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Happy Mindsetter
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Good morning, i need your kind assistance, i feel someone is always following me, but each time i turn around, the noice eventually stops.

I'm here to help you create your best life ever. I adore inspiring brilliant women to lead inspirin If you're seeking:
freedom + fully-realized potential,
meaningful romance + legendary love,
razor-sharp consciousness + effortless communication....
Then we will be epic.

I'm interested in compassionate ass-kicking and radical transparency. I believe in truth that frees and guts, guts, guts. My clients are women who are looking to step up their game,
in love + life. They're either
already good at what they do and want to be better
are stuck and want to get unstuck. I will help you unlock insights into yourself, the romance you
desire + your work in life. I help



My whole family and I have Covid. I imagined myself kicking and screaming through the 10+ days. Everyone home and on top of one another, work delayed, clients rescheduled, not to mention navigating Covid symptoms. 😫

Yet, between you and I, it hasn’t been half bad! No walk in the park mind you but also —sort of restful. We wake up when we want, no alarm clocks and must-be-there-right-now agendas. Pajamas until 1 pm,
3 pm naps, family movie at 5 pm. Chicken soup, toys scattered about, hugs and actually a lot of appreciation for together time. 😍

💛 I don’t let myself slow down easily. It’s a more than mindful practice for me that requires tremendous awareness. As a double Air sign I am perpetually on the go. Physically, emotionally, intellectually! Accepting SLOW minus an internal fight is an accomplishment. Accepting SLOW with acceptance and appreciation and ease is a groundbreaking feat! 💛

🙏🏻 I’m willing to trust this time out to be together was exactly what we all needed.

🙏🏻 I’m willing to trust that Divine Timing is my friend. I’m not behind rather right on course.

🙏🏻 I’m willing to practice being so present to this moment that I notice and appreciate the tenderness in Aiden’s eyes as he plays monster trucks with his father.

🙏🏻 In moments of frustration, cabin fever or Covid discomfort I remind myself, this too shall pass—-the “real” world waiting just beyond the veil of our tiny incubator.

We are fortunate that our experience of Covid is that of a bad cold, maybe a flu. In that we are still able to find a level enjoyment in these days. Others, I know, have not been so fortunate.

For this—-my heart sends pixie dust speckles of love to every corner of the Universe. 🕊

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Aiden believes in magic.

He believes in dreaming and asking and wishing and desiring. He believes in possibility and gleefully anticipates the arrival of each and every whim.

He doesn’t doubt.
Doesn’t wonder if he’s worthy of what he wants. Doesn’t feel behind or shameful and therefore not deserving of his wish list.

Nope, he knows to his core he’s good and enough—missteps and all. He trusts that life (and Santa) will always bring him absolute joy.

Wise little man! 🎄


Not a micro second of a moment goes by that I don’t feel like the luckiest, most blessed, most loved person on the planet to work and have worked with clients that inspire me and move me and grow me more than they will ever know. 🌺

If you or a loved one is interested in exploring a coaching relationship please sign up for a (no strings attached) Discovery Call. 💜
Link in bio. 🙏🏻

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Happy Halloween, friends! 🎃 We celebrated yesterday with family and the traditional piñata!

Photos from Dr. Danielle Dowling's post 10/12/2021

Last night I was thinking about how much rushing around I do as a mom and parent. Here, there and everywhere I scurry trying to run a household, a business and be present for all the relationships I hold near and dear. Most of the time I’m doing the best I can and last night it dawned on me that I’d like to do better in a particular area. 🙏🏻

I realized, in a new, “woke” sort of way that we will only have Aiden as a child for a short time. We only get a few years to enjoy him in Halloween pajamas, snuggling with his favorite stuff animal, (it’s the cutest little monkey) his excitement when he says “please play with me! And then….he’ll be gone and the house will be quite. 🥲

I, like most parents I imagine, plan festive activities like pumpkin picking 🎃 and decorating Christmas cookies 🎄ect because I want Aiden to have good, happy memories of our time together as a family and I know he will and it is worth it BUT….what about the everyday hustle and bustle? Can I enjoy his time with us more….this very special fleeting time when we will all be under the roof as a young family? 💜🙏🏻

I think I can.
I want to!
I don’t want to just get through it. Although I know some days will still be a slog. BUT! if I can mindfully recapture a handful of days and FEEL how lucky we are to have one another and how “good” and precious this time is—-my heart will be that much more full—-and my consciousness that much more expanded.

