Brasil Brasil Cultural Center

Brasil Brasil Cultural Center


Uma experiência de Samba / Rock em forma livre, enviada com um desejo e uma oração de bênçãos enviados a todos os povos do Brasil,

Com Amor,


C is for Capoeira (C e `para Capoeira) was written to help you, your child/ren, and your family connect to Capoeira by inspiring you to become active, engaged, informed and knowledgeable “capoeiristas”. To make the sounds and sights of Capoeira accessible and inviting to readers at any stage of life, C is for Capoeira (C e `para Capoeira) is presented in the format of a children’s book and uses letters, words, numbers, exquisite artistry and intricate illustrations to help new capoeiristas become familiar with Capoeira words and sounds and connect them to Capoeira movements. In ‘C is for Capoeira’ (C e `para Capoeira) you and
your child/ren will enjoy: The ABC’s in English/Portuguese; How to Count to 100 in English/Portuguese; Nine Basic Capoeira Moves; Musical Instruments, Rhythms and Songs; Capoeira’s Connection to Africa and the TransAtlantic Slave Trade; 100 Capoeira Words in English/Portuguese; and, Twenty-Six ‘Amazing’ Art Book
Quality Illustrations.
Hey Capoeira Batuque FAMILY. We believe that arts are still the unique remedy for all this craziness we are living now. Therefore we dare in doing the first INTERNATIONAL SAMBA CONGRESS ONLINE ON ZOOM ON JULY 3,4,5! ISC is the place where Samba reigns and heals! Come with us!
Hello all, my 24 year old niece is looking to rent a room in the West Side of LA area. She is very easy going and has a steady teaching job. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you
Happy Friday! 🇧🇷
Special thanks to Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival, Rique Pantoja Fanpage, BRAZILIAN NITES PRODUCTIONS, UCLA Royce Hall, Greater San Diego Music Coterie, Vera's Heartbeat, UCLA International Institute, BRAZIL CALIFORNIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Ted Falcon music, Autismo Los Angeles, Brasil Brasil Cultural Center
Winning project in the national contest of Miss Mexico "Love for the Mountain" Beauty With Purpose, won by Miss Guerrero.
Hi BBCC family, tickets to the Damian Marley concert tonight @hollywood bowl?? Had a death in the family and had to cancel. Have 7, purchased for $50 but will take best offer.
Bate Batuqueiro
Por Mestre Val Boa Morte

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Bate que eu tambem quero jogar
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Bate que eu tambem quero jogar

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Bate que eu tambem quero jogar

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Bate bate Batuqueiro
Que eu tambem quero jogar

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Bate que eu tambem quero jogar
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Quero parabenizar o Mestre Amen Santo e a familia Batuque pelo seu trigessimo evento. Tambem quero saudar a todos os Profissionais da nossa arte Capoeira que por aqui passaram nesses ultimos 34 anos dando apoio e acreditando no trabalho do nosso irmao Mestre Amen.
Salve Mestres: Boa Gente, Suassuna, Acordeon, Alfredo, Lobao, Sombra, Nei Boa Morte e muitos outros que por aqui ja passaram.

I also want to greet all the Professionals of our Capoeira art who have spent the last 34 years supporting and believing in our brother Mestre Amen Santo work.
Salve Mestres: Boa Gente, Suassuna, Acordeon, Alfredo, Lobao, Sombra, Nei Boa Morte and many others who have passed by here .

“Homenageando Grupo Capoeira Batuquque 2019 pelos seus 30 anos”,
We are proud to announce that International Samba Congress and Capoeira Batuque are uniting efforts to bring the best of the Brazilian Culture to Los Angeles in June. Third annual International Samba Congress bringing the roots of Samba and Thirty years of Capoeira
Batuque being a reference in our community.
Do you want to join both events? Talk to Nayla Eva Santo and she will have a great SURPRISE for you!

