Winsor Choza Pilates

Winsor Choza Pilates


I saw Winsor Choza Pilates a few days ago having fun with a balance control combo. I improvised and added a little extra! Thank you for inspiring me again Saul E Choza. ☺️🤩

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Last week of the Rise and Recharge Challenge. Thank you for all who joined in on your mat with me last week. So appreciate all the praises 💟
This last week will be pilates instructor is Winsor Choza Pilates Presented by Pilates Anytime Starts at 8AM PST | 11AM EST Monday-Friday. Remember you can still use your FREE 30-day trial with code DANICA! 🙌🏾 Now, go get some!
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Ready to Rise and Recharge, YASSSSSS!!! Let's ring in 2021 with a 4 week challenge which will be streaming live and run five days a week all January long.
Each week, one of four dynamic Pilates instructors, Bodyline Pilates, Viktor Uygan , my self Pilates 804 Online and Winsor Choza Pilates will teach a class.
I will be making my first debut with Pilates Anytime Let me recharge your practice in the fundamental principles of Pilates as a springboard to make movement more accessible and inspire you to go deeper with the work.
Please check out the link below for more information about this event and how to sign up! Don't forget to use the code DANICA for your free 30day trail!
Navigating Our New Normal: Saul Choza

Balanced Body ambassador Ana Caban speaks to our colleagues, clients, and friends about our new normal. Learn about what others are doing to minimize daily stress, meet client needs, navigating through this new normal! Today she speaks with Saul Choza of Winsor Choza Pilates.

Watch Now:
Tune in tomorrow when Miley and I chat about how important self care is for the mind, body and spirit!
If you are in the Los Angeles area, Saul Choza's studio, Winsor Choza Pilates, is hosting a workshop taught by Brooke Siler on January 11, 2020, from 12 pm - 4 pm! 1/3 of the proceeds from this workshop go directly to Mari Winsor. Click the post below to learn more about the event!

If you aren't able to attend but wish to donate to Mari, you can contribute to her GoFundMe page:
The snake of the reformer, #classicalpilates #pilates Winsor Choza Pilates
Here’s a #mondaymotivation and #mancrushmonday combo coming to you from Beverly BLVD, Los Angeles! 💙Brought to you by Saul Choza, Winsor Choza Pilates 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Go get it guys!!!

Winsor Choza Pilates is the premier Hollywood studio, owned by Romana trained instructor Saul Choza, hosting the legendary Mari Winsor. Winsor Choza Pilates is the premier Classical Pilates studio in West Hollywood, owned and operated by second generation teacher Saul Choza

Operating as usual

Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 03/09/2022

March MATness Day 9: Rocker with Open Legs



March MATness Day 7: The Double Leg Stretch

We know, boys, it’s hard to contain your joy while doing this exercise. I mean, Chaz appears to be having the time of his life! 😅


March MATness Day 6: The Single Leg Strech


Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 03/05/2022

March MATness Day 5: Rolling Back

📸 @heidilureign

Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 03/04/2022

March MATness Day 4: The One Leg Circle:

This year for MM the Winsor Choza crew cleared out most our reformers and broke out our mats to move through Joe’s 34 original mat exercises together. We had the best time! We played with rhythm and added a few extra movements. The goal was to maintain a flow, and we wanted our pics to capture our movement.
Thanks @benjamindegenhardt for bringing our community together, you’re the best 🙏🏼💙
📸 @heidilureign

Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 03/03/2022

March MATness Day 3: The Roll Over

Real talk. Is anyone else struggling a bit with the daily MM posts this year? There is so much going on in the world, and we don’t want to come across as tone-deaf to the plight of others who are suffering.
Sending love and light to everyone. ☮️
📸 @heidilureign

Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 03/02/2022

March MATness Day 2: The Roll Up

The past two years have been challenging for everyone, to say the least. We’ve all been through so much that it’s going to take time for us to bounce back to where we were pre pandemic, if that’s even possible.
I lost my crew when we were shut down, but I’m happy that things are working out, and now we have a team of like minded instructors who share a mutual love for Joe and Pilates.
We had such a great time shooting these pics. It was the first time in a while that things felt a little “normal.” - Saul 💙
📸 Heidi LuReign Warstler


March MATness Day 1: The Hundred

I believe Pilates is currently in a state of metamorphosis. Many instructors are deeply exploring the work and truly owning their craft. What’s exciting for me here at my studio, is that I can say this about my team of instructors. What I’ve observed with traditional Pilates, especially second generation instructors, is that many are honoring the legacy of JP, and their first generation mentors, as well as researching current literature to assist in understanding what Pilates is.
Mari Winsor used to say “PIlates is life,” and she was spot on. Pilates supports our everyday life because it reflects our current existence. It reconnects us to what’s important, being fully present.
I think this is why Pilates is more relevant than ever. - 💙 Saul

Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 02/14/2022

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.


