Light Works Yoga Studio

Light Works Yoga is a unique studio in Middletown, Ky, owned and operated by Angie Megibben, in association with The Institute for Integrative Medicine

On Tuesday, we offer a 6:30-7:30 pm class for All Levels---beginner to experienced practitioner. On Wednesday at 9:00am, is a Gentle class. On Thursday at 6:00pm, a Restorative class is offered. Friday at 9:00am is a Spine Care class. CALL FOR PRICING INFO! IMPORTANT NOTICE on WEATHER CANCELLATION POLICY: WE follow Jefferson County Schools on cancellation. If they are open, we're having class. If they close the schools, we're closed.

Mentors Channel

Mentors Channel

Chris Rosati proves the butterfly effect Chris Rosati is a man with ALS who first caught Steve Hartman’s attention by giving away donuts. He has gone on to have an effect on a much wider world stage, thanks to the acts of kindness he promotes. As Hartman finds out, Rosati has a lot to say on how to make the world a better place.

[03/17/15]   Angie [email protected] Works Yoga Studio: Eli Megibben when I see some of the positive things you make me so proud. You are one beautiful butterfly little girl! I can't wait to see what kind of hurricanes you bring to the world!!!
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“Everybody is a magnet, attracting to themselves that which they are.” --David Hawkins

There is NO such thing as coincidence----notice the 2 names on this post: Pam Grout (author of E2 and E3), and David Hawkins (author of Power vs. Force)...the last 2 authors introduced at Light Works Yoga Studio !!! Oh Yeah!!! "Don't worry. Be happy." --Bobby McFerrin Okay, so you’ve made some goals, set some intentions. But, so far, nothing has shown up. Wanna know why? You’re trying too hard. You’re trying to force things instead of just relaxing and connecting with the power and genius of the universe. See this picture. It’s green bean seeds from Experiment No# 6 (The Superhero Principle) in my book, … [ 421 more words. ]

At Light Works Yoga Studio there is an on-going discussion about how we tend to totally buy into the messages of our culture hook, line and sinker---without ever stopping to question their validity!!! Here's a refreshing new perspective on the process of aging by Dr. Christiane Northrup.

Just because you’ve been taught by our culture to expect to be less vital, healthy, or active after the age of 50, this doesn’t have to be your destiny!!! Your beliefs—and the behavior that stems from those beliefs—largely determine your experience of moving through time. On February 24, 2015, I share everything you need to know about getting older in my newest book, "Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being." Find out how you can be an ageless goddess here:

Light Works Yoga Studio agrees with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer that low energy also attracts other low energy people AND situations! Carefully guard your thoughts. Allowing negativity to occupy space in your brain negates any other healthy habits you worked hard to cultivate. Higher frequency thoughts must come even BEfORE healthy eating and exercise!!!

Low energy attracts low energy. Low energy thoughts, such as anger, hate, shame, guilt, and fear, weaken you. And they attract more of the same. By changing your inner thoughts to the higher frequencies of love, harmony, kindness, peace, and joy, you’ll attract more of the same, and you’ll have those higher energies to give away.

Light Works Yoga Studio agrees with Dr. Christiane Northrup! Hooray for Vogue! Do something affirming for yourself and those you love---Come to yoga and reconnect body with mind and spirit! You've still got a lot of living to do!!!

WHOA!! This is the first time I can EVER remember seeing a fashion magazine even acknowledge the existence of women over the age of 50! The tide is TURNING!!! Kudos to VOGUE!!!

[07/10/14]   Light Works Yoga Studio will be closed Thursday, July 10th and Friday, July 11th for a Jin Shin Jyutsu workshop. See you again on Monday, July 14th!

[06/30/14]   “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
- Albert Einstein

Hard to believe June is almost over! We will be closed on Friday, July 4th in observance of Independance Day! Light Works Yoga Studio wishes you a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. As posted by Inspire Wellness: "All is well" during this first full week of Summer!

50,000 thoughts a day, and some researchers think that number is even higher. Also intriguing is the research that says up to 90% of those thoughts are the SAME each day! Want to give that worn out brain a break? Come do yoga with us at Light Works Yoga Studio. Your brain will say, "Thank you!"

Smart words!

This is one gift you don't want to miss: We invite you to join Deva Premal and Miten beginning Wednesday, May 14 for a FREE brand new 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey. More info>
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You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Soooo much research on how the mind affects the body coming to Light Works Yoga Studio every day. Thank you Dr. Christiane Northrup for passing this vital info along! Is it possible to heal by thought alone—without drugs or surgery? The truth is that it happens more often than you might expect. In You Are the Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza shares numerous documented cases of those who reversed cancer, heart disease, depression, crippling arthritis, and even ...

[04/22/14]   What? Derby Week is next week?!! Oh my gosh! The studio will be CLOSED on Friday, May 2, 2014 in honor of Oaks Day. Happy Derby Time!

Light Works Yoga Studio hopes everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Wasn't the weather spectacular?!!!

Light Works Studio wants to share this fun little quiz for you from Mentors Channel. Which 3 words do you see first?

