White Tiger Schools

White Tiger Schools


Megusta todo que esté relacionado con las artes marciales 👍
Join Sifu Dennis is LIVE on Instagram for our live streaming series!
White Tiger Schools
Thx for the Invite
Hey guys! Just wanted to say I am so grateful for my White Tiger Family and how welcoming everyone is. I really appreciate all of the students and especially the teachers making this a great place to learn, not only how to be mindful in our practice ,but also as we step out the doors into life. Also, really excited for Jou Gau Tanaka’s return after three years! Shes teaching kung fu fundamentals Tuesdays at 9pm! The first class was last night, it was awesome!
Any news on Matthews fight? East Coasties would like to know. :) Was hoping for a live feed. :(
Thank you for inviting me, sir!
Hello Bak fu pai family!

Test day is this Saturday 🥋
We would greatly appreciate anyone who can come help clean the school by Friday night.
Thanks!! See you guys in class 😊
Sophie &Chris

White Tiger Kung Fu is martial arts school in Los Angeles, California offering training in both Kung Fu and Qigong for all ages 6 and up. First class is free and we welcome new students of all levels.

Operating as usual


Kids Sanda sparring class every Thursday at 5pm.


Whatcha know about our secret blend of herbs and spices 🤫 🌿

Our Dit Da Jow is a natural herbal liniment that’s used to prevent injury, smooth muscles, tissue, joints and tendons, and promote circulation.

Our jow is produced by soaking out blend of herbs in rice wine or grain alcohol for at least 3 months in a dark spot!


Wing Chun training with Sifu Jim is every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm!!!! as well as on Saturday 😵‍💫

Are you ready to learn, train and grow? 🧐🥊📈


👻 Happy Friday the 13th 👻

there is only one F13 in 2022, so make the most use of this spooky day 🤪🧛‍♂️

Stop on by White Tiger 🐅 Qi Gong tonight at 6pm!


The theme is Red! 🏮🏎🧧🌶☎️📌🚨🍒🥀👺

pictured is some little tigers practicing some moves 😎

Do you have the moves like our little tigers? Come in and find out!!


It’s 🐪 day, aka Wednesday!

Many see this at the “hump” in our week!

However we can use Wednesdays to assess how our week is going, what good things have come and what things need improvement or more focus!

The White Tiger family hopes your “hump” day is going well!


whatcha think of this
B&W is awesome 🖤⚪️
If it’s not in black and white, is it even Kung Fu? 🤨🧐🤭


Practice makes Perfect 🤩😋😵

Hard work makes the dream-work! 🌙 ☀️😵

Passion makes it Happen 🥳🥹😌


Little Tigers 🐯 workin their moves 😎

Our children’s program is designed to help our young ones learn discipline, respect, as well as basic Kung Fu fundamentals!

This is a great way to work your children out, and teach them life skills that go beyond the Kwoon!

Fun Fact: Kwoon is the chinesse word for training hall 🤓


Everyday we are grinding here at White Tiger!!!

Are you??

DM us or come in today, check out the studio and chat with us about Kung Fu 🤩


Twins 👯‍♀️ in action 👺

Wooden Dummy training 🪵

Building the Body, day in, day out!💪🏽

We are here trainingin Westwood!

Stop by, or give us a call at


See yah soon! 🐅

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Congratulations to all those who tested and graduated this pasted weekend!! 🐯🐯🐯🐯


Little Tigers Summer Camp 🐯

A great way for your kids to spread some energy and learn some discipline, respect, and martial arts this Summer!!! ☀️

Official dates coming later this week!


The way of the Staff is yielded by few, but awed by many! 🤩😏😝

Kung Fu is love, Kung Fu is life!


Staff Work 🤩 🤯
“To master a staff, one must master themselves”


A Swingin bag in a quiet Studio!

From Kung Fu to MMA these punching bags seen their fair share of work!



A little behind the scenes here at White Tiger! 🎥 📷 🎞

Filming for our online courses!

Check us out on Vimeo:
@ White Tiger Kung Fu


our website:



Fight Team practicing!! 😈😮‍💨😶‍🌫️
Introduction to Fight went well last night, had a good group show up and learn some grappling fundamentals!
If you’ve ever been interested in taking a fight class, then look no further.
Intro to Fight
See You There 😈

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Post Fight Team Ice Baths!!!!! 🧊 🛁
Ice baths:
* Ease achy muscles. There's evidence that cold water immersion reduces muscle soreness after exercise.
* Help improve workout recovery.
* Reduces stress.
* Cools you down.
* Boosts circulation.
* Supports a healthy immune system.
* Gives your mood a boost.

