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Attn: Helping OTF FAM with new resumes/cover letters! Hey friends! Since we’re all at home and hunkering down, I thought i would offer my resume services to those in need of potential new work! I am a professional screenwriter with a flourishing small business assisting with resumes and cover letters. I have successfully completed over 150+ resumes and had a 100% client satisfaction rate. I’m giving all fit fam 50% of a full resume revamp- $25.00 for a consultation, two rounds of edits, and a final resume! $5.00 for a cover letter. DM me. Also, if money is a problem let me know and we will work something out, happy to help those in need as we wade through this unknown!
Hello! I am unable to continue with OTF and I have a arm band OTF Heart Rate Monitor that I would love to sell it if possible. I used it probably 3 times MAX and it's in excellent condition. I am located in LA but would gladly ship to whomever. I am asking for $65 for it, but would open to negotiating.
Hey Everyone! I am producing/directing my second music video with Czech Rap Star Raego We are shooting at YouTube Space LA in Playa Vista near LAX this Thursday from 12-9pm! We unfortunately have no budget and will only be providing food. We are getting all of our camera equipment and lighting courtesy of YouTube. We are shooting on 2 RED Epics!!! The music video is called A-Game and it's about getting in shape and it's a testament to all of the weight Raego lost prior to becoming a celebrity in the Czech Republic. We are looking for people to be working out in the background (any fitness shape)! Here is the link to our last music video! Enjoy!

Affordable Group Personal Training Heart-rate based interval training in a fun and energizing group environment. Work for 1 hour, burn for 36.

That's the Orange effect!

The secret to success: Pour your heart into anything you do. Life is going to give you what you put into it, so always make your best effort. And, remember — the heart is the only muscle that gives you more life, so keep pouring love into each and every workout. #OrangetheoryHeartsFitness

Orangetheory Coach and YouTube legend @TrainingTall makes a special guest appearance on our next episode of Under the Orange Lights — Transformation Challenge Edition. It airs this Tuesday at 6 p.m. on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on all the tips and tricks!

#TransformationChallenge2021 has started! And it’s your chance to start new. Yes, we’ll all come from different places, but we’ll move forward together. Use our trackers to stay accountable! All you have to do is screenshot each image to use it!

Grab your OTbeat™ and let’s prove we’re taking steps in the right direction.

TC 2021

Have you signed up for the Transformation challenge taking place outdoors at Sherman Oaks and Marina del Rey yet?!

[01/08/21]   Are you ready to kick off 2021 in the best way possible? Are you looking to transform 2021 into the best year of your life? The time is now!

The 2021 Transformation Challenge kicks off on January 18th and you're in luck! We're taking the challenge outdoors at our Sherman Oaks and Marina del Rey studios. Join us and be part of the first-ever Outdoor Transformation Challenge in the history of Orangetheory!

If you've been with OTF a while, then you know the program, and you know you want in. For anyone new to our OTF family that is taking on the challenge outdoors, we're talking:

‣ 8 weeks of workouts
‣ One-week mini-challenges to keep you going
‣ Cash prizes
‣ Fitness tips
‣ Accountability and community to fast-track your fitness goals

Not ready to take on the challenge outdoors? We've got an at-home option too! Just DM us for details on how to get started at home and what prizes you could win by taking on the challenge.

Our coaches and team will bring motivation, knowledge, guided coaching, and ongoing support. You bring the effort, and you'll see life-changing results!


Ah, the best news you've heard all year. No matter what's in store for 2021, just know this: We will go All Out — together. Cheers to a safe, healthy and #HappyNewYear from your Orangetheory family.

“You can momentum shift up positively or momentum shift down negatively in life,” Latham says. Our 2021 New Year’s resolution is to momentum shift up! Not sure what that means? Click on the link to find out more.

Attn Orange Fam 🚨 Our AM classes are cancelled at Marina del Rey and Sherman Oaks on Monday, December 28th. Classes will resume in the evening as follows: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Marina del Rey: 3 PM, 4:30 PM, 6 PM⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Sherman Oaks: 4 PM, 5:30 PM⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We will update you all as soon as possible if there are any additional changes to the schedule due to anticipated weather.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Miss a workout or two this hectic holiday season? It happens. Give into those holiday treats? We’ll forgive you. Remember, each day is a new opportunity to start fresh and make a comeback. So get up, show up, never give up and be #StrongerThanTheHolidays. What’s one goal you hope to achieve before this year ends?

We've got room in our 4:00pm, 5:30pm, and 6:45pm classes tonight with Coach Benzo at our outdoor workouts at Sherman Oaks! Snag a spot in the app or text us at 801-405-0001. We'd love to see new faces!

OTF Outdoors

Don’t sweat the holidays … sweat through them! Give yourself the strength and energy you need to crush the holidays by sticking to your Orangetheory routine. Come take a class at Orangetheory Outdoors Sherman Oaks or Marina del Rey! 💪

Merriment will fade. But the results you get from sticking to your Orangetheory routine through the holidays? Those will last forever. What are some great tips that have helped you get in your workouts during the busiest time of year? Share them in the comments. ⬇

Orangetheory Outdoors at Sherman Oaks is here!

