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Is Gyrotonic Method the best-kept secret among Tokyo Olympians? 07/28/2021

Is Gyrotonic Method the best-kept secret among Tokyo Olympians?

Is Gyrotonic Method the best-kept secret among Tokyo Olympians? Hong Kong’s Olympic karate hope Grace Lau, tennis player Andy Murray, diver Tom Daley, Tiger Woods and singer Lady Gaga have used the Gyrotonic Method.

Photos from Gadar Pilates's post 02/22/2021

Love these Gadar Pilates!!!



Gratz Found in Translation.. here is Tampa Bay Rays pitcher, Evan Mc Kendry. He is trained by Jackie Bachor and feels that work on the Wunda Chair and other Gratz apparatus, help him be a better player.



What's your favorite way to use the beloved archway?


Pilates Nerd

The bones from the ground up - for you anatomy nerds 🦴 ♥️ So good!


Pilates and Sports CR

Love this!

#tbt from a year or so. After a typical Saekson’s Muay Thai class,
Champion fighter and teammate @chidibangnjoku wanted to see what it is that I do. So I gave him a basic Pilates lesson for the first time. Notice I kept the directions very clear and simple. I made sure not to over teach and most importantly I kept him moving!!! #pilatesandsports #pilatesandsports_cr #pilatesmen



When we look at this image, we see strength with flexibility and full body strength and coordination. In other words, truly functional movement. How about you, what do you see?


Pilates Nerd

Peace. Love. Pilates 🕊☮️♥️



GoneGratz...please meet Palermo Pilates. This is there GoneGratz story... My pilates journey began with the best of intentions in a “contemporary” way. The deeper I delve, the more questions arose. At a certain point I asked myself, “shouldn’t I know the origins of the work, before I try to modify?”

As it was for the method, so was it for the equipment! Once I began to learn the original method, the only equipment that made sense was the original equipment-Gratz!



Have you ever wondered about the history behind the equipment used in the GYROTONIC® method? We sat down with Juliu Horvath, founder and creator of the GYROTONIC® method, to hear the story from him. It's one filled with resourcefulness, inspiration, and ingenuity.
Enjoy episode 1 and stay tuned as we'll be releasing several videos over the next week that tell all the pieces and parts of the story.



Last year....I was there and I can’t wait to go day. #gyrotonic #expansion

Day 7, last day of Juliu Horvath's 2018 GYROKINESIS® Rejuvenation Course. It's been a wonderful time of sharing and moving together with trainers from around the world. May the joy and inspiration continue to shine through you all in your teaching and your living!


Gadar Pilates

🦇 This truly isn’t a Pilates exercise named after an animal (it’s part of the Candlestick exercise), but it sure does make me think of a hanging bat! 🕯🧛‍♀️ #pilatesanimals #hangingbat #feelasfitasananimal #pilatescandlestick #gadarpilates #romanaspilates #romanakryzanowska #josephpilates #teamgratz #gratz #pilatescadillac


Gyrotonic Seacoast

THE HAMSTRING SERIES!🦵 Why is it so great? You know, besides feeling wonderful: in addition to the benefits to the lower extremities that will be discussed below, the "tractioning" lengthens your back and hip flexors, wonderfully decompressing the lumbar vertebrae.

What we practice in this series is eccentrically contracting the hamstrings and connecting our movements to our core via our breath.🌬️ Why is this so important?🤔

Eccentric muscle contraction occurs when the muscle is controlling the weight and motion of a limb while moving into a lengthened state. The hamstrings are required to work eccentrically during walking and

Additionally, the speed of the contraction matters in that fast eccentric contractions produce more force than slow eccentrics. Dysfunction of the hamstrings limits the ability to work eccentrically and is thought to contribute to overuse injuries to this area.

Due to eccentric demands on the hamstrings, eccentric training is a crucial part of rehabilitation in a hamstring injury, especially for athletes. Training eccentrically has been shown to enhance muscle hypertrophy, strength, normalize tendon tructure
and improve ability to return to sport after injury. This explanation is taken from Kirsten Heath's article, "Hamstring Pain? Try Some Eccentric Training!" at
#hamstringseries #eccentrictraining #eccentrichamstringstrengthening #activestretching #feelssogood #lumbardecompression #breath #corestrength #coordination #gyrotonicseacoast #seacoastliving #seacoastlife #seacoastnh #gyrotonic #gyrokinesis #gyrotonicexpansionsystem #pulleytower #mindbody #bodyawareness #hipopening #hipmobility #movebetter #feelbetter #livebetter #exerciseforbabyboomers #hamstringstrain


GYROTONIC Coral Gables, Angela Crowley & Yannis Brunet

Angela Crowley is honored to be published in the beautiful and inspiring Bare Essentials Journal from Australia!

Angela writes about how the GYROTONIC® Method began, how it can benefit those who participate in Extreme Sports, and what the future of exercise looks like! Click below to read this insightful article.


Gyrotonic Münstertal at Münstertäler Hof

Why don't you come and join us at our beautiful studio in the heart of the Black Forest to start your GYROTONIC® Journey?

Robert Meggle’s:
GYROTONIC® Foundation Teacher Training Course August 3 - 15

GYROTONER® Course (6 days) with the newest 2018 material. August 24 - 29

GYROTONIC® Update Course for Level 1 Trainers (3 days) November 20-22 (if necessary 1 or 2 weeks later)

GYROTONIC® Jumping-Stretching Board Course (7 days) 2021, January 4 – 10


Brooke Siler Pilates


NOTE: This is a MODIFIED series of the Airplane Board exercises (filmed at the request of a fellow Pilates teacher) shown with my arms down due to a scapular issue preventing me from having my hands back against the poles.

