angeles has officially allowed gyms to reopen!

We will be resuming classes starting Wednesday, June 17th, with a limit of 4 people per class.

Be sure to sign up and reserve your spot.

See you all at the gym!

If you've been looking for a way to support your community, help raise relief funds, and participate in an online competition all at the same time, now's your chance!

The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser and United in Movement competition are two events taking place starting tomorrow! Both are completely free to join, but will also allow you the option to donate what you can.

The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit Affiliates affected by COVID-19. Similar to the Open, it will consist of 1 WOD/week over the course of 3 weeks. The first WOD will be released on Friday, April 3rd!

United in Movement is another fundraiser happening at the same time to raise relief funds in support of Action Against Hunger, The Red Cross, and The CrossFit Foundation. From Sat, April 4th through Fri, April 10th there will be one WOD released a day for 7 days.

Again, signing up is free but you'll also have the option to donate if you can. There will be multiple scaling options to use whatever equipment you have available, so no need to worry about that either. Just have fun!

We'll also be using the WODs for our at home workouts, so be sure to check in daily for tips!

#crossfit #crossfitintellect #cfi @ CrossFit Intellect

Got this idea from our friends over at @crossfitendzone.

Time to play a little @crossfitintellect bingo during quarantine!

Keep track of your progress and don't forget to tag the gym on your posts using #cfibingo. We've got lots of good prizes for the winners.

Have fun!

#crossfitintellect #crossfit #cfibingo #7minofburpeesshouldbefun #iwannaseesomedrawings

Good luck everyone! We'll be posting winners in the comments, so make sure to check back throughout the game.

#superbowl #superbowlsquares #5thtimesthecharm #cfi #crossfitintellect

4th Annual Holiday Party is a wrap! Thanks to everyone for coming out and thank you all for making this community a special one.

#crossfitintellect #cfi #everyonewantedthetupperware #andyogamat #noeggcookerthisyear #glittercheeks #limeruntsareworsethanbananarunts

Congrats to Okran and our fearless leader, Jason, for finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in their divisions at this year's Masters Clash! Way to represent!

#crossfitintellect #isjasonofficiallyamastersathletenow #stalesnacks #taylorwantedtogotothedogshow

Had a blast at the first @turfgames held in Los Angeles! We put together three teams and enjoyed a little friendly competition. After all was said and done, the evening crew came out on top by 1 pt. Congrats to everyone that competed and big thanks to all the members who came out to support!

I didn't get to take any other group pictures except this one, so we missed @zaii.ra. ☹️ If you'd like to see some videos of the teams working out, be sure to check out the Turf Games feed in our highlights.

#crossfit #crossfitintellect #cfi #turfgames #morningwod #precompbreakfastburritos #gregdrankhisentryfeeinfreedrinks #coachwearsaneutralredshirt #calvinisalreadytrainingfornextyear

📷: @daracamp

#TBT to last Saturday's Festivus Games!

We had a huge turnout with 8 teams competing last weekend and each team did a great job of representing the gym!

As with any competition, there were plenty of ups and downs for all the teams, but I couldn't be more proud of how everyone competed to the best of their abilities and fought through everything that was thrown at them.

We ended the day with 7 of our teams making the top 4 in their divisions and 5 teams earning a spot on the podium!

Great job everyone! Who's ready for the next one?!

#crossfit #festivusgames #crossfitintellect #cfi @ CrossFit Direct Action

Not only are our members super fit, but they're also super crafty! Thank you @jedshireman for making this incredible stained glass!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Enjoy the game and check back here for updates on winners.

#superbowlsquares #whowillwin? #crossfitintellect #cfi #donteattoomuchjunk #dontdrinktoomuch #youmightregretitonmonday

Had a great crew for our Thanksgiving day wod this morning!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃🍗🥗🌽🍞🥧🍽

#crossfit #crossfitintellect #thanksgivingdaywod #donteattoomuch #orelseyoullpayforittomorrow #saveroomfordessert

Both teams made it out alive!

Thanks @questroomla for the great time. Next time we'll try not going back into the cages...

#crossfit #crossfitintellect #guyswhatareyoudoing? #nikoisthedexterousone #chrisdoesntlikebeingalone #nutellapizza @ Quest Room

Wake up at 4am✔
Run a half marathon✔
Eat pancakes✔

We did it! Another half marathon in the books. Big congrats to our members (+ Angus) that came out to run today!

Extra shout out to @hirefrancisco (aka Niko) for finishing with the fastest time of the day!

📷: @lil_scrap_centeno

#crossfitintellect #crossfit #halfmarathon #rocknrollhalfmarathon #hefellasleeponthewaytobreakfast #iatethemostpancakesthough #moresyrupplease #kevinbaskinginthesun #myforearmiscrampingnow #ievendrankpedialyte @ Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

High five, it's Friday!