⭐️ I can take more breaths when I’m overwhelmed.

⭐️ I can slow down and allow things to take longer than I expected.

⭐️ I can look him in the eyes more and thoughtfully answer his questions instead of multi-tasking and responding.

⭐️ I can allow myself to play more.

Funny how Aiden is the inspiration to embody all 4 intentions and yet, one you don’t need children to practice and discover the benefits of being more present to the moment 💋


My father passed away in 2005 yet every year on this date I silently remember his birthday. 🙂

I was beginning my daily “to-do” list this morning when I remembered that today was his day. It’s been so long since he passed and in many ways I feel closer to him now then in the last few years of his life. 💜

Of course I often wish he were here and yet I often speak to him, pray with him and listen for his guidance, as I believe he does send me guidance and direction and love.

Anyway, just wanted to share this tender piece of my heart with you, encourage you to speak to your loved ones who have passed and say: Happy Birthday, Dad. 🌺


My clients hold such a deep and special place in my heart. 💜 Everyday they allow me the opportunity to be present in my soul purpose. 🙏🏻

We find relief, understanding, clarity, empowerment, love and most importantly soul-alignment. 🌺

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I too learn so much from our time and journeys together.

If YOU are interested in exploring a coaching relationship please consider signing up for a no strings Discovery Call with me. 😍

Link in bio 👆🏼


Would you like your reality to better match your desires? 🌺

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Each of us have an array of heartfelt dreams and desires we’d like to see come to life! 🌈

We’re all born with hope, optimism and positive expectation. Then the “should’s” and “have-tos” of life settle in, and those dreams are forgotten or shelved. Yet, you’re so much more than this. 💃🏻🎉

It is my life’s work to help people make meaningful, transformative shifts into their inner greatness. It’s time to fall back in love with yourself, your partners and your life! 💜

As a doctor of psychology, life coach and energy healer, I’ve spent the last 14 years helping people like you:

* Reconnect to your authentic self and get clear on what you really want

* Pinpoint the obstacles and patterns holding you back and dismantle them

* Explore your creativity, boldness and joy while expanding your capacity to love and be loved

* Become magnetic to the confident, radiant life you’ve always desired

Let’s accelerate your dreams!

Contact me via Link in bio
Sign up for a no-strings Discovery Call if you feel inspired to explore a coaching relationship. 🙏🏻


Self-compassion and acceptance when I am, what I perceive to be, not perfect. (Which is more than I care to admit 🤦🏼‍♀️)

Allowing myself to be messy, unpolished and imperfect publicly/professionally. 

Many claim to understand unconditional love and acceptance and yet, understanding the concept and practicing it diligently are concepts that are oceans apart. 

🙏🏻 I too was this person. I thought I was “good” at loving myself no matter what and then I had a baby, my business came to a screeching halt, the money stopped and I was no longer the me I knew for the first 40 years.  

🌺 Can you love yourself when you're exhausted crying in the shower?

🌺Can you love yourself when the bank account says zero?

🌺 Can you accept yourself when your body is no longer just yours (moms-to-be) or when the flesh under your arms starts to jiggle and wiggle a bit? (Anyone over 40?)

🌺 Can you accept yourself when you flub the words, the chance, the moment?

🌺 Can you love and accept yourself when you have to ask for more help than you’ve ever had to ask for prior?

💜 True unconditional love and acceptance is a bring-you-to-your-knees humbling experience. 

And, in my opinion, worth every bloody tear.  If we can be with ourselves in that much rawness as the armor drops, a softening occurs and we can approach our true selves once again.  With all guards dropped we learn how resilient, lovable, supported and expansive we are created to be.

At least….that’s been my experience. ;-)


Hey-hey! Join me and Social Media ☆ Branding Coach] as we dive deep into the understanding of our overall mindset and the power of our own beliefs. I explain how the quality of our mindset will determine if we are attracting abundance or the lack thereof. 💃🏻🎉

What you will walk away learning?
⭐️ Understanding the belief mindset.
⭐️ Understanding how life circumstances can shape today's belief systems.
⭐️Steps you can take for more abundant thinking.

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What are you feeling good, encouraged and great and grateful of today? Because no matter what there is always SOMETHING we can choose to feel good about. 💋

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