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If there was one area in fitness/health that you’d need or want the most help in going in to 2022 what would it be?

A: Best workout routine for your goals
B: Nutrition
C: Overcoming habits / mental blocks
D: other? (Please describe).

You can answer with the corresponding letter in the comments below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will go a long way. Thank you!

Photos from Informed Movement's post 12/07/2021

As you get older they say, “your best years are behind you.”

🤔 Interesting because if I had a time machine I would love to see the look on my 27 year old self’s face when I show him that his 40 year old self out ran his fastest 1/2 marathon time by…

nearly 11 minutes:

- 2008 Vancouver B.C. 1/2 marathon time - 1:46:30 (I trained thoroughly for that one)

- 2021 ‘Run Malibu’ 1/2 marathon time - 1:35:53

I’m not showing you these numbers to brag or to receive accolades.

Rather I want to use them as a way to “Trojan Horse” one very important lesson that I’ve come to learn and appreciate….

👉🏻 It’s far too easy (which is scary) to believe the stories or messages you hear from others or worse…..tell yourself.

And when you believe it’s true you will unknowingly act out those beliefs which can and will shape the course of your life.

As I trained for this last 1/2, my sole purpose was to give myself the opportunity to feel as good as I could from start to finish so that I could truly enjoy each scenic step of this run. (And oh how beautiful it was).

This type of intention-setting allowed me to really be present with my own body and my surroundings.

The reward wasn’t my (new PR) time, it was simply how great and grateful I felt to be in some of the best shape of my life at 40.

No matter where you’re at in your health journey the best thing you can do right now is to start being mindful or even write ✍🏻 down (very powerful exercise), whatever doubts, concerns, fears or skepticisms you have towards the goals or aspirations you have with your health.

I will tell you right now, with conviction, from personal and professional experience that those messages and thoughts you’re able to identify is the first step toward real change and are the ONLY obstacles you will need to overcome to experience lasting health and wellness.

You deserve it.

Photos from Informed Movement's post 05/02/2021

This run is dedicated to my family and friends and to help inspire anyone out there who may be taking their first steps towards their health goals or who are fighting for their health be it weight loss, recovery from addiction or improving mental health — whatever challenges you face know that they’re worth battling🙏🏻💙💪🏻
This run was not an official race I signed up for. It was purely out of having a goal and desire to say I completed at least one marathon prior to my 40th.
No official race meant no:
registration -> bib or number -> t-shirt -> elaborate starting line -> race day nostalgia with masses of people warming up and mentally preparing with palpable energy in the air -> waving at friends or family along the way -> cheers from strangers -> water stations -> sounds of the announcers voice calling your name and number as you approach the finish line -> hugs or high fives afterwards with people who came to support.
“Why would you train for or run a marathon if it’s not an official race?” You might be thinking.
For starters, I simply love reinventing my fitness and trying new things that challenge my body and mind. This pandemic has forced us all to adapt in one way or another yet it opened the door for running which has become VERY therapeutic throughout my training.
Secondly, as a coach/trainer, I’ve come to appreciate and teach my clients that you don’t have to have external reasons to motivate or inspire you to accomplish your goals or to work on your health in general.
Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that it matters to you. Whatever goal you have, know your “why;” something meaningful and purposeful for you is vital for living a healthier lifestyle.
Today, I showed myself that whatever I put my mind to, no matter how hard it gets, I can do it.
You don’t have to run a marathon, it can be a 5K or doing 5 push-ups. The point is it’s an accomplishment and success; a mark of progress from where you started.
Your health is everything. Setting fitness goals will simply help pull you along the way.
You’re worth it.


“Career anniversary” - 14 years 🎉.
On this day, almost a decade and a half ago, I became a personal trainer.
I had no clue at that time what this profession was going to do for my life and all the incredible people (clients, coworkers, etc.) I would meet and have the fortune of coaching/training.
There’s been countless memorable experiences and I have gained so much personal and professional growth.
Like any rich journey, I stumbled many, many times and was met with lots of challenges along the way.
Since 2007 I’ve had the pleasure of:
▪️training professional athletes
▪️coaching men and women who went through amazing transformations (losing over 100 lbs)
▪️watching people gain confidence and empowerment
▪️sharing tears, hugs and thousands of high fives
I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling line of work.
When 2020 hit I knew I wasn’t going to back down simply based on all of the knowledge I have gained about how fitness and nutrition improves mental health. I knew there are those out there who could benefit from having something positive and empowering to focus on through this challenging time.
🙏🏻 Thank you to all of you out there who have or who are currently working with me or who have supported me throughout this area of my life’s work.
I am forever grateful for the gifts you have given me.
Your coach/trainer,
#informedmovement #careermilestone #grateful #training #trainer #thankyouclients #thankyoufriends #thankyoufamily #keeppunching #health #wellness #fitness #fitnessjourney #inspired



If you’re between 20-50 years old and have, or are thinking about, a health or fitness related goal it would really help me out if I could get 5 minutes of your time to fill out a quick survey.

I would like to better understand the current challenges you’ve had or are currently facing during this pandemic.

