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First attempt of bridleless riding! 😍 #positivereinforcement #clickertraining
First attempt of bridleless riding! 😍 #positivereinforcement #clickertraining
Morning starts with a walk on the canyon while Wili eats with his saddle on!πŸ¦„
Throw away the complications! Love it.
Lincourt Holiday Party poll: which works best?
- Saturday the 15th (after the lessons)
- Saturday the 22nd (after the lessons)
Please leave your preference in the comments 😁
Peter Kim is a client of Lincourt Stables. Check out his new venture and pass it along! Kudos to you Peter and friendsπŸ‘β€πŸ™‹
I know some horses that would like this game!
A worthy cause and one of our holiday donation picks at Lincourt Stables.
Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind you guys about the EQUUS Film Festival coming up this weekend! EQUUS is taking place at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center this Saturday and Sunday to showcase movies all about horses! It's going to be a really fun weekend spent with the equestrian community! You can get tickets here:
Monkey see monkey do! Wili Wili πŸ˜‡
Horse show loot! Congrats to all lincourt riders! Great teamwork!

Equine behavior specialist in Los Angeles. Utilizing and promoting positive training techniques for Full service riding, teaching and training for the horse and rider.

Super location for the Los Angeles city residents and Valley equestrians too!

Operating as usual

Photos from Lincourt Stables's post 05/22/2022

Todays patch of dirt is at the foot of Jet Propulsion Labratory JPL.
I'm judging dressage all say for Rose Bowl Riders! Looking forward to a beautiful day!


Belle doing her nanny duties keeping Olani company. Olani is only 2years old and needs moral support in the big noisy world.


New sale horse Jonus having a stroll while horse show set up begins for tomorrow's Hunter/ Jumper show!
Cool as a cucumber in the afternoon bustle.

Horse named V for Very Much A Poser 
#handsomedevil I had the honor of meeting 
#horses #horsesofinstagram #horsesplaying #friesiancross #lincourtstables #urbanequine #horsesoflosangeles #equestrian #paddockridingclub #filmlocationscouting #events #raw_colours #raw_allnature #raw_horses #total_colors #jj_colorlove #through_the_details #tv_simplicity #this_magical_moment #tv_landscapes #equinephotography #bayhorse #simplicitypoetry #minimalistgrammer #ig_color #horseportrait #artiseverywhere 04/20/2022

Horse named V for Very Much A Poser
#handsomedevil I had the honor of meeting
#horses #horsesofinstagram #horsesplaying #friesiancross #lincourtstables #urbanequine #horsesoflosangeles #equestrian #paddockridingclub #filmlocationscouting #events #raw_colours #raw_allnature #raw_horses #total_colors #jj_colorlove #through_the_details #tv_simplicity #this_magical_moment #tv_landscapes #equinephotography #bayhorse #simplicitypoetry #minimalistgrammer #ig_color #horseportrait #artiseverywhere

Making new friends at the Atwater Village Park.

Horse named V for Very Much A Poser #handsomedevil I had the honor of meeting #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsesplaying #friesiancross #lincourtstables #urbanequine #horsesoflosangeles #equestrian #paddockridingclub #filmlocationscouting #events #raw_colours #raw_allnature #raw_horses #total_colors #jj_colorlove #through_the_details #tv_simplicity #this_magical_moment #tv_landscapes #equinephotography #bayhorse #simplicitypoetry #minimalistgrammer #ig_color #horseportrait #artiseverywhere


When working with your horse in the big world, there may be times when you need to toggle between positive (R+) and negative (R-) reinforcement. If you can't figure out a way to accomplish your goals with only R+....keeping this principle (LIMA) as a benchmark, it will help you navigate until an R+ solution is available to you.


Keeping the enviro fresh and safeπŸ‘


Best Friends Forever!
It's so great when equine ties and relationships can be maintained for life.
Not common and not easy. When a new horse comes to your life, give it time to adjust and find its emotional footing. If you move your horse to a new situation, be prepared for changes in behavior.


Prime location in Los Angeles City for not only equestrian activities but also influencer photo shoots, special events and film.
Dm if you want more info.

sponsors = @lincourtstables 04/04/2022

sponsors = @lincourtstables

Still in love with our sponsor Voltaire Design saddle! Both hunt seat and dressage!

sponsors = @lincourtstables See Instagram β€˜sponsors’ highlights from Lincourt Stables (@lincourtstables)


Nalani is an unbacked three year old that has been with us for a couple of months. We're using clicker training to introduce novel concepts and encourage her training as she starts off her job as a riding horse.

This video is a small example of the process. Here Patricia is using a cone as a target, the idea being that a target can then be used for other training, such as being able to stand at a mounting block. The whole idea is new to Nalani so its interesting to see the process of tiny steps needed to help her understand and learn the behaviour that's desired. She's a smart cookie however and is making good process!

