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Valerie Waters


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Happy Friday My Friends! Complete your projects for the week do quick strength and conditioning workout and enjoy your weekend 🌞

Thank you Kayla for joining me this afternoon 👍

We love doing push-ups with valslides by Valerie Waters

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Élève lycée pour la vie

Another amazing day surfing with @evanvaliere ! He is a professional surfer, amazing surf coach and just a lovely person.

Evan has an incredible amount of patience and helped me get comfortable in the water again. It’s been 3 years since I’ve surfed and I wasn’t good 3 years ago. So, I’m basically starting over, with a creakier body and no paddle strength. And yet….It is still so incredibly fun!!!! have two more days of surf lessons and I’m already dreaming of coming back in September.

If you find yourself in kauai and have dreamed of learning to surf, book some sessions at @hanaleisurfschool I promise you will love it! 🏄‍♀️🌴🏄‍♂️💕

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 04/28/2022

First time back in Kauai in 3 years and it’s as magical as I remember. Everything is so lush and beautiful.

The ocean has been divine but even just walking around here feels so good. I’m so grateful to be back here! 🌴💕


Just watched 4 episodes in a row of this new HBO series Julia, about Julia Child.

What an absolute delight this show is! Now I’m watching old clips with her and thinking I need to make one of her famous recipes!!

The HBO show does a great job of showing why home cooks everywhere fell in love with Julia.

Pic credit: HBO

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 03/22/2022

I love this woman @therealpoppymontgomery ! We hadn’t seen each since pre-pandemic, and then it was like no time had passed.

It was just so fun to sit and catch up! I’m so grateful for our friendship and for the world opening up again. I missed days like this. I’m more of a one on one or small group person and deep soulful conversation is my jam! 💕

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 02/23/2022

Having a snow day up here in the mountains and I love it!! Staying cozy in front of my 🔥 when I’m not outside playing in the snow.

Taking advantage of the quiet to rewrite my intentions and use the magic of 2/22/22 to create even more joy in my life.

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes (or more) to dream and write those dreams down. And then write a couple action steps you can take this week to move you in the right direction.

Less than a year ago, I made a vision board on my phone. It has pictures of cabins in the woods. I now live in one like it. This stuff works!! So dream and then take inspired action and watch your world change.



I still love this. Sometimes I have to go slow and take more time warming up. Fitness & Workouts] helps me flow into movement when I’m creaky.

Fitness & Workouts]


Welcome to my winter wonderland!

I wanted so for my birthday and I got it and then some! I’m staying cozy inside while someone is digging out my driveway and putting chains on my tires.

So much to learn and adventures to have. I’m renovating a cozy little cabin and leaning into “slow living “ lifestyle. And I feel happier than I have in a very long time. Being immersed in nature agrees with me.

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 12/28/2021

2 years ago today I brought home this love bug and have completely in love ever since.

Sophie was so quiet and shy in the beginning and happy to just snuggle in close while I read a book or watched a movie.

She is still an A+ snuggler but now she is more adventurous and quite social. She loves everyone! Dogs and humans. She makes me laugh every day and I feel like I live in a constant state of love.

Sophie and her big sister Kaya are the joys of my life.. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Sophie, I’m so happy I’m your momma. We were meant to be together.


Easy like Sunday morning.

I love my new morning view. I love taking time to just sit and watch the sun through the trees.

I will sit here while I write my gratitude list (feeling very grateful these days) and then do my morning pages. I’m confident my gratitude practice and my journaling propelled me to this new life.

My soul longed to connect more with nature and lean into “slow living “. I’m not all the way there yet but I am consciously making decisions to create a life that allows more time in nature and more time with my pups, Sophie and Kaya who are an endless source of joy.

I have also taken on the renovation of this little cabin in the woods, so it’s not all easy. But I grab the moments where and when I can. 🌲


One of the many simple pleasures of life in the mountains is watching the birds.

There are so many different kinds but my favorite are the blue jays. And they love peanuts 🥜 so I bought a bag. I also bought a bird feeder and that is fun too.

It’s like a nature’s wonderland here. I’m still getting settled and finding my way but I love it already.

I’m renovating a little cabin here and will share more pics when it’s a little more cleaned up.


Happy Halloween from my gold medal champions of love and affection!

Kaya my gsd and Sophie my rescue pup, make my life so much more fun. I love them to the moon and back.

@allthingspups , thank you for the training tune up for Kaya and showering them both with love and affection. I am so grateful. And I love their delightful costumes and photo ops.


I have learned to calm myself and many storms have passed.

The grace and beauty of getting older and having done the work.

There is so much joy and beauty to experience. Maybe minimize the news for a bit and go outside.


Joy in the time of coronavirus.

We all will have a pandemic story. What it looks like for each of us will be different but I’m sure there was some anxiety, stress and sadness mixed with opportunities to look at the bright side of things. Some of you baked sourdough, some (many) learned all kinds of ways to zoom and others took online courses.

Please know, I am not trying to minimize anyone’s suffering, just sharing how and where I found joy.

I had just bought this house when the lockdown happened. I was not able to see my clients in person and was sheltering in place with my two pups Sophie and Kaya whom I love so much.