Intro to Fight is tonight at 6pm!!!!

See You There 🤪😈


“Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend.”-Kung Fu Panda


Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) meditation is an ancient Chinese exercise and breathing techniques. Meaning “master of one’s energy,”


Dit da jow is a common Chinese liniment used as a folk remedy to heal external injuries, such as bruises or sore muscles.

Photos from White Tiger Schools's post 03/23/2022

Bak Fu Pai Qigong Is the most advanced system of Qi Gong ever made available to the public. This unique system is very old and exclusive, serving the emperor’s court back in the late 17th century. It has been kept in the family for thousands of years and has come into service for some very influential historical figures.

Photos from White Tiger Schools's post 03/22/2022

Intro to Fight Class Starts April 7th at 6pm. Lead By Bak Fu Pai Black Sash Bailey “The Switch” Anderson.
Bailey is an Undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Competitor, Multiple time gold medalist in No Gi Grappling at the intermediate/advanced level and one of the Coaches for the BFP Fight team.
Join us for a fun and tough MMA inspired workout and training session and learn the skills necessary to step inside the Cage or the mat and compete.

Photos from White Tiger Schools's post 03/20/2022

Congratulations to those who passed there test yesterday and took the next step on the Kung Fu Journey.


“The Proof is in the results”
-GM Doo Wai


"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."

― Lao Tzu.

📸 @eleddieloko


“One cannot reflect in streaming water. Only those who know inner peace can give it to others.” Lao Tzu

📸 @eleddieloko


Sifu Jim Demonstrating one way how to make it tough on an opponent to throw a follow up attack.


Sifu Jim demonstrating the Palm Block with counter strike against a jab.

🎥 @eleddieloko


Wing Chun can be effective by using both offensive and defensive techniques simultaneously.

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1990 Westwood Blvd, Ste 105
Los Angeles, CA

General information

White Tiger Kung Fu Class Schedule
12:00-5:30pm: Open Practice
6:00-7:00pm: Qigong w/Ms. Caravella
7:15-8:15pm: Self-Defense w/Sifu Wood
8:30-9:30pm: Intermediate (Purple & Above) w/Sifu Wood

12:30-1:30pm: Sparring w/Sifu Wood (Full Sparring Gear Required)
1:30-4:30pm. Open Practice
4:30-5:15pm: Kids (5-8 yrs) w/Sifu Wood (Ms. Tanaka Assisting)
5:15-6:00pm: Kids (9-16 yrs) w/ Sifu Wood (Ms. Tanaka Assisting)
6:15-7:15pm: Beginner (White-Orange) w/Sifu Wood
7:30-8:30pm: Cardio & Conditioning w/ Sifu Wood
8:30-9:30pm: Intermediate (Purple and Above) w/ Jou Gau McNeill

12:30-1:30pm: All-Ranks w/ Sifu Wood
1:30-5:00pm: Open Practice
5:15-6:00pm: Kids (9-16) Intermediate (Purple and Above) w/ Sifu Wood
6:15-7:15pm: Intermediate (Purple and Avobe) w/ Sifu Wood
7:30-8:30pm: Self Defense Cardio and Conditioning w/ Sifu Wood
8:30-10:00pm: Pro-Fight Class w/ Mr. Junior Merkel

12:30-1:30pm: Grappling w/ Sifu Wood
1:30-4:30pm. Open Practice
4:30-5:15pm: Kids (5-8 yrs) w/ Sifu Wood (Ms. Tanaka Assisting)
5:15-6:00pm: Kids (9-16 yrs) w/ Sifu Wood (Ms. Tanaka Assisting)
6:15-7:15pm: Beginner w/ Sifu Wood (White-Orange)
7:30-8:30pm: Cardio & Conditioning w/ Sifu Wood
8:45-10:00pm: Wrestling w/ Mr. Blair Green All American

2:00-6:00pm: Open Practice
6:00-7:00pm: Qigong w/ Ms. Tanaka
7:15-8:15pm: Beginner (White-Orange) w/ Sifu Wood

10:00-10:45am: Kids All Ranks (5-8) w/ Ms. Tanaka
10:45-11:30am: Kids All Ranks (9-16) w/ Ms. Tanaka
12:00-1:00pm: Cardio & Conditioning w/Sifu Dennis
1:00-2:00pm: Sparring w/Sifu Dennis (Full Sparring Gear Required)


Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 10pm
Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
Wednesday 10am - 10pm
Thursday 12pm - 10pm
Friday 10am - 8:30pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm

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