L.A. City Golf Courses

L.A. City Golf Courses


LA: Tee Time in Los Verdes on April 20th 01:10 PM - anyone wanna join?

Could only make a reservation for 2 but I'm alone....
Currently visiting from Austria and got lucky to get a tee time here.
18 holes usd 60, cart included.
DM me
Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Sepulveda Golf Complex as one of the top 10 public courses in the Simi Valley area!!

Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Rancho Park Golf Course as one of the top 5 public courses in the Simi Valley area!!

Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Rancho Park Golf Course as the #1 public course in the Santa Monica area!!

Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Griffith Park as the #1 public course in the Burbank area!!

Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Hansen Dam Golf Course as one of the top 10 public courses in the Los Angeles area!!

Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Sepulveda Golf Complex as one of the top 5 public courses in the Los Angeles area!!

Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Griffith Park as one of the top 5 public courses in the Los Angeles area!!

Congratulations! GolfDay has rated Rancho Park Golf Course as one of the top 5 public courses in the Los Angeles area!!

I love LA! ❤️⛳

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I grew up playing L.A. City Golf Courses. Might have never took up golf had it not been for them. Here are recent reviews (Rancho Park, Encino, Balboa, Wilson, Harding, Hansen Dam, Woodley) posted on Greenskeeper.org of these essential appreciated tracks.

-- Rancho Park: by MKR393
One of the best old courses in LA. The tee time system is rough because of the dense population and all the people trying to play here. If you get lucky and land a tee time you will not be disappointed. Reminds me of a private club. In the middle of the city but feels like your away. Course is in great shape & greens are awesome. If you can play to the correct side of the fairway, you can score well here. All about angles in because of the large trees. Pace of play was awesome...4 hours flat. Tee times spaced 10 minutes apart so the course moves well.
Great staff, however very under staffed. The only disappointment is that the restaurant is closed, the pro shop is closed, no breakfast, drinks and the dont start serving food or anything until 10am. Talk about losing a ton of revenue from the early morning crowd. Other than that, the place is great, Eat before and bring whatever you need because you cannot purchase anything except range balls and a cart. Lot of good history here. Cool brewery restaurant (Stalking horse) a few spots west on Pico on the north side of the street for the 19th hole. Good beer & food.

-- Encino: by roarksown1
Played a Friday twilight round at Encino and found the course to be in good, not great late season shape. Everything was more or less fine, but of course you can nitpick with a lot of the small details, but you don't because you're paying $25 for a solid round of golf.
They have moved the starter's office back indoors which is a nice change, and now you get your carts over at the cart barn near the 18th green instead of them being stacked near the old starter's hut. I was paired with three other singles and we had a nice afternoon.
Fairways are of course a little on the dry side and you're going to get some thin lies, but for the most part the course is playable and very straightforward. The bunkers were thin and most unraked, while the tee boxes were also a bit beat up but easy to find a flat surface (easy considering there's not an elevation on this course). Rough varied but mostly of the thin variety with a few overly-lush sections where nature's been doing its thing.
The greens were running medium-fast speed and once again proving better than this course's usual (and often times unfounded) reputation. It's not a difficult course by any means with minimal danger and length being its main defense, but if conditions are good then it's even more scoreable and fun to play. There isn't much trick to any of the greens but you'll still have to work at getting the varying speeds down even if you're not too worried about slopes or tiers. It's all quite gettable.
Encino remains a great option to get your swing back and still have a good time while building back your confidence in your game.

-- Wilson: by noeldoaf
Saturday morning tee time at 8:40, Wilson course, 10/16/21, started out to be nice and cool in the morning, but it warmed up quickly to about high 80s and sunny.
It has been a long time since I have played here at Wilson course with some very good playing conditions. I mean the greens were rolling quite fast and smooth with the exception of a few ball divots that were not fixed properly. But still one of the best conditioning I have ever seen this course in a long time. It seems as though they really take good care of the course in preparation this time of year.
Just about everything else- the whole course is in good condition for play. The bunkers have sand- although I wasn’t in it, it probably were inconsistent and there were still unraked foot prints. The fairways were closely mowed and had some run which was nice. I have nothing no knock except the course ran out of sand to fill the bottle so I’m sure there will be some unfilled divots out there until they provide sand on their carts. The carts have GPS though. The roughs were healthy and some areas were penalizing, but most were not bad at all. The teeing grounds were not bad. It wasn’t all lush but there’s plenty of grass coverage.
The pace was not good. It took about 5 hours for the round. The staff were welcoming and helpful to provide tees, cards, and all other information for the day.
I’d gladly play here again soon.

