Wolfman Duathlon and Trail Run

Wolfman Duathlon and Trail Run


Love this how do I and my husband Rodney sign up for this
Will the times be uploaded to the website or posted here? I’m a little disappointed I was the only single speed! That was a heckin’ fun race.
Race Results please ... :-)
Wolfman and the whole crew, THANK YOU for putting on another great race day!
Anyone have a file with the bike route they can post. About to go and scout the route. And hoped to download the route to my garmin.
Does the bike route follow the Tour de Wolf Trail the normal way? Not backwards?

Off-road duathlon and trail run on the Shelby Farms Yellow and Blue trails along the Wolf River . Awards: Overall male and female three deep.

June 11 and June 12 - Registration 7:30 am, Race 9:00 am

6 or 12 mial trial run June 11, off road duathlon June 12
(3 Mile Run - 6 Mile Mountain Bike - 1 Mile Run)

Relay team options:
Male, Female and Mixed Teams!! Shelby Farms yellow and blue trails near the Walnut Grove bride at the Wolf River. Overal

Operating as usual


Let’s all show support for this wonderful tribute to Liza!
Details will follow!
I will be there on my bike along with Paul Sax on his bike! ❤️


Here is another correction to the Wolfman Duathlon Female winners!
Kati Flanigan 1:26:08
Kristine Richwine 1:43:49
Holly Stuart 2:22:05

Sorry about that girls, this ole race director needs more help!


Correction to Wolfman 12 Trail Run!
This ole race director is slipping up and missed a finisher by the name of Bob Cremerius with a finish time of 2:07:33 age group 60-64! Sorry Bob, will see you again next Tuesday at UofM Track.


Race Results for the Trail Run and Duathlon

12 Mile Male Overall
1. Eric Frey 1:27:04
2 Trace Mc Intyre 1:30:50
3. Jim Mirda 1:42:09

Russell Jackson 1:47:41

Presten Howard 1:47:35

Chris Taylor 1:48:00
Kirk Williams 1:55:52
Brad Starnes 2:12:50
Jacob Hurdle 2:33:15

John Barnett 2:17:13

Victor Newton 3:12:56

Adrian Hall 1:55:25
J Cooper 2:09:01
Wolford 2:20:29
M King 2:34:11

Joe Tyler 2:00:28

Eric Guenther 1:53:12

12 Mile Female
1. Liz Dial 1:55:19
2. Kathryn Steele 2:12:51
3. Danielle Heideman 2:20:02

Keshia Williams 2:35:28

Kathryn Steele 2:12:51
Tracy Payne 2:21:02

6 Mile Trail Run Female
1. Lisa Burnett 51:54
2. Aline Fuess 1:00:32
3. Terri Harris 1:04:00

Christi Webb 1:07:35

Cassidy Cobb-Smith 1:07:31
Allison Rogers 1:30:50

Caitlin Beal 1:25:48

Raena King 1:26:38
Megan O'Connor 1:26:39
Raena King 1:26:58
Phuong Nguyen 2:13:58

Griselda Trevino 1:09:58
Patty Andrews 1:11:27

Jennifer Johnson 1:1306
Pam Wilson 1:20:27
Holly Hair 1:25:48

Kelly Henson 1:08:10
Rezel Naron 1:12:31
Julie Cleary Dillon 1:13:40

Rhonda Pearsall 1:14:39
Mary Kearns 1:42:15
Kelly Vrettos 2:12:58

6 Mile Trail Run Male
1. Matt Joiner 44:38
2. Hays Kasser 44:40
3. Jason Webb 47:45

Roger Allen 49:13

Jordan Bensley 1:27:03

Aaron M 47:50

Tucker Glenn 55:22

Ryan Perry 1:03:06
Othman O'Malley 1:08:21

Brian Williams 51:40
Mavricio Momassm 52:36
Mark Sonier 56:12

Joel Lyons 53:02
Whitten Ortega 56:01
Mark Sonier 56:12

Jeff Lehr 1:08:18
Bell Hecht 1:42:14

70 +
Nick Vrettos 1:05:44

Wolfman Duathlon Female

Overall Female
1. Teressa Lang 1:07:18
2. Lucia Colbert 1:14:24
3. Kristen Gaither 1:19:40

