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It’s hereeee! Squatober 2022 😈👻 This year there are two ways to participate:

🎃Compete in the Squatober Challenge for a chance to win $250. Click the link in our bio to sign up and view the rules!

🎃Help us reach our 25k squat goal to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.


Vibe check. How is your Monday mood?


Ready to start your fitness journey?

Complete the No Sweat Intro form on to be eligible for this 901 Day special.

Inquiries must be submitted by 09/05.



90 degrees on Sunday Funday 🥵 Stay hydrated, Tribe!

Tag someone and remind them to drink some water in between mimosas.


Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated on your fitness journey. Share with us how you manage to stay committed to your fitness goals!


Put your Nike’s on and do it!
Success comes in your actions! What steps will you take to be successful this week?


Everything is connected!

Mixing up your exercise has many benefits! Running helps build a strong core, swimming creates chiseled arms and shoulders etc!

Also, when you do the same workouts over and over again, your body becomes accustomed to the movement. Meaning you will start to burn less calories when doing the same amount of exercising. Mixing up your workout keeps your body guessing and challenged! 💚💪🏽


Hey Tribe! 💚💪🏽

Let’s talk goals!
Goals help us understand not only what our desired end results are, but also, how to get them!

Take a look at some of these common fitness goals and tell us what yours are!

1. Body Fat Reduction
2. Strength Training 💪🏽
3. Muscle Growth (Bulk) 🏋🏽‍♀️
4. Weight Gain
5. Improved Health ❤️

Each goal requires dedication and follow through! Have you discuss your nutrition with your trainer? Have you committed to a training plan that involves working out independently as well?

Remember! You only spend an hour of your day 1/24 at the gym 2-3 times a week. So that is 3 hours out of 168 hours total!!! ⏰ Those three hours are not enough by themselves to reach your goals! We are a team! Make sure that your habits are a reflection of your goals both in and out of the gym. ☺️


Hey Tribe!

It’s Nutrition Tip Tuesday and today we have a very important tip for you! INCLUDE PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL!!!! And yes, I’m yelling 😂. Your coaches tell you time and time again. EVERY MEAL! And breakfast is in fact, a meal! So unless you’re adding Protein to your fruit smoothie (y’all love fruit smoothies😂), you are not following your fitness plan.

Your daily amount of protein intake is important, but more important is getting enough protein throughout the day! Protein keeps you full and maintains muscle mass better when eaten at every meal throughout the day.

Don’t put your progress at risk! Have protein at every meal. Stay full my friends!


Hey Tribe!
There is some truth to no pain, no gain! The goal of course is not to hurt yourself, but to press pass the discomfort in order to achieve your goals. Those last three or four reps make all the difference! As we go into our workouts this week, let’s have a champion mindset! 💪🏽💚

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We want to officially welcome our newest trainer, Juliana, to the Kenetix Team!

We asked why she wanted to be a trainer and she responded:

“Training has been a blessing to my life because it allows me to motivate and help others which is what I love to do everyday all day as a motivational speaker. It brings me joy to be able to give that healthy reminder that you have the ability to do what you commit your heart to as long as you walk in faith throughout the process.”

Everyone welcome Juliana to the Tribe! 💪🏽💚

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Is this you or someone you know? Let’s us know or tag them in the comments. 😂

Disclaimer: Some of these may have inspired by Tribe members 👀


Another reason to include Weight Training in your routine.

Resting muscle burns about 6 calories per pound per day while at rest. So it is true that the more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn while resting. You do have to work your muscles to increase your calorie-burning potential. The calories you burn at rest are not enough to compensate for not working out.

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Client Appreciation Day 2022 | RSVP Link in Bio

VAF and Kenetix are extremely lucky to have a roster of such hard working individuals committed to their health. Because of your continued support, we have been able to grow and expand in the Memphis community.

Event | 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Day

Date | Saturday, July 9th

Time | 9 AM-1 PM.

Bring yourself, your family, and even a friend! We will have food, games, and local vendors.


Tribe Vibe | July 2022

Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, coolers, and let’s enjoy an evening of music by Cameron Bethany.

This is a kid and dog friendly event.

Event | Overton Park Shell Concert

Date | Saturday, July 2nd

Time | 7:30 PM -9 PM


Posted •
WELLNESS IS HOLISTIC! Long post alert…

I’ll admit I was a little nervous about this post, but as part of , I thought it was important to share a bit more of my heath journey. Let me give you the context of each of these pictures:

In the first picture, I had just been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (almost nine years ago). Over the few months prior, my GI tract attacked itself. I could barely eat without intense pain; so much so that I lost a ton of weight. For reference, I was 60 pounds less than what I weigh today, at the same height.

The second picture was year ago. I had seen a lot of progress on the Crohn’s Disease side, as I had achieved remission and was doing well with maintenance meds. But, I still wasn’t giving enough attention to my physical health. I was active, but not consistent. My nutrition was subpar. My body image was volatile. I hadn’t figured out what my body needed to be healthy.

