Ojishi Martial Arts

We at Ojishi Martial Arts teach discipline, confidence, and awareness of self through the art of Karate. Our class sizes have a maximum of 6 students.

We also offer private and semi-private lessons. This is a community of peaceful warriors proudly representing both sexes, diverse ages, all ethnic backgrounds, political persuasions, lifestyles, beliefs, sizes and physical abilities. ALL are welcome.

Operating as usual

This Week's Waza : Week 1 01/04/2021

This Week's Waza : Week 1

We have just released a new series called "This Week's Waza" where Sensei Hawk will be demonstrating and breaking down various karate combinations. These videos will be released every Monday across social media platforms, including our Ojishi Dojo App!

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This Week's Waza : Week 1 Sensei Hawk, Head Instructor of Ojishi Martial Arts, demonstrates Jodan Age Uke & Gyaku Zuki; Upward Rising Block & Reverse Punch.All techniques demonstrated...


Let’s talk about “Deep Breathing Techniques”
Today I would like to share my thoughts on deep breathing with our children. Wether our karate kids are full of so much energy that they can’t sit still or exhibiting behaviors we done deem appropriate, we can redirect this energy with the practice of deep breathing. As with any practice, we want to remain consistent as well as empower our children by giving them instructions and then solidifying them with questions....
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ojishidojo.com 09/20/2020


www.OjishiDojo.com is Live!
Be sure to check it out, follow our social media and join our community app hosted through Wix.

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Ojishi Martial Arts's cover photo


Ojishi Martial Arts logo, 2020


Congratulations to all of our students for testing just before our summer break. So many talented Karateka dedicating themselves to discipline and focus. We would also like to thank all of the parents, friends, and family of our karateka that came to support during their ceremonies.
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Guiding Principle 1
Do not forget that Karate-do begins and ends with rei
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[04/23/18]   "Combat methods that lack rei are not martial arts but merely contemptible violence."

-The Twenty Guiding Principles of Karate


Current reading material:
🙏🏾 Awakening the Buddha within - Lama Surya Das
🥋 The Twelve Guiding Principles of Karate - Gichin Funakoshi
It's always important keep a balance between external and internal training.
Taking it a step further with the cultural understanding of the martial arts in the time for which it was made, helps us apply these values to the world we live in today.
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Posture is something that if not paid attention to, can cause long term serious issues with our bodies. We may favor one side over the other. We may be catering to a decade old injury. We may even be so adjusted to the pain improper posture may cause, that we just ignore what our bodies are saying to us.
Even for those who do not train in the martial arts, structural balance and proper posture is very beneficial to everyday life and the longevity of our bodies.

Key points of to a balanced posture:
-Roll the shoulders back
-Aim your heart to the heavens
-Rotate the pelvis so that the pelvic floor is parallel with the ground
-Lossen the knees
-Allow weight and gravity to fall into the balls of the feet

Hope this helps all who need and please feel free to ask whatever questions you may have.


When training our self defense techniques, we want to be sure of two things. 1. We keep our training partners safe so that we may continue to have training partners and 2. Practice proper position, techniques, and habits so I'm the event that we need to use what we have learned, we will be able to do defend ourselves effectively without thought.
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In our dojo, we practice many things. Form, self-defense, discipline. But we also train to function at 100% in the moment.
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The Hawkins family visited the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple today. What a beautiful community of Chinese culture and such peaceful energy resides within.
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Check the link on our profile for the full video!
Sensei Jay Hawkins (Nidan) demonstrates his understanding of using relaxation in techniques.

Holding tension can often be confused with one's demonstration of power. But it is through tension that we use relaxation to truly realize power from a more technical stand point.
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Working on the bunkai (application) of the kata Heian Nidan in class today made me think of the application of basic technical form. As we train in karate and get a deeper understanding of our own bodies, we are able to apply fluidity to our techniques. Karate is often recognized for its rigidity, but in my training, (in both Karate as well as Kung Fu) I have come to find a continuous motion without loosing power, slowing down, or sacrificing form.
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Take time everyday, at the top of the day, where nothing else matters but the breathe.
Meditation doesn't have to last 20, 30, or even 60 minutes to feels it's benefits. As long as we are consistent in practice and disciplined in effort, a single breath can go a long way.
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Our Pre-karate students did an amazing job yesterday at the first annual Ojishi Karate Olympics. Everyone trained so hard for this event and that discipline showed. Congratulations to all of the students as well as the parents.
I look forward to the next year of training, teaching, learning, and love.
Happy Holidays!
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As we progress through life, we must always remember that we are a product of our teachers. Wether it be our parents, siblings, friends, sensei, sifu, mastre, coach, whomever. They can see things about ourselves that we cannot at times...so they show us the way.
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Today the students of Ojishi came together to do some spring cleaning in our dojo.
The dojo is our sacred ground for which we come together as a family for the betterment of ourselves and our community. In our practice, we learn more than forms, yelling, and how to stop someone from attacking us. We practice discipline, perserverace, and respect for one another.
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National Geographic TV

The mind is something far more powerful than we can understand. Through disciple, visualization, and proper intention the possibilities are seemingly endless.
Truly amazing demonstration of what meditation is capable of.

Tibetan Buddhist Tantrayana master, Tulku Lobsang, meditates in a room that is kept at just 23° Fahrenheit, wearing only t-shirt. He not only ignores the cold, but actually raises his body temperature with this sacred technique. #StoryOfGod

[02/02/17]   It is through diligence we endure,
through endurance we persevere,
through perseverance we transcend.