Wendy Lovan 1:26:56

Kristen Gaither 1:19:40
Sarah Wright 1:19:46

Wendy Levon 1:21:56
Becky Tatum 1:33:52

Kelli Mauldin 1:24:44
Danielle Heineman 1:29:05
Theresa Lang 1:32:52
Theresa Dawson 1:34:35

Wolfman Duathlon Male

1. Sam Tabor 52:55
2. Robert Weakley 53:12
3. Richie Slagle 54:10

Bill Bizot 1:01:37

James Meredith Jr 1:07:27
Brayden Mackewicz 1:19:23
Elijah Osfers 1:27:34

Gregseu Gath 1:10:59

Elijala Kennedy 1:05:58
Wesley Lackey 1:09:12
Preston H 1:19:59
Zach Gorham 1:20:07

Wesley Williams 1:08:25
Jonathan Vadala 1:17:01
Jay Gore 1:19:48

James Meredith Sr 1:08:45

Brad Taylor 1:02:02
John Tatum 1:11:43
Mike Phelan 1:23:45
Kevin Webb 2:12:00

Chad Mackiewig 1:03:54
Adrian Hall 1:04:56
Chris Muelle 1:05:56
Charles Flanigan 1:06:33
Swift Gilbert 1:31:25
Nick Phelan 1:34:47

Will Bladt 1:49:54


John Caldwell 2:01:59

Sir John Phillips 1:40:41

Wolfman Duathlon Relay

Meg Hall/Ashley Hillman 57:37
Cindy Clark/Tracy Payne 1:31:35

Tim Adair/Nicole Roy 58:58
Guy/Arin Levy 1:15:59
Owen/Rezel Naron 1:19:35
Roger Ewing/Rhonda Pearsall 1:22:11
Ken/Sarah Graham 1:34:47

Parent Child
Sam/Steven 55:58
Alan/Abby Rothrock 58:35
Mauricio/Mavisa Thomassin 1:06:59

Single Speed
Seth Regenold 58:52


Packet pickup has been canceled for today, starts again at 7:30 am.


Well alrighty now, the race is coming up really soon and now I'm in need of 4 special volunteers for handling 2 critical water tables on the trail run Saturday June 11th. If you would please get back with me I will give you the details. Wolfman


There is now be a training day today as the weather is too wet to ride the trails.

So sorry!


Hey everyone, just a reminder about the two day training sessions at the race site.
Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd, 10 AM!!!

These sessions are for everyone to get to know the run and bike courses.

This should only take less than a couple of hours and will be a huge advantage to have knowledge of the the course.

So, come on out a lets make it happen!!



Great Announcement!
Wolfman Duathlon is moving to Walnut Grove Bridge starting June 12th. We decided this is the best time of year and the race needed a new venue. It will take place all on the Blue and Yellow Trials along the river.
Also, on June 11th there will be a 10K/25K trail run at the same location for all you trail runners. Here again the event will be on the Blue and Yellow trail, north and south of the bridge!
Details will be forthcoming soon!
Keep checking this site for new announcments!



We just decided to extend the early signup until Oct 14th to give everyone more time and $$...

So don't let this opportunity slip by!



One more note, don't forget about the 3 Mile Trail Run that's not a part of the Duathlon, you get a wonderful t-shirt, finisher medal and post race food and goodies!
Plus the fact that it's only $20.00 before Oct 9th!


Ok now, just a reminder that the price increase starts Oct 9th, so with that in mind please get signed up as soon as possible!