The third picture was from last week, on our honeymoon. The man in this picture feels healthy, is consistent, and is mindful of his nutrition. His body image is improving.

I don’t share this transformation to be boastful. I share it to emphasize the importance of physical health and health in all areas. I know I typically talk about mental health, but your physical health and mental health are inextricably tied together. Prioritizing my physical health supports mental clarity, helps with self-regulation, and teaches me discipline that is transferrable to other areas of my life.

I’m still on a journey in my mental and physical health. I have new goals and ways of being I want to achieve. But, I feel SO good with where I am right now.

And, I can’t end this post with shouting out my personal trainer . He’s really helped me understand what MY body needs and stays on me even when motivation is lacking. It’s about the habits!

Taking care of your physical health is an investment in your holistic self. Take care of ALL of you brotha!


To our Tribe Fathers, Grandfathers, and Father Figures: We see you, we thank you and we love you. Happy Father’s Day 💪🏽💚


Self-care is defined as the intentional act of improving your health or protecting your happiness and well-being. Regular physical activity improves your physical and mental health. Yet, when most people think about exercising, they view it as a chore rather an act of self-care.

Remember the physical and mental benefits you get from exercising:
🌱exercise improves stress and overall mood
🌱exercise promotes better sleep
🌱exercise boosts energy
🌱exercise prevents and combats diseases

Tribe, do you consider exercise as a part of your self-care routine? Let us know in the comments.


Happy Birthday Coach! Thanks for all you do! -The Tribe 💪🏽💚


▫️Step 1: Set a goal.

▫️Step 2. Do everything within YOUR control to reach your goal.

▫️Bonus: Repeat Step 2

I challenge the Tribe and followers of Kenetix to spend the next 30 days proving to yourselves that you are more than capable of reaching your fitness goal.

The Kenetix Training Staff will increase their commitment to holding you accountable for the goal(s) you shared with us during your consultation. We can’t want it more than you.

- Coach Kenny


The word for the Memorial Day Weekend is ✨moderation✨

We aren’t suggesting you don’t have fun (we know our Tribe loves a good time). We want you to enjoy yourself enough while keeping your goals in mind.

Have fun and be safe, Tribe!

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As you are preparing for another week of Mayhem, use these tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts! Be sure to check with your trainer if you have any questions about any of the tips or want to know how you can personally apply them.

Let’s have a great week, Tribe!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do! 💚



Get ready for some KICKBALL, Kenetix vs VAF style. Let's see who has the best footwork.

This event will take place Saturday, April 23rd from 11am to 3pm, located at Tobey Park (Field 4) - 2599 Avery Ave, Memphis, TN 38112.

The game will begin promptly at 11:15am. This is an ADULTS ONLY game for safety purposes, but kids are welcomed. If you would like to play, please register using the link the bio.

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Closing out National Public Health Week discussing mental health.

Mental health is a critical component of public health. It consists of emotional, psychological and social well-being and is important from childhood through adulthood. But many people live with mental illness – health conditions that change the way we think, feel or behave, which can affect our lives and our work. In the United States, mental illness is one of the most common health conditions.

Photos from kenetixpf's post 04/08/2022

People with greater feelings of support and inclusion within their networks may live longer, respond better to stress and have stronger immune systems than those who are isolated from their communities.

Neighborhood programs like community gardens not only improve access to nutritious foods, but they also cultivate social support and emotional well-being. Adding elements such as sidewalks, parks, libraries or bike routes to neighborhoods supports physical activity, decreases the negative health effects of air pollution and fosters a sense of community belonging. Local efforts must improve housing, education, food, transportation and the environment to support equity, resilience and health at the individual and community levels.

Photos from kenetixpf's post 04/05/2022

When health workers feel they’re supported in their work, they have better mental health outcomes. In places where public health authority is strong, communities see lower rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths. Funding a robust public health workforce supports strong programs to protect communities and help people get and stay healthy physically and mentally. Building a more diverse health workforce would help identify and address structural biases within the health care system to improve health outcomes in underserved communities.

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We’re more than fitness professionals… We’re Health Advocates.

April is a special month for health and wellness. It’s National Minority Health Month and we kick it off with National Public Health Week (April 4th-10th).

Each year the American Public Health Association highlights issues that are important to our nation’s health. This year’s theme is “Public Health is Where You Are.”

Each day we’ll share information according to the daily themes. If something speaks to you, we challenge you to dig deeper. Be apart of Memphis becoming healthier, stronger, and safer. 💪🏽💚


From the desk of Mr. ()

Sad to see you go but I’m proud of you for committing to yourself. You made the big decision. Believe it or not that’s the easy part. Now you must make the everyday small decisions that make the big decision a reality. You got it. I pray that your time with us was another example of “I can do this.” Sometimes when we face new challenges all we really need to do is reflect on the previous ones. Let God use you so that that this next chapter of your life becomes a testimony for others. One day you’ll look up and realize you’re someone’s mentor or “Big Bro”. Dropping unsolicited tips on life. Lol.

