Lars Wallin- Hollywood PT

Lars Wallin- Hollywood PT


For those of you in SoCal, be sure to train with Lars Wallin out of Wallin MMA sometime. We guarantee you'll walk away learning at least one new, innovative technique! #JiuJitsu #JiuJitsuTechnique #BJJ #SoCalBJJ
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Close side armbar to neck-lock to shoulder-lock!
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Training clients daily in Hollywood! For more info please visit Born 1967 in Vikingstad (Sweden) and raised in a real sports family containing Swedish, European and even World Champions in sports like swimming, water polo, martial arts and Strongman.

Training has always been a part of daily life, so after moving to LA twenty years ago Lars began training under the Gracie family (creators of UFC and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). He won many titles in BJJ & SW (US Nationals, Copa Pasifica, IGJJF etc). His own MMA career (3-0-0) got halted after a serious back-injury. After this setback,Lars created his own style of techniques and started "Wallin MMA" in

Operating as usual

Hollywoodtränaren Lars Wallin om övningen alla borde göra varje dag 12/06/2021

Hollywoodtränaren Lars Wallin om övningen alla borde göra varje dag

Swedish interview for Wellness Magazine
Wellness. se

Hollywoodtränaren Lars Wallin om övningen alla borde göra varje dag Med klienter som Denzel Washington, Sebastian Ingrosso och Nick Jonas tillhör personliga tränaren Lars Wallin en av våra mest framgångsrika Hollywoodsvenskar.


Talented Mickey madden (founding member of Marron 5) is working on his guns!!

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Big congrats to awesome Aussi client pro boxer Taylah Robertsson , new Australian Champ!👊


Focus on breating while flowing

Lars Wallin- Hollywood PT updated their address. 08/01/2021

Lars Wallin- Hollywood PT updated their address.

Lars Wallin- Hollywood PT updated their address.


Quarantine Gym ( design by Agnes Lindström Bolmgren)

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Quarantine gym March 2021

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Spring is coming!

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Tbt pics with clients


Quarentine nutrition tip!
Put down your toast, granola, eggs etc and lets start the day right.
Its good, cheap and so easy.
Put watermelon in the blender and att a handfull of frozen rasberries.
Alt B
Instead of rasberries u can use a banana with your watermelon for days when u will train in the morning after this juice.

Tip! Eat a teaspoon of natural peanutbutter or almondbutter with the juice. The good fat will make u not feel hungry for s few hours till lunch!

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Great biceps( neutral grip) drill that activates shoulders and upper back! Keep abs stretched and shoulderblades together throughout the drill!👍


Try this great core-drill. Start light and work up to be able to fully extend your arms til your chest is 1 inch from the ground. Keep your feet still and breath throughout the drill!👊👍


Pull ups, still one of thr best exercises ever! Do them often and do them right!👍👊


That time when A BeverlyHills Housewife choked me out completely! 👍👍


Our new Fortune Gym
Location is now open! Welcome in!
We are located on the corner of Melrose Ave & Ogden!👊😜👍


After Thanksgiving Fortune Gym will open the doors to its new location on Melrose Ave. Welcome in to join our family!


Fightcamp: getting 7 times worldchamp Charles ” valhalla” Bisset a Us National champ Matt Hermont ready for their next Muy Thai battles!


Nothing grows in the comfort-zone!Never ever quit or give up, period.
World champ charles ”Valhalla” Bisett pushing himself threw the last few reps of my ”400” workout
”400” = 100 reps of squat-press, dumbell chest-press, supinates pull-ups, boseball crunches . Goal is to get through them in 30 min. For advanced athletes/pro fighters 20-25 min! Good luck!👊


Pyramid-Lunges with the Bulgarian bag (start with 5 reps then 6 reps a s o all the wwy up to 15 reps, then do 14,13,12 a s o down to 5 reps!)
Try to take no longer then 10 seconds of rest between each set!👊


Arm-walking is a great core exercise. Keep your shoulderblades together and start from a push-up position, keep your hips in level with your sholders. Do NOT hold your breath while walking. Good luck!👍


The feared ”400” drill! 5 sets of 20 reps of these 4 exercises ( no rest). Try to make it as close to 25 min as u can! Good Luck!👍


Farmers Curl is a fantastic neutral-grip curl for fighters. Its also a great to useto engage the upper back and the shoulderblades correctly during curls.💪

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Throwback to when we got Anatoliy Dudchenko ready for bringing home the interim IBF belt from Germany. Congrats Word Champion!


The daily grind at Fortune Gym! Come on in!


Private training daily Mon-Sat at Fortune Gym 7574 Sunset Blvd!
To book (323)747-2846👍


Hmmm interesting!


Drunk Yoga

Outside the box! =)


Swedish actress Agnes Lindström (Tårtgeneralen) working on shoulders and learning boxing! Go Agnes!!!✊🏽👊


Stockholm Dec 2017. I love swedish gyms, they hold a high level and always so clean. SATS is by far my favorite Gym chain there.


Find someone ghat motivates u to get to the gym!

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