#crossfitintellect #cfi #tgif #festivusgames #crossfit

@yrevacire @davery90230 📷: @daracamp

Who's ready to attack today's 1k, 500m, and 250m rows?

@faridblackstone1993 📷: @daracamp

Extremely proud of all of our teams that competed at the @festivusgames today!

We had a lot of members compete in their very first crossfit competition and everyone did great job! All of our teams moved quicker, lifted more, and got more reps than they did in practice. The hard work and preparation paid off as we were able to get 3 teams to podium, all earning 2nd place!

Special thanks to @ccliwama for coming out to judge and giving all our teams plenty of #noreps! 😂 #sostrict #toughbutfair

Who's signing up for the next one?!

#crossfit #crossfitgames #festivusgames #crossfitintellect #cfi #die #fariddiditforthedonuts #donutconnoisseur #dontspaceout #heidyiswearinghermedaltobed #myauntisavegetarian #daviddid10extrakbswings #notpartoftheplan @ CrossFit Direct Action

We did it!

CFI's bi-annual Mt. Baldy hike was a success! There may have been a few close calls and some scrapes and bruises, but everyone made it to the summit and back down all in one piece. Who thinks we should make this an annual tradition? 🙋‍♂️

#cfi #crossfitintellect #mtbaldy #20questions #iwouldlikemysandwichopenfacedplease #showerbeforebed? #whatsaduvet? #flatsheetsareforweirdos #welearnedthedifferencesbetweenjamsjelliesandmarmalades #again @ Mount Baldy, California

Nothing like a little relay race (some would even call it a competition) among friends. Everyone did fantastic, running 5.25 miles over 800 ft in elevation, and was rewarded with some of Kevin's "mochi" cakes at the end. Who's in to do it again next year?

📷: @lil_scrap_centeno. Missing from picture: Arjun and Jeff

#crossfitintellect #cfi #griffithparktrailmarathon #kevinhasneverhadrealmochibefore #nikohatesblacklicorice #jasonsquadcrampedAGAIN #buthehelpedaguywithheatstroke

Looks like we'll get to vote on 18.5! Tune in on Facebook at 3pm tomorrow to vote. And be sure to pick something I'll be good at! (Heavy thrusters)👍😁

#Repost @thedavecastro (@get_repost)
#18point5. You guys get to pick which we suffer through. Tomorrow at 3pm pacific for announcement of workout options and ability to vote.

We've got some new protein packed products in stock at the gym! Protein liquid shots (with or without caffeine) from @frogfuelactual, along with some clean protein water from @readyismade. Both are a perfect healthy/clean way to get that protein in after workouts, without extra unnecessary calories. Try them out whether you're short on time, on the go, or just want to get some extra protein in your system.

#crossfit #crossfitintellect #protein #frogfuel #readynutrition #liquidprotein #proteinwater @ CrossFit Intellect

All the numbers are drawn! I'll be posting updates on the comments so be sure to check in to see the winners of each quarter. Good luck everyone!

#crossfitintellect #cfi #superbowlsquares #superbowlLII #myorangesquareswerethelast2left

#Tbt to our 2nd Annual #CrossfitIntellect Holiday Party this past weekend. Good times, good food, fun games, and the best gym members (especially at board games)! Thanks to everyone for making it out and for bringing all the delicious food/drinks. And thank you all for working hard this past year and for making this such a great gym to be a part of. Now just a few more weeks until 2018!

#crossfit #holidayparty #imstilleatingleftovers #butnomoreadobo #justrice #andbread #andfriedrice #codenames #beak2 #robinsdonthavebeaks #crossfit2 #whatsabox? #iwantedthesquattypotty #kevinwasthewerewolf

We made it out!

Had a great time at @countdownescapela escaping out of the tiki room. And we didn't even need one of the clues!

#didntneedahint #thereisnospoon #howmanycornersdoes8have? #whosgotthelight?

[06/29/17]   4th of July Schedule:

We will have a limited holiday schedule for next Tuesday, July 4th, with classes at 9am and 10am only. There will be open gym for a couple hours following the 10am classes, but all other classes for Tuesday will be cancelled. The rest of the week, including Monday, will be on our normal schedule.


Join us next Monday, July 26th, at 6pm for a @territoryfoods tasting! They'll be offering samples of some of their meals and will be able to answer any questions you might have. Now's your chance to clean up that diet!

#crossfit #crossfitintellect #territoryfoods #foodtasting #donteattoomuchbeforeclass #youshouldeatafterthewod

Congrats to the newlyweds @jedshireman and RJ! Wishing you both a lifetime of burpees and happiness! #summercamp #camprjed #rjedwed

Meet Jason Yu of CrossFit Intellect in Mid-City - Voyage LA Magazine | LA City Guide

We've been featured on Voyagela! Check out the article below to learn a little more about us and be sure to come by to try out a class!

