Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach

Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach


The Rabbi & The Shrink
Episode #16: Libby Gill -- hope as the secret to success

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Who are your limiters and your liberators?
How does leadership “bubble up”?
What are the four steps of success?

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Why do high-performing companies tend to have the most fun?

My co-author Mario Tamayo and I discuss this and MORE with Work Made Fun Gets Done! contributor Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach on her podcast #LibbysLeadershipLab.

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Libby is joined by presenter, teacher, and group synergy builder Margaret Watts Romney. Margaret has been speaking, navigating communication blocks, and discovering better ways for her clients to lead, connect, and express themselves for 25 years. She is the founder of MasterSpeaker Lab, a group that transforms young workers into well-spoken professionals, and seasoned professionals into inspiring leaders on stage or screen, in groups, or in conversations.

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Libby and Margaret discuss:

What a sudden leader is
Leadership versus sudden leadership
Why speakership is leadership
The five different types of speakers
How to know what kind of speaker you need for an occasion
The power of storytelling
How to get to the next level of leadership

Backed by her work in the Masters in Strategic Communication program at Westminster College and training with the NeuroLeadership Institute, Margaret’s coaching style is defined by her standards of wisdom, generosity, and joy. Her clients value her safe spaces, stimulating questions, firm nudging, and quick laughter. Margaret spends her free time with meditation, podcasts, tea, hiking the paths of Boulder, CO, and reveling in her three grown daughters’ marvelous lives.
The Doerr Institute's book, "Leadership Reckoning," was recently featured in Forbes' Executive Library, a series presenting books written by Forbes Coaches Council experts.

The market for leadership coaching is expanding...into higher education! In "LeadershipReckoning," authors Tom Kolditz, Ryan Brown, and Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach use data from developing leaders at Rice University to unveil how colleges and universities can begin to take leader development seriously, including the impact of leadership coaching on emerging leaders.
Is there a right way to find a mentor? Lisa Fain joins Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach on the latest episode of Libby's Leadership Lab podcast. During the episode, they talk about the right way to find a mentor and all things Mentorship.

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Leadership Reckoning takes to task American colleges and universities for their haphazard approaches to developing students as leaders and offers a principle-driven, outcome-oriented blueprint for how effective leader development can occur.

Genie and co-author of Leadership Reckoning Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach draws on the principles and practices articulated in the book to guide the business world to more effectively and aggressively build leadership capabilities. Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach

To find out how you can Buy the Book and Book the Author click the link below:
What an exciting interview I had with Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach. Great questions and an amazing conversation. Tune in and share your favorite moment...
Ep240: Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach – A Business Vision without Hope is Lost

“Leaders ask questions that propel them into new opportunities. Managers answer questions and get the job done for those who have the vision.”
Inspired to make a change? Join our FREE webinar open to ALL on 4/14. Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach will share her four-step process based on the science of hope. Watch her intro video and then register here:
Thank you so much Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach for the fantastic phone hook up this morning! I feel really inspired to start the day and it was great to meet everyone! So generous. Please everyone stay in touch! We miss you - I miss you 💕🙏🙏
So many really awesome people are stepping up and utilizing their expertise (for which they are paid healthy amounts by their corporate clients) and offering it at no charge just to help people through these current challenging times.

One such person is my long-time great friend, Libby Gill Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach.

She was originally known as "The Branding Brain Behind The Dr. Phil Show" but has since been an agent of change and hope for some of the most well-known companies in the world.

Check out this video invite from Libby. Very cool! #
Professional speakers provide great impact and influence on anyone who wants significant success in their lives. Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach shares her inspiring journey involving taking existential turns in her life, all leading her to become the influential coach that she is today.

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Libby Gill is an executive coach and leadership expert. An international speaker, she has addressed

Operating as usual


Fun memory with fellow Smart Meetings presenter Steve Ford, son of former US President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford. ‬


Libby chats with applied behavioral scientist, leadership development expert, and the CEO of HUMiN Inclusion Partners, Mitch Shepard. Mitch has been working with diverse people from various walks of life for the past 25 years, beginning with nearly a decade spent leading people on wilderness expeditions, guiding teams to achieve extraordinarily challenging goals despite often unpredictable environments and ever-changing landscapes. In 2015 Mitch expanded her reach and impact by curating a diverse and extraordinary team of coaches, trainers, consultants, and DEI experts. HUMiN is known for its creative, pragmatic, actionable, and measurable approach to building the habits and behaviors of inclusion, at every level.