Feel free to share!
We have begun! You are now invited to join Arianna Huffington for a free three-week journey that will provide a road map for living fearlessly and boldly in every aspect of our lives. click >>>

Angie Megibben, owner of Light Works Yoga Studio , on how and why she began teaching yoga. Click this link for the full interview

Light Works Yoga Studio asks who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks or Broncos ? #NFL #Denver #Seattle

[01/23/14]   Okay, is anyone planning to brave the cold and come to the 6pm class tonight Light Works Yoga Studio? Let me know if you are! :)

Bath Time Essentials: Make More Time for Rubber Ducky Fun | dōTERRA Blog

Light Works Yoga Studio wants to share a terrific tip for those of you who sometimes deal with muscle cramps in class or in the middle of the night. The magnesium in Epsom salts are a GREAT relief for those Charlie horses..and who doesn't love a good excuse to take a nice, warm bath? Check out the following blog from doTERRA International! We all like taking baths for different reasons: to relax after a long day of work, to soften our skin, soothe sore muscles, or even just to play with bubbles.

[01/14/14]   EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY !!! IMPORTANT NEW WEATHER CANCELLATION POLICY: We follow Jefferson County Schools on cancellation. If they are in school, we are holding class. If they close the schools, we are closed.

[01/06/14]   CANCELLED---Monday, January 6th, 2014 6pm class IS CANCELLED due to extreme cold. The noon class is still on for today!

Light Works Yoga Studio wishes all a Wonderful Day ! and Year !

Light Works Yoga Studio wishes all a GREAT Day!

Light Works Yoga Studio it wasn't us :)

What do you do to, as Iyanla Vanzant says, "move forward with a quiet brain?" Ever try yoga? Join the quiet calm at Light Works Yoga Studio.

Nothing that is yours can be held from you. Move forward with a quiet brain and a trusting heart.

Light Works Yoga Studio wishes all a GREAT Day! and week ! For Consultations or Any Questions at all please call us 502-321-0557 ... We are here to help you ...

Light Works Yoga Studio --- Ever notice how even a mere photo of nature can evoke a feeling of peace? Imagine what would happen if you got "got out in it"? Thanks Breast Cancer Yoga for sharing!

Activewear Maker Lucy Urges Women to Drop Into a Yoga Pose at the First Sign of Holiday Stress

Light Works Yoga Studio LOVES this! Can't you just see yourself dropping into child's pose in front of someone "who harshes your mellow" during the holidays? They will SURELY back away slowly... How do you deal with holiday stress? Activewear maker Lucy is humorously urging women to try something unconventional this year. Try dropping to the floor and adopting the "child's pose" from yoga—with your legs tucked under you, your head down and your arms outstretched in front.

Light Works Yoga Studio wishes all a WONDERFUL Day!!

Light Works Yoga Studio says THANK YOU !!!

Light Works Yoga Studio hopes all are having a GREAT Day! and wishes all a Wonderful Evening! For Consultations or Any Questions at all please call us 502-321-0557 ... We are here to help you ...

Acceptance of self is the TRUE benefit of a regular yoga practice. Come and play at Light Works Yoga Studio!!!

We may not always understand what is going on at the time it is happening. That's okay! Only when we are ready to understand and know will we truly understand. What we must do in our day-to-day living is learn to accept things and people as they are rather than trying to make them the way we wish them to be.

Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Ok, this might take 2 minutes to read but Light Works Yoga Studio thinks it is worth it! Right on, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: being peace IS different from looking for peace!

Peace isn’t something you ultimately receive when you slow down the pace of your life. Peace is what you’re capable of being and bringing to every encounter and event in the waking moments of your life. Being peaceful is an inner attitude that you can enjoy when you’ve learned to silence your incessant inner dialogue. Being peaceful isn’t dependent on what your surroundings look like. It seldom has anything to do with what the people around you think, say, or do. A noiseless environment isn’t a requirement.

St. Francis’s famous prayer states it better than I can: “Make me an instrument of your peace.” In other words, St. Francis wasn’t asking God to provide him with peace. He was asking for guidance to be more like the peace he trusted was his Source. Being peace is different from looking for peace.

This principle isn’t about merely choosing tranquil thoughts when you’re feeling frayed and anxious. I suggest picturing a container deep within yourself out of which all your thoughts flow. Inside of this container, at its very center, imagine a candle flame. You need to make a commitment that this flame in the center of the container holding all your thoughts will never, ever even flicker, although the very worst may go before you. This is your container of peace, and only peaceful thoughts can fuel the burning candle. You don’t need to change your thoughts as much as you need to learn to be an energy of peace lighting the way and attracting serene, harmonious thoughts and beings. In this way, you’ll become a being of peace.

As a being of peace, you make a huge impact on those around you. It’s almost impossible to be totally stressed out in the presence of someone who has opted to be peace. Peace is a higher and faster energy—when you’re being peace, just your presence alone will often nullify the uneasiness and tension in those around you. The secret of this principle is: Be the peace and harmony you desire. You cannot get it from anything or anyone else.

Light Works Yoga Studio hopes all are having a GREAT Day! and wishes all a Wonderful Evening!

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205 Townepark Cir
Louisville, KY

Opening Hours

Tuesday 18:30 - 19:30
Wednesday 09:00 - 10:00
Thursday 18:00 - 19:00
Friday 09:00 - 10:00
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