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Hello, your school looks awesome! We are looking for a female blackbelt to teach part time basic self defense for girls ages 6-17 in our After School Program in Culver City. If you have a female blackbelt that is interested, please contact us. Thank you. - Nelson Nio - (310) 854-9239
World Oyama Karate San Francisco and San Mateo present the 2018 Fighters Cup! Sunday, May 6
Director Shihan Takeshi Saito
* Applications only available @ Click on the Tournament Link
* Applications Due April 28!
We are proudly presenting the first crowdfunding Kyokushin Kickstarter campaign:
The Kyokushin Way - Karate Manga Textbook

Help creating a great Kyokushin Karate manga textbook. Volume 1 starts with all techniques you need for the 10. Kyu grading test!

Our Vision

The main idea is to develop a Kyokushin textbook for all junior karate fighters. Kids love to read manga comics, so what could be better as creating an educating story about the kyokushin way. Each book will contain the techniques for the next grading test, combined with a nice story about the philosophy of karate, explained and drawn in typical Japanese manga style.

We want to replace old illustrated karate encyclopedias with these new modern textbooks. Not only the junior fighters liked that idea, even the master classes we interviewed before were excited about it. It is also the perfect present for your children, a great technique guide, Karate encyclopedia and a motivation to go on with your training and reach the next level.

Bring "The Kyokushin Way" to life and support us!


Kyokushinkaikan The International Karate Organization (IKO) and the Kyokushinkaikan follow the Karate way of building character and training the mind and body to contribute to society, based on Sosai Mas Oyama's Kyokushin spirit "Keep your head low (modesty), eyes high (ambition), mouth shut (serenity); base yourself on filial piety and benefit others."

We in Kyokushin Karate-Do do not promote or practice discrimination or prejudice based on ethnicity, race, nationality, politics, philosophy, religion, s*x or age and recognize that everyone has the same rights. Our greatest pursuit is to reach for the goal of international friendship and world peace.


Sensei Otomo passed away.
I can't find words to express my feeling.
When We went to New York for All American,
he always took care of us well.
I will never forget his kindness and attitude.
He always sweats and trains hard in the seminars.
He showed a good attitude as Karate-ka for the younger generation.
But He always kept smiling and was modest all the time.
Rest in peace.

Osu. It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Kyokushin Karate New York Black Belt, Sensei Kunihiko Otomo.

Otomo-Sensei, “Key” joined Kyokushin Karate NY at the 5th Avenue Dojo in Midtown 21yrs ago. Starting in his mid-40’s as a white belt, he joked often about how he was probably 'too old' to be practicing Kyokushin, but he truly loved coming to class and was always exhilarated after training alongside his fellow karate-ka.

Not only did Otomo-Sensei aim for and achieve his own personal goals in Kyokushin, but he greatly contributed to the overall growth of the IKO Kyokushinkaikan New York Branch KKNY. He took a keen interest in helping others and once earning his Black Belt, began teaching the 7AM morning classes weekly at KKNY Midtown, graciously elevating the skills of those he trained with, as well as his own.

Otomo-Sensei was honored to be able to participate in IKO Kyokushinkaikan events & seminars locally and around the world and continued to improve himself at every opportunity. Most recently, he attended the IKO International Black Belt Conference in Banff, Canada led by Kancho Shokei Matsui and in 2019, successfully tested for and was awarded the rank of 3rd Dan ‘Sensei’ by Branch Chief, Shihan Katsuhito Gorai here in New York.

Otomo-Sensei leaves behind his wife Liz, and their two children, Vivian and Ken. For Kyokushin members who would like to remember him to his family, they have organized a fundraising site at the link below.



I send you the Dan promotion test.
It is held at IKO Honbu on January 24th.

It is a precious experience to hear Kancho Matsui's explanation.
I felt tense watching this video of the promotion test.
All students, Black belts and instructors should watch this video and make it useful for your training.




Dan Promotion Examination was held at IKO Honbu on January 24th. Please watch it on KYOKUSHIN ONLINE!


