UCLA Women's Rugby

UCLA Women's Rugby


Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Spark Campaign so far! We are three quarters of the way to our goal of $10,000 and we can’t thank you enough for your support. We only have 15 days left or our campaign so click on the link in our bio to donate and help us reach our goal! GO BRUINS💛💙
Today is a very exciting day: it’s the launch of our Spark Campaign!

We are so proud of our growth, but as we bounce back from our year off from Covid and redefine our program, we are very aware that we don’t want to stop here.

Your donations would help our program at every level from booting up for practices to one day winning nationals. Any and all donations will help. We hope you'll help us reach our Spark goal of $10,000!

Click this link ^ to read more about the team and for more info on how to donate. Go Bruins!💙💛

And stay tuned for more content as we attempt to reach our fundraising goal this coming month!
This week we spotlight UCLA Women's Rugby - a #SoCal women’s rugby powerhouse. 🔦

Led by Head Coach Joanne Absher, the D1 club sports team seeks to raise their players as high performance rugby players and as strong, independent women. Give them a follow to learn more!

📺: youtu.be/9xaCap92NmA

#Giltinis #LARugby #HereWeCome
More colleges and universities are making adjustments on testing requirements as they realize the difficulty the Class of 2021 is undergoing as more standardized tests continue to be canceled due to coronavirus.

The University of California is the latest to make an announcement. Read the details below:


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Congrats to all the rookies who can now say they really play rugby after our first scrimmage against UCLA today. Thanks to UCLA Women's Rugby for making the trip up and to Crystal Ho for reffing!
WE'RE BACK! spark.ucla.edu to peep our new projects 👀 #uclaspark Hugs in a Blanket Club UCLA Bruin Marching Band UCLA Women's Rugby
How is the team doing asks the old lady who use to play way back in the day?

Also, if you want some rugby gear for cheap...Stars 7s Rugby are selling stuff

Hey! I use to play with you all waaay back in the day! Anyone going to Brene Brown and able to get extra tickets? Jenny Callaghan (my sister) wants to go.


The Bruin Rangers represent the University of California Los Angeles and compete at the Division I level of USA collegiate rugby. We are an officially supported club sport of UCLA Recreation.

It all began in 1975 when several inspired, athletic UCLA students decided to found a women's rugby club. Following the lead of the national champion UCLA men's rugby club, the young team worked hard and soon earned a berth in the National USA Championships. The Bruins captured third place in their first appearance and earned the respect of the predominantly East Coast participants. Thus began the


Hello!!! We are going live with the UCLA vs. Santa Monica game in a few minutes :)


Hello again! We have reached the FINAL day of the Spark Fundraising Campaign and we are just 6% away from our stretch goal! Wondering what a donation would help with? Check out this graphic! A donation of any amount will help fund our growing team and ensure we can afford to travel to our league games.

Donate at this link:


Spark Campaign

Hi all! Huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we've reached 80% of our goal! Every day we don't reach our goal, for the remaining 8 days of our campaign, another rugger will go around the entire day with RUGBY written on their foreheads. Please share our campaign or donate at the link below to save our foreheads!



Look at these happy ruggers after finishing our first match of the pre-season! It was a hard-fought match, with UCSB ultimately winning 27-5. Many of our rookies played in their first rugby match ever and we can't wait to get back on the field for our Scrum by the Sea tournament Nov. 2 and Nov.3. The only thing that could make our team even happier? Donations to our Spark campaign! With 10 days left in our campaign, we've reached 73% of our goal. A donation of any amount will help us get the final 27% of our goal!! Click the link below to donate



First Practice Cheer

One week of our campaign has passed! Thank you so much for continuing to support our amazing ruggers as we work hard during pre-season so we will be ready for Nationals! We’ve already raised 35% of our goal of $10,000 which is absolutely incredible and we are so grateful. Rugby is a very team-dependent sport and we hope you'll become a valued member of our team by continuing to support us and giving at the link below!



