Northshore Sportsplex

Northshore Sportsplex


Everyone come out and test your 3 on 3 skills in live tournament situation and see where you stack up against the rest in Jr High Division and High School Division. Parents come see the local talent.
Parents of Northshore Sportsplex! Sign your kid(s) up today for SLU Women’s Basketball Kids Camp! Join Coach Guzzardo, SLU players and coaches for a week of skill development, competition, & fun! Camp will focus on fundamentals, position-specific instruction, team instruction, competition, mental discipline, & much more! Campers will have a chance to hear from the coaches & players on what it takes to play at the college level.
When you see Charles' flip flop all the way out on Hwy 59 you know somebody's kid went home crying 😭🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Lindelow Elite Volleyball Camp 2017 was amazing! Thank you, Rachel & Katie Lindelow and Northshore Sportsplex for the opportunity!

This program is unique and no one who does player development as well. PROFESSIONAL instruction for 100's (ages 8-18), our success speaks for itself.

Summer 3 on 3 Training Schedule June 1

Guys I will text many but not all, just to remind you of your days n times for training.

FYI the days n times I give you are for training. When we go 3 on 3 on assigned Saturday’s, your child will be with comparable players. Meaning your training class will not be always the same players your child will compete against on those Saturday he or she plays. 

If you have questions text me. Believe me I am putting your child in the proper training class based on their actual skill, needed skills, fundamentals, IQ, etc. As they progress I will move them in order to challenge them.

We have many new players in our program, I want to thank those parents who are referring me to their friends. You guys are my greatest advertising. Thank you so much.

Lastly I have a few shirts left, 15.00.

[05/25/20]   Happy Memorial Day
No Training Today

Ok good one here, I love this. So I have been training as a business for 14 years n training since Hannah was 6. I have trained 40 plus Elementary School, Junior High n High School Team MVP’s as well as State MVP’s - Boys n Girls. I have our First 2x School MVP that was also 2x District Champ for Public School from Fontainebleau Junior High. When I first got her in about 3rd or 4th grade I would not have predicted such an achievement. So as 7th grader she was MVP n District Champ n followed it up as an 8th grade MVP and District Champ. To reflect on that and say she is the first boy or girl to do that feat is something special. I have trained some elite girls and boys who never came close to this. I now reflect to Tuesday night 8:00 class as I was throwing a shoe at her screaming your soft n you think your special, your not. The girls in that class don’t view her as special at all. She at times has doubt on her face. She also know no matter what anyone says or believes these moments of awareness n honesty good or bad are necessary to achieve her goal. So Anna, Jada, Emily, Addison, Brinley, Abby, Emily n a couple others say congratulations Isabel n when you walk in tonight they are knocking your ass down n running you over a couple more times. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Btw Isabel is slow, not strong, can’t jump, chicken at times but out works, out thinks, out skills and applies her craft very well. She doesn’t play basketball, she is a basketball player. So look at your kid n don’t think they can’t be the best or much much better. It takes commitment n work. I can take it from there.

Congratulations Isabel, Dena and Lou n Coach Justin Posey.

Lastly parents please check my previous post from this morning. Thank you.


First -Thank You to those players who pick up gym after they use it. Warms my heart.

Second- I am trying to FINALIZE Summer Camps. I need your dates. PLEASE it was part of Spring Program

Third- No Training Monday for Memorial Day

Fourth- 3 on 3 starts June 1st. Saturday games will begin later in month. Everybody in program now just flows into 3 on 3 nothing extra financially. Still 150.00 a month. Buy your kid a mouth piece thou.

Fifth- I have cancelled June 22-26 Camp for Smaller Player Bigs. July Bigs is still Fine.

Text me your week choice.

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend.

Please get your dates. Thanks


[05/14/20]   Guys cancel tonight due to weather, I am actually flooded to where I can’t get out neighborhood.

Summer Training and Camps

Summer 3 on 3 Training
Monday thru Thursday
Saturday Games

I can make your child a much better, tougher more confident player in just these 4 months.

Weekly Summer Camps
June and July
15 players per week max
Each week a different focus
Reminder to Players that played in this
Year Travel Season. You are to choose
A week. Part of the Program.

These camps are 3 hours of Basketball, not a baby sitting service. Your child will have no choice but to get better.

Text me at 985-773-4185 with question and to register
For my Titan Parents please LIKE and

Thank You

Ok guys I am posting several important upcoming events as things open up.