Big thanks to all the members that have been a part of the gym over the last year and a half. And thank you to VoyageLA for giving us a chance to share our gym with everyone. Today we’d like to introduce you to Jason Yu. Jason, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. I grew up in Beverly Hills, attending Beverly Vista Middle School and Beverly Hills High School. During high school, I began playing sports (fo...

[02/23/17]   **CrossFit Games Open - Schedule Change**

For the next 5 weeks, our regularly scheduled 6pm & 7pm Friday evening CrossFit classes will be replaced with our Friday Night Lights. Members are welcome to come in anytime from 4pm-8pm to perform the Open WODs and be judged. The gym can also be used as open gym.

Come on in and cheer on your fellow members!

Team #1 - Andrew S./Niko/Jordan/Chris S./Marc/Fay Fay
Team #2 - Hyacinth/Arjun/Teresa/Francisco/Steven/Mario G.
Team #3 - Charlie/Gladia/David G./Jeremy/Blaire/Ryan
Team #4 - Greg/Dara/Antonio/Felipe/Roberto/Britanny
Team #5 - Katrina/Calvin/Andrew P./Jed/Stacey/Chris H.

If you don't know someone on your team, reach out and introduce yourself! Get to know each other and have fun with the WODs over the next 5 weeks. If you aren't friends with me on facebook, add me and I'll add you to our members page where you can chat and exchange phone numbers.

Your first chance to earn points for the competition is to come up with a team name! Discuss among your group, and let me know, by the end of day on Friday, what you have decided to call yourselves. The best team name will get a point for their team.

And just as a refresher, below are the chances to earn points throughout the Open:

1) Attendance Point - Attend 5 classes from Tuesday-Monday of any week during the Open and earn a point for your team! This starts tomorrow!
2) Open Completion - Complete all 5 Open WODs this year and earn 3 points for your team.
3) Performance of the Week - This will be awarded to the member to puts it all out there and gives an inspiring performance on that week's WOD. 3 points for that member's team.
4) Most Improved - The member to makes the biggest improvement from one week to the next will earn 3 points for their team.
5) Weekly Challenge - Every week, I will put out a challenge for the members to complete. This week's challenge is a 1 minute row for calories. Each member will make an attempt at a max calorie row for 1 minute. I will tally the total calories from all 6 team members and the team with the highest calories will earn 3 points.

Good luck to everyone and see you all at the gym!

#crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitintellect #cfi #cookiesforintellect #intheopen #pickagoodteamname #taylorisgonnachoosethebestname

Getting ready to set our teams for this year's Intramural Open! If you haven't confirmed with me yet, make sure to let me know before tomorrow if you'd like to participate. We've got 21 people confirmed so far and the more the merrier! It's completely free to take part and you can choose to do the WODs either as Rx or as scaled. If you'd like to get more details, check the email I sent out earlier this week or just ask me to send it to you again.

#crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitintellect #cfi #intheopen #intramuralopen #17point1is #everybodysdoingit #itsjustaworkout #itsfree #thereareprizes #butonlyforthewinners #gohufflepuff

12 days until the start of the Open! Be sure to sign up at and join our team "Cookies For Intellect."

**Keep your eyes peeled for news on our intramural open competition! More details will be announced this week.

#crossfit #crossfitintellect #cfi #crossfitgames #intheopen #itllbefunhesaid #17point1is #burpees #andburpees

#Repost @crossfitgames with @repostapp

Squares are filled and numbers have been picked! I will be posting updates on the winners, so be sure to check in this Sunday. Good luck everyone!

#cfi #crossfitintellect #crossfit #superbowlsquares #superbowlLI #gofalcons #winnerbuysdinnerforcoach #willtaylorwin? #probablynot

CrossFit Intellect's cover photo

Nothing like a little 5K to start off your Sunday! #griffithpark5k ✔🏃 We all managed to battle through some harsh LA temperatures and came out on top. 😂 Great job everyone!

#crossfit #cfi #crossfitintellect #cfirunclub #dontwearalongsleeveshesaid #icouldntfeelmyhands #fastest5kever #justahalfmileshort

And a special congrats to our top male and female finishers, Jed and Stacey! 🏅🏆

Aaaand they're back! Time to get your #superbowlsquares before the big game. Squares are $5 each, there will be 4 chances to win, and numbers will be drawn randomly once all the squares have been filled. If you know nothing about football, this will definitely make your #superbowl a lot more fun to watch! Good luck! #cfi #crossfitintellect #itsallrandom #taylorneverwins #butshealwayscomessoclose

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