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If you saw my 2nd tutorial video about you will know this guy, David.

He spoke about wanting a new car in replacement of his Honda Civic at the time. And recently he hit his goal. He purchased a new GT 5.0 💪

Now, whether he followed my formula on purpose or by accident, there would have been no absolute way he could have acquired his new mass without consistent thought and energy towards acquiring it.

And if he is disciplined enough, he can acquire nearly everything he wants in life so long as he continues to put his thoughts toward them and never ever give up his energy until he has them.

The problem with the world as I see it is that 99% of the Earth's population can't see the amount of potential we have. If we all work at it there should be 0% reason why we can't all accomplish our greatest dreams and our highest aspirations.

So, for David I hope this will be just the beginning for him. I sincerely hope that he will prove to everyone how right I am and that he too can conquer fate.



Definition of mass: a coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape.

Mass of Tiger Joo Personal Trainer:
1. 5'11" tall
2. 200 lbs weight
3. Korean/American
4. Black hair
5. Tan skin
6. Athletic
7. 1300 sq ft. of space
8. Fastest speed recorded: over 80 mph
9. Seen moving about in different countries at once
10. 650 sq ft. of space
11. Can produce both extreme heat and extreme cold
12. Money growth: up and down

Tiger Joo is definitely a coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape or form.

However, the definite shape of line #12 has not only been increasing over time, it will exponentially grow as Mr. Joo is always aware that his mass is always dependent on his thoughts and the energy he uses to make line #12 grow.

Therefore, in 5 - 10 years or so, the money mass of Tiger Joo Personal Trainer will definitely be much, much greater than today, according to my projections.🙂



Once you walk in here, you'll see why so many people stick with me for years.



1. If the entire world would just rely on the United States alone to find the basic resources for food, clothing, and shelter, we would have more than enough to feed, clothe, and shelter all 8 billion people on Earth so that they can all live in absolute luxury.

2. Basic resources today include things that were unimaginable in the past. The internet alone brings fortune to countless people that other technologies could have never matched, and today it is available to nearly everyone globally at a relatively low cost. Therefore, humans shaped and designed prior resources in the past to make new and better ones for us to use in the future.

3. The more resources you have working for you, the more resources will grow for you. As a personal trainer, I diligently set up my resources to operate in an environment where people can regain and build their health, physical image, mental confidence, and overall quality of life. By doing so, I attract many others to buy into my resources so that they too can make a difference in their lives.

Ultimately this formula applies to all: You have an endless amount of resources to work with on Earth. You can shape them and mold them so that they can start working for you. Once you get such resources in place, you will gain more resources over time. And with great diligence, you will soon become rich.

Comments on my post are always welcome.😊



From Merriam-Webster Dictionary: The meaning of FORTITUDE is strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage

When we think of this word, I am sure we mainly think of soldiers going to battle or athletes competing against each other in sports. However, I am also positive that this word applies to all of us every single day.

Life will always have a variety of danger, pain, and adversity. For some, danger can await us when we don't have enough money to eat the next day. Business owners can take risks and may sometimes face the dangers of economic collapse. Etc. But how well equipped are you to face the adversities in life? Do you feel you lack courage to overcome them today? Do you struggle to find help?

I promise you. No matter what horrible circumstances you are facing, no matter how incredible your problems feel right now, there will always be solutions to your needs. Sometimes the problems may not be something you can easily fix, but with fortitude, you will undergo them much better if you don't bring yourself down to defeat.

Practice every day the mental thoughts of courage, financial freedom, love, wealth, etc. When you look at your problems always gear your mind to the solutions. If it will take years of work, then imagine how much more powerful you will be when you finally make it out to the other side.

If it's a lifetime of problems that you feel you are facing, then it's now time to accept the fact that you will have to carry those burdens; however you will now always carry them so that they will bring you new strength and focus that no one else can experience in this entire world but you.

If you are my follower, you will make a promise to me now. You will promise me that every single day, you will be a new person of FORTITUDE. You will lead others by setting yourself as an example of what courage you have. Nothing will set you back in fear. And by doing so, you will prove to everyone how powerful your mind can be and what dramatic changes it can bring.


Good morning Koreatown Los Angeles❣️ Can you tell which one is my gym?


Staying fit with a right keeps your challenged in unpredictable environments ✌️



If you look at all the circumstances in life surrounding us today, I wonder how many of us feel that we're putting things in our control rather than things are putting us in their control. You can be a rich corporate owner, a full-time waiter, a lawyer, a personal trainer, or a shoemaker, etc., it wouldn't matter.

Having the experience of training so many different people of extremely different socio-economic backgrounds, I personally believe that a person's amount of wealth, socio-economic status, fame, etc. has very little influence in what that person believes how much control he/she has over all the important (or even unimportant) matters revolving around his/her life. The way they react to things that happen to them and the way they feel about the circumstances that are surrounding them say it all.

