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BEST Zoom Class that will Change YOUR BODY!

I would love to have you 🎉!

Send me a Fb messenger note or email me at [email protected]. I’m here to answer any questions you might have 🙏.

The Sweat Box Membership is on SALE for one more day! Use code ‘LD25’ to get 25% OFF 😱!

The 1 Month Option with the 7-Day Free Trial gives you access to all my LIVE Workouts on IG (like the Dumbbell HIIT). I’m starting a 5-Day Booty Challenge today 🍑🍑🍑.

Click Link to Register, then request to join the Fb Group (‘The Sweat Box Membership’)and follow the member IG @michelle.siegel for all the awesome LIVES 🎉:

Want interactive Fun and Hard Workouts that will change your body? My Zoom classes are exactly what you are looking for 🎉!

👉 What is The Sweat Box Membership and How does it HELP YOU👈
✅ Are you a trainer who wants to know more? Then this is for YOU!
✅ Are you injured and want workouts you can actually do? Then this is for YOU!
✅ Love to train hard and get real results? Then this is for YOU!
✅ Want a place where you can ask questions and have a chiropractor/trainer help you? Then this is for YOU!
Today, ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ is on SALE for 25% OFF until Sunday night! Use code ‘JULY25%OFF’ on the website when you register (click web link below 🎉!
Can’t wait to have you join The Sweat Box Team where education, creativity and fun meet 💞.

Embracing change with a BIG SMILE 🌟!
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The Sweat Box

To all my clients:

Am I returning to Gold’s as an independent trainer 🏋️‍♂️?

Yes I am 🤩. I was allowed to freeze my trainer membership until October.

I will resume my contract in October even if I don’t return right away so I can maintain my trainer status with Gold’s.

My Zoom classes and FaceTime sessions have been a huge success! Plus they are a great inexpensive way to continue training in a safe way. I love that I have reconnected with old clients that are now participants on my new online platform. Plus many new international members and students from all around the USA.

👉 WANT to get in the BEST SHAPE? 👈
Here is my price breakdown and the policies for 1 Zoom Session:

2 people is $60 each
3 people is $40 each
4 people is $30 each
5 people is $24 each
6 + people is $20 each


FYI: All solo sessions, regardless of in person or virtual, are $90. My in-person business is 1 or 2 people together. Buddy sessions are $70 per person. A strict 25-hour cancelation applies. Thanks

Stay Safe Everyone ❤️ Book the best personal trainer in Los Angeles.

What makes you happy? Do you allow yourself to be happy?
Three things that make my heart smile besides my little man and my family:
1️⃣ Diamonds
2️⃣ Travel
3️⃣ Gourmet Food
Thanks so much @gildedlane for indulging me with the best affordable diamonds EVER. Earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets are all from her 🙏. Miss you lady #tbt !
What makes you happy?
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🍑🔥 BOOTY BURN 🔥🍑! Omg, i did this move for 60 sec on each side at the end of my 20 Min Booty and Core Workout yesterday (Full Follow-Along Routine on The Sweat Box Membership NOW, click web 🔗 below to sign up).
I made a commitment to get back in shape! This low impact toning workout got me totally out of breath and sweaty. I’m gonna do at least 1 of those a wk (aiming for more if I have time) and il put them all up for you on the membership so you can get back in shape with me 🎉.
We got this!
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Homeworkout HIIT

Homeworkout HIIT with @jani dittman 🔥

Thanks so much Jani...That was FUN! For more AMAZING homeworkouts, make sure to give @fitditts a follow on IG! For the full 25-Min LIVE with tons of educational info on how to train hard and get sweaty with an ankle injury, head to ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ on Fb. Click the website below to learn more 🙏. Only $4.99 for your first month 🎉.
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Get Back In Shape

I totally allowed myself to get out of shape during this quarantine 😳!
I’m so grateful to have a super busy business right now. I’m helping people from around the world while sitting at my computer screen giving advice, support and instruction.
But it’s time for some self care! 20 min at a time.
Come join me on my journey! Let’s get back in shape!
Full 20 min routine on ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ on Facebook. Use code ‘CORONA10’ to get your first month for less than $5! Registration is on my website. You got this 🤩.

Back Pain!?

Bad Back? SI Joint Pain? Give this a try!! The latissimus Dori connects to the opposite Gluteus Maximus via the SI joint. This routine can truly be a lifesaver!

Full 20 min LIVE featured on The Sweat Box Membership on Facebook. Head to to learn more.