Captured here are 6 happy ruggers at playoffs! By giving to https://spark.ucla.edu/UCLAWRugby19 you’ll be helping us have another amazing season so we can make playoffs once again. Anything and everything helps—by donating $5, which pays for one mouthguard, you can keep our smiles beautiful (that is, our teeth won’t get knocked out)!


Crouch, bind, set! The Bruin Rangers are excited to announce that our Spark Campaign officially “kicks-off” today! Show your support for UCLA Women’s Rugby by helping us reach our goal of $10,000 by November 1st, 2019 so we can reach Nationals this year. Click here to donate and learn more about our hardworking ruggers:



Welcome back from Spring Break, Bruins! 😁 The Bruin Rangers are working hard this week to prep for the upcoming playoffs. We've made it into the third seed spot and this weekend, we will be fighting our way into nationals. Kickoff is 12pm on Saturday and tbd on Sunday at UCSB, come out and show your support if you're near the area!


Today kicks off our team’s #raceto5k 🎉 The Bruin Rangers are aiming to raise $5,000 by the end of spring quarter to fund transportation costs and more importantly, buy some snazzy new jerseys for our team ✨🤩 Our first stop: the insta/ facebook story fundraiser! Check out our instagram and facebook story to see how you can donate, and make sure to keep an eye out for our players’ stories as well. Stay tuned for updates and as always, thank you all so much for your support!


And just like that, we've reached the end of our Spark Campaign with a total of $4,725 raised-- that's a whole 13% over our $4,000 goal! Elana is grateful to be freed from her duties and is once again enjoying sleeping, walking, and showering without the looming threat of carrying 7 rugby balls with her wherever she goes.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful donors and everyone who helped share our many, many posts. We couldn't have done it without you 😘


Only 5 days left in our Spark Campaign! Thanks to everyone who's supported our team we're at 93% of our goal. Help out Elana by donating at spark.ucla.edu/UCLAWomensRugby


Elana Day 1! Tomorrow she’s up to 2 balls if we don’t reach our goal! Visit spark.ucla.edu/UCLAWomensRugby


There are only 8 days left in UCLA Women's Rugby's spark campaign! We have raised $2895 but we are still a little bit away from our end goal of $4000! For the last 7 days of our campaign, our dear Elana is going to carry rugby balls everywhere she goes - to class, in bed, even the shower - until we hit our goal! To make it interesting, she will have to carry an extra ball with her each day until we reach our goal! Check back on our page and Instagram story for updates of Elana, and visit spark.ucla.edu/UCLAWomensRugby to help us hit our goal and relieve Elana of her ball carrying duties!

vimeo.com 10/06/2018

UCLA Women's Rugby 2018-19

Hi y'all, thank you for all of your generous donations so far 😁 we appreciate the support!

With one week of practice down and 40 new potential recruits, we are on track to start the season! So far, we are 71% of the way to our goal of raising $4,000-- that's enough to get us to all of our preseason scrimmages and tournaments. BUT! We only have 11 days left in our Spark Campaign, so we still have a little ways to go. Check out this video we've created to give you an idea about the team you're supporting!

vimeo.com Please donate to our Spark Campaign at tinyurl.com/uclawrugby :^)


Work in progress

The Bruin Rangers are hard at work preparing for the season, but there’s still a lot of work to be done-- here’s a little behind the scenes look ;)


Every dollar of every donation brings our team closer to our goal of improving the program and being a powerhouse within our league, so thank you to all of those who have donated so far! To those who haven’t, please check out our campaign page at http://spark.ucla.edu/UCLAWomensRugby and consider donating!


There’s only ONE THING on our forwards’ minds out on the pitch 😈 Well, that and securing donations for our spark campaign of course! We've raised $2,155 out of our goal of $4,000 (53% of the way there!!) and you can help us reach it by clicking here to donate ❤️


Miss us at the Enormous Activities Fair? Come see our booth at Rec Fest from 3-6 pm!


Happy Tuesday 🎉 Hopefully the week will have you cheesing as hard as our ruggers are in this photo! Our campaign is at the end of its first week and going strong with $1650 out of $4000 raised so far. Thank you for all the support!