For instance, I can be someone who makes over $250k per year but because of the setup at work, making such money may not be worth it at all for a person like me: I can be an esteemed lawyer with an exact $250k/year income while having my own high-rise office in DTLA, but because of all the everyday stresses within the office, I literally decide to quit my job.

I can be a struggling personal trainer who tries his very best to earn a high income but never makes enough money to pay rent on time every month, so one day I am forced out of the building where I operate my gym. I have to either quit my career or search for a new location to start all over again to make ends meet.

These are all very realistic scenarios in life that will sound very familiar to all of us. I personally underwent such difficulties in the past. But how much do we let such problems take control of us? Can life really be that miserable?

Though I'm the last person to criticize, I challenge you. I challenge you to truly think about your circumstances in life. Do you sincerely feel grateful for the things you have now? Do you face your challenges to grow from them rather than fill them with complaints and bitterness? No matter how much money you make today, no matter how poor you are compared to all the rich people around you, I challenge all of you. What is it about life that matters to you?

Does it matter to you that you lost your job vs. what your next job will be and the new opportunities it can bring?

Does it matter to you that you have an uncontrollable debt vs. the lessons you will learn from it when the debts will finally somehow settle?

Such challenges in your life will go on and on till you turn old and gray.

So I challenge you. Think carefully about what matters to you in your life.

And as you begin to manage the important matters in your life, watch it grow to become something more amazing than you ever thought possible.


Once you overcome one hurdle in life, another one is bound to come. But keep at it. This world is yours to take! 💪


My gym will make 💪



It's been about 3 months now since my dog passed away. And after interacting with different people about my loss it seems not everyone can really empathize with my pain. However, from the day she first fell sick on April 1st to about a month after she passed in May 18th, I remember those were the most difficult times I had to endure.

Knowing that I will lose her forever, all aspects of my life were affected. And to this day I am still feeling its aftermath. Being single most of my life I never had anyone stay by my side as long as my pup, Gongju, did. So losing her caused a very big mess. However, rather than grumbling and complaining all the time about my problems, I continue to try and focus on the good that is still around.

As the way I see it, everything was meant for me to experience this pain. Having Gongju in my life was definitely meant to be. So it was inevitable for me to have to go through the experience of losing her as well. And because I have to endure these new problems, I continue to exercise my thoughts on gratitude to overcome them.

As much as I loved having my dog by my side, her leaving has given me new important lessons. And because of her I will grow to become even stronger minded and more thankful for the things I have and the memories we built together.

Thank you, Gongju. You will be forever loved and remembered.


This is my new profile pic for my website. Check it out sometime!

tigerjoopt.com 😊



I hear all the time that personal training with me is very expensive. As a matter of fact, I charge between $90-$100 per session with my clients. However, when my clients spend such money to be with me, how are they losing any of it?

Perhaps if they signup with me yet never show up or not take our training times seriously, how are they really losing that money?

Every single day they come, they are forced to do grueling work. Their entire bodies are being worked to near absolute fatigue. The type of training they endure can be equivalent to master athletes who train for years to develop their strength and talent. Mentally, the time they put in with me requires absolute focus and awareness. And ultimately, the money and time they spend with me can never be matched elsewhere. They will constantly face challenges to improve. And as they keep at it, the improvements will always be their end result.

So think about it. One can spend similar amounts of money weekly just to be with friends for dinner, drinks, and fun. But if you force yourself to put that money away to train with me, your entire self will change. You will transform radically. And if you commit yourself to be with me over a long period of time, your entire fate will change its course.

So then, is training with me really that expensive? Is it an expense at all?

I call it a 100% investment.


Suspension training



From my perspective as a personal trainer, failure is perhaps the biggest impediment of everyone's life. We never enjoy failing. But the irony is we need to fail in order to succeed. In fact, Koreans have a term for it: 실패는 성공의 어머니, or "Failure is the mother of success."

For me, the biggest fear I had in my life so far was when I left my company to become an independent personal trainer. At the time, I had no savings whatsoever and did not have a large clientele who was willing to follow me in my business endeavor.

And over the course of many years, I came to become who I am today. But it was that initial step of leaving my company that started it all--to overcome fear.

I truly believe we can radically change the way our economic system works if more people would understand how much power they have within themselves. If more people can truly seek their dreams and not fall behind because of the different fears they have, they can make the entire world a better place for everyone.

Besides if more people become rich, then the more spending power everyone else will have.

Pain Proverbs 07/30/2022

Pain Proverbs


Pain is a part of being alive, and we need to learn that. Pain does not last forever, nor is it necessarily unbeatable, and we need to be taught that. ~ Rabbi Harold S. Kushner
Source: https://proverbicals.com/pain

Exercise is a perfect analogy of pain. We hate it. We want it to end. But when we get through it, we become better. If we undergo exercise repeatedly over the course of a few years, the pain of exercise will never go away, but we remain strong from it.

