Tiger Joo Personal Trainer

Tiger Joo Personal Trainer

Tiger Joo
Los Angeles Personal Trainer and Founder of Tiger's Law 한국어 능통

Operating as usual


1. Ice skaters
2. Power jump 3'
3. Single legged jumps with 10lbs
4. Repeat


Look at the biceps on this guy 👍💪


This was my Div.3 fencing client's final day of training with me. Isaiah is definitely showing his strength in his legs with this tough workout.

He starts from a kneeling position and jumps towards a 36" box. The bag he carries weighs 25lbs.

It was an honor training this young athlete. I hope he wins many medals in the future.


Here my client Josh is climbing rope with a different grip on his feet than the other videos I have presented here on IG. He is doing what's called the J Outside Grip. If you look, the rope is outside of his right leg while others have held the rope between the legs.

This type of rope climb is much harder than the J Grip between the legs. Also, if you notice, Josh is wearing a 20lb vest. So this climb becomes freaking tough! 💪💪💪


My client is balancing on a stability ball with a 10lb vest while doing pushups. Looking good there Amy!💪😊💪🤗


Look at the muscles on this guy! 78 years old and going strong!!! 💪💪💪

Photos from Tiger Joo Personal Trainer's post 02/19/2022

It was a great honor to have helped Pablo Giraldo for his upcoming meet, the Junior Olympics, which will be held next week Monday at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Whether he wins, I am absolutely confident my training helped his chances to conquer the strip. However like all sports, no medal is a guarantee and Pablo will have to be extremely diligent to place.

Regardless I will put all my money on this young athlete. He's gonna kill it!!!


When we started, this guy almost gave up on me just by climbing my stairs 3x every set (with no weights). Look at him now jumping up 36" with 20lbs in his hands.


I've spoken of him a few times already. And here he is up close and personal! My 78 year old client, Mr James Kim! 💪💪

Looking good there Mr Kim! 👌

Look how working out can keep you looking very young, everyone!

Mr Kim and I train 3x a week.

See you soon at my gym Mr Kim! 💪 🙌




This guy's making this exercise look too easy! 👀

I couldn't do it myself cuz of soreness in my legs 🤭 A petty excuse.....

Good work Pablo!! 🤺


If this 78 year old man can do it, so can we!!! ✊✊


As always I have only a small handful of clients who wish to learn the . This young man is my latest. He learned it very quickly and as you can see he is doing an amazing job. Good work! 👍💥👍💥


The Junior Olympics is a national tournament that consists of fencers 20&under. Our goal is to win a medal of course. Moreover, I helped 3 fencers in the past win similar national events. Let's go Pablo!💥💥💥


You create your world. So work your thoughts to make life the very best.


My client, James Kim. He is 78 years old. Absolutely amazing! 😃👍👍👍👍👍


I'm an artist 🎨. I make bodies more beautiful 🥰


Foil fencer 🤺 Pablo Giraldo and I started our first session today. We have a big foil fencing competition next month, The Junior Olympics.🏆

I made a deal with this young athlete. If we place top 3 🥇🥈🥉 in this competition he will give me a signed uniform to put up on my wall.

As his trainer I can already tell that if he commits to my program, unprecedented changes can happen. So let's see how far we can really go!✊

Photos from Tiger Joo Personal Trainer's post 01/08/2022

I'm away this weekend on vacation at Myrtle Beach ⛱ SC. And this is my very first time being in the east coast.


This is great to work your core while doing . Here Josh is balancing on two 20lb which is harder to balance on than heavier ones. If you can knock out 10 without falling you did an excellent job. 👌


Start off the new year strong 💪


Today is my final workday for the year #2021. My last appointment of the year just ended!

I really think back to the years when I couldn't even afford a gym like this. Starting from the very bottom, it took nothing but blood, sweat, and tears to make it as far as I did.

Now come 2022. It's supposedly going to be a turning point for my life. Continuing my work as a trainer with my discovery of in mind, I can definitely help impact lives especially to those who seek my services.


I'm very honored to have Div.1 foil , Pablo Giraldo (Team @golubitsky_fencing_center), come today to train and help become better at his sport.

I helped 2 other foil fencers in the past make it to a Div.1 school, but this will be the first time that I actually train a Div.1 athlete.

I hope we get to conquer the strip and take his skills to new heights. With Coach Sergei Golbitsky as his fencing mentor, I'm sure Pablo will become a new monster with my ability to impact his muscles.

Pablo Giraldo will be fencing for in fall of 2022


You can see the power and strength in the shape of her legs.

She's wearing a 10lb vest as she's jumping those boxes which is actually quite impressive

Good work 👏 🙌 👍

Photos from Tiger Joo Personal Trainer's post 12/18/2021

The cone of shame ☹ Gongju had an infection on her rear end and at first I thought it may be something serious but fortunately it isn't. She is already recovering 🥰


Take another good look at my Wall of Inspiration:

1. Thought is Energy is Mass

2. Gratitude

3. Ingredients for Success

And make sure to watch my videos about on my YT channel. It can change your life!




By far most people come to me to lose weight. But I get a small number of people who would rather gain weight with muscle.

Here again is Dr. Josh Leeman showing what my training can do. He went from being overly skinny to becoming muscular and shredded.

Good work Josh! 👏


Photos from Tiger Joo Personal Trainer's post 11/18/2021

As this year's of , I'm training those who wish to compete next year!

My clients know they might die in the game, but by training with me they also know that they have a higher chance to win!



My new toaster. Cost: $24.99. This toaster could never exist without my thought of it first.

The energy required of me was very minimal to achieve considering its small price.

However for me to acquire any realistic material in life the process will always remain the same.

All the masses surrounding you in your house requires your thought of it first. And energy must constantly be spent for them to continue to remain with you.

To learn more, please watch my YT videos!


At first glance you may not see a big difference but this client built some serious needed muscle and you will notice how much broader his shoulders got. Also in the before pic he's not pulling his shirt back so you can't tell that he had a larger gut then.

He may not be displaying a fitness model's body but he is showing some great results and it also means he's getting a lot healthier than before.

Good work! 👍👍👍👍


We have been practicing different jump patterns to help build his , , and among other things. 😎

Photos from Tiger Joo Personal Trainer's post 11/06/2021

Her change is pretty obvious. Phenomenal job.

This change took roughly about 40-50 sessions of training, 2x/wk.

She also signed up for more so let's see if she can take it to the next level. ✊


. Karys Ma. I have spoken about him especially in my videos. And he has been and my through .

If it were not for him my eyes were building up heat, which then would have moved towards my and I would have suffered a severe .

We started last year August and I definitely felt the difference after just seeing him a few times.

A few days ago after taking a few I, for the first time, saw the biggest changes in them. I was so astonished to see how much they looked.

But thanks to Dr Ma I am learning so much about the . I don't know any other who can find such a serious which I had by just observing my eyes. He has a serious gift which the needs to know.

I in fact have for my . I'm sure Dr Ma's going to play a gigantic role 👍✊😎

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