Good morning!!
Just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow, Saturday September 25th, is my 2nd Training Day for the Duathlon. 10AM, Gate 11, Shelby Farms Park.
Last chance to for us to show everybody the course layout and instructions on how the race progresses. The weather and course will be fantastic!
Also, be mindful that I have all age groups, Male and Female, Relay teams, Male and Female, Parent Child Teams, Single Speed and don't forget that I have just a 3 mile trail run by its self just for fun, you get Wolfman Shirt, Finisher medals and post race food and goodies.
Let's make the race a raging success again this year!
See ya tomorrow or race day for sure.

make the race a raging success again this year!


Hey there everyone, don't forget that this Sunday September 19th, 10AM, Gate 11, Shelby Farms for the 1st Training Day. As the page says we will go over all the details about the race and actually ride the course. So don't be late as we'll start at 10


404 — Race Roster — Registration, Marketing, Fundraising

Just to let you know we are just under 2 months from race date!
If you haven’t signed up yet go
Raceroster.com/Wolfman Duathlon
As usual there will be 2 training days, September 19th, 10am and September 25th, 10am, at the race site! To get familiar with the course and layout!
For more info contact me, Larry Wolfman Larry Wolfman Townsend!

404 — Race Roster — Registration, Marketing, Fundraising Race Roster makes online registration and fundraising customizable and beautiful for endurance events across North America. We serve event organizers, schools, clubs, fundraising organizations, and non-profits



If you go to Race Roster.com you will find all the results

Thanks to all who came out to do my race during these hard times!

Lost and Found, I have a helmet and face mask that was left at the race site! Send me a message if It's yours.



Race Results 2020 Wolfman Duathlon

Overall Male
Sohon Pokorny-Yada 51:35
Hart Robinson 53:25
Bryan Thames 58:15

Masters Male
Jeff Embry 55:46

16-19 Male
Wilson McGill 1:06:20
Berkeley Burbank 1:10:41

20-24 Male
Conner Whitson 1:03:04
Jonathan Perez 1:17:25
Fulton Johnson 1:20:19

25-29 Male
Matt Layne 57:12
Joshua Padilla 1:05:09
Joe Dawling 1:08:37
James North 1:11:00
Jonathan Vadala 1:16:58

30-34 Male
Phillip Young 58:44
Wesley Williams 1:03:20
Mike Farrar 1:05:56
Josh Shelton 1:10:47
Blake Yoon 1:11:13

35-39 Male
LaDell George 1:01:44
Chris Bursi 1:07:45
Christopher Collier 1:12:47
Daniel Chind 1:13:59
Matt Workman 1:25:36
Danny McCallum 1:27:46
Gerald Emerson 1:29:16
Michael Thomas 1:31:34

40-44 Male
Brandon Wilmoth 1:00:55
Lance Butterfield 1:05:01
Ramil Zambra 1:06:22
Peter Warren 1:09:58
Joe Pennel 1:11:09
Anthony Longo 1:15:51
Chris Bartholomeu 1:21:04

45-49 Male
Mart Keathley 59:22
Chad Mackiewicz 1:06:03
Andrew OGuin 1:08:16
Brian Carlson 1:09:44
Berkeley Burbank 1:13:05
Scott Thiele 1:13:31
Matt Sherrill 1:13:52

50-54 Male
Bill Bizot 59:04
Scott Peatross 1:04:48
Denis Pokorny 1:09:07
Hardy McNeese 1:16:32
Jun Aranda 1:19:37
Mark Harden 1:19:47
Richard Guller 1:21:19
Thomas Johnsey 1:26:19
Arnel Aguilar 1:28:44