If we pretend we don't need exercise because of its pain, pain will not stop to seek you. As a matter of fact, if you persist on staying away from the pain of exercise over the course of a few years, you will start feeling pain in a different, more dramatic form, as your body never learns how to defend itself from it. Disease, debilitation, fatigue, etc. can start to overcome you.

So no matter what, pain is a part of being alive. Though it is never unbeatable--though it may not last forever--that can really depend on the choices you make in life.

Pain Proverbs The Spanish proverb suggests that where there is love, there is pain!... This page is a compilation of proverbs quotes and sayings about PAIN ....


You saw her last week doing the battle ropes with sheer strength. This is my client Michelle! We plan to post another picture when she loses more weight. Good work Michelle!



Albert Einstein proved by his discovery E=mc^2 that time is relative according to our circumstances. If I live in a space shuttle that orbits the Earth and I travel inside this shuttle at an extremely high speed, time will slow down for me. It might be very small to notice but the fact will remain that I am aging slower than everyone on Earth.

When you look at your surroundings, the same concept applies. Everyone on Earth can look at it one way, but you yourself can look at it in another way. Every single person on Earth can look at you and your surroundings and judge you all the same.

But you have the choice to look at everything your own way.

How do you judge yourself and your surroundings?

As good or bad as my situation is now, I already made my choice. And I'll prove to everyone that I am and will become the best of the best.


This client lost about 20lbs with me so far. Her goal is to lose up to 30 more for a total of 50! I'll post her picture next week and hopefully a good after photo too in the near future 💪💪💪💪


Check out my client @soniah2014 sporting my clawmarks! 😎

You can read her review about me in my earlier post.

Thanks Sonia!!!


Thought = Energy = Mass

If what I discovered is true that thought, energy, and mass are all the same, then the following principle is true:

1. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed
2. Mass cannot be created nor destroyed
3. Therefore, thought cannot be created nor destroyed

When you began to exist in your world, you entered into a world full of nothing but thought. And depending on where you were born, the different forms of thought that existed around you will have molded your thoughts to the person you are today.

And if you clearly understand the principle of thought = energy = mass, you should be better able to master your thoughts so that the things which surround you will begin to take shape in the way you have always desired and worked for.

Although never perfect, your thought-world can start transforming to everything you desire. You can start this process by only accepting the thoughts that will help you become what you always wanted to become. You throw away the thoughts that will hinder your goals. And with diligence and patience, slowly things will start to take their place.




So far I only have a few clients who can do this exercise. This client is also doing the easier version as the dumbells are on the very heavy side.


Our Economy

Economy defined: the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.

One very interesting topic I pondered in the last few years is the talk about the economy. When the pandemic hit, for instance, I really paid attention to the news about business shutdowns and how the Covid-19 virus is causing problems to business owners all over the world. Facing such a catastrophe, I myself feared the fact that I may have to shut down my business as a personal trainer. The government even ordered me to close. My business was never labeled as an "essential" business. The world can move on without me. Whether I stay open or not was my problem. Managing the Covid-19 virus was everyone's priority.

But reflecting back on those moments, I know now more than ever that whatever the news, or my friends, or what other business leaders experienced at the time had nothing to do with the growth or failure of my business. My thoughts 100% control the success or failure of my business--not the Corona virus, not the economy, not the available "resources" of my country--nothing but my own thoughts.

As hard and difficult as the times may have been, my thoughts demand the outcome of such difficulties. Whether I have needed outside help or not, whether the economy ran in my favor or not, in the end, I personally will determine where my economic fate will go.

So to me personally, I have a new definition of the word "economy." And I state it as such:

Economy defined by Tiger Joo: the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services relative to everyone's own personal thought at his or her present time.

Videos (show all)

Josh is jumping single-legged with a 20 lb vest onto a 12" box. It's an excellent workout for both your thighs and butt.
This client lost about 20lbs with me so far. Her goal is to lose up to 30 more for a total of 50! I'll post her picture ...
So far I only have a few clients who can do this exercise. This client is also doing the easier version as the dumbells ...
This client came back to train with me after 2 years. She used to be able to go all the way to the top. She still did an...
This client is really using all his #grip strength and #core to climb the #rope without using his feet. Good work! ✊️
1. Ice skaters2. Power jump 3'3. Single legged jumps with 10lbs4. Repeat
Look at the biceps on this guy 👍💪
This was my Div.3 fencing client's final day of training with me. Isaiah is definitely showing his strength in his legs ...
Here my client Josh is climbing rope with a different grip on his feet than the other videos I have presented here on IG...
My client is balancing on a stability ball with a 10lb vest while doing pushups. Looking good there Amy!💪😊💪🤗
Look at the muscles on this guy! 78 years old and going strong!!! 💪💪💪
When we started, this guy almost gave up on me just by climbing my stairs 3x every set (with no weights). Look at him no...





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