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Do you have a dog or two missing. Dog on Valley Road with a 'Mark Porter or Potter' dog tag on it.
It was great talking on the phone the other day at the pantry. We love wrong numbers that turn out right.
Had no idea this place was open!! open for skiing? hotel? hot tub? looking for nfo! love the snow cat!
Getting sleds ready for the weekend.
Join us at Mount Mancelona ski resort this Saturday December 21st, 2019 for Christmas fun on the mountain! I will have a small display of Johnson and Evinrude snowmobiles and at least one pull behind sleigh for tours. Snow conditions are already great with more by the weekend. Mancelona, Michigan sees the most snowfall in the Lower Peninsula annually and we aim with support to make this a destination for all snow seekers. Bring your snowmobiles, snowboards, skis, whatever you enjoy or they have snowshoes and toboggans available. There is parking for trucks with trailers just past the entrance on the left hand side. If you plan to bring a trailer, please notify me ahead of time if possible so we can plan for space needed. This is an open invitation to experience Mt Mancelona and bring your sleds to join their mascot 1965 Tucker Snow Cat with 1950’s ski hill grooming relics, 1965-95 Ski Doo’s, Chrysler Snow Runners and more. See the newly restored historic Amish covered wagon, ride around the mountain in a winter sleigh for 14 folks behind the Snow Cat, and learn historic points like their effort to fundraise for the 3rd oldest and only running T-Bar ski lift in the world! They have many trails and cat tracks to the top of Joes Bench overlooking the valley and around the mountain that also connects to the main Mancelona trails. Mount Mancelona is privately owned so this is a rare opportunity to come to check it out at your own leisure as they build a network of networks, tiny house village timeshare members, events and investment to launch their public and nonprofit programs after 2 years of planning. The ski lodge will be open for tours and enjoying Santa near the historic giant fireplace. The lodge was built in 1952 and is well preserved to this day. It feels like stepping back in time when you are here. You are surrounded by history and fun. This makes for great family photos! Santa will be at the event starting at 4 PM each day. There will be S’mores bar, incredible giant pan Paella, potluck by local neighbors and other snacks. BYOB and please be safe. The lodge sleeps large groups and has limited rooms available. Tell me if interested in a room and I will put you in touch with the owner Sam Porter who is working tirelessly to create this gem for all. We hope you can make it! Even if you can only stop by for a bit, it will be worth your time. Bring your friends and family! Please donate, get involved or pledge your support! For questions please call or text David DeGhetto at (248) 821-3283 or email [email protected] — at Mt Mancelona.
Who is ready? First snow ❄️ October 13, 2019 Mt Mancelona, Michigan! Season Passes available soon!! #IAM Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project Ski Snowboard Michigan Shaggy's Copper Country Skis Founders Brewing Co. MI XC BC (Michigan Backcountry Ski) Antrim County Snowmobile Club Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report Mt Mancelona Free-Heelers Mount Mancelona Mountaineers #ski #snowboard #snowmobile #freetheheal #snow #puremichigan Ski Voile #voile Spark R&DAwesome Antrim
We could not be more proud of “The Kid Reporter Bree” who lives down the road from the mountain and has come up almost weekly for two years bursting with creative energy! We gave her a bee sanctuary book and she rocked a school power point talk. We taught her how to ski and played in the garden to kitchen bake offs. Bree, you will go and go and may your dreams and love for all you do become you! Mancelona NOW Antrim County MichiganAwesome Antrim Mount Mancelona MountaineersMancelona Schools Rotary Club of Mancelona, Michigan #smartkid #collegebound #collegescholarship #youthleaders University of Michigan Montana State University Honey Bees
Any events going on tomorrow or Saturday to come over for?
Any updates as to how things turned out yesterday?

Take refuge in YOUR historic ski resort revival renting Lodge rooms, tree tents, camping, outdoor recreation festival and event paradise! A beautiful, historic, and expanded 100-acre parcel of incredible habitats, trails, and land sits one mile northeast of Mancelona, Michigan, on US 131.