And please continue to be authentically you. You’re 1 of 1.

Tribe… Drop a 💪🏽💚 or some encouraging words for our guy Pat as he enters his next chapter.


Words from |

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

Week Seven: Managing Stress, PT. 2

This week, write 3-4 positive statements or affirmations on individual pieces of paper that help counter stress and negativity.

Then, hang them in a place you frequent in your home, like your bathroom mirror.

Here are some examples:

💚 I am calm and relaxed.
💚 I am grateful for the good in my life.
💚 I am doing the best I can.
💚 This situation is temporary.

Write down the things that speak to you and meditate on them every time you are in your chosen location. Negating your stress-inducing thoughts with positive or calming ones can make all the difference.


Caloric Allowance |

Let’s be crystal clear… The absolute best way to reach your fitness goals is to stick to your plan 100%.

Unlike the commonly known “Cheat Meal” (for some of us a Cheat Day 😑), a Caloric Allowance is a planned relief from your daily, structured eating plan. A caloric allowance can range between 10-20% of your daily caloric goal. Caloric allowances can be enjoyed 1-3 times per week. Chest meals are normally during the week.

Ex. A client with a daily caloric goal of 1500 cal with a caloric allowance of 20% can enjoy between 300-900 cal of their favorite foods.

Here are some more differences:

✅ Caloric Allowances reinforce good decisions with moderation.

❌ Cheat Meals reinforce good decisions with overindulgence.

✅Caloric Allowances do not make you feel bad for enjoying other foods.

❌ Cheat Meals can result in feelings of shame due to its negative connotation.

✅ Caloric Allowances are the result of consistent healthy eating over a long period of time.

❌ Cheat Meals are the result of 4 1/2 days of strict eating.

✅ Caloric Allowances require you to maintain your daily meal count.

❌ Cheat Meals are often associated with skipped meals.


▫️ Commit to your meal plan.
▫️ Measure your food.
▫️ Drink an average of 8oz of water per day.
▫️ Sleep an average of 6hrs per night.
▫️ Attend all scheduled personal training sessions.
▫️ Work out at least 3hrs per week at moderate intensity.

Spend time exploring healthier food options, improving your nutritional knowledge, and altering your relationships with less nutrient dense foods so that a Caloric Allowance is beneficial to your goals.

You got this! 💪🏽💚


Words from |

If you’ve never journaled before, try this simple journaling practice each day this week:

☀️ At the beginning of the day, use the following prompts:

▫️Today, I will focus on…
▫️Today, I am grateful for…
▫️Today, I let go of…

⛅️ At the end of the day, use the following prompts:

▫️What was today’s win?
▫️What’s something that bothered you today? Feel free to use this space to vent/dump.
▫️What’s one thing you will revisit later?

💚 Setting a focus for your day and giving your space to reflect at its conclusion help settle your mind + spirit amidst all the stressors of life. Use journaling as a practice of peace this week.


Words from |

“Whenever you blame others, you give up your power to change.”

Week 5: Accountability

Here are five reasons you should lean into Accountability:

💚 Accountability ensures you remain consistent in working toward the goals you set for yourself.

💚 Accountability provides a means of growth in community.

💚 The degree to which you lean into accountability is indicative of the value you place on your goals and ultimately yourself.

💚 Left unaccountable, you will likely succumb to distraction, self-sabotage, and unproductive habits.

💚 Accountability is a key determinant of your success and multiplies that success to areas in your life beyond what was originally intended.

We’ve all had an inconvenient, tough, and/or busy week. With a lot of things out of our control, accountability reminds us to focus on what we can control. Our decision making and responses to life’s curveball.

Be safe and Stay Warm Tribe! 💪🏽💚


Words from |

“Control your emotions or be consumed by them.”

1. Identify your emotion(s): Be honest with yourself about what emotions you are feeling in a given moment.

2. Process and accept your emotion(s): Understand why you feel the way you do without judgment or downplaying it.

3. Identify the need behind the emotion(s): Move beyond the emotion to identify the deeper need behind it.

4.Ask yourself: “What does this emotion indicate is needed? Is there something I need to do personally, or is there something I need from others around me?”

5. Fulfill that need in a healthy way: Be careful to not numb the emotion or fill the need in a destructive manner.

Take time at least a couple moments this week to work through this process.


Words from |

“Don’t fear failure, fear the absence of progress.”

Thoughts about fear:

1. It is natural to fear failure. The issue is when that fear is a force that makes you remain stagnant instead of a force that motivates you.

2. The fear you have may just be the only obstacle in the way of what you thought was impossible.

3. Failure offers opportunities for growth. It doesn’t not have to signify an end.

4. Success is not how well you compare to someone else. It’s the degree to which you are better than you were yesterday.

5. Success is a continuous journey. It will include failure and triumph, regression and progression, defeat and victory.

Do you fear failure? 💪🏽💚

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To our Tribe Fathers, Grandfathers, and Father Figures: We see you, we thank you and we love you. Happy Father’s Day 💪🏽💚...
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