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Fi****ms & Defensive Training for Professional and Personal Use. Certified and experienced through t Gary Lindenmier
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At 1* Fi****ms & Defensive Training of Arizona LLC (also DBA) Arizona Fi****ms & Defensive Training; our goal is to provide our students the tools they require to be a safely armed citizen, enhance the skills of the working professional and to provide the tools necessary to survive a violent event. We have experience with training military, public safety, private security, fugiti

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If you’re a veteran dealing with pain from an orthopedic condition, you’re not alone. Due to the extra bodily wear and tear brought on by many high-risk and endurance military activities, veteran orthopedic conditions are extremely common. According to the VA, over 10.7 million veterans receive compensation for service-connected orthopedic disabilities as of 2020.

Orthopedic conditions arise from injuries or diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system consists of muscles, bones, nerves, joints, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues. Damage to any of these tissues or structures can come from injuries or excessive wear and tear (as well as chronic diseases).

A VA disability claim for an orthopedic condition is one involving your joints or muscles. Your orthopedic conditions could affect your knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, feet, or ankles. Veteran orthopedic conditions can also involve bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

The VA uses the term “musculoskeletal disabilities” instead of “orthopedic disabilities,” but they’re the same thing.

Click to read about all the types of Orthopedic Conditions that qualify for VA Benefits!


~ Warthog

The Springfield Armory M1A 'Socom 16': Reinventing A Classic Rifle For The 21st Century 04/20/2022

The Springfield Armory M1A 'Socom 16': Reinventing A Classic Rifle For The 21st Century

The Springfield Armory M1A 'Socom 16': Reinventing A Classic Rifle For The 21st Century Parler Facebook Twitter The Springfield M1A is a classic rifle, it’s basically an M14 without a fire selector switch, but for many gun enthusiasts that doesn’t matter. The M1A is a piece of history that is in many a gun collectors safe. Here we see that classic rifle reinvented for use in the 21...


We lost a warrior today
Paul Hiuff,
Til Valhalla



Custom patch designs for your uniform 🇺🇸


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How to Survive a Gr***de Blast, According to Science


The truth!


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Trident Mindset - Learn Mental Toughness 11/11/2021

Trident Mindset - Learn Mental Toughness

Trident Mindset - Learn Mental Toughness The 12 tactics we teach at Trident Mindset have helped us thrive during life's constant challenges - on the battlefield, in the boardroom, and at home.


To our brothers and sisters of the USMC


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Deadly AC-130 Gunship in Action Firing All Its Cannons


Custom patch designs for your uniform 🇺🇸


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Mesa, AZ

Opening Hours

Saturday 7am - 7pm
Sunday 7am - 7pm
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