Yesterday come to visit us a student of Mestre Amen Santo, thanks for bringing with your Axé here! It's always amazing see how #Capoeira can connect together people from different places!! 💪💪
Brasil Brasil Cultural Center
#CapoeiraDaBahia #CapoeiraFirenze

A non-profit organization dedicated to building community, arts education, fitness and health. A passion for everything culture, music, dance, and of course...CAPOEIRA!!!!

Operating as usual

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Today we celebrate your life sweet @mestre_amen_santo_

You have touched so many people around you. Just like a lovely bottle of vino, you really do get better with age inside and out 🥂.

57 looks so good on you 🔥🔥🔥

You are so many different things to so many people but most of all you are a phenomenal papa to your beautiful 4 children. We love you and appreciate your dedication to your family and your community.

You finally gifted your mama with her dream to celebrate your birthday with her in Brazil and she is beaming with joy. Enjoy your time there, we can’t wait to see you and celebrate with you! We love you 💕

Drop a message with some love in the comments so he can feel the love all the way in Bahia 💫

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Spring Equinox Breathwork Workshop - Celebrating the Art of Sacred Smoke Book Launch with Neelou Malekpour from SMUDGED

Friday, March 25th @7-8:15pm

In celebration of 'The Art of Sacred Smoke' - a gorgeously illustrated, essential guide to the energy rituals that will transform your life, author Neelou Malekpour will be hosting a workshop centered around tools to cleanse and protect yourself and your space, tap into your intuition, and to elevate your frequency through rituals.

Neelou is here to support you for all occasions, whether that is:
• healing heartache, relieving anxiety, and dispelling bad dreams;
• cultivating focus, receiving support during travel, and prepping a space for meditation; or
• calling in love, blessing others, and connecting to your highest self.

Each Guest Will Receive:

Cost: $55
(please bring a mat + water and wear comfortable clothes)

If you are unable to attend the workshop,
here is the link to purchase The Art of Sacred Smoke

Makele Sound Treatment 03/19/2022

Makele Sound Treatment

Makele Sound Treatment The Makélé is both a new instrument and collaborative project inspired by the Kikongo name for sound (Makélélé). This Makélé holds 12 berimbaus, which are st...


So happy for Neelou from @smudged for her book launch this week 💫


She has been birthing this sweet little baby for a couple years and it came out absolutely beautiful ✨

She is offering this book + a ritual bundle to everyone who is participating in her Spring Equinox Breathework Workshop at BBCC on Friday 3/25 at 7pm

Limited space available so save your spots ASAP

#booklaunch #breathework #events #workshop #equinox #springequinox

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Today was a good day
In Love with our Capoeira Batuque family 🙌🏽

#capoeira #capoeirabatuque

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Blessed for another opportunity shooting with Klay Thompson @klaythompson for The Space Jam @spacejammovie a couple years ago. It was around the Batizado time so many of our capoeira family was in town from and got to join our Capoeira Batuque family for this! Unfortunately, our scene didn’t make it in the Final Cut, as in common in Hollywood but we are so grateful for the opportunity and experience. Another one in the books!

#capoeirabatuque #capoeira #capoeiramovies #nba @nba @warriors @lakers @kingjames @mestre_amen_santo_ @nay_4_eva @furacao_capoeirabatuque @avilasanto @mestrecurisco #movies #hollywood #batizado @xflower.moon @efraimsilva @revasanto

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So proud of these little capoeiristas working hard on their conditioning and strengthening 💪🏽

Capoeira is dynamic, fun and challenging. They build self confidence while staying humble and supporting one another.

It’s beautiful witnessing the next generation find community and navigate being a conscious member within their chosen community.