Headed to class this week? Check out this video for exactly what to expect ✨One important note please make sure you are bringing enough water for class. Due to the changes in LA County, we are unable to sell beverages until further notice. Our touchless water refill station is located four flights down in the studio should you need a refill during class. As changes occur, we will be sure to keep you all informed. See you in class 🔥

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You’re the boss of your own fitness routine, and now it’s time to add “nutrition expert” to your repertoire. Tune into our next episode of #UnderTheOrangeLights to get real-time nutrition tips from WW’s Head of Nutrition & Wellness so you know what to eat to feel your best.


To squat, or to swing? To swing, or to squat? That is the question. #OTFWouldYouRather

In between the canceled birthdays, the rescheduled weddings, and the postponed travel plans, life at home has opened our eyes to what really matters: our friends, our families, and our own physical and mental well-being. We challenge you to make time for what matters this week. Get a workout in, facetime a friend, or maybe just write down a few things you are grateful for. ❤

Coming Soon!

LA County OTF Fam, COVID got you down?! We’ve got some good news coming your way that’ll cheer you right up 🎉 Orangetheory Outdoors is coming to Sherman Oaks soon 🔥🍊

Stay tuned for details on our opening date and schedules. We know you are wondering if your studio will be next. We do not have any additional plans at this time, our focus will be to open Sherman Oaks. If/when additional plans arise, you all will be the first to know!

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The Marathon Challenge is on and, you can do it from anywhere!

Get moving! Go to the “At Home” tab within the app, and click to view all of the workouts available. Select any of the following eligible out-of-studio cardio workouts to count toward your overall distance during #MarathonMonth: Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Run, Indoor Walk, 5K Race, 10K Race, Half Marathon and Marathon. (Psst… you’ll have to wear your heart rate monitor to track your distance; you won’t be able to input it into the Challenge Tracker.)

Track your progress. Visit the performance screen (the bar graph to the right of the plus sign), select “Challenges,” and select the “Marathon Month Original” badge. Your accumulated miles will automatically load on this screen. To complete a half marathon, aim to complete 13.1 miles. Itching to run the full thing? That’s 26.2 miles. Want to brag about running an ultramarathon? Make sure you cover 31.1+ miles.

Who’s enjoying the flexibility of #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts? Do them in your living room, in your garage or on your outdoor patio. If you’re an early bird, kickstart your day with a 5 a.m. workout. Those of you who are night owls can burn off the day’s energy (and calories!) with a 6 p.m. sweat session. No matter where or when you get a workout in, Orangetheory will always be here to make your days a little brighter, your hearts a little happier and your body a little healthier.

Raindrops are falling on our head! OH WAIT.. That's not supposed to happen☔ To keep you all safe and your heads dry, we are cancelling classes on Saturday, November 7th. Don't let the weather get you down! We will be crediting your class back to your account. If you need assistance re-booking class for a later date, text the studio at 424-226-9400! As long as those rainy skies stay away, we will resume classes on Sunday, November 8th!


What an amazing first few weeks at our new outdoor location at Marina Del Rey! We could keep telling you how awesome the workouts are but, we want you to hear it from those who are right beside you in every class.

Thank you so much to the OTF community who joined us. These few weeks have been extremely special all because of YOU. You helped give the staff, your fellow members, and the entire OTF community a sense of normalcy that we know as Base, Push, and All Out. We are so grateful to those who came out for #MoreLife.

Microsoft Forms

Thank you for participating in Hell Week. Maybe we should have called it “Hell Month” this year. Whether you busted out 4 workouts or went “All Out” and did all 12, congratulations on breaking loose with us for this year’s challenge!

Now, let's get to the good part. We've got t-shirts or tanks for those who gave us their shirt size by October 11th. You can pick up your well-deserved t-shirt or tank at Marina Del Rey on November 11th from 11AM-5PM or at Sherman Oaks on November 12th from 11AM-5PM.

We are making our last order for Hell Week t-shirts and tanks! If you have not requested your t-shirt or tank and size, please use this link ( ) to guarantee you receive a well-deserved Hell Week t-shirt or tank in this last shipment we are placing. We need this information by Friday, 11.6.2020 @ 12PM PST. All t-shirts or tanks requested after October 11th will be included in this shipment.

After we place our order by 11/9, delivery could be sometime in December, or sometime after the new year. We were informed of delays by our national supplier, and apologize we are unable to provide more specific details at this time.

Day 2 of Marathon Month is already here! We've got a tracker for you to use so that you can stay on top of your goals ✨

If you are participating in Marathon Month, be sure to register in the app. You can find the registration fee ($25) by going to settings then buy classes. To participate, please track your miles to the best of your ability with your OTbeat, Apple Watch, or Fitbit! Have none of those? Most phones are tracking your steps everywhere you go!