The clicker tags the moment of the desired behaviour and she is rewarded, with repetition the horse understands that the clicker means good things happen and therefore is more likely to repeat the desired behaviour. It's all about the science of animal behaviour and we use clicker training/positive reinforcement to support the horses (and people's) learning.

Want to know more? Contact us and we'll help! Apologies for the camera person's erratic finger!


Beauties....can we be friends?


Training the trainers. Keep learning and discovering.


The sun set the high rises downtown on fire! πŸ”₯A special moment on the LA riverbank ride.🐴


That left to right lead change over the jump is starting to gel. The young horse starting to focus and plan ahead. At least some of the timeπŸ˜‰
Steady and thoughtful riding from @clea.lerner and Hannah Learner in the irons. 🀩


Posture, body language, and biomechanics. Who can read what their horse is feeling? Is your horse telling you things? Have you enjoyed or missed the signals? Is your horse allowed to tell you how they feel? This is hard. But it is what attracts us to horses. Two separate species and no verbal language. If you have a horse, you are taking a deep dive in interspecies communication!
I hope I can help you with that journey.
It's time to get back out in the world.
Let me know if we can organize a clinic in your area?
Lets collaborate🐎❀😎
DM or see contact in bio🐴


Monday Monday lets get it! Have a great Presidents day!


It's still February. Valentines day has passed and several birthdays of family and friends. The socal weather has been great, and the early blooming trees look great. Taking time to appreciate Verna and Ralph, my longest clients and steadfast supporters! Verna, you are amazing! Looking forward to spring with you and all our great friends!


Positive reinforcement upping the game!


Horse trailer training. Takes lots of prep. But is worth every effort when your horse loads confidently. πŸ΄β€πŸ‘
Leave a caption for what this horse might be saying and then DM here on instagram or email [email protected] to schedule a 15 minute free phone consultation. Let's chat about R+, horse training and behaviorπŸ‘β˜ŽοΈπŸ˜


Horse Show Mornings are special. All the months (years) of work to get to the show coming together with the sunrise. 🌞
Sometimes you are the first horse of the day and hope to put the judge in a good moodπŸ˜‰
@kristinleephotollc nleephotography




The top hat dates this photo. 🎩 This is one of my favorite horses.πŸ¦„ A westfalian mare.
I've had a lot of success with mares....even chestnut mares!


During the 3 day virtual Clicker Expo Live i was able to get a couple of the mares out to the park public arena for exercise and exposure.
Here a lady sneaks up on the horses with her bicycle. πŸš΅β€β™€οΈ
2 year old Olani was briefly startled but didn't go very far away.
Curiosity won out as the two horses realized there were more cyclists approaching.
I was happy to see them both happy with some social time and interested in park activities. 🐎🐎
Being able to work and follow some of the leading animal behavior trainers and scientist during the conference was wonderful. ❀
Plus I have 3 days of conference lectures and demos to replay all year!
Thanks to you all!πŸ₯•πŸŽπŸ₯•πŸŽπŸ₯•
@ken_ramirez_kpct @shawnakarrasch


2 year old filly Olani put her big girl pants on this morning and went to the big public arena and had a great romp!


Riding in winter. The perks are perky horses and amazing cloud backgrounds. Have a great day


1st time our California boy enjoying IA snow

Daddy update. Nalani and Olani poppa in the snow.


This was sunrise this morning. I'm so happy when i don't miss these brief moments. A few seconds later the sky was orange and suddenly gone to dull grey. What a way to get the day started.

Photos from Lincourt Stables's post 01/07/2022

Limelight had a spa day! He is aged and has PPID (Cushings) metabolic disorder. He grows an enormous amount of hair in the winter, even on medication.
He cant do anything without sweating including just standing in the shade eating. So the body clip is a huge relief and he looks the part of a new show horse again.


Limelight after his spa day! Such a relief to get the hair off!
Thanks Jose for doing the dirty work!


This partnership is coming along. Beginner rider Esther with new lesson horse Bella starting to gel in the new year.

Amazon Photos 01/01/2022

Amazon Photos

Bye bye is to good friends in good times and bad. We all know that the last 2 years have seen much of both for all of us!

Amazon Photos

Photos from Lincourt Stables's post 01/01/2022

It's the new year today! Looking back at 2021 and feeling grateful for all the new people that have joined my life through horses! It's a theme for my whole life that my best relationships all start with a horse somewhere in the genesis.
Come along old friends and new friends, let's keep galloping along together, let's enjoy the beauty in our lives, let's rejoice in the lives of our horses we are so lucky to know.
I am looking forward to 2022 and hope you all have a happy successful and healthy new year!



17 hh kwpn stalllion Bruiser gettin out

More of Nalani and Olani's daddy!

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