💥 Ladder HIIT 💥. Sunday Client Feature! 🎤 Turn on audio for instruction. Post by @thesweatboxinc . TAG a friend who would love this. 📌 Save for later and give it a ❤️ if you found this helpful. Awesome job @_cameronlyons !
1️⃣ Banded Push-up/Shoulder Drill
2️⃣ Fast Feet
3️⃣ Slider Push-up Drill
4️⃣ Banded Forward Jacks
Check out my website and learn about ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ on Facebook. Workouts with my clients daily 🙏 ___________________________________________________
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Core For Athletes

Core for Sports Performance with Pierre's Elite Performance 🔥

Full 30 min LIVE featured on ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ on Facebook .... head to to learn how to become a member 🎉)

✅ 1, 2, 3s
1️⃣ Low Knee, 10 reps
2️⃣ High Knee, 10 reps
3️⃣ Banded High Knee, 10 reps
4️⃣ Banded High Knee Twists, 10 reps

✅ Bear Crawl Tucks
1️⃣ Knee Lifts, 10 reps
2️⃣ Knee Cross, 5-10 per side
3️⃣ Knee Cross with Power, 5 per side
4️⃣ Knee Cross Elbow Bend, 5-10 per side
5️⃣ Knee Cross Elbow Bend Power, 3-6 per side

I’m so honored to be teaching a LIVE IG Workout on K-DEER ‘s channel this coming Tuesday 6/2, 7am PST 🎉!

Make sure to tune in! Let’s work that booty 🍑

Please read! Have you ever felt like you are not good enough, not thin enough, not perfect enough? Well, I can so totally relate.

I think I was 13 or 14 when I first started obsessively using cellulite lotions and gloves and went to town on my thighs until they bruised. Even during years of struggling with anorexia and bulimia, did I still believe i wasn’t thin enough. 🥺

I was just thinking about this follower who was ‘skinny-shaming’ me on IG last week. Do you really think that’s ok? Do you think that will help anyone? It takes a lot for someone with a past like mine to live a life free of obsessions and compulsions.

I told myself that this is the year when i step out of my shadow. Step in front of the camera and learn to accept myself for real! People always ask me why I showcase my clients (yes, I still do and feature them with tons of instructions on ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ daily). The true reason is: I can hide and not worry about not being perfect 🙄!

So here I am, with my butt literally in the shot wearing my favorite leggings from K-DEER:

And all my mind still sees is my bulging tummy. But I’m now trying to look at myself with more loving eyes. I’m healthy. I’m almost 50. I have an amazing son and it’s time to clean up my self image crap.

So get ready people: you will see a lot more of me. Perfection isn’t real and I’m ‘perfect’ just the way I am!

Head to and learn more about joining The Sweat Box Family. No BS training, nutrition advice and support.


FUN 20-Min ADVANCED Core Session with Cameron Ahouse!

Full post featured on ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ here on Facebook.

Take advantage of the 25% off Sale...ends TONIGHT! Head to to register and use code ‘MEMDAY25’ 🎉.

You don’t want to miss these LIVE IG Workouts on @thesweatboxinc:

Memorial Day, May 25th 12pm PST with Cameron Ahouse and Thu, May 28th 1030am PST with Pierre's Elite Performance 🎉.

See you all there!!

Towel Workout

Chest, Back, Legs and Core Burner with Rainer Unfug (IG handle )🔥

Find more LIVE sessions just like this and amazing out of the box workouts on ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ 🎉. Head to to register. Memorial Day Sale til Mon May 25th 12pm... use code ‘MEMDAY25’ for 25% off!

🔎 20 min Follow-Along workout. All you need is a towel, a wall and a matt.

1️⃣ Inchworms, 5-10 reps

1️⃣ 15-sec Iso Hold per side
2️⃣ Pushups, 10-20 (make it harder with each set if you can)
🔁 3 circuits

1️⃣ Kneeling Rhomboid Iso Hold, 15 sec
2️⃣ Black Widow, 10 reps
🔁 3 circuits

1️⃣ Wall-Sit, 30 sec
2️⃣ Power-Ups, 30 sec
🔁 3-Circuit EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

1️⃣ Oblique Pike Leg Lifts, 30 sec per side
2️⃣ Roll-Ups, 6 reps

👉 For the warmup, do the runners lunge and thoracic rotations from the start if you are ready. For the chest, do elevated pushups against a bench/bed/sofa vs kneeling if regular pushups are too challenging. For the legs, add weights for the wall sit if you have any or hold your pet or kid 😀. For core, do the oblique plank with the bottom knee on the ground to modify. Skip the hip drop if you have a disc herniation. Perform the roll-ups super slowly.

Stay Safe and Have Fun Team 🙏.

The best time to get in the best shape of your life!

Click the link below and become a member today 🎉!

[05/02/20]   20-Min IG LIVE WORKOUT:

When: Sun May 3rd 8am (PST)
What: Booty Core and Stretch
Equipment used: Bodyweight, Miniband useful

All my active clients and paying members, please follow my private IG acct michelle.siegel (clickable Link in comments) and il follow back.

For everyone else: See the link below to register and join the FUN 🙏.

Register on the website, use code ‘CORONA10’ and follow the private IG acct 💞

The post will stay up for 24 hours 🎉!

60 Min Booty Workout for Women!

Want more Booty Workouts? Subscribe to my new YouTube channel and never miss another post 🍑🔥!

Follow-Along workout all about the BOOTY. No equipment needed but a simple chair. Give this a thumbs up if you want to see more videos like this. Make sure t...


Doable, easy... will totally kick your butt and you gonna ❤️ it!

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Follow-Along workout with my client Bianca. 10min bodyweight HIIT routine, 45 sec on, 15 sec off. Be ready to get sweaty! Give this a thumbs up if you want t...