By donating at http://spark.ucla.edu/UCLAWomensRugby, you’ll be helping make another spectacular rugby season possible for the Bruin Rangers as we fight our way to playoffs. Every donation helps-- even a kind offering of $5 helps prevent a rugger’s teeth from being knocked out during games!

(Mouthguards, in case you were wondering)


Crouch, bind, set! UCLA Women’s Rugby is launching our Spark Campaign today-- help us reach our goal of $4,000 by October 17th so we can tackle, ruck, and stiff arm our way to success this year. Check out our fundraiser at the link below and please donate!


UCLA Women's Rugby


UCLA Women's Rugby's cover photo


Our very last senior feature is Deidre Scott!

Dee is a 4th year Political Science major from Woodlawn, TN. She is this year's forwards captain, a fearless 8-man, and has been with the Bruin Rangers since her first year of undergrad. Unfortunately, because of a torn ACL, she will not be able to play at the senior game this year but she will be yelling from the sidelines!

Why did you join rugby?
I joined rugby because my now Vet said I had strong legs 😂 little did she know I never played sports and it was from dancing 13 years.

What is your favorite thing about rugby?
My favorite thing about rugby is the ability to knock the lights out and have your lights knocked out with some of the most amazing women I have ever met. I have a family of girls that love to let out their aggression and leave their hearts on the field and I could not have gotten through UCLA without them.

What will you miss most about rugby?
Obviously Club Sports, concussion testing and torn ACLs. But really I’ll miss the chant where we scream absolute nonsense before a game and you can feel the pulse of the game and then we kick butt and win. I’ll miss that!


Today’s featured senior is Vicki Chan!

Vicki is a 4th year Math Econ major from Princeton Junction, NJ. She has been playing with the Bruin Rangers as outside center since her first year of undergrad and has scored many tries in the backline! Vicki is graduating a quarter early and will be travelling before she starts a career with Goldman Sachs.

Why'd you join rugby?
When I first came to college I knew I wanted to do something completely out of my comfort zone. I never played team sports in high school and definitely never played anything as physical as rugby so I knew I had to give it a shot. Even though I joined for the game I wound up staying for all the amazing people I met along the way!

What's your favorite thing about rugby?
I love getting into the rhythm of the game. There's nothing better than the feeling of breaking the line or pulling off a great play with your teammates. It's going to sound cheesy but when you're on the field, you're in a whole other world for 80 minutes. Seeing my team play their hearts out, no matter the score, is always amazing. Scoring a few tries here and there is also fun!

What will you miss most about rugby when you graduate?
Every year it's sad because we lose some amazing players and friends. Now that it's me leaving, I'm going to miss playing with some of the hardest working, passionate girls I've ever met. I know this team is going to go on to accomplish great things and it's gonna suck not being a part of it, but I'm really proud to have been a part of UCLA rugby for these past four years.


Today’s featured senior is Emily Wolking!

Emily is from San Diego, CA and is a Political Science major and is double minoring in Global Studies and Gender Studies. This is her second season with the Bruin Rangers, she is the current President and our amazing scrum half. Emily’s nickname is “Baby Griff” for her likeness to alumni, Kelly Griffin.

Why did you join rugby?
I joined rugby because I missed playing a team sport and after 12 years of playing softball, I wanted to challenge myself by trying something new. I picked rugby because it was a sport that needed no prior experience and I felt welcomed by the team.

What is your favorite thing about rugby?
My favorite thing about rugby is being able to challenge and surround myself with the strongest and most supportive team of ladies I know. I love playing with my teammates and knowing they have my back on and off the field.

What will you miss most about rugby?
I’ll miss the physicality of the game and going to battle on Saturdays with my teammates. I’ve made some amazing friends through rugby and I can’t wait to see how they grow as players and people. I'll miss everyone so much!