#capoeira #capoeirabatuque #kidsprograms #youthclasses #kidsclasses #youthcapoeira #kidscapoeira #conditioning #strenghtening #fitness #cardio #martialarts #onlythestrong

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We are honored to bring you an evening of treatment through sound, vibrations and meditation using the healing
Makélé instrument with Amen & Avila Santo

Sunday, March 20, 2022 @7-8:30pm
at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center

Please bring a mat to lay on, water to hydrate, comfortable clothes to relax into and a blanket if you want to stay warm and cozy :)
note: there will be light movement

Link in bio to register
The Makélé is both a new instrument and collaborative project inspired by the Kikongo name for sound (Makélélé).
This Makélé holds 12 berimbaus, which are stringed gourd healing instruments used in various african traditions and in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Makélé is also the name of this collaborative project between father and son Amen and Avila Santo.

@mestre_amen_santo_ and @avilasanto also offer individual treatments, please check out their website for tracks and bookings @makelesound


Join us for this amazing trip!
Discover all the wonders of Salvador Bahia Brazil...

Induldge & explore this fascinating city throughout 2 weeks of culture, history, wisdom, fun, dance, music, ceremonies, and capoeira!

What is included:
-13 night/14 days in a great hotel in front of the beach with a pool
-DELICIOUS breakfast to start the day right (lunch + diner not included)
-Transportation/Driver throughout the 2 weeks + to/from airport in Salvador
-10 classes (dance/music/capoeira)
-Candomble ceremony
-1 show/performace
-Event: Capoeira International Encounter

Flight not included:
-Rountrip tickets (LAX/SSA/LAX) must be purchased by you
-Leaving LAX July 26
-Leaving SSA August 9

$3200 per person for 2 weeks based on Double Occupancy
(note to families with children: please email [email protected] for cost if travelling as a family)
Email: [email protected] to reserve your spot.

July 26 - August 9, 2022

-Visa fee is not included. Each person is responsible for their visa prior to travel.
-Must have Covid vaccine to travel
-Must test Covid negative prior to traveling

If interested:
Please email [email protected] to confirm your spot.
Non-refundable $1000 deposit is required by March 15.
Remainder amount will be due May 15.

#travel #bahia #salvador #brazil #carnaval #capoeira #tourism


Tibi Tire is a performance event and fundraiser for artist Reva Santo as she cultivates community support to bring two very important and complementary projects to life.

In the artist’s spiritual practice, Ifa, Tibi Tire is an expression that says ‘good and bad come together.’ Similar to the concept of yin/yang, Tibi Tire expresses that the nature of the universe is duality--positive and negative will always coexist. Knowing this, how do we pull from the positive while still honoring the challenges and difficulties that life presents? How do we alchemize our lives?

The theme will be explored through a range of performances including a Makélé sound bath, movement reflection, poetry, film screening, and live music.


Reva's upcoming parallel creative projects: Joseph X and Growing Pains, differ in medium and in subject matter, but serve a meaningful healing function when considered as a collectively moving whole. Together they are able to hold difficult 'shadow' realities while providing hope, healing, and transformation.

Join us in celebrating and uplifting Reva as she brings in her next year of life!

*If you would like to make a larger contribution and/or read more about how funds will be used please visit the GoFundMe linked here:


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Acrobatics Saturday at 3pm with @all_hight_22
Learn all the ticks, let go of fears and let’s do this


Are ya'll ready for this???
THIS. CLASS. IS. GOING. TO. BE. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Let's go!


Brazilian Funk taught by @lindsaysereia is a high energy class that incorporates popular baile funk dance moves with a combination of the top funky hits in Brazil and Latin hits. All levels are welcome!

Lindsay started dancing at a young age in jazz, ballet, and musical theatre styles. At age 19, she expanded her dance education and began capoeira and west African dance, and later to samba and baile funk. Throughout her career, she’s danced with multiple samba companies and DJs and is excited to share her joy of dance through this class!


⚡️ Salsa ⚡️

Free class: Thursday 2/3 at 7:30pm

Weekly ongoing classes: Thursday’s at 7:30pm

Y’all don’t know what an honor it is to welcome @movementartivist to the BBCC family!

Ana is the Founding Artistic Director of @contra_tiempo and we have been watching and admiring her amazing work for so many years.