This is me after realizing March Is only eighteen days away. 😬

Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 02/08/2022

@uinfootwear does it again! I just received another pair of their shoes and I absolutely love them! The ergonomic shoe design fits perfectly to your foot shape, and their bold and artistic patterns are my “go to” for fun in the sun footwear.
After all, it’s always summer somewhere in the world! ☀️🌎

Link in Bio, use coupon code WINSORUIN for $5 off your pair!
📸 @chenson7


It’s almost showtime ❤️💚💛


Another great Core Continuum! These classes have evolved into weekly workshops, and it’s so rewarding to be practicing what we love with the people we love. 💙


The Gratz Neck Stretcher, Sand Bag and Breathicizer are the Apparatus of the Month.
Here’s a #tbt from just a couple years ago when @chenson7 … I mean Dracula, used the Bean Bag Roll Up Device to help him strengthen his hands, wrists, and forearms, which helps for those times he needs to take sudden flight. 🦇🎃👻


OK at this point I have a Pilates Studio/ Doggy Day Care 🤷🏻‍♂️


If you like Goat Yoga, then you’ll love Pup Pilates! #Humphy #SweetBea


Core Continuum with @saulchoza is back! Thursday’s at 3:30pm PST

This past week we worked on defining the primary curvature (C curve) and secondary curvature (lumbar and cervical spine,) and how important they are in a beginners reformer workout.

This week we’re addressing how our limbs can affect these curvatures, and what beginning exercises can we do to balance the connection of the limbs to the body, in order to develop healthy curvatures.


LA peeps - it’s been a while, but Core Continuum is back!
My class for teachers will be held on Thursday’s at 3:30pm PST
The cost is $50, DM to sign up or call (323) 691-5636
Hope to see you there!

P.S - this clip is from January 2020, before the 💩 hit the fan.
Masks are required in our studio 😷


Ok, so this video isn’t a throwback, but this exercise is!

Back in the 90’s, when I was working at Mari Winsor’s studio on La Cienega in West Hollywood, (before I was certified by Romana,) we had some very….. creative exercises that we taught our clients. This one was called “Mofo’s,” because they were harder than a…. you get it.
After @chenson7 recorded me doing this, he said “fancy, but isn’t this really just an abdominal exercise?” 🤔
Actually yes, it is an ab exercise, we just liked having fun with choreography! 🕺🏻
There were also a few other creative exercises in our repertoire, “Baby Sucks his Thumb,” “Clams,” and “Skaters” come to mind.
Good times, we were so young. Missing Mari today. 💙


Repost from @pilatesanytimeus

As we all know, these exercises can be intimidating, however, Saul thinks that with the proper movement development, and a little creativity, students can find pleasure and inspiration in this style of movement. The benefits are endless so let's practice!

Check out my Mat, Wunda Chair, and Reformer classes at ! - Saul

• Use code CHOZA for a free trial 💯


See ya #round 🔵😉

This basic short box exercise is a go to for me when I want to articulate the vertebrae and wake up my spine, while strengthening my powerhouse of course. 💯

Happy Saturday, loves! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? We’ll be hitting the beach at some point. 🏖


When life imitates art. #robinpalanker


When you’re not on your game, but the lighting is good ✨✨✨
Seriously though, taking even 30 minutes out of your day for yourself can be a game changer.
Hope you’re having a great week, loves! 💙💙


⚠️ This is harder than it appears. 😅

Bracing the shoulder blade to the front of the body on the Gratz Small Chair, which also happens to be their Apparatus of the Month. 🙌🏽
This exercise is essential to connecting your arm to your core.
Oh, and yes, I am talking to myself through this. 🤣
📸 @chenson7


Feeling inspired by all the athletes from around the 🌎 today. I’m completely in awe of their dedication and athleticism.


Balance Control ➡️ Roll Off 💯

Is #MondayFunday a thing?
I had such a great weekend, I don’t want it to end, so I’m keeping my weekend mindset. What did you do this past weekend? What do you do to keep a weekend mindset?
Have a great workweek, loves! 💙
📸 @chenson7


Today’s mood. I can’t stop smiling. 😅

Photos from Winsor Choza Pilates's post 07/09/2021

@uinfootwear is officially my shoe choice for summer! These super comfortable, lightweight shoes are perfect for me, whether I’m in my studio teaching Pilates, or on a summer getaway. I love their “Oh My Gaudí” design, they give me serious Barcelona vibes. ☀️

Link in bio, use coupon code WINSORUIN for $5 off your pair!
#uinshoes #uinspired #uinlove #uinlife #summervibes


#tbt to last Saturday when I went #swimming with @mayosonje 🏊‍♀️😅

I learned so many helpful tips from Sonjé, it’s been a really fun workweek incorporating some of them with my clients here in Los Angeles. 🙌🏽


This past weekend while I was in Nashville, I had the honor of taking a lesson with @mayosonje .
Sonjé is a beautiful artist with a refined eye for biomechanics. She was able to see my weaknesses right away. I learned so much in that hour.
I’m looking forward to my next session with her, it was absolutely incredible. This was truly a master class. 💯


More Pilates fun with Lynsey at @absolutepilatesbrentwood .
I’m feeling yesterday’s session in all the right places. 😅
Looking forward to my session today with @mayosonje 💯


One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to meet and take lessons from social media friends, like Lynsey, owner of @absolutepilatesbrentwood ! She has a beautiful Gratz studio, and I really enjoyed my session. 💯
If you’re ever in the Nashville area, I can’t recommend Lynsey and her team enough.
📸 @chenson7


Sari’s Exercise into Balance Control makes me feel “So Alive.” 🙌🏽

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