We don’t care if you’re a power walker, jogger or sprinter — Marathon Challenge is back and we want you to get it done your way. For the month of November, log your distance using your OTbeat™ heart rate monitor and the mobile app and see how far you can push it. This year, you can do it all from your home or neighborhood. So, get out there! All participants score a shirt to prove you went the distance. Register ($25) by emailing your studio or registering in the Orangetheory app. #otfmarathon

#HellWeek2020 is coming to an end this weekend and we've seen how many of you have crushed those workouts and already completed your 4! Shirts requested prior to 10/12 have been ordered. Once we receive the shirt delivery, you will then receive an email from us to coordinate your pick-up.

Any shirts requested after 10/11 are to be ordered after the end of Hell Week. We will then reach out to those individuals upon receiving in the second order. As with many things this year, this is an entirely new process for us with at-home workouts. We appreciate your patience and we cannot wait to see you all rocking those tees!

My passes are missing. How do I link my accounts?

We will be releasing our Marina Del Rey Outdoor Schedule by the end of this week. We know many of you were unable to successfully book classes in the app. In preparation, please ensure your account is linked to our Marina Del Rey location. That can be done following this guide: InformationTitleMy passes are missing. How do I link my accounts?Article BodyAvailable in Spanish  If your passes are missing, we recommend trying to link your Mindbody account to your profile at the local business. This is done automatically when you confirm your account for the first time, but yo...


You’ll believe in the supernatural after you see just what kind of strength comes from within you tomorrow. Hell Week continues with a big, bad workout that simulates the action on the rowers. You can do it at home by cranking those weights, then reaping the results. Be sure to register for Hell Week and mark these future workout dates: 24-31. Say “hell yeah” and call your studio for Hell Week details or register (just $10) on the mobile app. #HellWeek2020

Note: If you already registered, be sure you have emailed your studio to request your shirt and discuss your pick-up options!

We love boss ladies (gentlemen hint-hint, holidays are approaching) and so does Onzie ✨ We've partnered with Onzie Activewear to get you ready for the challenging workouts invading your homes and studios this year! You'll be looking fly as HELL🔥 in your new workout gear with a 20% OFF your entire purchase on Plus, you’ll get a FREE 2-pack of their ultimate performance workout masks to keep it safe in the studio. Say "hell yeah", use code 'HELLWEEK20' to save, and get your gear 💪 #hellweek2020

21 Intense Orangetheory Workouts You Can Do at Home

"For Orangetheory veterans to beginners alike, using Orangetheory's interval training style at home is a sure bet to getting your sweat on and really feeling the burn." Orangetheory is one of the most popular worldwide fitness studios for a reason: it combines supportive coaches with science-backed workout methods, and some of

Push yourself. Sweat out of your comfort zone. Do something that scares you. Or check all three off your list during #HellWeek2020


Brace yourself: #HellWeek2020 starts tomorrow. Don’t forget to register today. It’s our most challenging and rewarding event of the year, and we’re stretching it out even more than a week. Join the madness! Complete 4 of 12 workouts and nab a Hell Week tee. So, let’s go! Register in the app and rise to the challenge. This year, Hell Week is breaking loose with more!

Don't forget Hell Week is more than just a week this year! Your first workout of Hell Week starts on October 8th! We know you have questions as things are a little different this year. Check out the FAQs below:

Q: Is there a deadline to register?
A: Registration is open all month. To receive your t-shirt during Hell Week the deadline to register is Saturday, 10/10. We cannot guarantee an October delivery for any registrant after Saturday, 10/10.

Q: How do I sign up on the OTF App?
A: Please go to Settings - Buy Classes and Choose Hell Week At-Home. Check our last post for carousel images to follow.

Q: How do I get my t-shirt?
A: After registering in the Orangetheory App, utilize your studio's email (found in this carousel) to request your shirt and size. Please be sure to include your name in the email. Ladies, be sure to indicate if you want a t-shirt or a tank! We will be coordinating pick-up times during and after Hell Week.

Q: How do I track my workouts?
A: To properly track your Hell Week progress you must use your OTbeat Heart Rate Monitor while working out.

Register for Hell Week through the OTF mobile app using these steps. Registration is $10 and is required in order to be eligible for the Hell Week shirt. We will be updating you all on how to request your shirt size and when you will be able to collect your shirt, stay tuned!

Hell Week 2020

It has already been a hell of a year and Hell Week is about to break loose! We've fired up your All Outs and are invading your HOMES this year. Things are about to get batty because Hell Week starting early!

Starting October 8th you will have 12 chances to complete your workouts. That's FOUR extra opportunities. If that’s not enough, you only have to do 4 of the 12 workouts to get your limited edition shirt. Even though you only need to do 4, we still challenge you to complete more!

Registration starts October 1st for just $10! Register in the app. You won't want to miss out on this spooktaculer event 🔥👻 Stay tuned for details on how and when you can receive your gear. #orangetheoryfitness

Miles Covered

When you feel like you’ve got a long way to go, think of just how far you’ve already come.
Check out the stats from last month! This is how many miles OTF members logged in in-studio and at home. Can we beat these numbers in September?
Gather up every ounce of momentum you’ve got, and let’s add some miles today. #NeverMissAMonday #MondayMotivation

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TC 2021
OTF Outdoors
Orangetheory Outdoors at Sherman Oaks is here!
Coming Soon!
Hell Week 2020
Miles Covered




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