Dux Ryu Ninjutsu School of Stealth and Special Warfare

Dux Ryu Ninjutsu School of Stealth & Special Warfare combines traditional & modern Shinobi tactics https://www.ninjamagik.com/

Operating as usual


Kansetsu waza (Joint locks)!


“A samurai should always be prepared for death—whether his own or someone else’s.” – Stan Sakai


On a distant hill, there stood a small temple where an old, wise master devotedly taught young samurai. He had spent his entire life imparting his skills and philosophical teachings of swordsmanship to his disciples.

One day, in the vivid purple hues of twilight, the old master called a young samurai closer and said, "Since you came here, you have diligently practiced and honed all my swordsmanship techniques. Today, as it's time for you to leave this temple and step into the world, write me a sentence with a maximum of 10 words, describing the life you desire in the future."

The young samurai listened attentively, feeling the tranquility of his soul. After a moment of contemplation, he wrote his answer on a piece of paper and presented it to the old master:

"In dreams, I seek freedom, serenity, and strength."

The old master looked into the young samurai's eyes, as if understanding the profound emotions of his pupil. He smiled gently and nodded in acceptance of the response. Then, he presented the young samurai with a small box, containing the precious piece of paper with his words.

"This is my small gift to you," the old master said. "Keep it safe and always remember that life isn't always easy, but within yourself, hold onto the fire of passion and unwavering determination to overcome every hardship."

As the young samurai left the temple, he carried the little box, along with all the knowledge and wisdom the master had imparted. Throughout his journey, the words he wrote were a constant source of encouragement and spiritual strength whenever he faced challenges.

Gradually, the young samurai became one of the most skilled and respected samurai. Yet, success never made him arrogant or distant. He remained humble and cherished every aspect of life, living by the principles the old master had instilled in him.

And whenever faced with trials and adversities, the young samurai would reread the sentence he had written, feeling the profound meaning behind those words. This life had so many moments that could make one falter, but thanks to that enduring sentence, he stood steadfast and conquered all hurdles, discovering true joy and purpose in life.

Write your own sentence, a challenge to surpass all limits and become extraordinary! Nothing can stand against the unstoppable passion and unwavering determination within you!

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BLOODSPORT PREQUEL Tiger -The Story of Senzo 07/19/2023

BLOODSPORT PREQUEL Tiger -The Story of Senzo

BLOODSPORT PREQUEL Tiger -The Story of Senzo (Fan Made Trailer)A man that loses everything begins his life again in the land of the ones that took it from him. In this prequel to the seminal martial art...


The gang leader who fought Mike Tyson


He crushed an entire clan of champions and received unjust revenge



#日本刀 #試し斬り


You Don't Want To Mess With This Explosive Boxer

Photos from Dux Ryu Kenjutsu - Puerto Rico's post 06/28/2023

Photos from Dux Ryu Kenjutsu - Puerto Rico's post

My Problem with Dr Grande | By qualified PSYCHIATRIST 06/26/2023

My Problem with Dr Grande | By qualified PSYCHIATRIST

IWhen you are the best of the best you become a target of jealousy, envy and opportunistic con men, like “Dr.” Grande, who has 1 million followers based on his salacious misrepresentations about himself and others! Like me!

Grande is one of many clickbait artists that promises to reveal of some incredibly juicy information and uses borderline manipulative language to catch user’s clicks and earn money by providing useless content; the facts either completely left out or twisted so they only vaguely resemble the truth.

Dr. Grande does this with me. For instance he claims I claimed to be CIA agent, when if you read my book The Secret Man HarperCollins, 1996, was vetted , I never did; I also never claim to have won the Medal of Honor, Soldier of Fortune did and they were sued over it! It just blah blah all lies he attributes to me I never made to hold me up to ridicule—made obvious when if you visit :


Grandes not dumb. I am pretty confident he was aware I have a website where the proof is there for everyone to see and what it is I say…

To get around this Grande uses weasel language to differ guilt away from him that shows me he’s manipulative deceptive person and I feel sorry for anyone counseled by him as he displays the red flags of a predator.

He certainly doesn’t respect and honor the truth—not about himself outed here misrepresenting his credentials and professionalism.

This psychology expert and several others takes issue with Dr. Grandes claims about himself — someone seemingly projecting onto others a true vision of himself.


My Problem with Dr Grande | By qualified PSYCHIATRIST Dr Grande has a very popular YouTube psychology channel, which recently got 1m subs. Impressive!But is everything as it seems? Is there an issue with him mis...


The founder of the first American Ninjitsu System


Ninja Weapons Case!


Explosive Bodybuilder Beats The Odds


Como parte de los 20 años de Dux Ryu en Puerto Rico, todos los viernes compartiremos la experiencia que han tenido nuestros cinturones negros en su tiempo en el Ryu.

Ivette Alamo
Dux Ryu Kickboxing
Nombre marcial: Montaña
Tiempo : 8 años activa

Mi experiencia en Dux Ryu desde el día 1 ha sido enriquecedora, compartiendo con un sinnúmero de personas de todas las edades, de diferentes países, en un ambiente donde impera el respeto y el apoyo a nuestro prójimo. La confianza en mi misma y seguridad han sido el resultado.

He podido impactar de forma positiva desde adolescentes hasta personas de la tercera edad. El entrenamiento depura no sólo nuestro cuerpo, logrando hacer cosas que no hubiera pensado que era capaz. Inevitablemente también depura la fortaleza de nuestros corazones. Aprendemos a vivir sabiendo que“ tantas veces me caigo, me levanto”, y que “ solo los duros quedan” . Dos frases que se oyen una y otra vez, y aprendemos a vivir por ellas.

En Dux Ryu la mejor palabra que nos describe es familia; luego de literalmente compartir sudor, sangre y lágrimas no queda de otra. Y nuestras vidas son más ricas como consecuencia.

We train like a team, we fight like family

Hanshi Frank Dux - Episode 684 02/20/2022

Hanshi Frank Dux - Episode 684

Hanshi Frank Dux - Episode 684 Hanshi Frank Dux is best known as the character from the movie, Bloodsport, but he is much more than that.Hanshi Frank Dux - Episode 684If you’ve spent any a...

Bloodsport Trailer (2021) 11/02/2021

Bloodsport Trailer (2021)

Bloodsport Trailer (2021) After winning the infamous Kumite, Frank Dux was never seen in public again. Years later, a man dubiously claimed to be the great and mysterious martial arts...

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Hanshi Frank Dux getting an award from the World MMA Council




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