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Valslide is a great fitness tool for getting a strong core and super easy to travel with. Here are a few fun exercises to try. Valslide slides best on carpet.

When doing Mountain Climbers or mini pikes, make sure your foot is in the middle of the Valslide. If it is too far forward, it will act as a break. put the ball of your foot, on the "s". That's how you get in the right spot.

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Happy National Pet Day!! These are my two loves, Sophie and Kaya. Pure joy!


I have had many days, months and sometimes years where my life just felt stressful or chaotic. Oddly, the pandemic changed that for me.

The quarantine allowed me to slow down and I realized how much better I feel when I’m at peace. Now I work to protect my peace even though life if busy again.

For me, hiking in nature or swimming in the ocean is one way. But also, reading a good book with my pups snuggled close or a great workout. Breath work, saunas or steam, cold plunging and meditation are other modalities that work for me. I’m better now at recognizing when I’m starting to get out of balance and I have the tools available to protect my peace and sense of calm. This is just a nicer way to live (for me).


Friday morning happiness walk was hot hot hot! But so happy I did it. Summer is all about getting outside for me.

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I had a fantastic weekend getting certified to teach SHERPA breath work and intentional cold exposure.

Breath work and cold exposure (ice bath) are two great tools to teach you to regulate your nervous system. It also just feels amazing! I love it!!

I’m looking forward to offering sessions to my one on one clients but also setting up group sessions. It’s fun to do it in a group setting and have people cheering you on!! Stay tuned.


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New online bootcamp is coming!! We start April 24th

We will be do my signature workouts that get you strong AND lean you out. We will have weekly chats to encourage you and hold you accountable. I’ve been running these online bootcamps since 2015 and I love seeing the results that the women get.

Summer is coming! If you need help up leveling your workouts, getting back on track with good habits or even just some accountability, join us in this safe inclusive environment.

We start 4/24. All online

6 new video workouts

5 live chats

1 awesome group

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DM if have questions.
Link in bio

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National puppy day! And these are my pups. They bring me joy every day.

First 3 pics are puppy Sophie and the next 3 are baby Kaya.


It is no fun being sick. Like many of you, I work hard to stay healthy. But with a recent trip to Miami to speak at an event, I got a little rundown. And a packed flight on the way home set me up catch something. Stuffy nose, scratchy throat and general crummy feeling had me immediately starting on soups and green juice and my favorite supplement by AG1. 4 days later, I still feel awful so I thought it was time to bring in the big guns. IV drip for cold and flu, delivered by . I know this an extreme privilege but I really need to get back to work.

This is the first cold I’ve had in about 3 years and hopefully it will be at another 3 before I get another. Early to bed tonight and 🙏🙏🙏 I wake up healthy tomorrow. I do not take my health for granted. I love living vibrantly! I miss being in the gym!

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Red Carpet Ready Transformational Bootcamp is back for fall session!
We start Monday, November 7th. Let’s put some fitness in the bank before the holidays. 💪❤️
Sign up link is in my bio ❤️
Feel free to DM or email for more info!


I love September! The last few slow days of Summer but with the bubbling excitement of Fall energy and what that will bring.

I’m still in the middle of a renovation up in the mountains but I welcome the routine of Fall. Clients tend to get back on a consistent schedule and my own workouts do the same.

I’m going to enjoy the Holiday weekend and then I’m ready to put more energy into my renovation so I can finish it up and move back to LA. I’ll be sharing pics soon

Happy September!


Enjoying my coffee while watching the sun come up through the trees and waiting for the Blue Jays to grab their peanuts.

I love this sweet quiet time in the morning. It’s delightfully cool with a soft breeze. The birds are chirping and my pups snuggled close by.

Soon the morning will get busy with clients and my renovation to-do list but, right now, I’m enjoying the moment. I hope you are too!💕


The joy of riding a wave is undeniable. Whether on a surf board, boogie board or even just your body, it is equal opportunity joy.

I had planned to take a surf lesson today but the sets were too big for me to feel safe.

So instead, I chose to ride on my boogie board and had so so much fun.

I call this a touchstone activity. When you can’t do that thing you really want whether that’s because of an injury, fear or conditions, instead of opting out completely, do the thing that gets you closest to that feeling. I promise, my joy was not diminished because I chose to switch floating device.

There are still a few weeks of summer left. Get out there and savor it. And when it’s time to rest, grab a juicy book and crawl back in bed. I just fined The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Paper Palace. Both were delightful.

☀️ #🏄‍♀️

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My last day in LA was perfect. I walked my dogs early when the weather is just lovely.

Then I saw a couple of my favorite clients/friends, and for a workout and good bye hug.

Later, I chilled poolside and finished book and after that, capped it off wine and sushi with one of my favorite people

If you didn’t know, I moved to Lake Arrowhead last fall to renovate a little cabin in the woods. I love it but LA was calling and I answered. So I rented a guesthouse for 2 months and had the best summer ever!!!

I’ll be back but bye for now LA. Thanks for the memories.