Every new year, we have a winter training(Kangeiko) on the Santa Monica beach with Sunrise in January.
Today, I went to there by myself and we did winter training online together.

The day we will get to practice together in the dojo will be not so far.
Train hard and be ready for that day!



Thank you very much Senpai Hiroyo Garrett for the masks!


Kai Fares is going to move to Japan.(日本語は下にスクロールして下さい。)

We had our last online class with Kai last week.
Unfortunately, we can't hold his farewell party in the dojo and we can't give him a card.
We prepared our message for Kai and showed it to him at the end of our class on the screen!
Thank you, everyone!
Ganbare, Kai! Good luck! We hope to see you soon!
Pictures are the last class of outside training in the park and the last online class.



We will still do an online class along with outside training in the park in Santa Monica.
The air quality was not healthy because of the wildfires of California,
we switched to all online classes before last week.
We had an outside class last week because the air quality went back to normal.



Senpai Daniel & Denis are modeling for a Toy of breaking a board.
It is available in Target.



I reopened the dojo today.

I had a little kids class in the dojo and an online class.

I was very very happy to see students in the dojo!

They practiced at home online for 3 months.

I was surprised to see how much they improved during the quarantine.





Online family class yesterday.

Using cushions instead of kick mitts.

Thank you, parents, and family members!





I really appreciated you to hold my surprised Birthday party after Kids & adults combine class yesterday!
Thank you very much for preparing the birthday cake and card with many messages!
I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!



West LA dojo has 9 USWC champions, making it the dojo with the most champions. This is all thanks to the teamwork of West LA Dojo! The results are below!
みなさんのチームワークの賜物です。ありがとうございました! 道場の結果は下です!