June/July/August/September Sessions

3 on 3 Training ( My Traditional Training )
Monday thru Thursday Training
2x’s a Week

Saturday 3 on 3 Games at my Gym

Classes are basically nearly filled now, if you want in I need to know ASAP. Saturday 3 on 3 games will be based on skill not training sessions. I will post schedule later this week. Those in classes now can transition into Summer 3 on 3 classes. Those in my Travel Training Teams who have not come back yet I need to know what you want to do. Once class fills up, it is done.

Before I go on, this 3 on 3 is the BEST Program I do. This is the best teaching your child can be part of. Any of my present n former players will tell you this. Don’t pass it up.

Summer Camp information will be posted tomorrow.

Lastly I have T Shirts for purchasing.
Ring Spun Soft Cotton, runs true to size.
I have 25 right now n will get more as needed.
Venmo me with payment n size. Will be ready for distribution on Wednesday training.

I want to Welcome 4 New Titans

Houston Rharter from Loranger
Alex Arton from Mandeville
Caden Vital from Madisonville
Kesean Richarson from Ponchatoula

Welcome to the boys and their families. They already like sweating so that is a positive.


Congratulations to Dylan Dimitrios with an assist to Jeremy Picone. Jeremy talked to me about helping train an 8th grader he had at Mandeville Jr. High. He told me Dylan was an outstanding Pitcher, good size, really good athlete n wanted to start focusing on playing basketball. I said fine, how good was he on your MJH team? Jeremy said he wasn’t any good n did not play much at all but was a great kid. Lol Thanks Jeremy.

Dylan showed up 5’11 in 8th grade, outstanding athlete, great jumper n a pure worker. After the first training session I told his mom, we can help but choose baseball or basketball, he isn’t good enough to do both and be good at basketball. Within a year he quit baseball n never stopped working at basketball. His first team I put him on, he was the biggest kid on the court by about 3 yrs. I made him play guard. He said I play forward, I don’t know how to play guard. I told him you don’t know to play forward either. I said just go bully those little kids and rebound every missed shot. He stunk at guard n forward but he rebounded everything n made 2 kids cry. I knew then he could be something. He listened, he applied n he and his mom never complained about anything I put them thru. I did tell his mom to close her eyes a few times at training as I punched her kid, threw balls n poles or called him ugly words. Both did whatever was asked of them. Dylan went to MHS then transferred to St. Paul’s, sat out a year before playing any varsity basketball. Dylan never stopped working, he outworked everybody. He got a big head once in a while as people saw his size and athleticism, I popped his bubble n told him those people know sandwiches not basketball. He listened n he applied. He never questioned, he n his mom trusted the program. His goal when I met him was to play college ball. I told him first let’s be a high school player. When he had troubles in high school at times, my words to him - those issues n people only matter if you allow them to. Those issues n people are steps under your feet to you reaching your goal. They don’t matter. Your work n commitment matter. His biggest supporter- his mother is what all parents should strive to be. A supporter, not her sons coach.

Dylan graduated n now his dream is reality, College Scholarship. Dylan is an outstanding High School player but better than that he is a great person, classmate, teammate. I have 3 girls n if one of them chose Dylan as a boyfriend I would be so happy. Kind of young man you want to be your son or marrying your daughter.

Dylan congratulations brother your earned your dream. No one gave it to you.

Here is some fantastic news. So your kid isn’t fast, not big, overlooked, doesn’t play much as a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grader etc. but works hard. I mean wants it more than you n doesn’t mind someone being tough on them. Doesn’t take months off n never has an excuse of why he or she can’t.

Meet Caleb Puma, I attached a story his dad posted about sons journey. Speaks volumes to the player, the parents n family. No excuses, no one really cares n the ones that say they care aren’t going to fix you excuse anyway. Just outwork you’re competition n find someone to believe in you n honest with you.