The gift of being positioned at the top snow in lower Michigan annually makes for deep natural snow and epic steep runs. From the 1950s until the mid 1980s, Mt (or Mount) Mancelona provided the town of Mancelona with a gathering spot for the community, a small, intimate ski area for winter sports lovers, and an economic support system for the counties of Antrim and Kalkaska. In 1984, the small grass-roots ski area closed. The legends here run deep from the Axtman Family founders to it's first revival in early 1990’s by Joe Omness and his one of two first in world “Snowboard Only” resorts in 93/94. Over all this time legends were born. Many folks have come back to revisit who spent time at Mt Mancelona and have recalled, with passion and nostalgia, their memories of and their hopes for a resurrection of Mt Mancelona. We are in year three and working every day patiently to bring the mountain back! Mucho help and membership support are welcome with gratitude! Sam Porter, a Rapid City farm boy, Traverse City To Bozeman, MT world traveler, and entrepreneur, and hundreds of Friends of Mt Mancelona have embarked on this purpose, economic and cultural incubator and business dream – a Mountain of Dreams – to preserve and revitalize Mt Mancelona. Sam and good folks have rebuilt, revived and rediscovered the history and many opportunities for others to participate at Mt Mancelona. We have planted a farm of seeds to begin to grow a cultural, educational, health and wellness outdoor recreation music and arts hub centered in the midst of this historic home-grown community ski hill. Sams passion, patients and purpose live here with him everyday at Mt Mancelona as it becomes a “Ski & B” BC and four season playground welcoming innovative model. “It will provide perennial abundance and enduring value and be enjoyable, accessible, and educational. We see great potential in reaching a wide audience–throughout the state of Michigan, and throughout the United States with one goal to co-create what we call a “Giftchise” that will replicate good work for some if the other closed and lost community ski resorts, mainly in small rural towns where this work is needed now more than ever.” Sam Porter We welcome visits, purpose job seekers, passionate powder people to share your thoughts and ideas. Please keep in touch and call 231-499-4968 for rooms for 30+, riding or more information anytime. [email protected]

Operating as usual

Can anyone tell us camper stories from the 1952-1984 lot for Mt Mancelona? What make and model do you see?

We are collecting and restoring (restore yours here!) campers to bring back this laid back family housing history. We now have 1953 Spartan Royal Manor we rent & a special Spartan Imperial Mansion we found that spent its life on top camp at Mad River Mountain in Ohio. It even has three pin bindings welded to hitch!

Spartanette Trailers FAN Camper Trailers Vintage Camper Trailers Vintage Campers Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project Midwest Ski Areas AssociationCaberfae Peaks Mancelona, Michigan

Billy Strings - Help on the Way /Slipknot /Franklin's Tower /Brokedown Palace [Grateful Dead covers]

Good mountain morning all!

Our friend Billy Strings just released his live Greatful Dead tribute & amazing shows recorded February 24, 2021 at the iconic Capital Theater in Port Chester, NY. We had the pleasure to grow with Billy since a pickin kid in Traverse City and supported many shows with our first here at Mt Mancelona 3 years ago 11/25/17! Fill your home with music!

The Deja Vu Experiment: Billy Strings 6 Night music fan Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project Ski Snowboard MichiganSnowboard AddictionSki MichiganAntrim County Michigan Midwest Ski Areas AssociationMancelona, MichiganVintage Snowmobile MichiganBurton Snowboards Porterhouse Presents Microbrew & Music Festival Yonder Mountain String BandDavid Grisman #gratefuldead #gratefuldeadfamily #skimountainrevival #billystrings #bluegrass

Recorded on February 24, 2021 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.