2020 Official Results for WLA Dojo below,

Kata Junior Intermediate 5-9 yrs old
1st Nalu Kawaguchi - West LA, CA

2nd Rafu Egashira- West LA, CA

3rd Haru Saito - Torrance, CA

Kata Junior Advance 8-12 yrs old

1st Haru Nishimoto - West LA, CA

2nd Liam Chutuape - West LA, CA

3rd Napili Yoshida - West LA, CA

Kata Junior Advance 13-16 yrs old

1st Miho Tago - West LA, CA

2nd Luna Nomura - Torrance, CA

3rd Madrine Moindjie - Reunion

Kata Senior Advanced

1st Naoko Tago – West LA, CA

2nd Nariko Watanabe – Torrance, CA

3rd Javier Matos - Tampa, FL

BOYS 5yrs

1st Kai Takahama – Torrance, CA

2nd Kenshin Rabbitt – Orange County, CA

3rd Kai Fares – West LA, CA

BOYS 8yrs Middleweight

1st Kotaro Kaneko - West LA, CA

2nd Koshiro Miyamoto - West LA, CA

3rd Eugene Wang – Orange County, CA

BOYS 8yrs Heavyweight

1st Marshall Mulvehill - West LA, CA

2nd Senan Riley – West LA, CA

3rd Khankhishig Enkhtuguldur - San Francisco, CA

BOYS 8-9yrs Super Heavyweight

1st Liam Oune Bive - Reunion, CA

2nd Ganbileg Gankhuyag - San Francisco, CA

3rd Nalu Kawaguchi - West LA, CA

BOYS 10yrs Lightweight

1st Matthéo Maillot - Reunion

2nd Louie Sanders - West LA, CA

3rd George Sukhasyan - West LA, CA

BOYS 10-11yrs Middleweight

1st Dorian Jean-Marie - Reunion

2nd Noah Bernstein - West LA, CA

3rd Liam Chutuape - West LA, CA

BOYS 10-11yrs Heavyweight

1st Kota Murayoshi - West LA, CA

2nd Andrew Soronzonbold - San Francisco, CA

3rd Enkhinkhusien Tegshjargal - San Francisco, CA

Girls 11yrs LW

1st Maelle Mayot - Reunion

2nd Yukina Fukuda - Torrance, CA

3rd Sophia Sanders - West LA, CA

BOYS 12yrs LW

1st Noah Yasuda - West LA, CA

2nd Oliver Williams - Canada

3rd Haru Nishimotoa - West LA, CA

BOYS 13yrs MW

1st Itsuki Watanabe – West LA, CA

2nd Jo Bernsein – West LA, CA

3rd Taizo Nakayama – West LA, CA

BOYS 14yrs

1st Munkhtushig Itgel - San Francisco, CA

2nd Jun Khan - West LA, CA

Men Lightweight
1st Christian Buffaloe - Seaboard, NC

2nd Omar Mohammed Alduaij - Kuwait

3rd Kohtaroh Zushi - West LA, ​​CA



Do your best & Good luck all fighters!


See you in LA!



Thank you very much for participating in Kangeiko(Winter training) before sunrise and Kagami Biraki party in dojo!
I really appreciate parents who prepare traditional foods in the early morning!




I found a picture of I and Monet Garrett in The US Weight Category Karate Championship 2009 in
Los Angeles

Monet was 9 years old.

Another picture is in Wold Open in 2019 in Tokyo.

Monet is 19 years old now.



At the World Championship, Kohtaroh Zushi, Koorsh Evagee and Monet Garrett all represented USA Kyokushin from West Los Angeles Dojo. At the World Open tournament, Kota Murayoshi also participated in elite championship.
I understood that the wall we were facing was going to be enormous. High and thick. However, everyone fought an amazing fight.
Once I saw them standing there fearlessly and no hesitation on the mat at the tournament, my heartfelt nothing but pride. I was full of pride to watch them fight so well out there on the mat.


世界大会ではコウタロウ ズシ、クロシ エバジー、モネ ギャッレットがアメリカ代表としてウェストロスアンジェルス支部より出場致しました。




We had the last classes yesterday in 2019.
2019 was a very successful year.
It would have never happened without your support.
I really appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you very much!

Dojo will be closed until Jan 4th (Saturday).
Dojo will be open on Monday 6th as a regular schedule in 2020.

We had a 1000 punches & 1019 kicks total 2019 punches & kicks and Christmas party last week.
Excellent job everyone!

Happy holidays.









Happy Birthday, Noah!


Last June, Naoko Tago Shodan and Roy Uchino 1kyu took a Black belt test.

Roy Uchino has been a champion for US Weight Category championship several times.
He is 15 years old and he has more than 8 years experience of Kyokushin karate.

Senpai Naoko became US Champion in US Weight Category championship 2019 in Kata division.
She has almost 11 years experience of Kyokushin karate.

I really appreciate Mr & Mrs. Uchino. They always encouraged Roy and have been bringing him to the dojo since he was 7 years old.
I'd like to thank Senpai Naoko Tago for her passion and generous efforts for WLA Dojo.
Thank you very much, everybody, for coming to their party and a lot of foods and Sake.

I received 2 black belts, certificates and black belt card from Honbu in Tokyo by airmail.

Wearing a black bet is not a goal. It is just starting for training martial arts.

1st degree of the black belt means he knows only fundamental of basic techniques: Ido, Kata Kumite, courtesy and attitude as a martial artist.
2nd degree of the black belt means it makes those better.

Both Senpai Naoko and Roy need to make those much better from now on. It looks like Roy is just standing at the entrance and Senpai Naoko is on the way.

Our founder Sosai Mas Oyama said martial arts training is same as climbing the cliff.
I really think I need more discipline for myself all the time.
wearing a black belt means responsibility.
Please do your best!









There were 10 men fight in Manhattan beach dojo of Shihan Patrick last Saturday.

I took Ryuho & Koorosh to help them.



I received WLA DOJO Taiko sticks from Senpai Yoko Decker!
She ordered to Japan.
I sometimes break Taiko sticks by hitting each other during the sparring to make Kiai.
Thank you so much!