Story from Caleb’s Dad-

Let me tell y’all a story about a little boy who loved the game of basketball, but was looked over his entire career. In 5th grade he didn’t make the 5th grade team, but he kept working. In 6th grade he didn’t make the 6th grade team because he was too small and too slow. He could shoot the lights out though. When he didn’t make it in 6th grade we brought him to a program ran by Coach Charles Tracey. He put basketball IQ and grit with the work we already had been putting in and in 7th grade he barely made the team. In 8th grade he was still small ,but working with coach Charles and with coach Torris Bright countless hours training after his regular basketball practice. He played very little in 8th grade even being the best shooter on the team, because of his size. In9th grade he made the team playing the role as a shooter. He’d get in to knock down a last second three or a big shot on an out of bounds play and he would deliver at a high percentage. As his career progressed we worked countless hours shooting thousands of mid range jumpers and doing the drills he did with coach His High School coach Chris Carter recognized his shooting ability setting the stage to where we are now. His training and IQ finally came together for a successful highschool Career!!
After getting all district and all parish honors three of his four years in highschool he was probably the least likely to succeed from Jr high to highschool!!! While training with the titans one of the coaches asked after his sophomore year what college he would attend and Caleb’s answer was ,”Depends on which ones offer me a chance to play basketball.”, The coach just laughed and said,”at least he’s confident!!! “Well look at him now!!! A boy with a dream and a drive to succeed and he made a college roster at Centenary college of louisiana!!! Thanks to all who played a role in his success!! Sorry if I left anyone out. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re too small or too slow!! Keep grinding and the sky is the limit. Today he’s 18 years old, He’s my best buddy!! Wish him a happy Birthday!! And see him succeed at the next level!! Let’s gooo Puma!!!

Truly a family success story.

Happy Birthday Harlee. Harlee is one of our younger girls n has been missing training n friends waiting for this nonsense to be over. We miss you Harlee. Keep growing.

Pro Basketball Training

Show this your child, put them outside on driveway n tell them do this until they master it. Every drill this guy does, we do a version of. He just combines them n pushes himself to get faster each time. Competitor, same drills he has been doing for 30 yrs. just does them faster n cleaner each time. That is the goal, faster n cleaner.


[04/29/20]   Training Tonight. See You There.

[04/28/20]   Tuesday / Thursday Night Training

7:00- 5/6/7 gr.
8:00- Advanced Girls

[04/28/20]   PSA- for those using my gym during the day. Do yourself a favor, Pick up the water bottles n empty the Trash Bucket.

Say Hello to 4 New Titans:
Ben St. Pierre, Lilette Ferrand, Abby St. Pierre and Ethan McCarthy. We actually picked up 9 new players during the quarantine. Will have their pictures shortly. Welcome to these players n families.

Parents yes we are back to training on Monday n Wednesday also a 8:00 class on Tuesday and Thursday. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE text me when your coming back. I am rebuilding classes based on skill. Be prepared to moved a couple times in days n times. Also due to number allowed in gym can parents sit outside.

For Games so much is in the air n changing everyday. I plan on putting groups together to play Saturday like I normally do. Groups would be based on skill. Now if YBOA n AAU games start back n are legit, we will resume our play.

Thanks n Be Safe.

Ok here we go:

Please Like and Share so others can receive This.

I am starting training back Monday and Wednesday at:

If you want to start back TEXT me n I will place your child in the proper time slot.

For Those that come on Tuesday and Thursday do the same thing, I may combine you into a Monday Wednesday class till I have to start back Regular Tuesday Thursday sessions.

Classes will have 8-10 players per class. I ask parents to drop off or sit outside gym so we can keep numbers to a limit in gym.

TEXT me n please pass along to our other Titan parents that may not be daily on FB or emails.

My older girls are 8/9/10 gr girls are Tuesday Thursday @8:00-9:15.

We are working on how the travel season will resume. I will update you as I learn more. For the next 2 weeks we are training. Looking to start games maybe by Mid May or when bans on numbers are lifted. I know I can start 4 on 4 games on Saturday at my gym. That is an option I love n is truly the best thing. I will let you know.


Continuing my Series on What High School Coaches are looking for in Players. I received several questions n I re framed this question mail key because I believe this has such broad access to so many players.

How does a Regular Player make a team n actually play n become a factor if they are not great scorer?

I preach this answer n style of play hourly, daily, weekly, yearly n it worked 30 yrs ago, today n 30 yrs from now.

So many players are just not gifted scorers but that is fine, your child can still play in games n matter IF:

You get rid of your mamby pamby attitude, meaning toughen up mentally, physically, n take absolute responsibility to become tougher, much better ball handler, great pivotor, small things that don’t take great athleticism. Just takes great dedication to become better. Over this virus thing I got a ton of calls n texts asking what can my kid do during this idol time.

