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Re: Victory Karate update

This weekend will mark the 15th anniversary of Victory Karate. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, it will also mark the closing of VK. Whether permanent or temporary, I do not know. I still have a desire and passion to train, learn, and teach, but given a combination of matters, it just does not seem prudent to continue with VK at this time.

As of March 2014, the site will be taken down; the URL will continue to exist, but merely point to the page, which will remain for now for everyone to share and exchange communication and information. All emails for will also cease. I have created the email [email protected] in the interim.

John Mark Stanley and Christopher Tuley: You were with me until the very end, and for your faithfulness and loyalty, I am extremely grateful. I love how you were both so willing to slow things down to really learn and grasp the material. Your passion and desire to train and learn has been an inspiration to me. As I've shared with you before, your rank understates your knowledge and ability. You should be confident stepping on any mat with your rank and being able to hold your own.

Pastor Matthew Jones: You have always been supportive of our group and vision, even when you were not able to attend. Thank you always for your constant prayer and support.

Rick Parker: I am proud to have taken you to Brown Belt. You were a joy to teach, and I learned much from our time together. I would have loved to put a Black Belt on you, but hope you can complete that part of your journey with another teacher who is worthy to have you as a student.

I do hope you are all able to continue your journey in some way. Kenpo is a fantastic art in its sophistication and complexity and continued development. Even though I've been training for over 30 years now, I still look forward to getting out on the training floor and am still learning new things. And the community is one that is so supportive. I am honored to be a part of it, especially amongst the Black Belt family.

Mr. Koklich, Ms. Tanaka, and Mr. Rich Hale: I did what I could to keep the Kenpo flame alive and share it with others. I have represented Kenpo and my lineage to the best of my ability. Thank you for your investment in me. The knowledge and experience you have shared with me is a part of who I am.

What the future brings, I do not know. But at this time, stepping away seems to be the best option. In the meantime, Albert Cornejo has been gracious in giving me an open invitation to his class, so I will be working out with him and his group now and then as time allows.


Erik Akutagawa

Erik Akutagawa
[email protected]
Unfortunately, given our current circumstances, I must step away from Victory Karate. Whether permanently or short term, only God knows. But I desire only continued success to all of the good friends and beloved family of Victory Karate. May you continue fighting the good fight.
I am up watching some Ed Parker right now (while I type on work, gotta love multi-tasking). ENJOY THE VIDEO!
for those that missed the seminar last weekend:

we went over some basic self-defense techniques for a strike, grab/choke, headlock, and mounted ground choke, in addition to some basic striking drills.

The head instructor and the other instructors were very nice and friendly and there was a very good turnout. The techniques that were taught were very similar to that of our own and reflected many of the same principles that we practice every week.

One of the instructors even commented how well I picked up the techniques and asked if I had been in the school before. I stated that the techniques were very similar to that of our own and that it was very easy to apply the same principles. I did a variation of one of the techniques by adding a little bit of some of our own. The instructor thought it was neat and told me that he might consider adding it to his repatuire (spelling?--i dont know french).

All in all, it was a fun event. When asked if there would be another such seminar in the future, the head instructor responded saying "Absolutely...but it sure wont be free next time!" We all had a good laugh. Sorry guys, no more freebies. :)
for those that missed the seminar last week:

session1) mr cole and mr stewart talked about 'when,then, and now'. ie -- a punch or kick attack is NOW. and learning to prerecognize when the attack is going to be thrown and get offline NOW. A when, then attack is for instance, a two hand push and WHEN it comes to THEN go with it (fuse and and let the attacker do the work by running into the block/fist

session2) dr crouch talked about triggers. Sort of in conjunction with mr coles session, he talked about when your 'mouse trap' (ie a hand in defense) is tripped (an attacker crosses the line) to immediately execute something simple and familiar, albeit a punch or whatever. He also talked about the importance of being a 'sniper and not a caveman'. ie take the attacker down quickly and not exchange blows.

session 3) mr white talked about the importance of checks in techniques and forms and explained that even the most simple technique/form --when executed correctly-- can be the most advanced thing a kempoist can do.