Our featured senior for today is Lyndsea Reed

Lyn is from Los Angeles, CA and is a 4th year Psychology major minoring in Education Studies and is this year’s Social Chair. She has been playing with the Bruin Rangers since her first year of undergrad where she started as flanker but has now moved to the front row as hooker. Lyn’s nickname is “Taz” because she never ties her hair up during practice and it looks wild when she runs

Why did you join rugby?
I joined rugby because my mom told me I needed to join a sport or do some physical activity in college. I got handed a flyer at the activities fair at the beginning of the year and thought I’d give it a shot. Everyone was so nice and it seemed like a great workout so I decided I’d do it and I’m extremely glad I did.

What is your favorite thing about rugby?
My favorite thing about rugby is the community of players who allow you to be any kind of person you want to be. Everyone is so supportive and they all come from different walks of life, no one lets you feel ostracized. I also love having a nice cold beer with my friends and the other team after a game, it’s really a feeling that can’t be beat.

What will you miss most about rugby?
My teammates most definitely. I’ve played with 4 very different teams and I’ve seen some great people and players come and go, but I think the current team I am playing with is the team I will miss the most. I cannot wait to see how they will blossom in the coming years, you can believe that they’ll show you what they’re capable of.
I’ll also miss really knocking someone off their ass in a game.


To get ready for our Senior Game this Saturday, we would like to introduce you to our seniors! Our first senior is Tatiana Lloyd-Dotta

Tatiana is from San Diego, CA. She is a 3rd year Psychology major and is graduating a year early, what a smarty! As this is her rookie year on the team, she does not yet have a nickname.

Why did you join rugby?
I joined because I had several friends that were on the team and they convinced me to try it out

What is your favorite thing about rugby?
I love the physicality and stressing if rugby and how much stronger it's made me mentally and physically

What will you miss most about rugby?
My teammates! I've made some amazing friends


Congratulations on your 38-14 WIN Bruin Rangers!

Next game will be in Arizona as they face ASU on Saturday February 17th & GCU on Sunday February 18.

Catch them at their next home game on Saturday March 10th against CSUN.


UCLA Women's Rugby Team

Check out your Bruin Rangers in action this Saturday as they take on UC San Diego! Kick off at 12pm on the NAF field.


Hello Everyone!

Our first game of the season is on Saturday January 20th, 2018 at 3pm on the IM Field.

Remember entry is free to all of our games so please come support your Bruin Rangers as we face the University of Arizona!



Just a friendly reminder that we will have our Informational Meeting Tonight at 6:30pm in the Wooden Center Games Lounge.

*Shout out to all the wonderful girls that came by and spoke to us during the Enormous Activities Fair & The Sports Jamboree*

We hope to see you all there!

UCLA W.’s Rugby Start

2019 Schedule:

1/19 v. UCSB - 11am kickoff at Claremont McKenna University
1/19 UCLA B v. Claremont - 1pm kickoff at Claremont McKenna University
1/27 v. GCU - 10am kickoff on the UCLA IM field
2/10 @ UCSD - time TBD
2/16 or 2/18 v. ASU - time and date TBD
2/23 @ U of A - 10am kickoff
3/10 @ CSUN - 11am kickoff
3/16 Finals - time and location TBD


It all began in 1975 when several inspired, athletic UCLA students decided to found a women's rugby club. Following the lead of the national champion UCLA men's rugby club, the young team worked hard and soon earned a berth in the National USA Championships. The Bruins captured third place in their first appearance and earned the respect of the predominantly East Coast participants. Thus began the great tradition of women's rugby at UCLA. During the 1980's and 1990's, many teams in the area have come and gone, but one remains to dominate the Southern California Women's Rugby League: The UCLA Bruins.

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Spark Campaign
First Practice Cheer
Only 5 days left in our Spark Campaign! Thanks to everyone who's supported our team we're at 93% of our goal. Help out E...
Elana Day 1! Tomorrow she’s up to 2 balls if we don’t reach our goal! Visit spark.ucla.edu/UCLAWomensRugby
Work in progress
UCLA Women's Rugby Team
This is what happens when you give the Frisbee boys the eye!




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