If you grew up skiing with friends and family at Mt Mancelona or beyond you’re likely to find photos just in our archives that bring on the same rush of memories. Photos stretching back as far as the 1930s with our legend Harold Axtman on what was them long skis called “snowshoes” that hang in the MM Lodge to his 1952 opening. We are collecting an interesting pictorial record of skiing at Mt M disembarking for the walk up the ski hill; 1961 T-Bars, 2 Pomas and 7 tow ropes; lessons from his state champ kids Aleta and brother showing techniques long consigned to history; children crying, children smiling. Many of the pictures, not surprisingly, were taken on sunny days, appropriately for sunny memories of skiing. Here comes Mt Mancelona back for the people with history and technology paired with four-season in-nature fun.
#lostskihills #skimountainrevival #skihistory

Finished with friends Roses 1972 Sno Pac Pacer 440. #vintagesnowmobile

Tips Up!

1952 Lodge

Silvers perch.

Our Full Moon Joe. #mostrequestedtourguide

Current snow is perfect for building kickers! We spent the past evenings designing runs with small to 40 foot air floaters into the half pipe with nice transition landings. Would anyone want to join our building BC elements, rails, natural cliffs, rainbows, jumps group? Come rally! This summer its on and yes we now have a sawmill for Mtn Bike builds to tiny cabin timeshares for Mt M memberships.

Ski Snowboard Michigan Snowboard Addiction Ski Michigan X Games Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project
#firstsnowboardonly #snowboardpark GoPro

7 Bridges Nature Trail On Rapid River near Mt Mancelona

10 minutes away is beautiful Seven Bridges on Rapid River. Have a beautiful weekend and get outside! #getaway #michiganriver Rapid City, Michigan Rapid River Township, Kalkaska County, Michigan, Antrim County Michigan #riversofmichigan #getoutinnature

Good Monday chilly but magical morning! Backcountry Joe (most requested tour guard and head of security) tours started our day.

Unreal snow and it keeps coming! Thigh deep lines following the fox! Share your weekend fav photos.
#snowlove #doppelmayrusa #doppelmayr #tuckersnocat #mtmancelona #burtonsnowboards Mancelona, Michigan Peter Sherman Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project Ski Snowboard MichiganMidwest Ski Areas Association

125 yr old farmers air compressor on 1965 Tucker Sno Cat filling 1961 Doppelmayr T-Bar. Lovin’ history. #mobileservice #doppelmayr #doppelmayrusa #tuckersnocat #michigan #michiganhistory #burtonsnowboards #foundersbrewing #mtmancelona

Weekend moments for best powder of season. Tucker Sno Cat Tours • Night Slow Round Da Mtn Ski Drift Fun • Backcountry good folks and epic memories!

#snowcattour #skiing #snowboarding Michigan Lost Ski Areas ProjectSki Snowboard MichiganBackcountry NorthSummit SportsMidwest Ski Areas AssociationMichigan Snowmobile Trail ReportSki MichiganSnowboard Addiction

First tracks on Mt Mancelona on some backcountry 125 cm Altai Skis and one pole for epic day. Steve is local who works at one of our favorite energy equipment and solutions businesses 40 min away in Traverse City at Keen Technical Solutions! Hey Powers, Tim and team!

Backcountry NorthMichigan Lost Ski Areas ProjectSki Snowboard Michigan Traverse City, Michigan Mancelona, Michigan

Lots of calls and stoked people are pumped up about new snow. Base here is great. #whenitsnowswegoes

Come up and check in at the lodge before you BC, skin, hike, sled, or play! We are offering rare vintage 1965 Tucker snow cat tours and secret pow stashes shuttles and welcome snowmobile for shuttles or folks to ride the snowmobile only trails that go for miles around the mountains.

Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project Ski Michigan Ski Snowboard Michigan Midwest Ski Areas Association Mancelona, Michigan Antrim County Snowmobile Club Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report Vintage Snowmobile Michigan

Last nights sunset and couple week Panos. Getting stoked for weekend snow coming!

