City of Angels Boxing

City of Angels Boxing


I'm so put of shape help me out
I'm 45
140 pounds I will like to follow your program. what can I do
In 2009 after 12 of working at the same place, I found my self with out a Job, I started to teach my classes at the beach ( south beach) until I was able to find the right place to start again... 2 years after, I have the opportunity to open my own Gym in LA, it was great and successful until different things led us to close.... I found my self teaching at a park( Panpacifc park)... then we open the Best Boxing gym in LA City of Angels Boxing for 8 years and we had to close due to COVID-19... today I will start teaching a Panpacifc park again until we find another location!
This would have not been possible with out the support and help of many many people...
It’s bad to fall down...
But it is tragic to stay down and don’t come out swinging...

En 2009 después de 12 de trabajar en el mismo lugar, me encontré sin trabajo, comencé a dar mis clases en la playa (Miami Beach ) hasta que pude encontrar el lugar adecuado para comenzar de nuevo ... 2 años después, tuve la oportunidad de abrir mi propio Gimnasio en Los Ángeles, fue genial y exitoso hasta que diferentes cosas nos llevaron a cerrar ... Tuve que volver a enseñar en un parque (Parque Panpacifc) ... Luego abrimos el Mejor Gimnasio de boxeo en LA City of Angels Boxeo que tuvimos que cerrar debido al COVID-19 ... ¡hoy comenzaré a enseñar un parque Panpacifc nuevamente hasta que encontremos otra ubicación!
Esto no hubiera sido posible sin el apoyo y la ayuda de muchas personas ...
Es malo caerse ...
Pero es trágico quedarse abajo y no salir tirando golpes...
Hey my fellow boxers! My best friend is doing a survey for his Dissertation about how doing Martial Arts impacts depression, anxiety, stress, etc. It takes about 15 minutes to do. Completely anonymous. Could really help him out!
Thank you!
It’s time for a little behind the scenes action!
We had a blast on set with our cast and crew! Our Crew were simply the best!
And so grateful for the amazing companies that supported us - with custom shoes from So Danca , our portable flooring from Dazzle Distributors Dot2dance Portable Dance Floor and the awesome venue City of Angels Boxing 🥊
If you haven’t seen the video head over to our youtube! And check out this little BTS fun too! Link below 💕
We have a special announcement next week too... so stay tuned!

G'day from Down Under!
I Made an Australian documentary on Mental health following the underdog tale of the Redfern boxer Nathan the Nemesis on his way to the Olympics. It deals with Depression and recovery, fighting ur way out.
Here is a link, it is also on my channel Bull Pro Media on Youtube
I think many young men would benefit from viewing.
Kind Regards, Clayton McBride - Bull Pro Media
Who’s ready to RUMBLE?!? 🥊♿️

You don’t want to miss this FREE boxing clinic with City of Angels Boxing. Coach Alex Brenes will be hosting and coaching our group you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Everyone is welcome.

When: Saturday February 15th at 1:30 pm

Location: City of Angels Boxing 3000 S Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007 (Free Street Parking)

RSVP: [email protected]
Great Gym
Great peoples
Great brave
Great Gym Family
Happy New Year 2020
All of Lovely Gym Family

Saludos desde Coatzacoalcos
Un enorme beso y abrazo con mucho cariño para todos, soy la mamá de Iván.
Five days of every week, showers are offered at 7 different sites to persons experiencing homelessness in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Isla Vista. This can be provided in any area of the United States.

In addition to having a shower, participants are provided with grooming items, as well as, underwear and/or socks. After a participant showers, they are offered a meal. This program allows us to meet the participants, get to know their motivations and needs, and can result in the start of the process that will remove them from homelessness.

We are building a group of citizens who will take the necessary actions needed, on a national basis throughout the US, to solve the causes of homelessness.

In the Southern California area, we are offering you, your church, organization or business, the opportunity to be exceptional citizens of the community by providing services needed by persons experiencing homelessness, including permanent shelters.

We need you! Join our group to help end homelessness for many persons:
Visit our website to see what we do and how you can fit in:

We are City of Angels Boxing @ Home. Previously the best boxing gym in Los Angeles, we are now the b

Operating as usual


We hope you all had and amazing day…
See tomorrow!


I said


Enough said…. .rob_213
Let’s do this


Saturday noon crew!!!


It’s on …. vs


at the ….



Do you think boxing training or fighting hurts?
Well, quitting and not following your dreams hurt more!!!
Let’s do this mothertruckers!!!



Had some fun with these kids… #305
It’s been a minute


From the to


Thank you Silvia

20 years ago I met the best boxing teacher ever, Alex Brenes. It just so happens, he is also a fantastic human being. He was kind enough to let me photograph his fights and introduce me to the world of boxing which led to a show at MIA Gallery in 2005. I’ve sent those prints off to live with him at his fantastic new gym in Los Angeles which I was lucky enough to visit a couple of weeks ago. If you’re out there, it’s the best, most enjoyable workout ever. Congrats Alex!


Let’s do this…,


Someone made her locker pretty today!



told me to Box with elegance… so I did! Neeeext!


Oh snap in the house!


This is bunch of good looking mothertruckers….


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The beauty and the beast!!
Who is who?


Two costarricans enter in to a boxing ring… is it the beginning of a joke or just another day ?


Amazing day of classes…
Love you all…
See you all tomorrow!


Merci …


Our past is our future…our future is our past!!!


Another great day of boxing..


Be our valentines blah blah blah… let’s work a little bit!


The dream maker dream breaker is baaaack! Art by


Enjoyed the game?
Nothing has changed….


#305 in da house…



Our first workout at our new location even was there… sort off ?!? Neeeeext12 - 6 & 7 pm with the FIRST TIME IS FREE… … No excuses


Let’s do this…
Like these 2


It is always good when El stops by his house!


Just another Monday!
See you all tomorrow..


See you all on Monday!


from our dvd and tv show..
17 years ago!




Another amazing day….


Thank you for stopping by see you soon…

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While you are resting…@arnasfederman  #beastmode #wearecityofangelsboxing #bestboxinggyminla #thisaintyourmommasgym  No ...
I’m just saying…What if the gym opens soon and you don’t have any of our #gymwear .. #justsaying I have the sound of Bec...
Stay focused…@langleyfox  #beastmode
See you all tomorrow…
Sweat is weakness leaving your body…Neeeeexxt!
@frankierose she is a #tomato Neeeeext….
Paddy cakes… because we don’t have heavy bags yet….@35milli looking amazing…
Boxing is a lot of fun…. Ask @langleyfox
Ok…. See you all next week !@gillytheanswer @langleyfox @emilyknecht @vwdreamz @frankierose @turnerturner @maisie_wilen ...
Days at the park!!!
See you all tomorrow at …
Pretty in blue…@gmilanesi Slow down because we are in a hurry!




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