It takes hard work to reach your goals or even define them. But if you don’t carve out time for yourself and what’s important to you, you put others needs first (kids, boss, partner) and you sacrifice your dreams.

I’m not saying this is easy. But sometimes you have to be your best advocate. It might mean getting up at 5am to train or write or study. It’s hard. I’ve been there.

But not making those sacrifices like sleep or laundry etc, means, that thing you really want (degree, business, new app, health, relationship) gets sacrificed.

So beautiful soul, what’s it going to be? You do get to choose, even if it feels really really hard.


Happy 4th of July!

Remember, we always have freedom of what we pay attention to. So just for today, maybe you tune out the noise of the world, the things that aren’t working in your life and the people you disagree with and focus instead on the beauty and joy all around no matter how small.

Notice the sun on your face or the chirp of the birds. Maybe you, like me can have joy of puppy snuggles in the morning and a great workout or dive into any body of water. Maybe you are with friends and family and you can enjoy meaningful connection and some deep belly laughs. Do not think these are too insignificant to give your attention to.

It’s the small moments of beauty and joy that make our lives delicious. Go forth and have fun!!

Keep your pups inside if there are fireworks in your area. And make sure they feel safe.



This has been my mantra for more than 20 years. It’s propelled me and hundreds of clients to get to the gym or yoga studio, to go for a run or just do a home workout.

No matter how much you don’t feel like doing it, you will be so happy you did, once it’s done.

Exercise can shake off a bad mood, it can unleash creativity and give you more energy. So let’s go. Push yourself to do your workout. You can thank me later.


Appetizers for dinner are one of my favorite ways to eat on these beautiful summer evenings. A graze board, a glass of wine, good company and warm summer night, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

I just love summer so much and I’m ready to revel in it!

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Light the world up with your laughter and joy. Life if is meant to be savored and shared.

Thank you for making me laugh today ! My heart is full. This introvert loves people, just not too many, all at once. One on one with soul baring chats is my jam. Laughter is the icing on the cake.


Wordle 345 2/6


Feeling rather proud of myself.


Another amazing day surfing with ! He is a professional surfer, amazing surf coach and just a lovely person.

Evan has an incredible amount of patience and helped me get comfortable in the water again. It’s been 3 years since I’ve surfed and I wasn’t good 3 years ago. So, I’m basically starting over, with a creakier body and no paddle strength. And yet….It is still so incredibly fun!!!! have two more days of surf lessons and I’m already dreaming of coming back in September.

If you find yourself in kauai and have dreamed of learning to surf, book some sessions at I promise you will love it! 🏄‍♀️🌴🏄‍♂️💕

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First time back in Kauai in 3 years and it’s as magical as I remember. Everything is so lush and beautiful.

The ocean has been divine but even just walking around here feels so good. I’m so grateful to be back here! 🌴💕


Just watched 4 episodes in a row of this new HBO series Julia, about Julia Child.

What an absolute delight this show is! Now I’m watching old clips with her and thinking I need to make one of her famous recipes!!

The HBO show does a great job of showing why home cooks everywhere fell in love with Julia.

Pic credit: HBO

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I love this woman ! We hadn’t seen each since pre-pandemic, and then it was like no time had passed.

It was just so fun to sit and catch up! I’m so grateful for our friendship and for the world opening up again. I missed days like this. I’m more of a one on one or small group person and deep soulful conversation is my jam! 💕

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Having a snow day up here in the mountains and I love it!! Staying cozy in front of my 🔥 when I’m not outside playing in the snow.

Taking advantage of the quiet to rewrite my intentions and use the magic of 2/22/22 to create even more joy in my life.

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes (or more) to dream and write those dreams down. And then write a couple action steps you can take this week to move you in the right direction.

Less than a year ago, I made a vision board on my phone. It has pictures of cabins in the woods. I now live in one like it. This stuff works!! So dream and then take inspired action and watch your world change.



I still love this. Sometimes I have to go slow and take more time warming up. Fitness & Workouts] helps me flow into movement when I’m creaky.

Fitness & Workouts]


Welcome to my winter wonderland!

I wanted so for my birthday and I got it and then some! I’m staying cozy inside while someone is digging out my driveway and putting chains on my tires.

So much to learn and adventures to have. I’m renovating a cozy little cabin and leaning into “slow living “ lifestyle. And I feel happier than I have in a very long time. Being immersed in nature agrees with me.

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 12/28/2021

2 years ago today I brought home this love bug and have completely in love ever since.

Sophie was so quiet and shy in the beginning and happy to just snuggle in close while I read a book or watched a movie.

She is still an A+ snuggler but now she is more adventurous and quite social. She loves everyone! Dogs and humans. She makes me laugh every day and I feel like I live in a constant state of love.

Sophie and her big sister Kaya are the joys of my life.. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Sophie, I’m so happy I’m your momma. We were meant to be together.

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Welcome to my winter wonderland! I wanted so for my birthday and I got it and then some! I’m staying cozy inside while s...
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