Make sure to subscribe to my new YouTube channel... Awesome Fatburner workout just posted 🎉.

This is the perfect follow-along session for my ladies. All you need is you body, a towel and a miniband (optional). Give this a thumbs up if you want to see...

BEST BUTT in 10 Min!

Give this workout a try!

Subscribe to my channel for many more follow along routines 💞.

Follow-Along workout with my client Bianca. All you need is a backpack filled with books and a stack of books to lunge from. Give this a thumbs up if you wan...

Zoom Personal Training: Episode 8

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New post with Moira K Hurley who had HIP Replacement Surgery 3 months ago just went up!

Zoom Recorded Sessions with real people, having real issues. Raw and unrehearsed 🎉.

Come join our unrehearsed Fun Zoom Session. Real People, Real Life in Real Time! This workout is with a married couple: one who had a full hip replacement su...

Zoom Personal Training: Episode 8

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

New post with Moira K Hurley who had HIP Replacement Surgery 3 months ago just went up!

Zoom Recorded Sessions with real people, having real issues. Raw and unrehearsed 🎉.

Come join our unrehearsed Fun Zoom Session. Real People, Real Life in Real Time! This workout is with a married couple: one who had a full hip replacement su...

Zoom Personal Training: Episode 6

Subscribe to my new YouTube channel for Fun Follow-Along Zoom Sessions with my clients 🎉. To join a group in real life, Fb messenger or email me at [email protected] 🙏. Due to high demand, class sizes are now expanded to up to 10 students!

Awesome Booty Routine just posted!

Come join our unrehearsed Fun Zoom Session. Real People, Real Life in Real Time! Give this a thumbs up if you want to see more. Make sure to press that Subsc...

Zoom Personal Training: Episode 3

New, simple and doable Zoom Workout just posted on my YouTube channel! I gotcha Fitfam. Let’s keep moving during these crazy times!

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Come join our unrehearsed Fun Zoom Session. Real People, Real Life in Real Time! Give this a thumbs up if you want to see more. Make sure to press that Subsc...

Zoom Personal Training: Episode 1

FREE Personal Training!!!

Click the link below and watch this fun 60-min Session with a group of 6 (yes, Richard Anthony Zimmerman, Carrie McCarthy, Tom West and Jenn Stryker.... now you can show your fiends 🎉).

Make sure to click the thumbs up and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more FREE follow-along sessions.

Come join our unrehearsed Fun Zoom Session. Real People, Real Life in Real Time! Give this a thumbs up if you want to see more. Make sure to press that Subsc...

[03/30/20]   Thx again so very much for getting Zoom groups together ❤️ (Gavin Lee Rees and Bianca Rusu, u guys rock and I appreciate it beyond words 🙏)

This is my price breakdown and the policies for Zoom:

2 is $60 each
3 is $40 each
4 is $30 each
5 is $24 each
6 + is $20 each

25 hour cancelation applies. Payment due by that time via Venmo or PayPal 🙏.

🙋‍♀️ If you can get a group of 5 or 6 of YOUR buddies together, YOU ARE FREE of course.

👉Reach out for more info here in the comments, via Fb messenger or email me at [email protected]👈

Let’s stay fit together during these crazy times. Bikini bodies are made in quarantine 👙

Fb Messenger or e-mail ([email protected]) me to find out more on how to join one of my super fun Zoom Sessions 🎉💞💥

🍑 2-Move Booty 🍑

Are you exhausted? Tired of feeling scared? Wiped out from home schooling your kids? Well.... I sure am!

Stepping away for 10 min and moving, feeling some sense of control helps SOO MUCH! Give this little quickie a try Fitfam 💞!

👉 I now do scheduled Zoom sessions for my members in addition to posting daily homeworkouts on ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ on Facebook.

Head over to to register and use code ‘CORONA10’ to get your first month for less than $5. Then request to join ‘The Sweat Box Membership’ Private Facebook group. I post there daily along with tons of support for you and your business 🙏.

We can do this! Give yourself permission to feel whatever you are feeling, BUT know that movement will help you keep your sanity!

🌸 🌸

[03/15/20]   Online LIVE Group Sessions:

I will start offering ZOOM (zoom app) training in the very near future 🎉🎉🎉🎉! Yayayay!!!

The way it works:
1️⃣ Install Zoom app
2️⃣ Create an account
3️⃣ Use Phone, IPad, Laptop or Desktop

Ipad, laptops and desktops will be most fun as they have a Gallery Screen Option so you can see all the participants and interact with them. The phone only allows for 4 split screens per page (you can see the other students if you swipe). The iPad, laptops and desktops allow for 9 people per page including the host.

So I will offer sessions with a maximum of 8 students at a time! I’m excited 🥳!

Simply give me a list of equipment you have at your house and I will give you the BEST workout with what you have available.

Individualized training in a virtual group setting .... don’t you worry: I can handle 8 people doing 8 different routines using completely different equipment. I’m a wizard 🧙‍♂️ !

👉 Let me know if you want to know more! I can add the payment options and policies as well as price schedules here if you like.

Let’s stay FIT and SAFE💞

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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