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Any Good Strategy Starts with Hope w/ Libby Gill [Episode 651]


Create a future-focused vision despite ongoing change.

Join me live on Thursday, September 29th as I share my process for transforming insight and influence into lasting impact during Hudson Valley Credit Union’s 2022 Women in Business Keynote Address.

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Helping Leaders Inspire Hope for Successful Outcomes – Libby Gill


Having hope is certainly no guarantee of success. But without hope, we’re almost guaranteed NOT to succeed. We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, Libby Gill will introduce us to what she calls the “science of hope theory.”


How do you manage through volatility? Join me, Thursday, September 29th as I deliver Hudson Valley Credit Union’s 2022 Women in Business Keynote Address.

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In this episode we talked with author and thought leader Libby Gill and discussed the top 9 most important things that a leader needs to do to create a workplace culture where leaders and team members truly care for each other.


Libby Gill - Leading Through Change & Challenge - Podcast Interview with Kelly Charles-Collins

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Attention all readers: If you are “borrowing” books from Open Library, please know that it has no legal right to “lend” ebooks. It is scanning/copying and distributing ebooks of print books and infringing on the rights of authors. Tell your friends!

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Do you have control of your mindset as a sales professional?


Discover the ways in which networking and leadership work together to find purpose and enact change in the “How to Network: Leading Yourself to Lead Others” online course.
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National Book Lovers Day was Tuesday. Darn, I missed it. I was writing.


Join Klementina Sula, a lecturer at the University of Michigan College of Literature Science, and the Arts International Institute, in the “How to Network: Leading Yourself to Lead Others” course. Unpack the reasons behind networking and why it’s advantageous for working professionals and students alike.
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Libby speaks with Greg Brenner, also known as The HR Dad.

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Libby and Greg discuss:

Soft skills versus hard skills (it’s not what you think)
Female leadership and where it starts
Taking lessons from leadership and bringing them into the home and vice versa
Managing expectations in order to be set up for success
Behaviors that define leadership
What Greg suspects will change with leadership in the coming years


Create a networking mindset for a strategic advantage in life and business in the “How to Network: Leading Yourself to Lead Others” online course.
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Have you ever had a boss who was brilliant (good) but also a jerk (bad)?
I have and it’s not much fun.


Judy’s experience includes over two decades in life and health insurance beginning as an agent with no experience and progressing to leading three agencies across three states with over 100 agents.


Fun with the adorable Scout.


Direct Marketing (how it’s changed and how it’s stayed the same over the last 30 years)

Read the full article: Earn More, Work Less with the 80/20 Rule


Libby Gill has found a totally fresh perspective on the topic of leadership: hope. In this book, Libby explores how the science of hope theory and how it applies to the workplace.

Grab your copy or listen on Audiobook:



Libby is joined in the lab by Holly Gordon. Holly is the Chief Impact Officer at Participant Media, overseeing the company’s social impact strategy and campaigns!


Great conversation and memory with Women at the Top podcaster Regina Barr about bringing positive energy to your team!

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From tracking criminals and terrorists on the dark web to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems, Mark has spent his career launching and developing new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s and academia.


Thanks to the American Academy of Dermatology and AAE Speakers Bureau. Thrilled to share strategies for Leading Through Change & Challenge.


It may feel like overkill to plan in advance what you’re going to say in a meeting, especially since many professionals spend nearly half their work hours in meetings (see PS below). or head over to the blog


Hope Will Never Be Silent


I'm looking forward to speaking at AAD Member tomorrow at 1:30 PM!

This session will cover marketing and social media, branding and product development, and leadership and customer service. Guest speakers will include Libby Gill, a leadership expert, executive coach and award-winning author; and Robert Spector, a customer service expert, best-selling author and creator of The Nordstrom Way.

Go here to learn more:


Libby Gill—Taking the Risk
Journey To Paid Speaking Gigs with Charles Clark





Why the world needs more pie!
Libby is joined by author, blogger and pie maker, Beth M. Howard.

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What a great memory to see today! Getting ready for NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors) keynote a few years ago. Woohoo!


With refreshing candor, Kathleen shares the strategies she used to reprogram her brain and re-envision her life.

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Who goes from Scotland Yard to coaching?
Entrepreneur and confidence expert Christine Woodward says that imposter syndrome is a sign that you’re growing. I could...
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