Relámpago Wheelery

Relámpago Wheelery is a cycling shop focusing on hand-built wheels, dynamo lighting and bicivida. Repairs and used bikes in the mix too! Dynamo Bicycle Lighting, repair, some used bicycles for sale and bike parties!


When cars are gone, there’s room for people. When cars are present there’s no room for people. Remember when Covid just hit? Remember endless road for playing tag in the neighborhood, daily jogging on 4th street, bike rides without road rage, clear skies, no din of the machines? Remember that amazing window when we tasted the sweet ephemera of collapse savoring that thing that I swear is freedom. Here witness Thor and my Little Sasquatch on Vermont Boulevard, the busiest street in the nation, enjoying for just a second human, er Cali Yeti, and dog space. Yay for repaving, minus the goddamn cars returning. **kcars

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Children of the Bike, Stay tuned for a special message tonight at 6:66pm here on InstaGhoul… stay tuned, stay trued.


el BiciCrófono will be out on Halloween night. There will be metal, there will be karaoke, there will be many friends congregating together in one place... Sunday, Oct. 31st, 6:66pm. Spooky spoked details very chillingly soon my dear friends. **kcars


A bikepacking dynamo wheel for Su. Thank you Su and to all the customers dropping in for dynamo lighting! Keeps our doors open, it’s ONE LESS BATTERY! and another bicycle out there putting ice cream on its pie. And oh yeah, I MISS YOU GOOD PEOPLE!!!! Is there a karaoke queue that’s a like year long? Will the BiciCróno sore again like a chariot ablaze out of the viral beast? Will the tungsten sword melt the chains that bind us? Oh, yes, yes ... said it’s so, please say it’s so. ⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️🚲 **kracism


No, not going thru a break up, in fact, I am happier than I’ve ever been. This scribed nugget of truth, just a little reminder of how quickly it can all vanish into thin air and that, I think, you gotta love hard as scary as it is. Much Love to the relampagitos that keep this shop open. Boom chica boom. !


No, not going thru a break up, in fact, I am happier than I’ve ever been. This scribed nugget of truth, just a little reminder of how quickly it can all vanish into thin air and that, I think, you gotta love hard as scary as it is. Much Love to the relampagitos that keep this shop open. Boom chica boom. !


Thank you all for being a rad community surviving in an oppressive system of avarice, unchecked consumerism and misguided visions. Much Love. Mucha Bici. **ktrump


Repost from @verybecareful! This is from their Y2K Halloween show in NYC!

Ktown heroes coming to the comforts of your own...wherever you wanna be this Saturday night when you ZOOM IN to the Biciparranda Digital!

Get ready to cumbia and learn how to dance in a class hosted by Jess & Jimmy right before VBC takes the stage! We've got it all for you at this Biciparranda Digital! - starts at 7pm!

More performances by @kallisto_damore

other surprises throughout the night!


@fantasy.luv streaming to you LIVE this Saturday night only on Zoom!

Check out their single BWYRN on Soundcloud or Spotify - it's DOPE!

Just a reminder, the party is ONLINE ONLY. Party-goers will not be gathering at the shop. We are keeping you safe AND entertained this Halloween.

Festivities start at 7pm and go to Midnight-ish. Come in costume! Or don't! It's up to you! Invite your fiends for a scary good time!

Performances by @verybecareful @kallisto_damore @fantasy.luv and YOU on KARAOKE!


Don't miss @kallisto_damore performing LIVE from the shop this Saturday at our first ever all digital Biciparranda!

The festivities start at 7 pm THIS Saturday 10/31.

Celebrate Halloween and Día de Los Mu***os in style and safety. Zoom link to be posted in bio. Come dressed up or as you are! All are welcome - invite fiends & family!

There will be wigs & heels (as much as the shop's ceiling will allow)! There will be cumbia! There will be karaoke!

We can't wait to see you all again!

Performances by @kallisto_damore @fantasy.luv @verybecareful...and YOU!

Photos from Relámpago Wheelery's post 10/20/2020

“Joaquín, you wanna get up at 5am and ride to the @griffithobservatory and watch the sunrise before [on-line] school today?” Joaquín: “YEAH!!!! That’s awesome!!! Lets do that!!!” Some days are defined by perseverance and love. Last photo, introducing the Metalongjohn. It’s a cargo bike that makes cargo bikes. Working with @ziptieg0rl on this @Re:Ciclos project. And speaking of love and perseverance, come thru to our BiciParranda Digital, October 31st, 7pm and help us raise a little ruckus and a little cash for an organization making some much needed real ruckus @blmlosangeles. Much Love. Mucha Bici.


More details coming soon!

Timeline photos 08/27/2020

Check out the shop's own El Jimmy featured in the LA Times today (link in bio). The article is worth one of the reads before you hit that paywall 😑. Let us know what you think in the comments or tag us in your story!