This is the first issue as to why your child may not play. Your child if they come to me knows exactly what to do. We do it all the time in training. 95% of my training is individual skill. Don’t need anyone but gut n grit. Throw you kid outside for 90 minutes lock the door n leave a water bottle out there for them. If your child really wants to play they would use this time to get better, as a parent you should instruct them to do this. If they don’t want to, no biggee but you can’t ask me or another trainer to get your child good enough to play in jr high or high school if the player doesn’t have the drive. I can’t want it or you can’t want it more than your child. It doesn’t work that way. BACK to The original question. Playing in Jr High or High School without be a above average scorer.

1- Be the BEST defender on the team. Tough kid, slides well, rebounds well, gives the team attitude. This doesn’t take great shooting form, Great dribbling skills. Listen I look at the High School teams in our area. My High School coaching friends tell me what I already know about our school teams. NOT TOUGH, Hell our Football teams are usually not tough. This is not a tough community. Your kid does not live a tough life. I tell my players who are also part of the that Not Tough group- be the toughest weak kid. push him or her, muscle that kid, talk trash to that kid, intimidate that kid. He bumps you, bump him harder back, she talks something ugly- talk uglier back. Listen for you holy people, real basketball is not for you. I DO REAL BASKETBALL. Be holy off the court, not on it. Basketball is a intimidation sport. I train my kids not to back down. I have kids that know who n how to change another kids game by intimidation, being more physical, being more committed. Ask your coach if they want to be a soft team or a physical tough team. Then look at your kid. Is he or she INSIDE on Computer or OUTSIDE working. There is your answer. You don’t need me. Well coach my kid is on the computer n the teams best player. Ok that may be true now but when puberty hits I have 4 kids that will dismantle your computer nerd. Peaking in 5/6/7/8 gr. is not the goal. There are kids that start on High School teams locally that would not play for me. They are soft, mentally n physically. Why do you think some teams have Football players on it. If your high school team is soft kids n doesn’t have any football players on it. Your kids team is no good. Most of the time football players are not great basketball players but they add a toughness factor that the coach hopes the rest of the team takes on. Truly the football players that are really good basketball players are actually basketball players that took on football. The minute your kid walks on the court he or she is being profiled by players n the other coach. Within 2 minutes good coaches already know who to pick on. Hell I do it to 3/4 gr kids in attempt to start the process early. Let’s be honest this area kids are not tough people. Why do you think most not all High School coaches kids are tough. They know something you as a regular parent don’t know. I get grief all the time for the physical play my kids do but I also know in High School that is what it will take. What is a foul in 7th gr is not a foul in High School. At high school games I tell my players- you know that other kid is soft mentally n physically, so go rough them up. 1 or 2 fouls later your in their heads, their parents are in stands yelling that a foul, n the kid is thinking he or she knows I Am SOFT. Game over or it got a lot more balanced. If your High School Coach isn’t thinking this TRANsFER to someone who is. It is no wonder the same 8-10 schools are good each year. They look for these traits, they enforce these traits, the demand these traits n in turn they BULLY your kids team.

So being a teams 1st or 2nd best defensive player, with attitude that can score 4-8 points in any given game, pull down 10-12 rebounds not turn ball over 5-7 times a game. Your playing.

Understand this- a HS coach has 1-2 players that he or she wants shooting the ball primarily, good teams maybe 3 players. The other 2 or 3 players that start are for defense n rebounding n toughness if possible. The next to 2 or 3 off the bench are not scorers they are at best 2-6 point scorer at best, rebound 1-3 balls n have limited turnovers mainly because they never touch the ball.

So your kid scores 6-8 points a game, is teams 1st or 2nd even 3rd best defender n rebounder, tough kid, n has limited turnovers. Every coach wants your kid, every coach. Best part of what I just described is all it takes to be this is HEART, GUTS, DEDICATION/COMMITMENT. For this your just need to be honest with your kid n have a trainer that demands that. Now listen they also need some Athleticism to go along with this. Puberty helps but throwing their rear ends outside n keeping them off, as my late mother would say “ off the idiot box” helps. Toughness is not a given it is developed over time. So look at your kid n understand he or she doesn’t need to be Pete Maravich, he or she needs to be tougher maybe you as well.

This picture is 2 guys mentally trying to bully each other. Pretty equal skills, no foul going to be called. Just who WANTS it more. Just like in life- People who compete n People who Bitch And Whine. I can hear a mom n dad in stands yelling “ THAT IS A FOUL”

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