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Operating as usual


Dont let any one say that you can’t.

The Last competition was pretty tuff only strong athletes was waiting for me . Thanks to my trainings, students and friends. I was able to take 3 medals that day.

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2ON1 to kimura.
Discover my 2ON1 series
Road to 50 positions !
Follow to stay tuned.
Training Monday to Friday Culver City Los Angeles.
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Absolute division final Los angeles champion.

161lbs vs 240lbs ?
You must work on your strategy.
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Jiu-jitsu training with a baseball.

How to drill without a partner?
6am class in Culver City with joy and motivation. I really enjoyed my last training with that baseball. Don’t wait for the perfect moments or partners before to train. Use what’s is around you to develop your creativity and to increase your determination. You always welcome to reach me if you have more questions. OSS


There is nothing to fear than fear himself…

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Money money 💰 😂
Do what you love the most, success come from passion ❤️‍🔥
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The stars are always a good place to be… keep yourself motivated.
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2ON1 Bjj to arm bar.
Let the series continues !
What do you know about the 2ON1 ? Let’s see some new techniques !
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Sweep to knee slice.
Goals 50 technique from the 2ON1
15 ✅
Stay tuned!!!
Looking for a new school 🏫 ?Come and learn jiu Jitsu like a champion.
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Start the new year with the right takedown.
Howtomakechampions, new Bjj school in Los Angeles, partner with wakanda body fitness. Come and join us !
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2ON1 Bjj series live training.
It’s a beautiful journey with the 2ON1 technique. in jiu jitsu, this guard can give you so many great openings. As a chess player, this is one of my favorite. learn more:
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Smile for glory.
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I destroyed the tree with one punch 🤛🏿. What you don’t believe me ???
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Panther 🐆

Provide to yourself the best training, no the best day.
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I hear that the sand bag doesn’t fight back, he better not…
5am training, keep the discipline.

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fight but won a great friendship.
Surround yourself with champions.

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I choose strength not power.
Decide to be strong.

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Self defense with real champions !
Easy and good !
Special thanks to awesome gym ☝️😎

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Just train, don’t complain.

I started to lost most of my closer friends when I started to reach my goals. It’s was a lonely way, but with many beautiful days. just train don’t complain...


Because at was at home chillin 😎.
Be the champion of your life.

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Elastic workout ideas !


Black belt technique : Delariva lapel guard. I was thinking about posting this technique since I was purple belt, and today I think it’s time.

Incredible sweep for champions !
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Online & private lesson
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Timeline photos 01/13/2021

Workout your back properly.

Jump with your spirit ! photo

Mobile uploads 01/13/2021

After Training it's a sunny day

After a bjj training you just feel good.
Cours de bjj centre sportif ixellois
Rue volta 18, 1050

Takanoyama Sumo Highlight 01/12/2021

Takanoyama Sumo Highlight

When an european light weight challenge sumo...
Unbelievable fighter !

Takanoyama Sumo Highlight

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Brazilian jiu jitsu organization working across the world with the best fighters and professors. Bjj class for kids, teenagers, adults, personal training, and competitors. Come and discover who you are by join us with a stay in Los angeles, some wonderful Brazilian jiu jitsu class, with private rooms, breakfast, pool, barbecue, games, party and more. Discover hollywood and all the attractions, while you meet new people and train with the best fighter's in the world. Book online ! HTMC BJJ

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Absolute division final Los angeles champion.
Jiu-jitsu training with a baseball.




Expo Park/Usc
Los Angeles, CA

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Monday 12:30pm - 7pm
Tuesday 12:30pm - 7pm
Wednesday 12:30pm - 7pm
Thursday 12:30pm - 7pm
Friday 12:30pm - 7pm

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