that sums up my report. there were 3 more sessions following but I was unable to stay for the 2nd half.
"I don't want to just blindly check off the boxes. I want to be intentional in what I do."
-- John Mark Stanley, member of Victory Karate, in comparing his Kenpo training to being a parent
From the March 2013 United Kenpo Systems Newsletter, results from last month's UKS Karate Tournament, with Victory Karate's Christopher Tuley taking 1st place in Forms and Self Defense (also with a 3rd place in sparring, and VK's John Mark Stanley with a 4th place in sparring).
Another great class last night. Thank you Victory Karate family for your continued dedication and hard work. The overall improvement over this past month alone has been tremendous. Let's keep it going!
John Mark Stanley and Christopher Tuley: Just got word from our good friend of Victory Karate who has graciously offered to be your coach and resource at the upcoming karate tournament in my absence - Professor Robert Temple. Talk about a step up!
Happy New Year to all my Kenpo brothers out there. Looking forward to rejoining you all in the new year!

Los Angeles Westside's premiere, independent, championship karate class. To learn more, go to www.v Go to for more information.

Victory Karate is the alternative to the McKarate Studios that you see at the mini mall, and the elementary classes at the McRec center down the street. Why do people choose to train at VK?

* Physical conditioning
* Fun & Challenging
* Encouraging & Inspiring
* Practical & Engaging
* Independent, non-commercial, and non-political
* Semi-private

Studying and teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo fo

Operating as usual


I thought to myself ‘My God, where did all of that power come from?’ – Jerry Poteet, Bruce Lee student & Friend
Pictured: Bruce on the wooden dummy.

Jerry Poteet, an original student of Bruce Lee’s, recalling the first time he met Bruce at James Lee’s house said: “My first impression of Bruce was, here’s this small, lean young man who did not look very imposing. Some of the guys started to ask him questions, and then somebody mentioned the wooden dummy. Bruce stopped talking and walked over to the dummy and said, “This is the classical way to use the wooden dummy” and he moved from one side to the other side of the dummy. Then he said, “BUT, this is how I use it,” and he literally EXPLODED on the dummy.

The way the dummy’s arms rattled and sounded upon impact, IT SOUNDED LIKE SOMEBODY WAS SHOOTING A MACHING GUN. Bruce was making the wooden dummy bounce all over the place against the wall, and James Lee yelled, “Bruce! Bruce!” and Bruce stopped and said “What?” James said, “You are going to tear my house down!” Bruce was literally shaking the house foundation while working on the dummy. I thought to myself, “My God, where did all of that power come from?” – Jerry Poteet.


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Another Martial Arts Legend Leaves Us!🙏☝😥 Bob Wall. R.I.P.

Photos from Bruce Lee The Legend The Best Ever's post 01/03/2022

Photos from Bruce Lee The Legend The Best Ever's post


This VR boxing turned to VR MMA

A 'Shang-Chi' sequel is officially in the works 12/14/2021

A 'Shang-Chi' sequel is officially in the works

A 'Shang-Chi' sequel is officially in the works A sequel to “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is officially on the way with Destin Daniel Cretton returning to direct and write.


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So many will never understand this statement.


This is an absolutely beautiful story. Starts training jiu jitsu at 54 and reaches black belt at 65. Betty, you are an inspiration, and everything that is good about hard work and dedication!!!
Repost: Betty Broadhurst didn’t start training Jiu-Jitsu until she was 54 years old, and this past weekend after winning double gold medals at IBJJF Masters Worlds, she received her black belt from professor Diêgo Bispo after 11 years of training.

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And the dojo

And the Dojo

Timeline photos 10/29/2021

Timeline photos


*************************EVENT CANCELLED********************

*** Seminar Featuring Steve Muhammad, Sunday, December 5th in Los Angeles. See attached flyer for details***

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Shadow boxing flow 🥊🔥

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Erik Akutagawa Self Defense Techniques @ 2002 UKS Invitational
Erik Akutagawa Self Defense Techniques @ 2001 UKS Invitational
Erik Akutagawa Form 4 @ IKC circa 1994
Dian Tanaka Form 6 @ IKC circa late 1980s



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