This is a real treat and a huge honor to host Ana 🙏🏽 as she teaches Salsa from a completely different perspective and with a deep purpose.

Cost (after free class)
$20/drop in
$175/10 classes

📸 by @jacobspillow

#salsa #dance #danceclass #salsaclasses #freeclass #freesalsa



Learn the tricks of the trade from one of the most well rounded mover in LA.

Melvin @all_hight_22 started Capoeira thanks to his 5th grade teacher @xflower.moon who use to bring him to classes at Capoeira Batuque with @mestre_amen_santo_ .

Since then, he has grown to be a phenomenal Capoeirista, musician and dancer and has taken flight into the world of Parkour and Acrobatics. He is a natural mover and has a lot of good information to share!

This is an all level class open to adults and kids ages 11+

We will open more time slots based on demand

$20 for drop in
$175 for 10 classes

thank you @jaia_eva_19 for doing the 🎥 edit with me 🤍


Youth Parkour classes in Culver City with @lobatuque

Ages 4-14

Fun, dynamic and a great workout!

Learn creative ways to get from one place to another.

#parkour #parkourculvercity #youthclasses #youthprograms #freestyle #movement #freerunning #freerunningparkour


Adult capoeira classes
6 days a week with @mestre_amen_santo_

Thank you @lateefcrowderdossantos @avilasanto @mrmuddymonkey for these sweet games

Come play with us
Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday at 6pm
Saturday at 9am

Mixed Level
Tue & Thu at 10am

Mon & Wed at 6:15pm
Saturday at 1pm

Friday at 6pm

#capoeira #capoeirabatuque
#brazil #rio #angola #salvador #bahia #onlythestrong #capoeiraclasses #culvercity #workout #fitness #health #cardio #martialart


Afro Brazilian dance class with @rachelhernandezdance today!

⚡️New beginners level class at 12:30pm followed by advanced at 1:30pm.

🪘As always Live Drumming 🥁

#dance #afrobraziliandance #orixa #capoeira #culture #history #tradition #yoruba #africa #brazil #ifa

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Schedule of classes #capoeira #parkour #kidsclasses #youthcapoeira #youthparkour #samba #afrobraziliandance #sambareggae #afrodancehall

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Samba is a traditional dance from Brazil with deep roots in Africa. Celebrated worldwide, this sexy and dynamic dance is full of history and variety. Come learn the secrets with the one and only @ana_malandroofficial2
Ana hosts the annual Samba Congress to the worldwide lovers of samba and the Afro Brazilian culture. She knows all the tricks and secrets, and is the grandest Malandra of them all!

Join her Tuesdays at 7:15pm and Sundays at 3pm at BBCC

#samba #brazil #carnaval #rio #bahia #africa #dance #history #culture #fitness #health #cardio #happynewyear #happy2022


And……we are back!!!!!

Kids and adult capoeira classes start again today.

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2022

See you in the Roda!

#capoeira #capoeirabatuque #kidsclasses #adultclasses #workout #fitness #cardio #goals #newyearsresolution2022 #clothing #mestreamensanto #culture #diversity #community #onlineclasses

Diversity in Motion

Brasil Brasil Cultural Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen the community through arts education. BBCC utilizes the multi-faceted qualities of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, as a medium to bring dynamic educational programs to children and adults globally.

We offer the following martial art, dance, fitness, music and language classes: Youth & Adult Capoeira, Parkour, Samba, Zumba, Kickboxing, Afro-Brazilian Dance, Forro, Afro Dance JAM, Afro Fusion Dance, The Bodyful Mind, Zouk, Youth Karate, Cardio Carnivale, Afro Brazilian Dance, Cardio Step & Drumming. JOIN THE FUN!

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12453 West Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 3:30pm - 10pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 11:30am
3:30pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 11:30am
3:30pm - 9pm
Thursday 9:30am - 11:30am
3:30pm - 9:30pm
Friday 12pm - 2pm
3:30pm - 10pm
Saturday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Sunday 8:30am - 6pm

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