We are deep into our full lower level remodel using reclaimed choice Barnwood, Corragated Metal, Yooper Lite stones for antique fireplace, and a 3D Epoxy floor over Ski Patrol Orange with vinyl prints embedded along runner rugs detailing a 75 foot hallway time line of Mt Mancelona/region. We can sleep 28 in lower rooms and up to 9 in upper rooms as well as many more in vintage campers, tree tents and soon coming membership and affordable cabin/yurt in nature getaways. The remodel is a collection of reclaimed and milled materials as a showroom for folks to build cabins with. #workinghard Thanks to Axy grandson Jack Hursh for all the help!

When demoing we found an old railroad track floor joist. After extended research we believe Harold Axtman who founded MT M and lived near Lansing got this from the 1883 31 mile track from Kalamazoo to Hastings that was torn up in 1937. The remodel notes are attached from filming and we have a rich history of rail in Michigan and Mancelona to celebrate. Anyone have some epic MI railroad historic photos for our art near track?

Southern Michigan Railroad Michigan Central Railroad Station, Jackson, MI Hastings, Michigan Hastings Lumber Company Railroad History #michiganrailroad #trainhistory Michigan Lost Ski Areas ProjectHistorical Society of Michigan Michigan History Center Michigan History MagazineMancelona, MichiganAntrim NH Historical Society

We have our 1953 Spartan Royal Manor ready for ya! Sleeps 2-4. Includes wifi, work station, recording studio, full shop and sawmill, Mtn view, wood fired hot tub and 100 acres of activities. $100-200 per night depending on number of ppl. Add ons like 65 Tucker Sno Cat tours or snowmobile access to paella dinner options.

Michigan Lost Ski Areas ProjectSki Snowboard Michigan Vintage Camper Trailers

Real winter cold finally going to invade Michigan and last quite a while

Let the invasion begin! Conditions are still great. BC open powder fields all over. Crisp and fast.

Ski Snowboard Michigan Ski Michigan Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project An arctic blast or two is coming. Here's when and how arctic-like.

Conditions are perfect. Cold smoke lake effect dusting almost 10 days straight. Open fields of glory! Thanks for all the pow update questions! Carpe Pow Diem my friends!

#SnowUpdate #michigansnow #powderskiing #backcountryskiing Ski Michigan Ski Snowboard Michigan Peter Sherman David Zemens Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project

Snow Mo Lake Effect

Guess what we are saying and Tucker Sno Cat Ride for first!

#lakeeffect everyday adding fluff to amazing untracked slopes.

We have had fun building 75+ collages of history, ideas, projects, Mt M friends, powder days, and good memories. Thank you!

#skihistory #powderskiing #backcountryskiing #snowboarding MI XC BC (Michigan Backcountry Ski)Skiers and Snowboarders of the Midwest Ski Snowboard Michigan Michigan Lost Ski Areas ProjectAntrim County Road Commission Mancelona, Michigan Burton Snowboards

Harold “Axy” Axtman founder of Mt Mancelona in 1952. #legend #skipatrol #skihistory

Glades are covered and here are some new telemark friends enjoying the day. We welcome BC folks looking for amazing powder and a step back in time. #tele #telemarkskiing #backcountryskiing #powderskiing MI XC BC (Michigan Backcountry Ski) Skiers and Snowboarders of the Midwest Snowcat Mechanical Forum

Finishing up run signs and placing with Tucker Snowcat today!

Mt Mancelona Living Sign Recipe:
1. Recycled cedar shakes found on FB mkt
2. Sand non moss aged ends and butt together.
3. Paint 2” dia minimum letters and 6” dia difficulty symbol for 1952 Run names in yellow (“Headwall” and 1993/94 “Snowboards Only” names red “Satan’s Sphincter” hits “VW” Thing grind) by artist #DAE_MONDOODLE
4. Add glow pigment paint to names
5. Finish with Sikkens Cetrol Marjne Gloss for UV protect (recycled) leaving Lichen & Moss ends and alive. Spray moss with water.
6. Wood stove dry 24 hrs.