We had a beach training last week.
The training included our usual games (Watermelon break, Sumo, breaking wooden boards, race, and others).

Thank you for your participation!


Yesterday, we hosted the 4th joint fighters class in West LA Dojo together with LA brunch of Shihan Nakasaka and Manhattan Beach branch of Shihan Patrick led by Shihan Hasegawa.
We are getting ready for the 12th World Open Tournament in November of 2019. There are 3 months left for the big event.
USA Kyokushin, go for it!



I'd like to thank everybody for coming to our dojo celebration last week.
The party was held in the honor of Kohataroh, Koorosh and Monet, who are going to the World Championship this November. We also celebrated Noah Yasuda's return from Japan.
先週’行いましたコウタロウ、クロシ、モネの世界大会代表選手祝賀会&日本で一年間の武者修行を終えたノア ヤスダくんのウェルカムバックパーティーに参加して下さりありがとうございました!




I really appreciate the surprise party last May for my 5th degree black belt when I received my result of test in Japan.
Thank you so much for coming, preparing so many dishes and thank you for your precious time on a busy weekend.

I appreciate flowers, big celebrate cake and Daruma as a gift.

I finally received my 5th degree black belt and a certificate from the Headquarters a couple of days ago.

I really appreciate Kancho Matsui, all Shihans, all Senseis, all Senpais, Kohais, my students and their parents.

I feel very responsible as a Shihan of International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan.

I will do my best for everyone.










IKO just announced that Kohtaroh Zushi is official USA representative in the 12th World open tournament!
コウタロウ ズシ、第12回世界大会アメリカ代表正式決定!

Kohtaroh Zushi is selected as representative of USA for World open tournament.
3 competitors, Kohtaroh Zushi, Koorosh Evagee & Monet Garrett are going to World Open Tournament from West LosAngeles dojo!

コウタロウ ズシは世界大会アメリカ代表に正式に選ばれました。
これで、コウタロウ ズシ、クロシ エバジー、モネ ギャレットの3名が世界大会アメリカ代表としてウェストロスアンジェルス支部から出場致します!


The international department just announced that Koorosh Evagee (17yrs old) & Monet Garrett (18 yrs old) are official USA representatives in the World Open tournament!
They became the youngest members in the history of International Karate Organization KyoksuhinKaikan for the North American team!
An amazing achievement! Teenage representative for World open tournament!

クロシ エバジー17才、モネギャレット18才、 世界大会アメリカ代表正式決定!国際部より連絡がありました!
国際空手道連盟極真会館ノースアメリカチームメンバーに決定! 最年少のティーンエージャー世界大会代表!


Koorosh & Monet are going to participate in The 12th World open karate tournament with WLA Branch as USA representative!
クロシ&モネ, WLA支部より2名、第12回全世界空手道選手権大会アメリカ代表権獲得!

Senpai Koorosh(7th place) & Senpai Monet(8th place) became best 8! (out of 29 fighters) in the 2019 All American Open International Karate Championships in NYC.

They are both going to participate in the World Open Tournament, which will be in November in Tokyo, Japan!

Results of Youth below,

Youth ADV 13-17 Years old
1st Place Miho Tago

Youth Intermediate 9-12 years
1st place Liam Chutuape

Youth ADV 8-12 Years old
2nd Place Haru Nishimoto
3rd place Kevin Ituki Watanabe
4h place Napili Yoshida


Boys 12 years old Heavy
1st Place Kevin Ituki Watanabe

Girls 14-15 years old light
2nd place Miho Tago

Boys 13-14 years old
3rd place Jun Khan

Boys 10 years old
3rd place Liam Chutuape

Boys 9-11 years place Heavy
4th place Kota Murayoshi


Videos (show all)

Warming up
Monet & Koorosh's light sparing
Monet Sandbag Training
Monet Aisatsu
2019 モネ サンドバッグトレーニング
2019モネ ロープ&プッシュアップ
2019 モネ サンドバッグトレーニング




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