BBC News

This is truly amazing. In the time we live in now where many of the old arts are deteriorating, I feel all styles should have this type of archived information. Let us preserve the arts we respect so much and give it to future generations whatever way we can. Be it through spoken word, written form, or technological advances.


New technology that preserves an ancient art: http://bbc.in/2hXSw1t


What does the "Ojishi" logo mean?

Our name is a gift from our directors sensei, Jaye Spiro, to continue his practice and spread her teachings.

Ojishi (雄獅子) is the Japanese word for "male lion".
Our logo is a lion looking behind him symbolizing the ability to confidently move forward while always remembering those that helped you along the way. The Shishigashira (獅子頭) or "Lions Head" tree is a rare species that is known for growing slowly and require a great deal of care but when matured produces other trees of great value. Mt. Fuji symbolizes the land for which our style comes from, Japan. The rising full moon is a symbol or reflective brilliance and human nature through its phases.
All of these things were created in compliments to our directors home dojo of Mejishi (雌獅子) or "Female Lion) Martial Arts.


Ojishi Martial Arts is Ai Mute Shotokan Karate Dojo based in North Hills, California.

We are a semi-private practice that holds classes for karate, martial fitness, self defense, and meditation with a maximum of 8 students per session. This allows us to give more one on one personal attention and teachings according to our students learning styles.

By way of cultural traditions, self awareness and respect, our students learn more than martial form and experience the true transformative powers of the arts.

Classes are offered to students starting as young as 5 years old and also offer classes for teens and adults as well.

For more information and reservations, please message us here or email us at [email protected]


Almost 12hrs went into making this dojo look as amazing as it does now.
Thank you so much to @priyahawkins, @kchavira75, Camilla, Luis, & @swordy00 for helping with the new year dojo renovations.
Thank you @noah_fleder for donating the blue mats. They have made a great addition to the dojo.

This coming year I plan to extend my teachings, my practice, and myself. Here's to the healthy and prosperous new year. OSU!

KARATE SPIRIT 11/04/2016

This series was created by the talented artist and good friend, Steven Anderson.
With full creative freedom, Anderson created a dynamic visual representation of sharp technique, great self-confidence and intense energy.

This series was created by the talented artist and good friend, Steven Anderson.
With full creative freedom, Anderson created a dynamic visual representation of sharp technique, great self-confidence and intense energy.


Pre-karate: 3:30p - 4:30p
Private Lesson: 5:00p - 6:00p
Youth Karate: 6:30p - 7:30p
Teen & Adult Karate: 6:00p - 7:00p
Private Lesson: 5:00p - 6:00p
Youth Karate: 6:00p - 7:00p
Martial Fitness: 7:00p - 8:00p
Teen & Adult Karate: 6:00p - 7:00p
Tea & Meditation : 7:00p - 8:00p


Congratulations to Paul and Kynan on passing their promotional exams. Special thank you to both James Lew and Noah Fleder for being on their testing board.


Halloween Children's Class

It was great teaching the kids in my Jurassic World T-Rex costume!
Princess Jasmine, the SIlver Super Mega Force Power Ranger, and Sleeping Beauty did an amazing job and earned their POWER STRIPE for practicing their breaking techniques!

Thank you to the parents that helped participate in our special Halloween class and a special thank you to parent Tracy Kay for recording this portion of our class.



The Real Michael Jai White


Spoken beautifully by Yoko Watanabe of Mizai Sho Japanese Shodo Calligraphy. Thank you for creating and sharing!


押忍 Osu

押: "Push"
忍: "Endure"

We use "Osu." a lot at our Aikido dojo for "Hello", "Thank you", "I'm sorry", "I understand", "Yes", "No" etc.
It is easy for any new students to learn how to say "Osu", but they must know what it means.

It does not have to be a suffer all the time to study martial arts, but if you decide to stay in your comfort zone, you will never reach the next level and the miracle never happens.

Keep pushing yourself!


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"...Each of us must find our own way, at our own speed, and in our own place."
-an exert for Awakening the Buddha Within

To recognize this idea within ourselves, is to see it within those around us. Our paitence and understanding will grow and give room for love and wisdom to flourish.
#Haiku #Poetry #Basho #Wisdom #Pathways #respect #buddha #paitence #love #understanding #wisdom #osu


Yesterday, pre-karate students Rowan, Violet and Ava earned their EXCELLENT PUNCH power stripe. These three kids have been putting a lot of work physically and mentally during their classes. I am very proud of them and can't wait to see them earn even more power stripes and later, new ranks.
Congratulations you three!
Also, thank you Tracy, Hank, Lia and Micheal for allowing me to teach your children.
#IFocusMyEyes #IFocusMyMind #IFocusMyBody #KarateKids #ProudSensei #Ojishi



As a Martial Artist for 15 years now, I feel obligated to pass on the teachings of my predecessors and educate communities that Martial Arts is more than just "looking cool". It's about becoming a master of yourself. Training with great diligence, purpose, and ultimately respect. Filling one's cup with skills and values that spill over into one's entire existence.

Train the body, develop the mind, and awaken the spirit.


A group of kung fu practitioners in Beijing attempt to continue to train and live by the ancient principles of the classic Chinese martial art, but some say the traditions are in danger of dying with them.

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Posture is something that if not paid attention to, can cause long term serious issues with our bodies. We may favor one...
When training our self defense techniques, we want to be sure of two things. 1. We keep our training partners safe so th...
Check the link on our profile for the full video!-Sensei Jay Hawkins (Nidan) demonstrates his understanding of using rel...
Working on the bunkai (application) of the kata Heian Nidan in class today made me think of the application of basic tec...
Halloween Children's Class
Ojishi Martial Arts Promotional Test



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