I spent many hours on Pinterest and went to work trying to make my home cozy and beautiful. It started with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly lace, everywhere and lightening up the hardwood floors. Then I converted the garage to a gym and worked on designing my pink bathroom. Much later I tackled the patio and backyard. Along the way I took a couple design courses and spent hours redoing bookshelves and closets.

In the winter, I became a firewood connoisseur and lit a fire almost every night. I had lots of time to snuggle pups and run through countless shows on Netflix.

I missed seeing people and Woodland Hills wasn’t the best fit but I learned how to find joy in the simplest things and I am so incredibly grateful for all the blessings this house gave me. I hope the next family loves it and can feel the joy and love that went into it.

I’m in escrow now and soon will be looking for a new house to design and another adventure to have.


Thank you for the love on my previous post. Interior design has become a passion for me.

This is the first room I made over at beginning of lockdown because of course I needed a place to train and all the gyms were closed.

I took a very janky garage and turned it into bonus room. For me, it’s a gym and a laundry room but it could be a kids play room, an office or a game room. It has its own mini split A/C which is so necessary here in the Summer. Sometimes I would just relax in there because the A/C worked so well!

I particularly love my wall bars that allow me to do so many different exercises and attach my bands for rows and more!

I have vinyl plank floors for style and easy cleaning and then a rug for warmth and @valslide of course!!

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 08/20/2021

I’m moving!

I bought this home March 2020 with no idea what was about to unfold. By the time escrow closed, I wasn’t even sure I could get movers to move me. Obviously we all know how quickly the world changed.

I found myself locked in a house in a neighborhood I didn’t know and would not really get to explore for a year. My plans to join a gym to meet people was shelved since they were all shuttered.

I threw myself into learning to train people via a zoom which was a god send and amazing and also I spent many hours on Pinterest and YouTube learning about design, renovation and styling. I have to tell you it was a joy! And I got super passionate about it, taking a few online courses to better understand.

I love what I created here. Go to next slide to see where I started.

I love this house! But as the world opened back up and traffic returned, I realized I don’t love Woodland Hills. I miss the west side and all my peeps and favorite spots. I miss the cool breeze.

I think if the pandemic taught us anything, that is life is precious and short. So when I thought of moving, I asked myself, “if not now, when?”

I don’t have to stay. I can let someone else love this house. I’ve gotten so much good feedback and that fills my heart.

And now we have multiple offers and it is time to let someone else enjoy something I had the most fun creating at a crazy weird time.

So on to my new adventure!

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 10/15/2020

I want to share my bathroom renovation!

Usually what I share is fitness, motivation or my doggies but I’m so proud of my bathroom that I have to share! Especially since no one is coming over right now!

I bought this house in Woodland Hills in late February. Closed escrow in mid-March. So I think you can imagine there was some anxiety involved.

It turns out, quarantine is a perfect time to move since I could just stay home and use Pinterest and Instagram to help me design my home. In the past I didn’t trust my instinct or design style and very much relied on my celebrity client’s, designer styled homes.

My home is neither the scale or in the budget of these other homes and what I learned was I prefer a simpler but still beautiful style.

I mostly used Instagram to find my inspiration. Often, the links are posted so I could find the tile and vanity or something similar by following the links.

I made some mistakes along the way but learned you can also return almost everything and I got good at doing just that.

I’m so completely thrilled with my new guest bathroom! I sort of think of myself as a designer now! I love this new creative outlet. We all need things that bring us joy!!

While this is just a small guest bathroom, you have to click through to see the before! Please leave a comment if you like it. I don’t normally share this kind of stuff but I’m just giddy with the results. 🥰

Photos from Valerie Waters's post 08/27/2020

I have finally left quarantine for a couple days!

I have really loved time in my new home and embracing a quieter but very happy life. I can honestly say, while my heart hurts for the world, personally, I’ve thrived during the shutdown.

But I am a beach girl at heart and since Kauai is not in the cards right now, I decided (quite spontaneously) to stay in Malibu for a few days. My intention is to get in the ocean each day, take beach walks or hike and just remember how happy I am when I’m in or near the ocean.

The change of scenery is nice too! I love my home home but Woodland Hills is very hot right now!! Sitting here on the rooftop at is just divine!!


Valslide is great on it’s own. But, it’s even more fun when you use a little extra load. Kettlebells and dumbbells are always a good choice but I especially love my @ultimatesandbag ! I love the variety of loading options the challenge of the slightly shifting weight. You don’t need a lot weight to start and really feel the difference.

Here, I’m demonstrating a few variations of the @valslide reverse lunge. Obviously you should master the basic move before moving on but if you’re ready, let’s go!

Valslide reverse lunge with in the overhead position.

This is challenging! Abs tight and keep your arms straight, wrists over shoulders. If you have trouble getting your arms straight up by your ears, try a different variation.

Do 10 reps each leg.

Offset shoulder reverse lunge. This is a great place to start with adding the sandbag to your Valslide reverse lunge. Notice how I put my opposite arm out for core stability. Again try 10 reps per side.

Valslide reverse lunge with sandbag in front with a push forward will load your glutes, work your abs and challenge your balance. I love this one! 8-10 reps per side.

Try these moves and let me know what you think.

are made with love in California. Small business support is much appreciated. 😘

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