Of course there are some obvious things we’re all dealing with but further insight in to your particular situation is super helpful.

This information will also help me as I’m working on new online services and a FREE Men’s Health and Fitness Webinar/forum that I will be leading. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

p.s. link is in the comments below. 👇🏻

In Good Health,
Sean Ferguson


Can good sleep really improve your mood and energy? 👉🏻 Uhm, yes.
So what are you supposed to do if most nights you have trouble falling asleep with all the racing thoughts; frustrations about not having answers to daunting questions; worried about tomorrow’s tasks or crippled by feelings of a lack of control?
I know the feeling. So when I decided years ago that these disruptive patterns were harming my mental well-being, enough was enough, it was time to fight back. The quest for answers proved rewarding. Here’s one thing that has really turned things around...
🔹My 10 minute sleep-better nightly writing routine that I’d love for you to try:
Write down 5-10 things you’re grateful for with one reason why. If you can’t come up with that many then write down 1-2 with 3 reasons why for each.
▪️Achievements for the day:
It can be easy to skip over the small or even big wins you’ve accomplished mainly because it’s easy to let those aforementioned worries dominate your consciousness. So make sure to acknowledge anything and everything you did that got you one step closer to any area you’re trying to improve or goal that you have.
▪️Growth Opportunities:
Here’s my “secret sauce” to true #pesonalgrowth. Reflect over the day any area where perhaps you would have liked to show up better for yourself or for others. You can start by asking yourself, “if that same scenario happened again, would I do it differently? If so, how? Why?”
This promotes opportunities for: learning, growth, mindfulness and most importantly self-compassion.
▪️Brain dump - literally unleash any and all thoughts, feelings or words that come to mind without hesitation or judgment. Tough to do at first but very cathartic.
This is a really hard next two weeks for all of us in different ways.
Try this exercise once this week. At worst: it will lessen any stress you’re experiencing and at-best: provide opportunity for a good nights sleep so you can be more present and enjoy the gift of another day. 🙏🏻
🙋🏻‍♂️ If you still struggle send me a message and I'll send you a FREE full sleep-better guide.

Photos from Informed Movement's post 12/15/2020

Despite what little time Stephanie has for herself each week as a full time Veterinarian, mother of two and wife, she has managed to find lots of success in just 8 weeks with her health and fitness goals through my online transformation program.
In her words...
“Besides the personalization and adjustability, my at-home workout/nutrition program is totally realistic and doable. And the thing I'm most excited for is the sustainability... learning about what nutrition and exercise works for me is a recipe for success to continue. And while there were some times in the beginning I felt slightly "deprived," I learned where I could make allowances, substitutions and better decisions and I haven't felt that way in several weeks. I never feel hungry or like I can't have something I want. It's all been very empowering!”
👉🏻 Making the most of what time, equipment and small space she has for her weekly workouts...
👉🏻 A willingness to explore new recipes her and her family can enjoy
👉🏻 Achieving results (down 10.5 lbs) without ANY dieting or overly intense workouts
These are the key elements that have paved the way for what I know will be long term success.
🔹Stephanie’s current routine:
▪️3 day’s a week: 45 minute strength and conditioning workouts using just a pair of adjustable db’s
▪️2-3 days a week of 20 min. HIIT using her spin bike (that both her and her husband sometimes do together 🙂
▪️customized macro based nutrition plan that allows room for her favorite foods
I’m so proud of you, Stephanie! You’ve taken on a fitness routine with all that’s going on in your life and have stuck with it staying focused on the positive things you’re doing each day and week!
Congrats 🎉 on all the accomplishments of your program thus far, you’ve earned it.

Photos from Informed Movement's post 12/08/2020

#repost @philipg74
“Friday morning home workout done. Not often I flex but figured why not lol 🤷‍♂️🤣.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Finding stride with health during this most challenging year #2020.
Like you, like me, like just about everyone you know, 2020 has created at best: a sense of overwhelm and stress. At worst: devastation and despair.
And wherever you are along that spectrum, the ability to get back up and continue forward is one of the most courageous things a person can do.
If I were to hand out a comeback client of the year award it would be for @philipg74 who despite all that’s been going on has decided to get back on the horse and keep fighting for his health.
Before 2020, his fitness and nutrition journey was marked with incredible successes, including losing 40 lbs.
Then around March and April, like so many of us, he was faced with a lot of uncertainty and mental anguish.
Taking a little time to step back, regroup while the dust settled, Phil was ultimately determined not to let all his hard earned progress or his health goals slip from his grasp.
Today Phil is back in “the arena.” Fighting for his health and wellness. Filled with a newfound spirit which shows in his voice and his weekly check-ins,
he’s found his stride again...
He has his at-home workouts using some db’s a bench and a ball and keeps active with weekly runs which serves as a positive outlet.
and he consistently accomplishes small, attainable nutrition goals each day. The weight is coming back off and more importantly his energy is increasing.
Phil I’m proud, inspired and am so grateful to be a part of your health and fitness journey.
Thank you for trusting in me and being a true example of courage through challenging times.
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