-- Balboa: by t8fish
Got out Sunday 10/17, 8:50 as a foursome on a cool, still morning and still damp golf course. First time back to Balboa in seven months, which feels about right. Conditions are mixed, for a net rating of just OK. Tee boxes are generally level with coverage and present suitably as launching pads. My impression of the fairways was was 70 to 80% grass lies and the rest thin, bare or browned out. The grass was on the firm and tighter side but presented good lies and a fair bit of rollout. Classic muni condition of generally serviceable and a bit unsightly at times. The rough could be anything from bare, to non-punitive light coverage, to a little fuller and sticky, to occasional grabby and punitive where more grown in — mostly on the thinner or less lush side. Bunkers could have been better raked, but reasonable clean, decent sand. I managed to avoid footprints and found them firmish and playable with most I was in dry and one moist. The green-side areas were more lush for short game and the kikuyu fringes could check up in-coming shots. The greens were in pretty decent shape overall and ran at a medium-on-the-quick-side and I found them enjoyable to play.
Pace was steady and I'm guessing somewhere shy of 4.5 hrs. A beautiful, clear day, it warmed and dried out quickly, starting out windless and developing to a +1 club or more breeze at times towards the end of the round. This is quintessential muni golf — a little under-irrigated overall and less than visually pristine, but it is what it is. Not a destination course to go out of your way for, and the "just OK" rating not withstanding, I had a good time playing it. Sometimes just OK conditions is more than good enough. Good greens also helps. Mostly generous fairways, reasonable length, straightforward with no water hazards or anything tricked up about it, and very good for walking. Perry, Wendy and Tom were excellent company and thanks especially to Perry for reaching out with the open tee time.

-- Harding: by noeldoaf
Sunday morning tee time at 8:20, at the Harding course, 10/17/21, was almost a misty 55 degrees cool and the temps only got up to about 78 if any.
Like my day’s experience yesterday at its sister course (Wilson) I was very impressed with its playing conditions from tee to green 18x. What a pleasure!
The type of greens they have here at Griffith being the type of grass they grow here, the greens tend to be maintained on softer surface and that makes it easy to create ball marks and if it’s not attended well, the grass on it takes a long time to recover and heal. But nevertheless, the greens rolled nicely if those unproperly fixed divots didn’t exist… there were just a few but noticeable. The bunkers have sand- different from one to the other, but it has sand. The fairways were good without much unfilled divots. The rough were pretty healthy for the most part but were never penalizing, and the teeing grounds were good with good grass coverage.
Many of the staff were good and helpful.
I was a very happy guy to have played this course in such good conditioning.
Can't wait to be back!

-- Hansen Dam: by noeldoaf
Friday, 10/15/21, 12:00pm, our L.A. group had couple of tee times and we made a practice round out of it. It was a busy sunny day and a warm 80 degrees that made for a four hours and 20 minutes pace which wasn’t that bad but there was nowhere to go.
The greens looked good although were quick and it was nicely rolling smoothly. The fairways were pretty nice and lush as well. The bunkers were a little inconsistent but they have sand. The rough was healthy although it wasn’t that penalizing. The teeing grounds were good and lush with some wear from the day’s play on par three.
Good customer service. Carts have GPS.
It was a very good day and it was very nice to play Hansen Dam with good playing conditions.

-- Woodley: by mdames
I walked Woodley Lakes on Monday, October 18, 2021. This golf course is in POOR condition. Tee boxes are beat up and hard. The fairways are mostly dirt and extremely thin grass, with the occasional somewhat decent lie in the fairway. Many of the holes on the back 9 have had the fairways punched and cut up. If you were in any of those many areas, you would need to place your ball somewhere else. The rough is like the fairway, only sometimes it was in better condition! I was in one greenside bunker. It had very firm and heavy, damp sand. The greens were painfully slow. You had to hit your putts with significant force to get them to the hole. This removes most of the break from every putt. The greens were very soft. Approach shots landed, causes a huge ball mark, and stuck. The greens were also somewhat bumpy. I had at least two putts that were tracking into the cup only to bounce one way or the other and just miss the hole. I will not be going back to Woodley any time soon. I do not recommend playing here.

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Dialed in. 🎯
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Come out and enjoy glow in the dark golf!⛳ Free glow in the dark accessories, raffle entry, and guaranteed fun!