AkzoNobel Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project Ski Snowboard MichiganMichigan SnowboardingAntrim County Road CommissionBurton SnowboardsSnowboarder MagazineMancelona, Michigan #signshop #signmaker

Amazing day and snow!
What is your favorite photo of your day?
#stoke #digmyquiver #snowboardmichigan #snowboarding #snowboardmichigan #backcountryskiing Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project Ski Snowboard Michigan Antrim County Road Commission

Backside Challenge Run Cat Track.

Hope all had an amazing day!

#bluebirdpow #digmyquiver #snowboardmichigan #snowboarding #backcountryskiing

Open fields of glory! You’re going to have a nice weekend❤️ especially if you contextualize this week in the scheme of your life. Enjoy it, seriously.
#digmyquiver #snowboarding #snowboardmichigan #snowboardshop #skimichigan

History happens once then ripples into life and time. Lets build history and legacy together! Thank you.

Stoked (slang) – An alternate term for the word psyched or excited is me! Thanks to good buddy Peter Sherman who works with Burton (after I blew three bindings this year) who hooked me up with new Burton Genesis X Bindings! I started on a 1987 Burton Elite at 10 riding where allowes at Sugar Loaf Mt. Holiday Searchmont Resort and behind cars in downtown traverse storms even getting pulled over by police who smiled and told us to go home... Thanks Pete! Burton Snowboards team has been to Mt Mancelona and ck out 1965 Tucker Snowcat shuttler window shot from last night where they hit it with stickers in 1996.

Michigan SnowboardingSnowboarder MagazineSnowboard AddictionBurton's Snowboards Manufacturing Center #digmyquiver vintage snowboard Jake Burton

Snow Report = DEEP.
Foot of fresh and entire mountain untracked.
Have a epic weekend all!

Ski Snowboard MichiganSki MichiganAntrim County Road CommissionShaggy's Copper Country SkisMichigan Lost Ski Areas Project #digmyquiver #snowboardmichigan #ski #snowboarding

Sunset monkey wrenching around replaced fuel pump, starter and cleaning carbs. #snowmechanics #tuckersnowcat #snowcatskiing #backcountryskiing #ski #snowboarding

Hope all can experience winter at Mt Mancelona someday.

#finditifyoucan #stockyardcafe 2497 Ski Run Road.

Mt Mancelona begins.

Best powder day yet until tomorrow... #lakeeffectsnowglobe

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7 Bridges Nature Trail On Rapid River near Mt Mancelona
Snow Mo Lake Effect
Backside Challenge Run Cat Track.
Mt Mancelona begins.
Sunset sled to top and down at Mt Mancelona.
Merry Christmas Mt Mancelona Sending Chicken Live!





2497 Ski Run Rd
Mancelona, MI
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Chain of Lakes Sportsmans Club Chain of Lakes Sportsmans Club
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Club is open year round with shooting for Trap, Skeet, Cowboy Action Shooting, USPSA, and IDPA Action Pistol. Scheduled public events. Members ONLY for full access during any daylight hour.

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4th Annual John W Smith Tournament on June 23, 2012

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Hobby Horse Riding Stable Hobby Horse Riding Stable
733 Zipp School Rd
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Enjoy our wooded trails on our well trained and well kept horses! Rides outside of normal business hours by appointment. Reservations Recommended

Mancelona Magic Mancelona Magic
2266 Soderquist Rd
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Mancelona Magic installs, maintains and manages wild life food plots for large hunting clubs. Currently managing 5000 acres of property.

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Fish With Jim Outfitters Fish With Jim Outfitters
5314 Kregulka Rd
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Fish With Jim Outfitters is a year-round guide service that offers trips in Northern Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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