Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)


We invite you to follow my visual work (video live and lights for shows). a great day!
good times
funk groove with mr pickett
3/4 time can be dizzying
shirtless? Really?
gold bonding
So happy that Bill is back teaching - the fun and creativity keeps getting better and better! see you all tomorrow!
It's that Time of Year Again!
Welcome back to Studio A children's program for
Fall Semester 2017.

Our goal is to motivate and create individuality through the expression of dance. We offer multiple styles for kids of all ages. We have added some fun new classes for this semester. Please check out our Fall Schedule below.

* PRE REGISTRATION DISCOUNT 10% off tuition from 08/07-08/27

Email [email protected] for class schedules, descriptions and pricing.

A neighborhood dance studio in Silver Lake (Los Angeles). Rehearsal and space for rent. Inquire by text: 818 383 2650 We offer classes in several forms of dance - Ballet, Jazz, Hula.

We also have ongoing classes in cardio workout, stretch, capoeira, acting workshops and children's dance. Please see for current schedule!

Operating as usual


a novel brought to life on the DanceSpot stage many years ago with Peggy Nguyen

bill and Peggy convey the story of "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

Pippin! 6 months ago.

shades of pippin



shades of pippin


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

Don Kilhefner -- who wrote this article-- is the shaman who married Kevin and myself five years ago in an orchid and candle-filled dance studio. On a personal level, thanks to Don (and the other two in attendance), we could have not asked for a more loving and spiritual ceremony. On a global level, this mensch Don has --and continues--to bring change for the better in this world we live in. I encourage you to read Don's article to get a grasp on some important history made right here in Los Angeles. 11/06/2019

Jim Crow Visits West Hollywood: Studio One and Gay Liberation - WEHOville

Don Kilhefner -- who wrote this article-- is the shaman who married Kevin and myself five years ago in an orchid and candle-filled dance studio. On a personal level, thanks to Don (and the other two in attendance), we could have not asked for a more loving and spiritual ceremony. On a global level, this mensch Don has --and continues--to bring change for the better in this world we live in. I encourage you to read Don's article to get a grasp on some important history made right here in Los Angeles. Don Kilhefner argues that The Factory's Studio One was a bastion of discrimination against blacks and women rather than the LGBT sanctuary described by its preservation advocates.


DanceSpot at Hyperion Arts Fall 2019

For those of you who missed the DanceSPot perfromance at Studio A Dance/Hyperion arts on October 19,2019, here is a 2-minute sampling for your pleasure! Thanks to all the artists who participated


NowThis Politics

Here’s what happened when Trump was asked about his ‘favorite’ author


Our good friend Andrea Martino passed away last week. Although diminutive in stature and meek in voice, the love she always brought on was big, loud and clear. When Andrea walked into any situation, infectious joy surrounded her. She loved the Mets, Dodgers, a game of golf and anything Disney. And everything New York –she hailed from Queens. Kevin (along with other loved ones) spent time with Andrea at hospice. Although he returned home saddened, he brought along tales of humor that Andrea had imparted during her last hours –to the end a bundle of joy was she. For those of you who knew Andrea, we are having a celebration at Studio A Dance on August 24 and would love to see you there (photo attached). Also, here’s a photo of Kevin and I with Andrea at her and Joey’s wedding.


I'm told that a heat wave is heading to Studio A Dance/Hyperion Arts in the form of Lexicon: dances that divulge


Secret Agent Man


music Johnny Rivers (written by PF SLoan and Steve Barri)


spins and kicks

music "Rather Be" highlighted on the closing episode of Sense 8 (shot on the Eiffel Tower)


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance

#performance #venue #silverlakedanceperformance #studioadance

Performers! deadline for submissions June 1, 2019, link below


regular joe running wild

some swing dfance music today in class: Regulat Joe by Indigo Swing and Running WIld by the hot sardines


Stepping back a few, and more, decades!

Howz about "Time of the Seasons" by the Zombies, and "Baby Elephant Walk" by Les Brown for stepping back in "time?"



Felt the sea swells moving our bodies today to the music of The Little Mermaid...


music from the band's visit

popped into lyrical mde this week


a new face in town

a NEW FACE has taken up residence on the Hyperion Ave Corridor, thanks to artist Chris Wyllie. Drive by and check it out....


oldie but goodie/ Bomp!

Fun to re-live this crazy 50s song. "who Put the Bomp" by Barry Man


Four of Bill’s Jazz Dancers perform this Saturday evening in French! (Excerpts) at DanceSpot 8:30pm at Hyperion Arts: Studio A Dance. Come! Reserve by text at 818-383-2650


DanceSpot dance performance this Saturday, April 6, 2019. jazz, modern, circus, whimsey! tickets $20. reserve at [email protected]



The first eight seconds of this video depict the joy of dance as Cecile Gareton finds a spot on the oak boards. take a gander! Blue Passion by Velada Project


august winds

This incredible song "August Winds" is from the musical "The Last Ship" written and performed by Sting. I will not be misssing this staged musical when it comes to Los Angeles this year. I had my jazz students close their eyes during a portion of the choreography in order to take in the full breadth of the music.


two more choreographers added to the lineup!

Anni Blackhurst and Kacee Kreig


Four of our Favorite French females from Jazz dance class will be bumping and grinding as only the French can do! DanceSpot April 6, 8:30 PM, See you there!


Benedicte dances on her birthday week EVERY YEAR

I want to thank Benedicte for always bringing 100 percent to the dance floor EVERY time! 100 percent of spirit, 100 percent of talent and 100 percent of love! This compilation is just a small token of thanks on this auspicious occasion, the anniversary of your birth. Thank for being a BIG part of our dance community. And I'll see you on the floor in DanceSpot on April 6th. Can't wait


french time

find the three French ladies on the floor.....


an underwater chance meeting

In the dance entitled "Cenote" choreographed by Bill Brown, dancers Hannah Haidar and Jessica Slocombe portray creatures in the deep recesses of an ocean cave who are destined to unite due to the forces of the undercurrent.


beat goes on

had us a blast in class today dancing to the music of Big Hands Colvin Band (now that's a great band name)


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance

coming soon: DanceSpot April 6, 2019

Hello Choreographers! enjoy this one-minute collage of past DanceSpots, and if you have a piece to present next month (first Saturday in April) , please let us know!


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

Had to post this again. Look at these spirited dancers from my jazz class!!

DanceSpot on April 22 was a blast! Music: Puttin ON the Ritz by Robbie Williams


Nitty By The Bay

The Nitty Gritty with a bay breeze


A mainstay at Studio A Dance/Hyperion Arts: weekday mornings sweetness stays cool outdoors while patiently awaiting for mom inside at hot yoga. Dozens of shoes to smell and gentle pats from passers by. win--win


after glow

waltz-theme music from a Broadway musical tony winner of 2018


my mama done told me

Dancing to a bit of Gaga and Katie Mulea this week


a curtain call front and center and FUN!!

At the end of an amazing bellydance show (Raqs-Spot) at Hyperion Arts (Studio A Dance) the participants celebrate with the audience

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DanceSpot at Hyperion Arts Fall 2019
Secret Agent Man
spins and kicks
regular joe running wild
Stepping back a few, and more, decades!
music from the band's visit
a new face in town
oldie but goodie/ Bomp!




2306 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 21:30
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