Visit our website at www.golf.lacity.org and click the event flyer or "Online Registration" on our homepage. Spaces are limited! #GolfLACity #Glowball #LACityGolf #GolfLA #LosAngelesGolf #LosFelizPar3 #LosFeliz #glowgolf


Another awesome glowball event ⛳️ Thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend to have some glow in the dark fun! Glowball is always a blast!💥 Stay tuned for our next glowball event info👀👀 #glowball #glowinthedark #glowgolf #golflacity #lacitygolf

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🌞🌞 Which course would you rather play? Wilson or Harding?

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We appreciate our maintenance crews who are up early mornings, keeping our courses in tip top shape. 💦🪴#lacitygolf #golfla #golflosangeles #parkproud

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Congratulations to all of our winners! The City of Los Angeles 71st Annual Junior Golf Championships has come to an end. We look forward to hosting you all again next year! We are all champions! #juniorchampionship #golfla #youthgolf #golflosangeles #recreationandparks #parkproud


Good luck to all of our Juniors kicking off our Championship today!! #LACITYGOLF #juniorchampionship #golfLA #losangelesgolf


Out and about. 🐕

Remember, there is still a high heat advisory out in LA! Stay hydrated and keep cool. #griffithpark #griffithparkgolfcourse #griffithparkgolf #lacitygolf #golflosangeles
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☀️☀️☀️Please stay hydrated out on the courses this week! Tips to stay cool: drink water, use an umbrella for shade, wear a hat, protect yourself with sunblock, protect your eyes with some shades, eat a good meal or snack before your round. #staysafe #stayhydrated #heatadvisory

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Get access to our digital scorecard, GPS tracker, and booking engine all in the palm of your hand! Check out the Google Play and Apple store to download the LA City Golf App. #LACityGolf #GolfLA #GolfLosAngeles

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GOOD MORNING ☀️ Sunday morning rounds 🙌🏻 #LACITYGOLF

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Whether you're out playing or you need a place to sit and cool off after your round, the newly renovated Pro Shop at Sepulveda has everything you need pre and post round.
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Established in 1958, Harbor Park Golf Course is a perfect starter course. 9 hole, par 37 is the perfect walk while enjoying the coastal breeze. Conveniently located right off the 110 fwy and PCH. Book your tee time today!
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Tap in Tuesday… can anyone guess what hole and course this is? Would you rather chip or putt this in? #lacitygolf #golfla #golflosangeles


Thank you to everyone who came out tonight! Another sold out glow ball event! #glowball #golflife #lacitygolf #lagolf #cityoflagolf

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Golf is better with friends. ⛳📍
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🚨HOLE IN ONE🚨 Congrats to Matt on his hole in one on #6 at Los Feliz GC 🎉👏🏼👏🏼#holeinone #LACITYGOLFGLOWBALL #lacitygolf #golflosangeles

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Practice those score changing shots with LA City Golf. Visit one of our golf ranges at Griffith Park, Hansen Dam or Rancho Park, Woodley and Sepulveda.
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Thank You to everyone who came out for our first glowball of 2022!! We hope everyone had a great time! #LACITYGOLF #golflacity

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These shots are awesome, thank you for sharing!

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Crushin' It 🌞 We challenge you to crush your new goals set for 2022!
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Morning skies from the West Side. Sunrise at Rancho Park. 🌞 #LACityGolf #GolfLosAngeles #GolfLA #SunriseinLA #LAParks


An LA Classic.
H A R D I N G ▪️ G O L F
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✨Six par 4's and three par 3's ✨ Catching that salty breeze....

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NOW HIRING part time golf starters, cart attendants, driving range attendants, and grounds crew! Email: [email protected]

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Thank you to everybody who participated in our holiday glow ball nights! Two sold out nights in a row! We even had a couple unexpected visitors! And congrats to our ugly sweater contest winners! Next glow ball night will be January 29. ⛳ ☃️🏌️ 🎄


Tough crowd on the track today……

A friendly reminder to always be kind to our 4 legged friends, the course is their home too.⛳️🐿🦊🦝🐰 photo credit @g.r.e.a.mgolf #LAcitygolf #GOLFLA #golflosangeles #cityofLA


We have added an additional night of Glow Ball! Join us for a Glow Ball event on Friday, December 17 and Saturday December 18. Saturdays event is SOLD OUT. Registration will be via email only, on a first come first served basis. Register now #glowball #lacitygolf

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Give the gift of Golf! Purchase an LA City Golf Gift Card online, or at any one of our facilities. Please see a golf starter to purchase a gift card in person. If purchased online please consider our process and shipping times which may take longer during this busy holiday season. Thank you!


I came, I saw, I conquered. ⛳️⛳️
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