❌ This video is not instructional and these exercises should not be practiced unless you know they are safe for your body.
Many of these are adaptations of exercises found elsewhere in the system. Always know the WHY before giving an exercise.

❌ Because the feet are not able to pronate & supinate (roll in/roll out) when they are in the Airplane Board straps, the majority of these (in particular the lateral movements) should NOT be practiced if you have any knee issues whatsoever!

➡️Airplane Board is mostly used with the Leg Springs and hands on upright poles with arms at 90 degrees or straight.

➡️To compensate for not having the uprights to press into, I have my springs attached to the lower Caddy hooks to lessen the resistance.

➡️Along with Short Spine Massage, Long Spine Massage and the eponymous Airplane ✈️ exercise and its variations, much of this series Im showing can also be done in the air at an approximate 45 degree angle off the Caddy bed. (You’ll see me make a go at lifting but the arm position and injury made it awkward.)

👆As I am hypermobile in my knees you’ll notice I keep them unlocked throughout to drive the work into my hamstrings and glutes.

👉Airplane Board differs from regular Leg Springs by connecting the legs and kinetic chain so side to side imbalances can be easily detected.

💪 The Airplane Board fantastic for working the body’s back line and strengthening hamstrings and glutes in parallel. (Great for those - like me - who overly externally rotate their thighs from their glutes.)



We love a good throwback and wanted to share these images of Juliu and a bit of history with you. Prior to creating The GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods, Juliu Horvath had an impressive dance career filling principle roles in the Romanian State Opera, New York City Opera, at Radio City Music Hall, and the Houston Ballet. When he ruptured his achilles tendon, it brought his dance career to a sudden halt.
In the late 1970's, Juliu moved to St. Thomas and built a small hut by hand. He started meditating more intensively and began his own movement exploration based on intuition, observations of nature, and his personal experiences. It was during this time over the course of several years that he developed a system he called 'Yoga for Dancers', which later evolved into The GYROKINESIS® Method. These images show a young Juliu in St. Thomas, practicing Yoga for Dancers.


WorldWide Ballet

Beautiful back work and strength 😍 @lucialacarra

#worldwideballet #lucialacarra 🙌🏻🌸💗




Sydney Harris Gyrotonic Trainer, Pilates Instructor


Sydney Harris Gyrotonic Trainer, Pilates Instructor's cover photo 06/30/2020

Romana Kryzanowska June 30, 1923-Aug 30, 2013 Early this morning, August 30, 2013, Romana Kryzanowska passed away. She was Joe Pilates' chosen protege and his method would not exist as it does today without her profound influence. A shining light who showed legions how to live through her spirited, loving and beyond all, enthusiastic joy for l...


Balance by Elizabeth Jackson

Move chaos through time and space into the stillness of what’s possible.


Gyrotonic Seacoast

Baby boomer Julie fluidly moving through arch, side arch, curl with the GYROTONIC®️ Wingmaster. In addition to proprioceptive feedback (it's harder than it looks for her to keep the bar parallel to the wall in front of her when doing the side arch - there is a tendency to rotate there), there is the strengthening element! Julie is recovering from bicep tendonitis and is doing a great job moving from her scapulae.🌀 Curious! Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment!😊
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Brooke Siler Pilates


Through Contrology we create strong bodies capable of moving with suppleness and ease.

And, yes, sometimes with me you get a little ass-kicking. 😈 But with LOVE! 🥰😁😆

#Repost @sharepilates
After a session yesterday with the amazing @brookesilerpilates, if you can get in a class, do!
And some people don’t think Pilates is a workout, which makes me sad, a little embarrassed to say I am a Pilates teacher and sometimes a little annoyed.
After my first contemporary Pilates teacher training I thought/was told classical Pilates was too much, too dangerous, too risky, too hard, too advanced for the average body, just not necessary and didn’t stack up to latest medical research. What an actual crock..? And that’s not actually even a contemporary Pilates issue, that’s just a big issue in Pilates teacher training. Another story... Yep it’s hard, and we can hide behind as many variations and adaptations as we like, but it still won’t prepare us for the real work of Pilates. We don’t need new/extra classes or training to stretch or test our clients beyond Pilates (!) We need to make sure they are doing Pilates and those exercises we don’t teach; not just variations of the exercises we feel comfortable teaching/doing or think, or are told, are safe! Joseph Pilates knew a lot more about his method than us.
As a now classically trained teacher, I know as a contemporary teacher my clients were underestimated and not stretched and strengthened to their full potential because of the fears created by my contemporary trained thought process.
Pilates is not dangerous 😜 and we don’t have to shield our clients or ourselves from exercises unless there is a really good reason that can’t be overcome with apparatus, props, modifications.
I will be forever thankful for staying curious and looking further afield for Pilates training.
#pilates #pilatesstrong #pilateslovers


פילאטיס מכשירים בפתח תקווה - אור פרסמן

Joseph Pilates teaching the Open Leg Rocker


Gadar Pilates

Bruce Lee doing an exercise that looks identical to the Pilates Long Spine exercise without straps. 💪 #brucelee #pilates #gadarpilates #romanaspilates #pilateslongspine 06/14/2020

We're Back. Pilates and Gyrotonic® - Syd Studio L.A. @ Progression Wellness

We're Back. Pilates and Gyrotonic® - Syd Studio L.A. @ Progression Wellness 06/12/2020

Interview - Juliu Horvath | The founder of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis tells Kath Hudson why he’ll never stop adapting his famous movement modality 06/11/2020

How the 1918 Flu Epidemic Created One of Today’s Biggest Fitness Crazes As disease ravaged the world nearly 100 years ago, the inventor of Pilates claimed his exercise method saved people from the 1918 flu.






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