Spanish version below

The fund page is ready.
Everyone is invited to colaborate

SUPPORT BY DONATING******************💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

What is travel equity?
Travel equity is an exercise based in mutual aid, solidarity and co-learning within Bike Bike. Funds are raised so people and collectives working with community bicycle projects can attend Bike Bike. Any money raised towards this fund will go towards covering transportation and facilitating the migratory process, with visas etc.
How can you support?
Join the Travel Equity committee for Bike Bike Tijuana 2019, where this effort of solidarity is being organized and developed.
Contact us if you know any people and/or collectivities that would like to access the funds. Organize an event to raise funds in your community.


Support from the travel equity fund is only open to colectivities and projects based in Mexico or Latin America.
Donations are open from all parts of the world.
For more information, click on this link.



Lista la página del fondeo.
Todxs están invitadxs a colaborar

APOYA DONANDO************************💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

Qué es la equidad de viaje?
Es un ejercicio basado en el apoyo mutuo, solidaridad y de co-aprendizaje dentro de Bike Bike en el cual se recauda fondos para que las personas y colectividades que trabajan en proyectos comunitarios de bicicletas puedan asistir al Bike Bike. Los fondos se van para cubrir transporte y facilitar los trámites migratorios y los visados.
¿Cómo puedes apoyar?
Sumate a trabajar en la comisión de la Equidad de Viaje para Bike Bike Tijuana 2019, donde se organiza y desarrolla este esfuerzo de solidaridad. Contactanos si conoces a alguna persona y/o colectividad que quisiera acceder los fondos.
Organiza un evento para recaudar fondos en tu comunidad.


El apoyo de equidad de viaje sólo está abierto para colectivxs o proyectos de México o América Latina.
Las donaciones son bienvenidas de cualquier parte del mundo.
Para más información, darle click al link.

[email protected]

Photos from Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective's post 08/09/2019

Photos from Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective's post


Pedal Strike

Come thru to BICIPARRANDA happening this SATURDAY AUG 3

[email protected] Pedal Strike will be playing at this fun-raiser for Koreatown Popular Assembly

Event details:

Pedal Strike Pedal Strike is a Punk/rock N Roll/Surf band from the North East Los Angeles area. We play fundraisers, parties, bars, venues, etc. For inquiries/booking : [email protected]


¡¡Ya está abierto el registro general!! // Registration is now open!!

Español//English below

Hoy es el día. Pooooor fin, ya está abierto el registro general para el próximo bike! bike! Tijuana 2019.

Pásele, pásele a echar un ojo a la página:

Dudas, comentarios y/o sugerencias a: [email protected]

Pronto más información.


Today is the day. The general registration for the 2019 bike! bike! Tijuana is finally open!
Come and check out the page:
Questions, comments and/or suggestions to: [email protected]
More info soon.


It's HOT! 🌞 Do you need a tune up, recycled bike parts, or lights? Give us a call at 213-674-7766 to set up an appointment! See you on the road 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Click here to support Support Tijuana Food Not Bombs organized by Enclave Caracol 07/17/2019

Click here to support Support Tijuana Food Not Bombs organized by Enclave Caracol

Click here to support Support Tijuana Food Not Bombs organized by Enclave Caracol For over 7 years, volunteers have provided free healthy meals to anyone who is hungry (principally deportees and asylum-seekers) on the streets of Tijuana as part of the ¨Food Not Bombs¨ movement against militarism, borders, food waste and other structural violences. Our project currently serves.....


Appreciation shout out and thank you to Tijuana Comida No Bombas, Latumba, dj meimeowmix, and all the karaoke fanatics at last week's !!

Bastidas | Punk from Baldwin Park, CA 07/02/2019

Bastidas | Punk from Baldwin Park, CA

Bastidas! will be playing at this SATURDAY's Biciparranda para Comida No Bombas / Food Not Bombs Tijuana. Check out their sound here and make sure to come through this Saturday July 6!


Bastidas | Punk from Baldwin Park, CA Punk | Baldwin Park, CA

Relámpago Wheelery updated their website address. 03/17/2019

Relámpago Wheelery updated their website address.

Relámpago Wheelery updated their website address.


The Biciparranda never stops at Relámpago Wheelery! The Bici Charioke (Bike Karaoke Chariot) was a hit at this passed CicLAvia, dedicated to music.

Join us this Saturday for our special Salsa class and dance night celebrating Symbiosis LÁ.

Biciparrandas every First Saturday of the Month!

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Panel discussion starting now!


Fry bread!


*eye roll*

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140 Bimini Pl
Los Angeles, CA

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Bicycling is one of the best and most just ways to get around a city. Why not make your bicycle lighting the same? Drop by the shop to learn more about dynamos!

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