60-64 Male
John Phillips 1:14:41

70+ Male
John Joyner 1:41:35

Overall Female
Jamie Turner 59:32
Melissa Wagner 1:11:17
Sany Nguyen 1:12:13

Master Female
Teressa Lang 1:03:37

16-19 Female
Anna O’Guin 1:39:33

30-34 Female
Sarah Wright 1:16:33
Dezirae Lovell 1:23:09

35-39 Female
Joana Riddick 1:15:47

40-44 Female
Jennifer Hogan 1:20:38

45-49 Female
Kati Flanigan 1:27:32

50-54 Female
Rebecca Carter 1:34:47

55-59 Female
Poppy Seelbinder 1:27:49

Single Speed Male
Brad Taylor 1:01:10
Aaron Braswell 1:12:33

3 Mile Run Female Overall
Rebekah Askins 21:08
Louise Taylor 24:15
Lisa Burnett 25:09

Master Female
Chinky Divinagricia 30:39

7-11 Female
Anna Simmons 38:01

35-39 Female
Lee Johnson 25:50

50-54 Female
Cariann Hutchens 32:19

55-59 Female
Melanie Chicoine 34:06
Boo Sessions 39:29

3 Mile Run Overall Male
Aaron Montanez 21:18
Timmy Verner 22:45
Jake Spauley 24:28

Joel Lyons 22:50

Coed Relay
Brittany Humphreys/Rob 54:53
J Campbell/J Slaba 58:57
Daniel Fletcher/Coffelt 59:30
Nanette Farris/Brewer 1:01:34
January Belican/Jardinico 1:07:17
Samatha Crespo/Agustin 1:07:22
Lucia Colbert/Bert 1:09:15
Relez Naron/Owen 1:12:41
Tim/Tavy Nell 1:22:25

Child Relay
Henry/Hunt Taylor 1:10:59
Ware/Wicke Robinson 1:20:47
Griggs/Duck Robinson 1:37:08

Female Relay
Kaitlin Gallagher/Drew 1:13:09
Angela Booze/Guthery 1:20:59

Parent Child Relay
Mauricio/Martha Thomassiny 1:04:34
Aaron/Dundee Barawid 1:12:25
Joey/Reese Taylor 1:26:48
Jackson/Andrea Harvey 1:27:05

Male Relay
Kevin McGill/ Morgan 51:28
Henry Miller/Willer 1:03:08
Zach Gorham/Lackey 1:04:37
Jack/Louie Schaaf 1:05:56
Tom/Christian Mantel 1:06:56


Do**us volunteers at Shelby Farms ready to sign you up.


Just a little mud.


Some people missed this trail split in 2017 and had an extra long and hard run. If you missed it in 2018 then.....


The start from this morning’s race.


Course Correction! Reposting course maps because the first run was the wrong map. There was a one turn error. Here is the correct set of maps.


Pretty fun awards to the top performers!! Sign up today!


Rain or shine!!!


How awesome is this...

2 participants in youngest category and 1 in the oldest!!

Very cool

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Wolfman Duathlon and 3 Mile Trail Run's cover photo


This is the last day for the early entry registration. On Monday, February 26, the price increases from $40 to $50 for age group entries and from $60 to $70 for relay entries.



Just want to remind everyone that our training days will be March 17th and 18th, 10AM, Gate 11, Shelby Farms, look for the Shelby County Arch!!


30th Anniversary Wolfman Duathlon is getting closer.... Register now and beat the February 26 price increase!

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People Are Awesome

Adventure is out there, get outside!

Thanks to Andi Tillmann, Team InFocus & Moment Pictures for the rad footage!


Anyone feel this way😳


Sometimes you have to just stop what you are doing and enjoy the view!!

2020Wolfman Duathlon and Three Mile Trail Run

Race Day: Sunday, April 5, 2020, 9AM

Duathlon Course Description: Off-road duathlon including 3 mile trail run, followed by a 6 mile mountain bike on the Tour de Wolf trail, and finishing with a 1 mile trail run.

Three Mile Trail Run Course Description: The trail run consists of the first 3 miles of the duathlon race course.

Videos (show all)

Start of the race.




Shelby Farms Park Yellow And Blue Trails Under The Walnut Grove Bride/Wolf River
Memphis, TN

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